Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SI50-03

GA SI50-03 - Corrigin

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Brookton Corrigin Cuballing Kondinin Kulin Narembeen Narrogin Pingelly Quairading Wickepin Dudinin 41 Mile Tank 9 Acre Rock Abunda Acadia Adamsvale Adavale Adelong Ainsworth Alandale Aldersyde Althorpe Peaks Anglefield Ankuri Ardath Ardath Lakes Ardeer Arrana Ashfield Attwood Avago Avalon Avon Brook Avon River South Avon Valley Avons Park Babakin Babakin Primary School Babakine Well Baballaring Pool Babbebilly Soak Babbebilly Spring Badenning Soak Badjaling West Nature Reserve Bailaling Spring Bald Rock Balgulpinn Soak Bally Bally Bally Bally Gully Bally Bally Spring Balmain Balyerling Spring Bambili Barbabilling Barbabilling Soak Barclay Barossa Barron Hills Basin Gully Beadlucking Pool Bealgaring Rockhole Beening Soak Beeping Spring Beering Spring Belmelpin Rockhole Belora Benalta Bendering Bendering Nature Reserve Bendering Spring Bensfield Bibbleyerring Pool Bilbarin Bilbarin Spring Bilgering Soak Billaderrin Rock Billericay Billericay Nature Reserve Billeroy Billy Lake Bimbadean Bindermucking Gully Bindermucking Soak Birdwhistle Nature Reserve Birdwhistle Rock Biron Creek Bittleyong Rocks Blackburn Blair Athol Blue Lookout Bogaduk Bokan Lake Bokan Nature Reserve Bonnie Doon Bonvue Boodgeenining Pool Boolanelling Nature Reserve Boolanelling Spring Booloo Boonadgin Brook Boorning Soak Bore No. 43 Bottle Creek Dam Boundain Boundain Nature Reserve Boundyne Spring Boyagarra Boyagarra Pool Boyamucking Pool Boyermucking Nature Reserve Boyermucking Well Boyning Gully Boyning Soak Braefield Braemar Brambley Branji Brig House Broad Acres Broadview Brooklands Brooklyn Farm Brooks Hill Brookton District High School Brookton Golf Club Brookton Hospital Bugin Nature Reserve Bugin Rock Bullaring Bullaring Spring Bullock Rock Soak Bulyee Buneenying Spring Bungaree Bungarra Soak Bunmunning Rock Bunquadine Hill Burdenalling Soak Burnside Burruckgnuling Rock Calcoran Brook Calcoran Rockhole Callingering Spring Campbell Park Capolinga Cappery Cargannocking Hill Carinya Downs Carmody Nature Reserve Carrabening Pool Carraching Carrajon Carruping Chedaring Spring Cedar Park Cheviot Hills Christmas Pool Chungamunning Spring Claredale Clearview Cliffordville Cloverdale Codgenollaking Brook Collinsville Colorado Colovale Colwyn Comadyne Commitine Brook Commodine Commodine Nature Reserve Conmurra Contine Contine Hill Conting Cooalling Hill Coolawalla Cootabilling Spring Coraking Spring Corinya Correring Correring Brook Corrigin District High School Corrigin Golf Club Corrigin Hospital Corrigin Rock Corrigin Well Corriging Hill Cowering Cowraking Craiglee Crooked Pool Cross Roads Cubaballing Spring Cuballing Golf Club Cuballing Pool Cumminin Rock Cumminin Well Cuneenying Brook Cuneenying Spring Cunnabucculling Spring Cuterning Spring Dailyerking Spring Dalmeny Dalmore Dandagin Rock Dangin Dangin Microwave Repeater Station Dangin Nature Reserve Dangin Spring Darring Brook Deadfinish Debelin Rock Decies Gully Deloraine Denby Dale Dewlyeebin Springs Dilling Dingerlin Nature Reserve Dingerlin Well Dingley Dell Dissalldoo Dockenbogo Well Doghole Soak Dondakine Soak Dongerdilling Doodwiren Well Doolbelling Spring Doraking Soak Dorrakine Spring Dryandra Dudinin Golf Club Dulbelling Dulbelling Nature Reserve Dulbining Lake Dulbining Nature Reserve Dumbainlin Spring Dumberning Dumberning Agricultural Area Dumberning Spring Duna Dutarning Range Dutarning Spring Dwarlacking Dwarladine Pool Dwarlaking Pool East Beverley East Narrogin Primary School East Pingelly East Popanyinning East Wickepin East Yornaning Nature Reserve Eastmore Eastville Eddington Eden Hope Elinda Ellterra Emu Hill Emu Hill Nature Reserve Emu Plain Emuloo Erindale Evelyn Farm Fairfield Fairhaven Far-N-Nuf Feltham Park Fennerberry Ferndale Fernhill Fourteen Mile Brook Nature Reserve Fourwinds Freds Well Geebin Geelaming Hills Geeraling Geeralying Geeralying Spring Geetabin Spring Gefn Genarling Geodlin Gillimaning Spring Gillimanning Gingining Spring Glen Iris Glen Morrel Glen Omrah Glenburnie Glendale Glenhurst Glenlee Glenmohr Glenmore Glenmore Park Glenray Glevedon Gnanyang Well Gnarlarking Spring Gnarming Gnarming Soak Gnerkadilling Spring Gnerkadilling Well Gnilyerning Pool Gnorlarling Soak Golden View Gorge Rock Gorge Rock Nature Reserve Gorragonning Grace Well Greenville Gummeracka Gunderning Spring Gunering Rock Gungunnu Haily Hampton Plains Harrismith Harrismith Golf Club Harry Keyte Park Hazeldene Hedges Hendersyde Heybrook Hide-A-Way Hill Grove Hill View Hillside Holmhill Homebush Homefield Homelands Hopewell Hopkins Nature Reserve Horseshoe Farm Hotham River Nature Reserve Hotham River North Hotham River South Howland Park Hyview Ibis Lake Ibis Lake Nature Reserve Inglewood Ingrams Well Inkiepinkie Well Invermay Jackson Hill Jacobs Well Jangering Waterhole Janjerin Pool Jedgelbing Brook Jedgelbing Spring Jilakin Jilakin Lake Jilakin Rock Jindabye Jingaring Hill Jingaring Nature Reserve Jingaring Spring Jitarning Jitarning Nature Reserve Jitarning Soak Jockadine Pool Jubuk Julia Range Jurakine Pool Juropin Rocks Kalaroo Kalbanya Kalmeter Karingal Karping Kartanarra Kasvin Kentrevay Kerkenin Well Kiaora Kinnaird Kiola Kirk Rock Kirkham Well Kolbardy Kolindale Kondinin Golf Club Kondinin Lake Kondinin Lake Nature Reserve Kondinin Primary School Kondinin Salt Marsh Nature Reserve Kondinin Well Kongarking Spring Koolberin Koolberin Nature Reserve Koorikin Koorikin Rock Kooringal Koornong Kovin Pool Kulana Kulin District High School Kulin Golf Club Kulin Hill Kulin Soak Kulin West Kulyaling Kumminin Kumminin Nature Reserve Kunjin Kunjin Agricultural Area Kunjin Spring Kurrenkutten Kurrenkutten Park Kurrenkutten Well Kweda Kweda Golf Club Kyrahmi Lake Flats Lake Kurrenkutten Lake Mears Lake Mears Nature Reserve Lake Yealering Lake Yealering Golf Club Lake Yenyening Landscape Hill Landscape Hill Nature Reserve Latham Well Lauriston Levi Rock Levi Rock Well Linda Valley Park Linga Longa Linton Linton Park Llanfair Llyamba Logan Park Lol Gray Lomos Lomos Rock Lomos Rock Soak Longview Lucknow Lukin Lake Madderberring Creek Mairim Mairunging Malgrae Malyalling Malyalling East Malyalling Nature Reserve Malyalling Rock Mambra Manna Vale Maplestead Maplestead Gully Maranui Markegin Pool Marramine Gully Marramucking Well Marring Marring Rockhole Martin Downs Martinginning Soak Marwick Hill Mary Vale Maublarling Nature Reserve Maublarling Soak Mears Merleville Merna Merwanga Pool Miarunging Hill Millbrook Milling-Gnalling Pool Milton Mineda Minigin Minnawarra Minneroo Minniging Minniging Well Mockerdungulling Hill Mockerdungulling Nature Reserve Mollonolling Soak Mongebin Rocks Monjerducking Gully Montague Hills Moonaree Moorak Moornungurring Spring Moorumbine Moorumbine Agricultural Area Moorumbine Nature Reserve Moorumbine Spring Morbining Morbining Gully Morbining Waterhole Morbinning Morinda Morling Morling Brook Morning Glory Morning Gully Morreldale Morton Morton Nature Reserve Moulmolen Gully Mount Arrowsmith Mount Bebb Mount Shackleton Mujiting Brook Mulureen Mulureen Well Mulyermucking Well Munganalling Soak Mungerding Brook Mungerungcutting Nature Reserve Mungerungcutting Well Murnanying Hill Murnanying Nature Reserve Murramurrin Spring Murrin Murrin Myarin Nalya Nalyaring Gully Nalyaring Spring Nambadilling Dam Nambadilling Spring Narachitte Waterhole Naramucking Gully Narembeen Aerodrome Narembeen District High School Narembeen Memorial Hospital Naremup Narrogin Aerodrome Narrogin Agricultural Area Narrogin Baptist Church Narrogin Golf Club Narrogin Pool Narrogin Primary School Narrogin Senior High School Narrogin Valley Navan Neamutin Gully Neamutin Spring Neuralgin Pool Newminster Ngaree Nianing Soak Nimbedilling Brook No. 1 Bore No. 2 Bore No. 2 Tank No. 4 Bore No. 5 Well Nomans Lake Nonalling Lake Nonalling Nature Reserve Nongerin Rocks Nonjigull Rock Noombling Brook Noonamena Noonebin Rock Normans Lake Nornakin Nornakin Spring North Jitarning Nature Reserve North Karlgarin Nature Reserve North Tarin Rock Nature Reserve North Woyerling Nature Reserve North Yilliminning Nature Reserve Norwich Downs Notting Nourning Well Nunijin Soak Nyamuttin Ockley Ockley Nature Reserve Olinda Orana Downs Overheu Nature Reserve Overndale Paperbark Nature Reserve Paperbark Swamp Paradise Bend Parkyerring Rock Patt Rock Patt Rock Nature Reserve Peecanning Soak Pekaring Hill Peppin Park Petercarring Brook Petercarring Nature Reserve Petercarring Spring Pikaring Hill Pikaring Nature Reserve Pikaring Soak Pikaring West Nature Reserve Pine View Pingeculling Nature Reserve Pingeculling Rock Pingelly Baptist Church Pingelly Common Pingelly District High School Pingelly Golf Club Plainview Popanyinning Popanyinning Pool Quagelbewoordine Quailing Spring Quairading District High School Quairading Golf Club Quairading Hospital Quairading Nature Reserve Quairading Spring Quairading Spring Nature Reserve Quajabin Peak Qualandary Pool Qualem Downs Qualengin Soak Qualering Spring Quanaminning Soak Quanburungering Spring Quandadine Pool Quanyanbing Soak Quarbabing Hill Quarebin Soak Quarning Pool Red Hill Red Lake Red Lake Nature Reserve Ricay Downs Rockdale Rocklands Rocklea Rockvale Rockview Rocky Dale Rokewood Rondalea Rose Road Nature Reserve Rosedale Nature Reserve Rylee Munging Sand Plain Creek Sand Plain Hills Sandalea Sanmerino Saunders Hill Scrivener Soak Seagroatt Nature Reserve Seneschal Seven Trees Sewell Nature Reserve Sewell Rock Sharonville Sheoak Drive Silvercoir Smith Soak Snake Rock Sorensens Nature Reserve South Kulin South Kulin Nature Reserve South Kumminin South Quairading Split Rock Soak Springdale Springfield Springston St Clair St Matthews School Stanley Hill State Forest No. 53 Stockyard Reserve Stony Hill Strathaven Stratherne Strathmuir Stretton Taarblin Lake Taarblin Lake Nature Reserve Tabling Rocks Talbot Rock Tamar Hills Tampia Hill Tanbarmering Gully Tank 353 Tank 41 Tank No. 1 Tank No. 10 Tank No. 11 Tank No. 14 Tank No. 17 Tank No. 18 Tank No. 2 Tank No. 22 Tank No. 24 Tank No. 29 Tank No. 3 Tank No. 352 Tank No. 4 Tank No. 7 Tara Tarling Well Teralja The Billabong The Lazy R The Oven The Villa Thulefarm Timaru Tincurrin Tincurrin Primary School Tooarvee Toolang Toolibin Toolibin Lake Toolibin Nature Reserve Toorangie Top House Torbling Torbling Spring Tourello Townsendale Traysurin Traysurin Hill Traysurin Soak Treeville Turkey Cock Spring Tutanning Nature Reserve Twartwarren Spring Twin Ridges Tyrone Park Uambine Pool Udallin Rock Ularkunning Pool Uleling Hill Ulonging Hill Ulunging Upper Boyermucking Well Uralla Victoria Downs Vinegar Rock Vinegar Well WA College of Agriculture Narrogin Wagabawering Spring Wageecunning Wainering Walbyring Lake Walbyring Nature Reserve Walellemining Brook Wallaling Spring Walters Hill Walyenin Well Walyerming Soak Walyurin Walyurin Rocks Walyuring Wamenusking Wamenusking Nature Reserve Wamenusking Well Wananing Hill Wandereuring Spring Wandjagill Nature Reserve Wandjagill Well Wangumma Wardering Wardering Brook Wardering Spring Warra Woona Warrawoona Wasbedine Gully Wateine Spring Watermailling Brook Waverley Park Wawbrook Weam Weam Gully Weam Nature Reserve Wedenin Hills Wedgengully Wedin West Bendering West Pingelly West Popanyinning Westlands Weydenying Hill White Water Lake White Well Wialcutting Spring Wialkutting Nature Reserve Wickepin Agricultural Area Wickepin Golf Club Wickepin Primary School Wickepin Spring Wickwiddian Soak Wilcarra Williams Windstorm Wingling Soak Wogerlin Wogerlin Hill Wogerlin Nature Reserve Wogerlin Spring Wogolin Wogolin Soak Woodebulling Brook Woodebulling Hill Woodebulling Pool Woodlands Woolgning Woolyerling Soak Woondelin Rock Woondlin Rock Woorkabing Hill Woorkakanin Rock Woyerling Creek Woyerling Nature Reserve Woyerling Spring Wrens Place Wulyaling Nature Reserve Wulyaling Spring Wurrungnulling Creek Wyanilling Soak Wyanning Creek Wynnarling Wyoming Wywurrie Yacklin Yandinilling Brook Yandinilling Nature Reserve Yanyening Spring Yardaginning Yarelinening Spring Yarling Brook Yarling Nature Reserve Yarling Well Yawerlin Creek Yealering Yealering Primary School Yealeringa Yeanilling Rock Yeekaline Soak Yeeninin Well Yeerakine Rock Yeeralling Spring Yenyening Lakes Yenyening Lakes Nature Reserve Yettetin Spring Yilgerin Nature Reserve Yilgerin Park Yilgerin Rock Yilliminning Yilliminning Nature Reserve Yilliminning Pools Yilliminning Rock Yimpering Spring Yorjeen Well Yorlok Yornaning Yornaning Nature Reserve Yornanmunging Yowing Spring Mawson Badjaling Wadderin Hill Wadderin Caroling Cooalling South Quaisading Yengening Lakes Billaricay Nalyaning Gully Jubuck Bendering West Jingaring Kulyaling Station Noonalling Lake Strethon North Branch Hotam River South Branch Hotham River Guneenying Brook Wyonning Creek Far-n-nuff Birdswhistle Rock North Lake Grace Tinkurrin Boundyne Gully Yilliminning River