Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SI53-03

GA SI53-03 - Yardea

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Yaninee Minnipa Boundary Well Ford Creek Gairdner Yards Ford Well Chillunie Bore Moolje Alrose Altbak Careena Downs Beam Dam Acrasia Dam Nukey Dam Pygery Rocks Tank Peter Pan Dam Kanimbla Kolendo Dams Last Hope Dam Ilkina Dunefield Goolgundibie Creek North Well Dam Kundery Water Nukay Hayes Rock Kilthea Rockhole Mungo Tank Holt Dam Gawler Ranges Conservation Reserve Mount Nott Dam Nonning Kimboo Peterlumbo Dam Burrows Dam Ultima Dam Myall Glynde Thurlga Hill Pheasant Hill Warners Bore Squatter Tank Poldinna Wanayangarina Waterhole Small Dam Pilepudla Well Sisters Dam Mount Ive Tank Oak Vale Scrubby Hill Chilpuddie Tanks Moora Well Five Mile Dam No 4 Dam Minnepa Cotton Bush Dam Bevington Dam Large Tank Pinkawillinie Reservoir Mininnie Dam Swamp Dam Sherry Dam Nookia Hill Taringa Outstation Putamaring Conical Hill Menninnie Well Nonning Sheep Well Doreen Dam Kolendo Tank Yumburra Park East Yannabie Dam Lake Gairdner Tank Crown Well Grantham Dam Yartoo Reservoir Wilcherry Hill Weedina Hill East Well Narlaby Well Still Well Mulga Dam Turkey Flat Pine Lodge Homestead Mount Kolendo Panie Deep Well Ebunbanie Hill Coutnaroo Hill No 1 Churringa Bore Edmonson Well Pilepudla Catch Prince Foot Dam Unalla Dam Hart Tank Weednanna Dam Brazil Rock Murnea Rockhole Boundary Gate Menninnie Dam Donald Plain Reservoir Kahley Hill Angle Swamp Dam McRedbrae Anirac Lake Flora Dam Beacon Dam Yandinga Wells Ketchelby Rockhole Chilpuddie Well Hansborough Dam Gunter Dam Pudinna Well Mount Pyramid Some Quality Bore Waroona Water Sturt View Black Eagle Rock Kolay Well Tanner Dam Chiltadinna Dam Cockatoos Springs Hill A Jimmy Rockhole Hudson Dam Jimmys Rest Dam Kolay Mirica Valley Huntys Dam Ilchanalbo Water Cunyarie Dam Eucarro Wall Pinkawillinie Water Conservation Reserve Dismal Downs Pildappa Hill Podinna Waterhole Wee Tommy Dam Mosquito Well Buckinie Pine Lodge Well Deep Hut Prospect Valley Putamaring Well Cortlinye Railway Station Yarna Hill Wirrigenda Well Wodalla Dam No 7 Bore Gibson Dam Francis Dam Kimberley Dam Thurlga Gate Richards Bore Scrubby Peak South Perrinilba Dam Minnipa Rockwater Tandaie Dam Nookia Rockhole Pingbong Reservoir Karinya Mount St Mungo Secret Tanks Kolay Waterhole Pine View Chilcobbie Claypan White Dam St Mungo Well Kullkalla Rock Water Condada Well Hundred of Pinbong Hundred of Buckleboo Hill of the Plain Tcharkuldu Tanks Eurilla Hut Hundred of Wudinna Hundred of Corrobinnie Narinee Hill Matteria Well Waganny Camp Yandinga Camp Scrubby Peak Camp Organ Pipes Dads Flat Camp Turkey Flat Camp Pondanna Outstation Conical Hill Charba Hill Paney Hill Mount Nott Mount Double Paney Mount Fairview Gawler Ranges National Park Yardea Post Office Ucarro Well County of Bosanquet Hidden Lake Mount Stortford Range Mount Stortford Kolary-Merrika Valleys Pildappa Rock Poldinna Rockwater Old Artaming Dam Koonadla Stone Dam Minnepah Rockwater Artaming Well Struggle Dam Pat Dam Mount Nott Well Minnipa Tanks Comedy Dam Beacon Hill Binna Dam Fresh Well Wirrigenda Hill Peterlumbo Well Menninnie Tank Trump Dam Warlaby Tanks Cunyarie Railway Station Paney Well Pildappa Tank Turtle Rock Wipipippee Hill Peltabinna Dam Eurilla Hill Koweridda Rockhole Oswalds Hundred of Pildappa Thurlga Woolshed Yandinga Hut Hundred of Condada Hundred of Carina Mount Freeling Yardea Well Victory Dam Wilcherry Homestead Yaltana Bore Coolgundibie Creek Lord Nolan Dam Waltumba Well Kahley Rockhole Middle Tank Mount Brazil School Yeltanna Hill Kododo Hill Peterlumbo Hill White Tank Poldinna Rockhole Woolshed Dam Shinnick Dam Standley Flat Pondamunda Arras Catch Dam Well No 2 Long Dam Moolaroo Embankment Narinnie Moongi Conservation Reserve Nonning Reservoir South Houlderoo Dam Karachildy North Armating Dam Angle Swamp Hamp Hut Lake Yaninee Fly Camp Dam Three Crown Hill Carina Boylan Well Poodina Dam Four by Two Dam Buckleboo Tank Thurlga Ramp Buckelburna Water Ram Well Itchanalba The Woolshed Well Lucky Tank Hiltaba Water Nine Mile Dam Mulandilla Water Tandaie Rockholes Unalla Well Duck Dam Wattle Grove Buckleboo Rockhole Mount Pollard Yarterberrie Rockholes Black Hill Bluff Well New One Mile Dam Muratchina Hill Pildappa Water Tandara Oakfield Rowe Dams Buckleboo Post Office Scrubby Outstation Warner Dam Riawena Back Country Tank Walltumba Yandinga Water Jack Yard Ponara Water Yeltanna Bore Myrtle Water Helen Dam Peterby Tanks Ancatna Dam Buckleburna Water Cooria Hill Horse Well Redding Dam Kododo Water Pine Well Bore Black Well Hampden Dam Wombat Dam Sisters Hill Peltabinna Hill Cunyarie Kododo Hill Camp Thurlga Lake Tanks Buckleboo Mount Centre Old Paney Cunyari Conservation Reserve Hundred of Yaninee Chillundie Hill Front Bore Water Rockhole Weednana Dam Larry Dam Botenella Ranges Mount Hiltaba Chilpuddie Telephone Office Punkey Plain Reservoir Hamp Tank Maurice Dam West Black Hill Dam Mount Monning Tulluna Well Nukay Bluff Pinkawillinie Hall Mount Ive East Well Podinna Rock Ramsay Dam Polturkana Hill Ucarro Hill Munjari Mount Ive Gairdner Tank Yarrowie Downs Wirrigenda Dam Wudinna Hill Lilyrocks Dam Surprise Dam Walpuppy Well Sketching Pile Y Family Dam Mattera Well Boundary Dam Bockelberg Conservation Park Narlaby Hut Itchanalbo Water Kolay Dam Pinkawillinie Reservoir Conservation Reserve Yarinda Hill Policemans Camp Willows Dam Yarwondutta Rock Coudnaroo Hill Ancatna Hill Jumpuppy Dam Government Dam Bore Moongi Halleys Comet Dam Locke Claypans Division Gate Mount Granite Cacuppa Well Punkey Dam Pondanna Water South Artaming Dam Yardea Water Molundina Hill Hundred of Pygery Buckelboo Conservation Reserve Peltabinna Water Hundred of Hill Chicana Hill Poondana Rock Erehwon Little Pinbong Rockhole Pinbong Rock Yeltanna Well Tea Tree Dam Wow Wow Tank Coatlenye Water Condada Railway Station Thurlga Post Office Back Pennas Dam Cacuppa Station Cockerby Well Standley Dam Warrachee Dam Lake Dam Chillunie Hut Moongi Railway Station Yarna Water Blackwood Dam Cooria Dam Daw Dam Diamond T Gemini Rocks Yannabie Dam Wandambo Lake Peeweena Bore Larwood Dam Mount Farview Ketchalby Hill Warner Well Walpuppy Dam Hughes Dam South Dam Buckleburna Hill Wyoming Eucarro Hill Scrubby Hill Dam Lilyrocks Bore Pine Lodge Bore Warra Well Wilcherry Hut Durbridge Well Hiltaba Buckleboo Hut Eyre Park Weednanna Hill Bittali Dam Wudinna Tank Teluna Creek Acraman Bore Toolunna Condada Minerra Rockhole Policemans Point Policemans Spring Shearers Quarters Chilpuddie Hill Mount Sturt Mount Allalone Yarinda Rockholes Some Quality Dam Chiltadinna Hut The Sisters Unalla Soakage Hundred of Bockelberg St Warden Bore NE Tom Croft Dam Garden Dam Wudinna Well Woodroofe Dam Blue Sturts Ebumbanie Pine Creek Pine Well Carinya Walting Dam Hammond Well Hiltaba Reservoir Nugent Bore Jaylee Perrinilba Dam One Mile Dam Yardookra Myall Glin Waroona Well Corrobinnie Hill Heathcote Yannabuck Reservoir Rocky Dam Chillunie Waters Narlaby Tank Joruland Minnipa Area School Nankivel Dam Canteen Dam Unabbee Rockwater Ram Dam Bullock Water Dam Barber Hill Yarondutta Yaltana Well Yarna Kennedy Dam Geherty Tanks Wudinna Station Mount Stanley Kolendo Kundery Wells Peterby Yards Moongi Reservoir Corrobinnie Hill Conservation Park Three Shifts Dam Referendum Dam Peeldubba Rocks Mudlera Pudinna Bore Cunyarie Rocks Back Bore Five Mile Well Lake Acraman Koweridda Outstation Hundred of Minnipa Peter Pan Lagoon Oakland Minnipa Hill Tanks Granite Rocks Pinbong East Peterlumbo Dam Tcharkuldu Hill Nukey Water Hawson Hut Botenella Hills Warachina Hill Donaldson Dam Oak Park Carina Hut Poverty Corner Mount Yardea Pondana Dam Yartoo Homestead Gawler Ranges Punkey Well Peterby Tanks Trig Six Mile Dam Peeweena Dam Mount Partridge Karkulla Dam Peterlumbo Hills Perening Bluff Boundary Tank Cunyarie Rockholes Kolaymerrika Hut Ford Creek Well Rockwater Hill Mount Ive Reservoir Blackoak Bank Dam Mosquito Catch Pinbong Rockhole Coralbignie Outstation Nuldera Water Scrubby Peak Well Burrows Yard Nugent Well No 3 Dam Pinbong Trig Yerlly Yannabie Well Yaringie Hill Wudinna Dam Yeltana Hill Coria Water Middle Tanks Pygery Reservoir Yardea Waulkinna Hill Wangoraloedie Valley Well Kolay Hut Kolaymerrika Hill Nummee Hill Warner Hut Paney Bluff Poldinna Tank Yaninee Railway Station Ronvale Pine Well Dam Molundinna Water Wooly Dam Windlass Well Chilpuddie Trig The Peninsula Well Mount Nonning Chinaman Dam Arras Dam Chillunie Hill Buckleboo Railway Station Jumpuppy Hill Condada Tank Poldinna Rock Mount Weedna Misery Dam Yandinga Hill MacKay Dam Cortlinye Water Yarinda Water Thurlga Reservoir Buller Dam Pleasant View Lake Tank Seven Mile Dam No 1 Bore Mount Not Yeltana Well Range View Brambo Dam Wilcherry Tank Tarkumbuldo Putamaring Hill Yarna Dam Waroona Peak Wau-Wau Yardea Dam Nonning Well Pine Glenn Jumpers Dam Mount Gairdner Eustice Dam Mount Weedina Sketching Pile X Yerlly Creek Stone Dam Titree Dam Moseley Nobs Peltabinna Hut Lygnum Dam Moonlight Dam Agars Lake Mitcheville Minnipa Hill Harry Spring Pony Dam Unalla Hill Waroona Creek Dawes Dam Polculta Well Nukey Bluff Hundred of Peella Nardoo Bank Claypan Dam Maurice Wall Broadview The Sisters Tanks Rocky Spring Pygery Rocks Taloona Well Oxys Bore Buckleboo Springs Brodie Well Seven Mile Tank Wilcherry Dam Spring Hill Pudinna Dam Yarwanautta Tanks Pinbong Reservoir Bockelberg Kolay Bore McRed Brae Oxys Dam Black Tank Lake Shed Buckleboo Hall Crown Swamp Dam Ancatna Well Hallmark Dam Country Life Blue Hills Tcharkuldu Pilepudla Dam Well No 1 Yannabie Rockholes Police Well Pedder Well Cardindelbingie Tandaie Hill Old Wilcherry Homestead Mendea Hill Front Pennas Dam Tandaie Well Dewdney Dam Nookina Hill Waganny Dam Rayman Dam Number Three Cuba Bore Yarnia Hill Yaninnee Trig Eureka Bluff Warroona Plain Little Billy Dam Parsons Rock Toodadoo Dam Pygery Rockhole Coralbignie Hut Hundred of Cunyarie Chiltadinna Well Brodies Dam Yeltana Pine Gap Yumburra Reservoir Sandford Dam Wow Wow Hut Artaming Hill Chilpuddie Chimney Well Midla Dam Cutten Dam Kowerrida Well Cooria Waterhole Conflagration Dam White Australia Dam Scrubby Peak Dunefield Janalea Kolendo Fresh Well Kolaymerrika Wells Moora Catch Cunha Ketchalby Rockhole Buckelburna Hill Cotton Nob Charba Well Mount Ive Gate Titree Well Pildappa Punkey Hut Oak Brae Catch Hole Tank Kittles Dam Chillunie Dam Mount Friday Corner Well Lyons Dam Minnipa Railway Station Old Pinbong School Kilthea Rocks Two Wells Ballia Well Winrana Watson Dam Bellamy Well Blair Well Fitz Dam Kundery Hill Chillunie Well Mallee Well Cunyarie School Emu Rocks Yeltana Bore Mount Wudinna Moongi School Peterby Shed Polturkinna Hill Winnabinnie Old Woolshed Midla Well Charlie Gooch Tank Freeling Range Monument Dam Punkey Water Nonning Gate Neuranippie Well Chillunie Campsite Neuranippe Hill Progress Dam Hamp Well Pey Well Beacon Dunefield Myrtle Rocks Roberts Dam Dancing Bob Dam Ucarro Dam Eurilla Wilcherry Botenella Native Well Kudnery Waterhole Mulcaree Rockhole Yarna Reservoir Yarna Rock Reservoir Cottons Nob Murnea Water Mount Saint Mungo Saint Mungo Well Barbers Hill Edmonsons Well Sisters Reservoir Gairdners Tank Harts Tank Dewoney Dam Waroona Hill Number Four Dam Narlaby Tanks Yartoo Out Station Nuldera Well Tannga Outstation Blacks Well Kolendo Station Kolendo Dam Blairs Well Nonning Dam Bluff Wells Thurlga Station Pine Lodge Number Three Dam Pondanna Out Station Pondanna Homestead Jimmys Rockhole Warners Well Ponara Well Wow Wow Tanks Yandinga Well Paney Homestead Paney Out Station Coralbignie Out Station Coralbignie Coralbignie Homestead Teluma Creek Mackays Dam Cacuppa Chilipuddie Condada Hill Buckleboo Springs Tank Poondanna Rock Wirrigenda Reservoir Tcharkuldu Reservoir Povery Corner Cunyarie Reservoir Moseley Knobs Pilepudla Reservoir Mount Wudinna Tank Wootana Wootoona Bascomb Rock Reservoir Cortlinye