Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SI53-07

GA SI53-07 - Kimba

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Kimba Wudinna Kyancutta Warramboo Darke Peak Lock Douglas Well Broad View Finlay Flat Well Fairview Brimanna Fox Hill Roadview Cleve Police Station Boonabee Burragah Chattapa Rockhole Chinaman Sandhills Callamondah Coolindie Homestead Cresco Estate Kamballa Poolgarra Reservoir Eastview Boonerdo Telephone Exchange Hummocks Hut Konanda Railway Station Hills View Shannan Branch Kyimba Kylachan Manu Well Kopi Railway Station Little Valley Bore Mallee-Hill Mungiltie Homestead Malache Flat Oaklands Mamblin Little Pordia Hill Poolalalie Creek Poolalalie Hill Sherintoo Miegunyah Old Cumba Well Myamba Park Moonlight Flat Lynwood Peachna Karinga Polinga Stone Cap Pothole Rocky-Pines Rocky Valley Water Reserve White Hut Well Wilgerup Roora Reservoir Windzel Two Gums Wilclo Mount Southam Warrachie Ucontitchie Tank Venera Mount Tassie Slater Creek Zara Tanks Tooligie Range Wharama Caralue Dam Warramboo Railway Station Wharminda Wells Darkes Memorial Taragan Curnoom Gully Stone Hut Well Verran Hill Kalindi Garthowen Gum Valley Gum Flat Yadnarie Creek Nantuma Toopoora Railway Station White Hut Stone Tank Well Taragon Cortlinye Water Waterhole Pinda Mount Fairy Malangarnie MacKay Flat Mamblin Hut Tank Poelpena Swamp Werrina Wacla Hut Yangila Homestead Wombat Flat Gibraltar Rooster Egg Corner Ringwood Higgins Well Strathneath II Kolballa Hill Mount Damper School Kappawanta Hill Central Eyre Peninsula Hospital Le Hunte Emergency Services Complex MacKay Trig Laroma Okeltabie Homestead Hill Vale Bens Hill Carinya Nankuri Number 4 Well Mallee Downs Trig Minaro Aberfoyle Kolballa Namcor Dina Tin Pot Well Hawsondale Kolballa Hill Telephone Office Ferry Hill Distant Peaks Boo-Loo Royston Park Kalee Well Wannamana Railway Station Nangatta Campoona Hill Bold Silver Ros Day Peachna Well Bald Hill Well Wudinna East Post Office Diamond Valley Cleve Post Office Ivanhoe Pynari Nowhere Else Huts Hillsea Paddys Windmill Well Calliss Hill Ramsey Hillview Kentucky Lake Warramboo Railway Station Legerup Cantonville Veitch Trig Bindana Park Darke Peak Primary School Malache Hut Cayley Well Round Lake Andaby Pine Vale Renfrew Belmonte Mount Joy Station Rolling Downs Pinkawillinie School Little Kiana Well Mullagundi Blue Range Reservoir Bosanquet Wudinna East Tungketta Reef Wahroonga Arunta Paddys Hut Jempe Lock Racecourse Peakview The Plains Nantuma Railway Station Railway Reservoir Iteldoo Kappacoola Tank Kilroo Dog Gate Wattlevale Nowhere Else Well Paddys Well Hurdle Gate Well Hay Well Polda Pumping Station Woollinie Cortlinye Rockholes Wynych Coomala Well Napandee Coolderwinda Muldo Eyre Peninsula Monteview Murganella Jindalee Kandramooka Pondulta Hut Iragie Hilltop Mal-Mon Maclan Marchant Well Jubilee Park Roora Reserve Little Chattapa Rockhole Wakka Downs Billabowie Panorama Yakkerdun Quondong Flower-Pot Well Mucka Cudla Well Glenroy Pondulta Hut Well Silver Lakes Ravenwood Kangalea Glenclova Kappacoola Hill Pangkala The Ranch Glen Clova Cooinda Corunna Wells Delmore Stanley Mine Cornubia Mount Wedge Gaywendrea Claim Trig Sandy Dale Hambidge Braeside Paddys Tank Evelyn Downs Gunalgra Bay-View Kibionie Maylands Mount Joy Kyamba Park Oakdale Horne Lookout Coomaba Rockhole Mount Damper Telephone Office Craiglorne Kalee Cootra Shed Oakdale Post Office Connorville Palkagee Hut Glengaraff Wilka Rockhole Tank Balumbah Telephone Exchange Bachelor Hall Poolalalie Tuckey Reservoir Uleroo Rockhole Wonga Beena Lambing Station Carrawatha Rocky Pine Wootana Pandawurlie Lake-Side Verran Siding Primary School Rock Lake Gunya Gumgana Bluff Range Little Weedinna Rocks Tooligie Hunter Tank Hillcrest Bellevue Boldonta Rockhole Wootoona Coppie-Pondanna Well Coomala Tank Yukenbilda Kappawanta Wharminda Hundred of Yadnarie Murlong Palkagee Solomon Cootra Panitya Jamieson Hundred of Haig Hundred of Squire Hundred of Solomon Lake Giles Country Hundred of Boonerdo Hundred of Talia Rocky Valley Waddikee Primary School Waddikee Post Office Hundred of Rudall Hundred of McLachlan Hundred of Nicholls Hundred of Koongawa Hundred of Darke Hundred of Jamieson Hundred of Homburg Karkarook Railway Station Kilroo Primary School Cortlinye Conservation Reserve Lacroma Conservation Reserve Warramboo Primary School Shannon Conservation Park Cap Island Conservation Park Palabie School Lands End Waterhole Red Lagoon Fountain Eating House Mucha Cudla Well Hambidge Wilderness Protection Area Malgra Conservation Reserve Florence Island Taraleah Argent Mine Taragoro Telephone Exchange Carrappee Hill Nammuldi Railway Station Larne Oakvale Polda Hillvale Rudall Railway Station Raysonvale Wharminda Railway Station Maroonda Wudinna Railway Station Ucontitchie Mount Bosanquet Broadacres Pine Grove Mergunyah Bun Burra Bald Hill Brecon Koondappa Kyewong Polkdinney Railway Station Lands End Well Caralue Prominent Hill Trinivale White Well Valleys Kielpa Pygery Verran Pinthaput Well Tuckinya Brecradaw Wudinna Post Office Tucknott Homestead Lock Golf Course Murdinga Waddikee Caralue Railway Station Kopi High Hill Anmering Wudinna Bicentennial Park Little Wudinna Rock Kimba Area School Hincks Conservation Park Hundred of Cortlinye Hundred of Blesing Hundred of Pinkawillinie Hundred of Ward Hundred of Caralue Pygery School Pine Corner Plant Trees Alsbra Park Black Hill McGrath Well Mount Misery Well Mohultabie Eldale Woodcombe Koongawa Radio Communication Station Round Hill Whyte Knob Ackland Downs Omaroo Hillside Forestgate Ki-Auna Tooligie Post Office Darkes Grave Deep Well Hincks Cootra East Hall Garryowen Mootra Peella Park Cocata Lookout Well Tara Stoneleigh White Knob Five Corner Koolidie South Lake Lake Tungketta White Lagoon Ucontitchie Well Cocata Hill Cleve Area School Kallala Tank Altamont Allinga Park Bascombe Rocks Dunrovin Barli-Hi Coonara New Bellevue Malta Hut Kielpa Post Office Kangra Number 3 Well Stringer Highway Rooina Pandemonium The Wedge Tooligie Hill Palkagee Windmill Well Coomaba Taragoro Railway Station Remarkable Cone Koongawa Bindiboo Boongala Cocata Conservation Park Cortlinye East Primary School Meigunyah Konanda Yadnarie Institute Misery Rock Glenhaven Caralue Bluff Reservoir Malabur Kielpa Railway Station Wynhaven Linga Longa Polda Post Office Watervale Hundred of Mamblin Matmea Rockwater Peela Hut The Gunyah Hundred of Tinline Cocata Conservation Reserve Bascombe Well Conservation Park Hundred of McIntosh Wharminda Primary School Middle Lake Karunda Park Hincks Wilderness Protection Area Mount Cora Darke Peak Reservoir Gum Park Oaker Acres Pinkawillinie Conservation Reserve Cotinga Hill Pinkawillinie Loch Well Beach Poko Well Mount Damper Smeaton Park Old Hongkong Well Hundred of Pearce Bonnyo Pinbong Midway Park Sheoak Hill Mill Kyancutta School Kimbolton Eekiddaw Phillips Well Gum Hut Well Morley Well Mangalo Hut Highfields Wootoona Telegraph and Telephone Office Patawitta Scrub Hut Well Ancona Priscilla Downs Cap Island Wyvalena Portana Tuckey Karalee Waddikie Rocks Conservation Reserve Verran Railway Station Native Well Barrobie Rockden Rocky Valley Outstation Tiller Lake Blue Range Trig Tattiara Wangila Chimney Bulkana Tukey Tank Blue Range Ranch McLachlan Trig Old Hong Kong Well Mungiltie Tank Kilmorna Worrekat Palya Cooks Eddystone Tarlinga Lyndhurst Kilroo Minaro Homestead Jumana Eng Taragan Tank Karingal Stone Wall Gate Rocky Valley Well Tanita Terre Railway Station Pastoral Lookout Claughton Shangri-La Darke Range Conservation Park Yukenbilda Hut Hambidge Conservation Park Holsworthy Currabie Hi-Hopes Emroo Central Station Rocky Island Black Island Hundred of Pordia Hundred of Travers Sheoak Hut Poornamookinnie Creek Glencoe Peella Tank Willana Pineslope Emu Hills Pindari Alsbra Mount Priscilla High Bluff Oddys Retreat Carappie View Peak-View Coolardie Park Muldoona Sheaoak Hill Tank Meadow Farm Tree Park The Ridge Tullamore Spring Villa Beringa Kyancutta Tank Cooraboo Kilroy Pine-Row Cap du Veteran Strangmead Pine Hut Windpump Cooba Well Kyancutta Railway Station Wannamana Cleve Creek Tuckerosa Weemala Tukey Well Freds Flat Sandy Brae Ningana Centenary Park Gypsum Hill Donnybrook Hut Cootra Post Office Fred Flat Woambra Hetherington Well Eagle Well Mount Shannan Gum Flat Hut Hopping Jack Well Heatherington Well Mount Wedge Hall Seven Oaks Pinkawillinie Telephone Exchange Hambidge National Park Cortlinye Post Office Melaleuca Jyndalee Mamblin Hill Hundred of Roberts Primary School Wannamana Rockhole Clautana Rowan Glen Caringa Drekurmi Railway Station Hill View Murdinga Post Office Melorvale MacKay Flat Tank Simeon Scrub Well Bryant Plain The Range Darke Peak Well Ros Dayl Hundred of Hincks Hundred of Barwell Hundred of Roberts Windmill Well Hundred of Hambidge Mount Rough Sheringa Lagoon Round Hill Well Poko Ruin Pordia Moonlight Flat Shed Pinbong Railway Station Cleveville The Pines Smeaton White Gates Kanbarra Old Woolshed Well Manu Salt Creek Tuckey Tank Darke Memorial Glen Brae Mount Priscilla Reservoir Awagnook Nosredna Thisldo Millbrae Pinthaput Hill Caralue Bluff Water Conservation Reserve Ros-Day Myora East End Sudon Yattarna Yadnarie Well Rudallville Warrachie Railway Station Mount Damper Post Office Broombush Reservoir Kappakoola Hill Carappee Reservoir Prairy Downs Kimba Aerodrome Cortlinye Water Rowanglen Joyfield Lock Booster Station Peak View Morona Coppetalta Potholes Kappakoola Lipola Tank Wharminda Conservation Park Hundred of Hudd Hundred of Tooligie Hundred of Pascoe Mamblin Tank Circle View Anndale Wedge Sheringa Penlaby Karakana Kerriemuir Hongkong Well Coolillie Well Way Glendinga Horne Lookout Well Sugarloaf Lake Yaninnee Trig Balagorang Wacla Wells Sheringa Post Office Cootra West School Keringal Taragoro Bryants Plain Hundred of Kappawanta Boonerdo Sheoak Creek Smithfield Hundred of Wallis Hundred of Cowan Dea-Mon Darke Peak Trig Station Poelpena Gibraltar Hut Moonlight Hill Jerichos Corner Devils Rest Rockhole Yadnarie Mine Lea-Brae Peella Rocks Tank Pine Lodge Okeltabie Well Palkagee Well Bayley Plains Cockabidnie Corner Verran Reservoir Wannamana Rock Braeville Malgra Reservoir New Kappawanta The Driver Wayside Wudinna TAFE College Old Palkagee Well Diamond Valley Well Lake Hamilton Palkagee Tank Avoca Jungle Ranch Tarragon Tank Belle Vue Bay View Jarinda Pungarra Reservoir Tungatta Eagle Creek Wooloowin County of Musgrave Wainmast Barwell Conservation Reserve Carappee The Old Mill Boycans Corner Emroo Downs Glenross Kyanbrae Kiauna Pinkawillinie Conservation Park Parkholme Station Kangaroo Farm New Lookout Well Mangalo MacKay Flat Shed Peachna Conservation Park Tooligie Railway Station Lea Brae Wudinna Aerodrome Monument Reservoir Cootra Rockhole Tullaringa Carrig Tank Driver River Taragon Tank Bascombe Rocks Dam Lake Warramboo Lake Wannamana McLachlan Station Moonlight Flat Tank Polda Rock Kyancutta Rockhole Puckridges Well Campoona Hundred of Wannamana Mount Cone Pulcheji Carappee Hill Conservation Park Lairg Station Shalimar Rocky Hill Cayancutta Rockhole Waddikee Rocks Caralue Bluff Sandy-Brae Wacla Well Illangie Pendeen Polkdinney Rockhole Avenue Farm Wilson Hut Warana Birdwood Utunyah Angurie Malta Well Murdinga Railway Station Poelpena Well The Bullant Ulyerra Sheoak Hill Pine Slope Cocata School McLachlan Railway Station Broadview Karkarook Ericdale Double View Browndown Sheringa Huts Cooeeanna Kilroo Corner Atora Tank Reljona Keeping-Go Pooneroo Wangabbie Tank Junee Monks Lookout McLachlan Railway Dam Morana Mungala Tola Tank Wattledale Camborne Mount Damper Tank Finlay Well Karanda Poolgarra Telephone Office Carappee Hill Reservoir Darke Peak Railway Station Grund Bore King Well Ramsted Lucernvale Dusty Rise Windyzell Gum Creek Gunyah Well The Gunyan Well Horse Waterhole Corelee Darke Peak Range Railway Dam Folley Well Nerida Old Murlong School Ridgestone Moonlight Plain Lock Area School Coomaba Railway Station Lock Railway Station Quandarara Wedge Hill Caralue Reservoir Verran Tanks Conservation Park County of Jervois Phluph Island Caralue Bluff Conservation Reserve Yadnarie Primary School Hundred of Cocata Allerton Well Bimbimbie Carranga Temdemura Eyria Cortlinye Silver Monarch of the West Caralue Hall Hundred of Smeaton Magpie Well Malache Well No 6 Waterhole Shannan-Lea Poelpena Waterhole Prairie Hummocks Well Cleveley Driver Tanks Wallis Park Prairie Downs Waddikee Railway Station Cockabidnie Primary School Baroona Palkagee Glen Mount Misery Lagoona Middle Rockhole Poondulta Well Wangabbie Rockhole Bungarra Scrub Hut Yadnarie Verran Tank Kilroo Telephone Office Waddikee Conservation Reserve Darke Range Yallambee Lands End Lacroma Reservoir Iragie Creek Carappee Hill Moolanda Wudinna Memorial Cemetery Seymour Kamrock Koongawa School Pordia Hill Damper Dale Coppie-Parie Rockhole Bellara Heathfield Bunora Farm Bairds Lake Underground Tank Windarri Well Damper Tank Wudinna Police Station Opossums Home Monument Telephone Exchange Opossums Home Well The Bell Andeby Wheares Ridge Trig Bellevue Station Whitewell Irkanda Evendale Old Man Wurlie Mahnea Rockwater Flower Pot Well Cootra Telephone Office The Cocata Pine Grange O'Brien Tank Poelpena Hut Miller Hill Caralue Telephone Office Kallala Shed Peachna Railway Station Oakridge Boylans Corner Poolgara Conservation Reserve Wongawill Waroona County of Buxton Kielpa Primary School Terre Reservoir Cleve Colwyn Hideout Yanarra Sandy Vale Rockleigh The Fourmile Awakefield Blue Range Sheringa Primary School Hundred of Warramboo County of Le Hunte Hundred of Way Lincoln Dale Peachna Conservation Reserve Nalino Alora Tank Mount Wedge Post Office Pinegrange Ballagarang Redmill Well Hong Kong Well Kanglea Kapilpe Well Rothebrook Allika Pines Trebarton Ker-Raig Culpanunda Well Bald Hills New Cumba Well Kartanya Pinegrove Rocklake Kimba Post Office Coolillie Midvale Nerlai Rocky Corner Bunora Railway Station Wywurrie Mambrae Bascombs Rock Cone Hill Pinery Courtabie Red Trough Well Enidarrah Park Caralue Bluff Trig Kondramooka Mootra Conservation Reserve Hillocks Lock Police Station Dumonte Number 1 Well Pinedale McLachlan Uralba Ucontitchie Hill Cockabidnie Water Cootra East Telephone Office Valley View Warramboo Reservoir Kyancutta Hill Warranyah Hall Beach Kimba Railway Station Win Gully Arborville Toomananto Well Delinda Downs Bembuka Kooma-Vue Courtabie South Well Courtabie Well Glenhaze Glen Roy Nantuma Trig Merrigal Lake Yaninee Tank Sandonya Four Winds Balkara Cayancutta Alton Downs Bellevue Well Goongoona Cayley Lake Hamilton Station Monks Lookout Well Bimbimba Lakeside Hundred of Peachna Hundred of Kappakoola Rudall Hundred of Panitya Melundigie Tola Conservation Reserve Hundred of Cootra Hundred of Murlong Pointe des Fourmies Hidden Vale Rudall Primary School Hundred of Ulyerra Hundred of Palkagee Donnybrook Bascombe Well Conservation Reserve Terra Leen Bosanquet Reservoir Mootra Reservoir Healan Tungketta Hill Coppetalta Rockholes Cootra East Primary School Kaya Wiltja Polda Rock Reservoir Old Rudal Centre School Balumbah Park Rodda Vale Y-Sona Peella Rockhole Retawon Sheringa Hill Blue Range Stud Blue Valley Wirrway Glenowen Pine Hut Well Cleve District Hospital Wain Mast Siviour Corner Way Post Office Number 2 Well Hav-T-Doo Kopi Knoll Cootra Tank Warringa High Stud Simms and Bradley Mine Roxend Peella Rocks Mullagundi Trig Mamblin Hut Pimpala One Gum Well Tod Highway Piltainga Delbrae Hillsea Station Pygery Railway Station Akeringa Desert Sands Punterippie Well Pillinga Tank Phaewyn Rudall Conservation Park Terre Cockabidnie Reservoir Lock Post Office Cortlinye Reservoir Kappakoola Tank Zara Shed Gibralter Well Kilroo Park The Pot Well Mangalo Creek Balumbah Railway Station Chickerloo Central Yangila Rockhole Wilka Rockhole Shed Nannamanna Hundred of Campoona Hundred of Verran Barwell Conservation Park Mount Wedge Primary School Jellystone Park Waddikee Well Hundred of Palabie Rudall Centre Primary School Shannon Conservation Reserve Sheringa Beach Coolillie Tank Conical Hill Hincks Conservation Reserve Lock Rifle Range Peachna Hut Well Gum View Malbrom Black Hill Well Ram Well Old Manu Well Bayley Plains Automatic Telephone Exchange Yaninee Tank Pine Rise Wangabbie Homestead Ukurrie Wudinna Area School Malgra Conservation Park Pygery Reservoir Bascomb Rock Reservoir Pella Rocks Dumante Bryant Plain Tank Drekurmi Lucernevale Nammuldi Wannamanna Mount Dampar Mount Damper Tanks Mamblim Hill Waddikee Rockhole Toopoora Balumbah Linga-Langa Hetheringtons Well Kiana Well Bunora Okeltabie Pindar Carrappee Reservoir Darkes Peak Kapilpie Well Gum Flat Reservoir Bramfield Carreea Tanks Mount Shannon Tucknotts Tarragoro Malache Wells Morleys Well River Driver