Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SI50-10

Pemberton Special
GA SI50-10 - Pemberton Special

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Leeuwin Shannon Canyon Walpole Spur Manjimup Northcliffe Pemberton Walpole Peaceful Bay Windy Harbour Deanmill 2 Mile Brook 2 Mile Gully 4 Mile Brook 4 Mile Gully 5 Mile Brook 6 Mile Brook Albany Community Kindergarten Albion Mill Alco Firetower Alco Nature Reserve Aldridge Cove Alex Jones Wildlife Park Allambee Allambie Park Ant Pool Apex Park Appadene Archies Oven Gully Bakers Hill Balbanup Balbarrup Balbarrup Brook Bald Island Balyinnarup Balyinnarup Brook Banachie Bangalup Bangalup Brook Banksia Camp Barlee Barlee Brook Barronhurst Bartunderup Pool Beard Firetower Beardmore Ridge Beedelup Beedelup Brook Beedelup Falls Beedelup National Park Beedelup Telephone Exchange Bell Brook Bell Brook Swamp Bellanger Beach Benjerup Hill Bevan Pool Biddelia Big Brook Big Brook Aboretum Big Brook Dam Big Brook Forest Big Creek Big Easter Brook Bighill Brook Billinmorbarrup Pool Biranup Pool Black Head Black Point Blackwater Creek Blackwater Well Blucher Brook Blue Hole Bodjinup Swamp Boggy Creek Boggy Lake Bokarup Nature Reserve Bokarup Swamp Bokerup Bolbelup Bolbelup Creek Bolbelup Swamp Bolgamup Bolghinup Bolghinup Lake Bonybaup Gully Bonybeap Swamp Boojetup Boojetup Brook Boonweup Boonwiup Pool Boorara Brook Boorara Firetower Boronia Gully Bow Bridge Bow River Bowelup Creek Boxhall Creek Boyd Rock Boyicup Swamp Boyndaminup Boywurup Rock Braedawn Breaker Rock Bridgetown Forest Park Bridgetown Jarrah Park Brittain Rock Broadwater Brockman National Park Brockman Sawpit Broke Broke Inlet Broke Reefs Brooklyn Buldania Creek Bull Creek Bullamurrup Bullardup Pool Bullilup Pool Bulyuk Bundaleer Bunnerbirrup Brook Bunny Creek Bunny Point Buranganup Swamp Burnside Firetower Burton Creek Butler Creek Byenup Lagoon Cabbage Tree Mill Caldyanup Crossing Callcup Callcup Dunes Callcup Ford Callcup Hill Camballup Pool Camelarup Swamp Canterbury River Cape Lacroix Carbunup Brook Carbup Spring Cardacup Carey Bridge Carey Brook Carinya Cariup Carlotta Carlotta Brook Carlotta Firetower Carters Brook Casuarina Corner Casuarina Isles Cattaminnup Lake Charlotte Plain Charnwood Chatham Island Chatham Island Nature Reserve Chelupunderup Chelupunderup Brook Cheridon Chesapeake Brook Cemetery Creek Chaligarup Channybearup Channybearup Brook Charley Brook Chindilup Pool Chinggatup Pool Chinginunderup Chitelup Hill Chowerup Chowerup Creek Chowerup Mill Chubicquagup Rocks Chulingup Pool Chungarup Swamp Chungjagup Pool Churbicup Swamp Chutibup Pool Circular Pool Circus Beach Clark Island Clarke Gully Cliffy Head Coal Point Coalmine Beach Coalmine Knoll Cobertup Nature Reserve Cobertup Swamps Coconilup Codarup Lake Collier Creek Collins Condolong Conspicuous Cliff Coodamurrup Beach Coolarup Coolyarbup Coomichup Pool Coonanup Soak Cooranup Coorinup Swamp Cootayerup Nature Reserve Cootayerup Pool Corbalup Swamp Cow and Calf Rocks Cow Brook Cowerup Nature Reserve Cowerup Swamp Crinia Lake Croea Brook Crooked Brook Crow Creek Crowea Crystal Brook Crystal Lake Crystal Springs Curdiwarup Curly Reef Curtin Tank Darradup Dawson City Well Deep Gully Deep River Deep River Farm Deeside D'Entrecasteaux National Park Diamond Tree Diamond Tree Firetower Diamond Tree Gully Dickson Firetower Dickson Point Diddenup Brook Dingup Dixvale Dog Pool Doggerup Creek Doggerup Dunes Doggerup Lake Dombakup Dombakup Brook Dombakup Ford Donnelly Donnelly Point Donnelly River Donnelly River Nature Reserve Dordagup Dorset Downs Double Brook Doublebrook Douglas Lookout Duart Downs Duckhilbalawaarup Pool Dudijup Creek Dudijup Swamp Dwalganup Spring Eagles Nest Rock Eardley Creek East Brook East Manjimup Primary School East Nannup East Point Eastbrook Eastbrook Nature Reserve Elephant Rock Elsie Brook Ephraim Gully Fattie Damper Gully Faunadale Nature Reserve Felix Brook Fernhook Falls Fish Creek Flat Rock Fly Brook Flybrook Fontys Pool Forrard Away Forth River Foul Bay Frank Hall Creek Frankland River Fred Brook Galamup Nature Reserve Galamup Swamp Gardiner Gully Gardner Beach Gardner Firetower Gardner River Gardner River Dam Gaythorne Gevalwin Ginganup Ginganup Brook Gingilup Swamps Nature Reserve Girraween Gladstone Falls Glenarchy Glenfillan Glenlea Glenlynn Glenoran Glenoran Firetower Glenoran Pool Glentulloch Gloucester National Park Gloucester Tree Firetower Gnyakalup Gully Gobblecannup Swamp Gold Creek Goose Island Grace Darling Bay Granite Bar Granite Peak Granite Peak Tower Greenhaven Grevillea Firetower Gunagulup Swamp Hazelvale Heartlea Henry Hill Herring Rock High Valley Hilliger National Park Holloway Horrsby Heights Horse Gully Horseyard Hill Hursts Brook Hush Hush Beach Hutchycup Iffley Brook Inlet River Irwin Inlet Island Bend Jack Strauss Spring Jalbarragup Jalbarragup Bridge Jangardup Jardee Jarnadup Jarnadup Brook Jarrah Glen Jasper Beach Jasper Brook Jeneric Jervis Park Jilbargup Swamp Jingalup Nature Reserve John Rate Lookout Johnnies Hole Junior Creek K K Spring Kanangra Karri Creek Karri Lake Karri Valley Resort Kelly Brook Kelpalurip Swamp Kent River Kepal Firetower Kepalarup Lake Keystone Hill Kin Kin King Gee Lumps Kinganup Kinghurst Kingsman Brook Kingston Kingston Well Kinross College Knackelup Creek Knackelup Pool Kodjinup Nature Reserve Kodjinup Swamp Koginup Brook Koginup Pool Kookaro Kulunilup Lake Kulunilup Nature Reserve Kwokalup Creek Ladycroft Lake Clabburn Lake Florence Lake Jasper Lake Maringup Lake Muir Lake Muir Nature Reserve Lake Quitjup Lake Samuel Lake Smith Lake Surprise Lake Wilson Lake Yeagarup Lambert Landers Gully Lane Poole Falls Larkin Bridge Layman Brook Lazy J Ledge Island Trig Ledge Islet Lefroy Brook Lilford Rock Lindsay Firetower Linfarne Linfarne Brook Lions Federation Park Little Cattaminnup Lake Little Chudalup Little Easter Brook Little Long Point Little Quinninup Brook Little Unicup Lake Lochart Pool Log Creek Lone Pine Well Lonesome Gully Long Gully Long Point Lost Beach Lower Yeriminup Pool Lyall Lymburner Falls Lyndhurst Majenup Malimup Beach Malimup Spring Mandalay Beach Manjimup Airfield Manjimup Baptist Church Manjimup Brook Manjimup Education Support Centre Manjimup Golf Club Manjimup Primary School Manjimup Senior High School Maringup Creek Markes Creek Marks Marlecup Pool Marranup Marrapigarup Marterup Pool Mattabandup Creek Maudella Park Mcatee Brook Mcnab Well Meelinup Swamp Meerup Meerup Dunes Meerup River Meick Purding Warrup Melibinup Menarup Meribup Bridge Mettabinup Brook Mickalarup Swamp Middle Creek Middlesex Mill Creek Milyeannup Brook Milyeannup Ford Mindanup Pool Mingarell Mingerup Pool Mininup Nature Reserve Mininup Well Mirrabooka Moaramalup Mobrup Mokerdillup Brook Mongetup Pool Monterey Moons Crossing Mooralup Brook Mooringa Mooringurdup Pool Moorinup Lake Mopilup Brook Morallup Mordalup Mordalup Creek Mordalup Nature Reserve Moriartys Well Mount Brook Mount Burnside Mount Chudalup Mount Clare Mount Firetail Mount Frankland Mount Frankland Lookout Mount Frankland National Park Mount Hopkins Mount Johnston Mount Mack Mount Mitchell Mount Pingerup Mount Roe Muirillup Muirillup Rock Muirs Bridge Mulgarnup Bridge Mullagarup Mullidup Pool Murrum Trail Murtinup Myalgelup Lagoon Myalgelup Pool Mylliup Pool Naenup Swamp Nannup Brook Narranbee Needles Point Neeranup Swamp Nelson Nelson Grange Nerbichup Nerragagup Netley Newangalup Newangalup Spring Newdegate Island Newtoura No. 4 Mill Noobijup Lake Noobijup Nature Reserve Nornaculup Well Nornalup Nornalup Inlet Nornalup Settlers Park North Carlotta North Walpole Northcliffe District High School Northcliffe Golf Club Northcliffe Jubilee Park Norvic Nowumbup Nugulup Nyamup Nyeticup Pool Nymiup Pool Oaljalup Lake One Tree Bridge Ongup Pool Orchid Valley Our Brook Padgee Palgarup Palings Bridge Palligup Creek Palligup Pool Palmer Creek Parwill Well Peaks Tank Pebbley Beach Peerabeelup Peerelgup Pelican Rock Pember Warren Pemberton Camp School Pemberton Community Park Pemberton District High School Pemberton Forest Park Pemberton Golf Club Perremillup Brook Perup Perup River Phillips Creek Dam Pimelea Pindicup Lake Pindicup Nature Reserve Pingerup Plains Pink Eye Gully Pinticup Nature Reserve Pinticup Swamp Pipe Clay Gully Pitbaunderup Pool Point D'Entrecasteaux Point Irwin Point Nuyts Poorginup Gully Poorginup Swamp Pretty Gully Pupulong Quabicup Hill Quagamirup Spring Quagering Island Quagering Nature Reserve Quannup Quarram Quarram Beach Quarram Nature Reserve Quartz Creek Quillbeunderup Quindabelup Quindinup Quinelup Spring Quinninup Quinninup Brook Quinninup Dam Quintallup Brook Quintattup Gully Quirinyenurup Pool Quitjup Rame Head Raper Bridge Ravenhill Reserve Record Brook Red Gully Red Lake Rest Point Rest Point Knoll Rifle Range Bridge Ringbark Ringbark Brook Robbies Hole Rock Pool Rockville Rocky Gully Rocky Head Rocky Point Rooneys Bridge Round Pool Rylington Park Saddle Island Salmon Beach Salt Spring Gully Samuels Brook Sand Peak Sandy Beach Sandy Island Sandy Peak Scabby Gully Scabby Gully Dam School Well Scott Brook Sealers Cove Seeneys Rocks Seventh Day Adventist School Sexton Well Shannon Shannon Island Shannon National Park Shannon River Sheffield Estate Shelly Beach Signal Point Silver Mount Sir James Mitchell National Park Skippy Rock Smith Brook Smythe Hill Snake Gully Snake Ledge South Jingalup Nature Reserve South West Reefs Spearwood Brook Spencers Well Spring Creek Spring Gully Springfields St Josephs School St Patricks Elbow State Forest No. 10 State Forest No. 18 State Forest No. 34 State Forest No. 35 State Forest No. 36 State Forest No. 37 State Forest No. 38 State Forest No. 39 State Forest No. 40 State Forest No. 41 State Forest No. 43 State Forest No. 46 State Forest No. 47 State Forest No. 48 State Forest No. 5 State Forest No. 55 State Forest No. 57 State Forest No. 58 State Forest No. 59 State Forest No. 9 Stonybroke Strachan Sturcke Creek Sunnyside Surat Kumar Swann Creek Swarbrick Jetty Tackerdup Taldumande Tallingup Talyelwelup Lake Tamar Gully Tamballup Pool Tambellicup Tarbup Pool Teds Pool Tellarup Brook Terry The Cascade The Depot The Four Aces The Gap The Needles The Peppermints The Two Hills Thompson Cove Thyssen Rock Tingle Creek Tingledale Tingleview Tinkers Brook Tolkerlup Swamp Tom Hill Brook Tone River Tonebridge Tonebridge Country Club Tookulup Toororgup Tooticup Tordit-Gurrup Lagoon Treen Brook Trent Tribulation Pool Turdigurtup Turdigurtup Pool Turicup Twakerup Brook Twartieterup Twortiwerup Una Brook Unbap Pool Unicup Lake Unicup Nature Reserve Upper Warren Upper Yeriminup Pool Valley of the Giants Vermeulen Wackelingup Pool Wade Gully Waighinunderup Brook Wainbup Wainup Wakalwararup Walbingup Walcott Spring Walk Through Tree Walpole Country Club Walpole Inlet Walpole Primary School Walpole River Walpole River East Walpole-Nornalup National Park Wandillup Wandoora Nature Reserve Warinup Pool Warr Kengar Warrawee Warren Beach Warren Bend Warren Bicentennial Tree Warren Bridge Warren National Park Warren River Warwaberup Gully Warwaberup Swamp Waterfall Creek Watson Well Webbers Rock Wedding Brook Weedy Bay Weinup Hill Weld River West Cliff Point Westbourne Westland Acres Westpool Wheatley Wheatley Creek Whistler Nature Reserve Wickham Wigwam Soak Wilgarrup Wilgarrup Bridge Wilgarrup Nature Reserve Wilgarrup River William Creek Williams Well Willow Springs Wimbalup Swamp Windy Point Wingarup Gully Winona Wobbled Well Woodburn Creek Woodgenillup Woolbale Hills Woolgalup Wordimup Pool Wournbelup Wyndarra Yackerlup Swamp Yagalup Pool Yamadillup Soak Yanmah Yanmah Brook Yarnup Nature Reserve Yarnup Swamp Yarrawolong Yeagarup Yeagarup Beach Yeagarup Dunes Yeagerup Yeardup Brook Yedicup Yendicup Swamps Yeranup Pool Yerdicup Swamp Yerraminnup Pool Yerraminnup River Yeticup Swamp Yetterup Nature Reserve Yetterup Pool Yornup Younigup Quagamirup Brook Sturke Creek The Big Hill Mobrup Homestead Milyeanup Brook Wilgarup Alco Towerlup Brook Yendicup Swamp Yackelup Creek Gordon River Moorinup Pool Yeriminup Hill Yeticup Lake Jibargup Swamp Lake Gingilup Little Unicup Wilgarup River Lyndhuts Deeside Homestead Lake Quilaijup Four Mile Brook Quininup Brook Cape Beaufort Five Mile Brook Little Quininup Brook Quininup Big Hill Brook Six Mile Brook Brockman Tordit Gurrup Lagoon Yeagerup Dunes DEntrecasteaux National Park Crossing Falls Millars Basin Point DEntrecasteaux Point d Entrecasteaux Flat Island Ledge Island Sandy Islet Crowea Brook Camfield Clarke Islands Clark Islands Red Point White Topped Rocks Irwin Point Black Rock Black Rocks Goose Islet