Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SI50-07

GA SI50-07 - Dumbleyung

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Dumbleyung Gnowangerup Katanning Kojonup Lake Grace Wagin Woodanilling Broomehill Kukerin Nyabing 6 Mile Pool 6WA Radio Station Adadale Adam Rock Adavale Addison Al Marita Albeena Alistine Allamosca Allendale Alton Park Angenup Appila Araluen Archer Hill Ardmohr Ardmorre Arnecliff Woods Arthur Downs Arthur River Arthur River Country Club Arthur River Flats Arthur River Nature Reserve Ascot Vale Ashfield Ashton Park Athlone Attonga Austinlea Avondale Aylesbury Bacchus Creek Badgarning Creek Badgarning Dam Badgarning Rocks Badgebup Badgebup Well Badjeminnup Soak Balanundurup Balgarran Waterhole Balgarup Balgarup Bridge Ballagin Pool Ballaging Rock Ballaying Ballyon Soak Banderding Rockhole Bare Rock Barrabarrup Barrule Beambine Park Beauflat Beaufort Beaufort Bridge Beaufort Bridge Nature Reserve Beaufort River Beaufort River East Beaufort River Flats Beckwith Beejenup Beelbalup Well Behn Ord Bejalling Well Bejenup Bell View Bellakin Hill Bellevue Bellevue Hill Bellware Belmont Belmont Park Belvoir Beverley Hills Bibiking Bibiking Rock Big Lake Billielight Swamp Bimbadeen Bintamilling Pool Birdwood Birdwood Nature Reserve Birkby Birkdale Birnam Wood Black Rock Bladendale Blechynden Soak Blight Hill Bloomfield Boanning Nature Reserve Boanning Well Bockaring Creek Bockaring Nature Reserve Bockaring Waterhole Boilup Boilup Pool Boilyup Bokelwarrup Pool Bon View Bonniedoon Boolanalling Gully Boolarong Boongadoo Hall Boongarra Booninup Soak Booran Pool Borgey Nature Reserve Borung Boscabel Boundyne Gully Bown Farm Bowoka Boyalling Boyamine Creek Boyamine Spring Boyaminning Boyerine Boyerine Creek Boyerine Pool Braeburn Braeside Braeside Primary School Brambledale Brambre Brayton Brentwood Briarleigh Broadway Brockham Brocklesby Brookdale Brooklands Brooklyn Brookville Broome Farm Broomehill East Broomehill Golf Club Broomehill Nature Reserve Broomehill Primary School Broomehill Village Broomehill West Buchanan Nature Reserve Buchanan River Buelah Bullock Hills Bullock Pool Bullocky Stones Bulvan Bungon Pool Bunkun Bunny Peak Burlands Burley Vale Burmuda Burnbrae Bushy Swamp Byenup Hill Byllu Cadalelup Creek Cadalelup Well Camalilup Canberra Cancanning Candle Light Soak Candlelight Capemont Carallen Carawatha Carbakine Creek Carbakine Spring Carberdine Carberdine Pool Carcunning Rock Carinup Lakes Carinya Carlecatup Carlecatup Creek Carlecatup Pool Carmoning Carramar Carrigaline Carrimurren Carrolup Carrolup Hall Carrolup Nature Reserve Carrolup Pool Carrolup Pool North Carrolup River Cartmeticup Cartmeticup Well Casuarina Nature Reserve Caufield Charling Spring Chelsea Cheramainup Tank Cheriton Cherry Tree Cherry Tree Hall Cherry Tree Pool Cherry Tree Pool Camp Cherry Tree Pool Nature Reserve Cheryton Chesterfield Chalk Well Chamingup Chanchanning Chan-Chanup Chapel Estate Chilbolton Chillicup Chillicup Hills Chincocup Lake Chinocup Chinocup Dam Nature Reserve Chinocup Lake Chinocup Nature Reserve Chirelillup Chirelillup Creek Chirelillup Nature Reserve Chirelillup Spring Chitimup Pool Cheviot Hills Chittermanning Christmas Farm Chuckem Gully Cintramia Clarevale Clayhole Soak Clayton Clear Hill Clear Hills Clear Lake Clear Valley Clement Park Cleveland Clifden Clifton Clifton Grange Clifton Hill Cliftonvale Clovelly Cobbler Pool Coben Coben Rock Coben Soak Coblinine Coblinine Flat Coblinine Nature Reserve Coblinine River Coblinine River Flats Colby Colhaven Collanilling Collanilling Gully Collanilling Rocks Collanilling Water Concaring Nature Reserve Concaring Spring Condamine Condeena Condining Hill Condinup Pool Conical Rock Coniston Cooarring Pool Cooinda Coolingah Aboriginal Pre-School Coomelberrup Lake Coomelberrup Nature Reserve Coomelberrup Rock Coompatine Coompatine Well Cooralong Cooraminning Soak Cooran Hill Cooremerning Rockhole Cooringup Pools Coorinyup Hill Cootarring Cootarring Rock Corackin Swamp Cordanilling Spring Corn Hill Corneecup Nature Reserve Corneenup Spring Coromup Spring Corralyn Corralyn West Corridine Corrielynne Costabella Coyrecup Coyrecup Lake Coyrecup Nature Reserve Craigmore Cranham Crathie Crathorne Creekside Crew Pine Cronin Nature Reserve Crossburn Crystal Brook Crystal Estate Curlew Creek Currans Soak Cwmavon Dalebanks Dalkeith Danby Danetree Daping Brook Datatine Datatine Gulls Datatine Gully Dawlesford Deep Creek Deep Pool Deep Well Dellyanine Dellyanine Spring Delyanine Denton Park Devon Brook Devon Lea Devonports Dickson Rocks Dingo Dell Dixons Hill Dolapin Pool Dongallallup Dongeena Dongolocking Dongolocking Creek Dongolocking Nature Reserve Dongolocking Spring Donjill Downs Donside Dooen Langi Dooledup Dooleelup Spring Doradine Dam Doradine Gully Doradine Spring Dorderyemunning Spring Doreenup Dornducking Lake Dort Creek Dowlering Dualling Dualling Soak Duck Pool Duggan Dumbleyung District High School Dumbleyung Lake Dumbleyung Lake Nature Reserve Dumbleyung Primary School Dunbar Dunelm Dungalaring Spring Dunroven Dunsinane Dwelyerdine Well Dyliabing Dyson Clayhole Dysons Rock East Arthur East Collanilling Nature Reserve East Lynne Easton Neston Eddington Eden Park Edgeworth Elands Fontein Eliot Vale Ellendale Ellensfield Emanbee Emoh Rou Emoh Ruo Enalong Pool Epileptic Rock Eriwin Station Erodosi Etakup Etna Ettakup Ettakup Gully Ettakup Pool Eugenup Eulanda Eulo Eulo Hill Eureka Euretta Euvista Ewlyamartup Ewlyamartup Agricultural Area Ewlyamartup Creek Fairdale Fairfield Fairfield Microwave Repeater Station Fairfields Fairlands Fairview Falcondale Falkirk Farrar Fermoy Fern Hill Ferndale Fernielee Fernridge Fifield Fineview Fitzes Swamp Flagstaff Lake Flagstaff Nature Reserve Flaherty Soak Flat Rocks Flemington Fletchers Floradale Forest Lodge Formby Forrest Grove Forrest Hill Golf Club Fort Valley Four Winds Francis Brook Frewin Gabatepe Gabyinda Gandergobbler Gannawarra Garden Valley Garstone Reserve Garthowan Gaylands Ghirrawheen Gidgelbarrup Gidjelbarup Tank Giraween Glen Almond Glen Alvon Glen Innes Glen Robin Glenalbyn Glenburn Glencoe Glendale Glendor Glendower Glenelg Glenercott Glenfern Glengarry Glenistra Glenlea Glenlossie Glenorchy Glenpadden Glenrowan Glenroy Glenshee Gnalabup Well Gnarkaryelling Nature Reserve Gnarkaryelling Waterhole Gna-We Gnowanallup Gully Gnowanallup Tank Gnowangerup Baptist Church Gnowangerup Creek Gnowangerup District High School Gnowangerup Hospital Gnowangerup Spring Gnowyillup Gnuburning Soak Golden Grove Golden Valley Goldney Hill Gracefield Grand View Grandfather Swamp Granite Lagoon Grasmere Grassdale Greenacres Greenhills Greystone Griffins Reward Mine Grinds Gum Flats Gunbower Gundaring Gundaring Lake Gundaring Lake Nature Reserve Gunther Park Half Moon Happy Valley Harrock Farm Hastings Haven Park Hawick Hill Haycocks Hayes Gully Hayfield Haymakers Downs Hazeldine Hazelvale Hemstead Hills Herons Rock Highbury Highbury Nature Reserve Hill View Hillcrest Hillman Park Hillside Hilltop Park Hinkley Estate Hitor Hoffmans Hill Holly Holly Hill Hollywood Holmhurst Hope Farm Horsebone Soak Horseshoe Hounsome Hurdle Creek Hurdle Creek Nature Reserve Hylands Ileura Illa-Lange Illareen Indinup Jackaneedup Creek Jackaneedup Pool Jackitup Jaloran Jaloran Nature Reserve Jam Creek Jam Hills Jerry Pool Jim Went Creek Jinarnin Gully Jingalup Jingalup Estate Jingalup Golf Club Johns Well Johns Well Nature Reserve Jons Home Josephs Well Kailagup Swamp Kalagan Kalaitha Kalang Kalaroo Kanooka Kapunda Karawine Karingal Kasnabblin Rock Katanning Aerodrome Katanning Agricultural Area Katanning Baptist Church Katanning Country Club Katanning Primary School Katanning Senior High School Kealley Park Kechualing Well Kelly Dam Kelvin Grove Kemminup Kendle Grove Kengerrup Kenine Hill Kenmare Kerangvale Ketts Kewarra Kia-Ora Kibbleup Kiddys Well Kidney Swamp Kilburnie Kilima Killeen King Rock Nature Reserve Kinnunup Well Kinross Kodjingalup Well Kohat Kojonolokan Hills Kojonup Baptist Church Kojonup District High School Kojonup Golf Club Kojonup Spring Kokarrup Kokodarrup Bore Kokodarrup Rock Koobelup Koolbooking Swamp Kooringa Koraminup Pool Korong Vale Korrinup Kourahwinup Kukerin Gully Kukerin Primary School Kukerin Soak Kulki Kunderning Pool Kunjarra Kunmallup Kunmallup Well Kuranda Kuringup Kuringup Soak Kurrara Park Kwinana Kwobrup Kwobrup Hill Kwobrup Nature Reserve Kwobrup Soak Kwobrup Swamp Kynterne Lager Downs Lake Altham Lake Cassencarry Lake Charling Lake Dorothy Lake Ewlyamartup Lake Grace District High School Lake Grace Golf Club Lake Grace North Lake Grace South Lake Grace Station Lake Pingrup Lake Quarbing Lake View Lake View Golf Club Lakeside Lalla Rhook Lambert Creek Langaweira Langwell La-Vie-Ville Lazy G Leadale Lefroy River Lenzie Lifflie Creek Lilly Dale Lime Lake Linden Wood Lindon Lipseig Gully Little Dornducking Lake Little Dowlering Little Norring Lake Little Parkeyerring Lake Little Puntaping Rock Lloalong Loma Langi Lombardia Lone Pine Long Pool Long Valley Long View Longreach Longview Lonsdale Lorraine Farm Low Lands Lowlands Lumeah Lyndale Springs Lyndhurst Lynella Lynloch Lynville Lynwood Mablac Macaulay Soak Madgebup Creek Maidestone Mailalup Waterhole Mailling Mailling Gully Mailling Pool Maleleuca Malladup Mallee Plain Nature Reserve Malvern Hills Manaring Manaring Brook Mandalup Mandalup Brook Mandalup Pool Mandora Mantonvale Maota Maragoonda Nature Reserve Maragoonda Pools Mardieyerrup Hill Mareeba Marivan Downs Marmaling Marracoonda Marracoonda Spring Marramucking Creek Marribank Marricup Marriland Marron Pool Martinup Martinup Creek Martinup Estate Martinup Lake Martinup Nature Reserve Martinup Spring Martling Martling Hill Martup Hill Martup Hills Martup Pool Maryland Mauri Park Maybenup Maybenup Farm Maydalling Mayfield Maylands Mcdougall Nature Reserve Mckenna Estate Mcqueen Brook Meadowlea Mean Mahn Medena Medlo Meerabin Waterhole Meinmuggin Meinmuggin Gully Melbourne Vale Meljonda Melyeidge Well Menminup Merilup Merilup Creek Merilup Nature Reserve Merilup Soak Merinup Meripin Hall Merredene Merribin Merrybon Middle Pool Minacklin Swamp Mindarabin Mindarabin Tank Minding Mindora Mine Hill Minerup Lake Mininiup Pool Minlaton Minnawarra Minylup Miourding Miripin Miripin Lake Miripin Nature Reserve Mistic Park Mitchell Pool Mollongully Well Monalta Mongining Hill Monte Bellos Moojebing Moojebing Creek Moojebing House Moojebing Nature Reserve Moojebup Spring Moojepin Mookine Creek Mookine Spring Moornaming Moornaming Nature Reserve Moorundie Farm Mootwingie Morialta Morley Farm Morrel Grove Morrel Hill Morrell Glen Mortdale Mossvale Moulyerup Moulyinning Moulyinning Dam Mount Deception Mount Hugel Mount Latham Mount Pleasant Nature Reserve Mount Rice Mount View Mourding Muckross Muggerugging Rock Mulerknuning Mulgeruring Waterhole Mullangar Mullangulling Mullidup Brook Mullidup Spring Munaring Soak Mundalla Murapin Lake Murapin Nature Reserve Murdong Murdong Farm Murdong Pools Muribin Pool Murrin Lake Myalong Mycumbene Mylerup Farm Myrtle Benn Flora and Fauna Sanctuary Nairibin Nairibin Rock Nairibin Well Nallian Nature Reserve Nallian Spring Namelarup Spring Nampup Nampup Soak Nanicup Ridge Nardlah Narrabri Narrakine Gully Narrawong Narridy Narrogin Brook Narweenah Neebannon Gully Neendaling Neeralin Pool Nettley Neurklegin Gully Neurklegin Spring New Glendower Newlands Newman Gully Neymerup Ngawande Ngeatalling Pool Ngopitchup Ngopitchup Nature Reserve Ngopitchup Swamp Ngopitchup Well Nigalup Spring Ninarem Ningedup Spring Nippering Nippering Waterhole Nirvana Nobles Bridge Nolobup Spring Nomans Lake Nookanellup Nookanellup Pool Norcott Plains Norring Norring Lake North Kukerin North Lake Grace North Moulyinning North Wagin Nature Reserve Nowcrellup Nowra Nullawil Nunagin Nunagin Spring Nuning Swamp Nyabing Golf Club Nyabing Nature Reserve Nyabing Primary School Nyabing Soak Nyanda Downs Nymerup Pool Oak Farm Oakbank Oaklands Oakleigh Oakover Oakworth Ongerup Ongerup Creek Ongerup Golf Club Ongerup Primary School Ongerup Rock Ongerup Soaks Orange Grove Orsola Overton Farm Oxonia Pallinup Pallinup Estate Pallomar Palmirup Palmyre Palomar Pamford Panoro Pantapin Reservoir Paperbark Pool Paperbark Soak Parkeston Parkeyerring Lake Parkeyerring Nature Reserve Passchendale Peacehaven Peel Plains Peerup Meenup Creek Peringillup Peringillup Nature Reserve Peringillup Well Perlungup Swamp Piesseville Pinchin Gully Pindallup Pindellup Pool Pine Farm Pine Hill Pine Ridge Pingarning Hills Pingarning Rockhole Pingarning Soak Pingrup Golf Club Pinkawillinie Pinwernying Pinwernying Dam Pinwernying Soak Poonawariup Pool Poonawarriup Priory Park Privett Prospect Hill Proyart Punchmirup Puntaping Puntaping Rock Purchup Pool Purgatory Soak Quabbin Quabing Quabing Gully Quailerup Quailiup Dam Quailleup Farm Quanandrup Quangallin Quangallin Tank Quartermaine Oval Quartiming Soak Queerearrup Lake Queerearrup Park Queerearrup Spring Quenerding Spring Quin Quin Well Quinns Pool Quongering Pool Quongunnerunding Nature Reserve R H Newby Oval Raffa Rainscourt Ranford Grange Ravenhurst Red Gum Pool Red Hill Red Hills Renfrew Ridgee Rinadena Ringley Fold Ringmer Ripplemead Risley Riverdale Riverside Robin Hill Rock Gully Rock View Rocklea Rockleigh Rockliffe Rocklyn View Rockvale Rockview Rocky Creek Rocky Point Rolling Acres Roma Vineyards Rose Hill Rose Park Rosedale Rosemount Rosevale Roslyn Rosslyn Roundwood Rovie Ruin Ridge Rushy Lake Rylestone Saddleback Hill Salt Creek Salt Lake Salt Well Sand Spring Well Sans Souci Scamper Creek Schultz Hill Shalloch Vale Shangri-La Sheephills Sherwood Shirralee Silver Hayes Slake Well Small Lake Sorrento South Datatine South Glencoe South Kukerin South Lake Grace Spratts Lagoon Spring Grove Spring Plains Springfield Park Springvale St Clair Stanley Hill Stanmore Starhaven State Forest No. 52 Stellamaris Stirling View Stockdale Stoke Farm Strathdon Strathearn Strathmore Strathmore Hill Strathmore Hill Nature Reserve Suire Valley Summerfield Sunnydale Sunnyside Sunnyvale Tabelup Spring Tabenup Tabenup Well Tableup Tamacurring Rock Tammar Grove Tank No. 1 Tank No. 12 Tank No. 13 Tank No. 14 Tank No. 25 Tank No. 26 Tank No. 27 Tank No. 3 Tank No. 4 Tank No. 5 Tarbunkenup Tarbunkenup Rocks Tarin Rock Tarin Rock Nature Reserve Tarn River Tarup Creek Taworri Te Widy Teddington Telyarup Telyarup Spring Temple Farm Tennisdale Te-Rawhiti The Beaufort The Brook The Clyde The Glen The Grange The Grove The Lakes The Mallets The Meadows The Morrell The Oaks The Reste The Tubs Thornton Hill Three Pools Three Wells Tillellan Tilsdown Tincurrin Nature Reserve Tincurring Creek Tincurring Swamp Tinganup Titicup Soak Tondarup Toojeelup Swamp Toojelup Trekenner Twelve Trees Two Rivers Two Valleys Two Wells Twolganup Brook Twonkwillingup Pool Ucatro Ukang Ularnup Upsan Estate Upwood Vagg Nature Reserve Valley View Varey Park Viewlands Vinup Virginia Wadjekanup Pool Wageegurrup Spring Wagellup Pool Wagin Agricultural Area Wagin Baptist Church Wagin District High School Wagin Golf Club Wagin Lake Wahroonga Walkenup Pool Wallacup Wallacup Tank Wallinar Wanaka Wanaking Pool Wandaroo Wandella Wandibirrup Wandibirrup Pool Wandoo Wangeling Gully Wangeling Gully Nature Reserve Wangeling Pool Ward Hill Wardelocking Creek Wardelocking Spring Wardering Lake Wardering Lake Nature Reserve Wardering Spring Wardren Wareek Warkelup Brook Warnaminup Warralee Warrenella Warup Wash Pool Wash Pool Gully Washing Pool Waterdale Wattle Grove Wattle Park Wattledale Wayneflete Wayville Wearup Brook Wearup Waterhole Wedgecarrup Weenup Creek Wellbanks Wellesbourne Wellwood Wembley Wensley Dale Weonavale Werinda Downs Wernup West View Westbank Westbourne Westbury Westcourt Westendale Western Hills Westlands Westwood Westwood Farm Whataning Wheatfield Whinbin Rock White Cliffs White Dam White Hole White Lake White Water Pool Whitecroft Whiteworth Whyandra Wickebin Nature Reserve Wickebin Rock Wickham Estate Wicktonlea Wigboro Wild Dog Soak Wilgemar Wililoo Willemmenup Gully Willemmenup Well Willigobung Willingvale Willoughby Nature Reserve Willoughby Soak Wimmera Downs Winbin Windermere Windside Windy Ridge Winfield Wingedine Nature Reserve Wingedine Soak Wingedyne Winjeel Wishbone Wishbone Pool Woagin Woaging Spring Woilyungup River Wolwolling Pool Wolyaming Wolyamup Hill Wongalea Woodanilling Golf Club Woodanilling Nature Reserve Woodanilling Primary School Woodanilling Spring Woodarabup Well Woodburn Woodlands Woodlat Woodspoint Woodville Woodyarrup Woolareen Woolgarre Woolkabin Woolkabin Gully Woolkabunning Well Woorgabup Hill Woorgabup Nature Reserve Woorgabup Well Wornt Hill Wornt Hill Reserve Wyaledgin Wyarin Yackrikine Nature Reserve Yackrikine Range Yairabin Yairabin Well Yairdnlungup Well Yallambee Yallembee Yandella Yanga Vale Yannagobberly Yannawah Yaralla Yarlin Gully Yarrabin Yarramie Yate Creek Yate Pool Yaudling Waterhole Yeaginup Pool Yealing Yeedabirrup Rock Yeedawinya Yeenyellup Yellanup Well Yellwarrie Downs Yelup Waterhole Yelverton Downs Yilliminning River Yodgabin Nature Reserve Yodgabin Rock Yodgabin Spring Yolgerup Yongayanning Younimup Yowangup Yowangup Spring Yulakin Gully Yulakin Pool Rushy Pool Marramucking Gully Cootaring Rock Wikebin Rock Yockrikine Range Cribb Gully Candle Light Siding Dumbleyung Shire Lake Dornducking Bokaring Creek Hollands Rocks Lake Murdualmurrin Netherwood Lake Parkeyerring Dellyanime Dorradin Gully Lake Chinocup Lake Chinokup Chinokup Nyabing-Pingrup Shire Corackine Swamp Badjebup Ewlyamartup Lake Kinrass Beerup Meenup Creek