Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SI53-08

GA SI53-08 - Whyalla

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Cowell Kadina Port Broughton Wallaroo Whyalla Arno Bay Fisherman Bay Cowell Post Office Dromedary Dam Pootitnie Sheoak Hill Rockhole Granite Hill Hideaway Fairfield Mount Hughie Erainia Pine Hill Ethiopia East Winds Hannaman Roopena Post Office Mattum Flat Homestead Mayne Dam Miltalie Mine Moseley Park Poonana Pine Park The Knob Old Station Well Poodra Spencer Special Education Unit St Johns College St Teresa School Rocky-Glen Wanappe Hill Dakalanta Park Whyalla Norrie East Post Office Yalanda Park Eyre Technical High School Curtinye Yard Cap Moliere Twelve Mile Dam Whyalla Go-Kart Club Broadview Doctor Thompson Reef Whyalla Yatch Club Moonabie Minbrie Telephone Office Uteradale Triple Hill Conflagration Dam Pine Lodge Shed Tanks Shorey Well Craiglea Iron Knight Mine Elson Mine Iron Duchess North Avalong Mangalo Hall Whyalla Airport Widnaleengee Hill Lions Park Flinders Lookout Reserve Bindawalla Gate Dingo Hill Mount Climbupt East Dam Cap Rollin Curtinye Station Salt Creek Hawker Tank Minbrie Spring Moonabie Dam Poondooma Poonana Spring Elbow Hill Iron Queen Mine Ulbana Spring Middleback Station Coolanie Whyalla High School Koonidnee Hut Puddle Holes Dam Memorial Oval Germein Point Cape Driver Mernittie Iron Knight South New Mine Bradford Street Reserve Mount Laura Homestead Ash Hall Turnbulls Beach Ulgera Gap Murninnie Trig Kimba Gap Mitchellville Trig Plank Shoal Whyalla Bevan Crescent Primary School Wangaraleednie Uteralitera Plain Tymclip Bevan Crescent Primary School Minbrie Coonarie Hopcrofts Dam Fels Dam Glynndale Kelly Dam Whyalla West Post Office Whyalla-Cowleds Landing Aquatic Reserve Midgee Rocks Cap Mably Mount Negger Hillridge Warren Tank Coonong Velmol Mount Middleback North Trig Anderson Raceway Yalpoudnie Mine Bevan Crescent Special Education Unit Wangarleigh Whyalla Golf Course Windittie Mine Watchanie Creek Aroona Park Mount Parapet Iron Dutchess Eranie Reservoir Wilklow Waterhole Point Gibbon White Hill Iron Baron South Mine Coolanie Reservoir Cap L'Hopital Cumbrutla Soak Edward John Eyre High School Iron Duchess Wild Dog Dam Mangalo Yalanda New Town Sarah Risdon Park Post Office Hundred of Playford Hundred of Wallaroo Hundred of Boothby Hundred of Ash Moonabie Gap Moseley Centre School Whyalla Scott Street Primary School Hundred of Pirie Hundred of McGregor Hundred of Charleston Hundred of Moonabie Hundred of Miltalie Hundred of Ninnes Sea-View Kura-Yerlo Kadina Memorial High School Lia Way Ellematta Matta Drain Wallaroo Mines Railway Station Newland Park Brucefield Wallaroo Police Station Wandilta Stack Willamulka Post Office Cream Puff Corner Bronalie Kia-Ora Annie Watt Risdon Park High School Senate Road Sports Ground Fisherman Creek Bews Kurilla Mine Oorlano Fairview Ben Morowie Kadina Plain Alford Downs Thomas Plain Hill Wyndaways Alford Telephone Exchange Copper Coast Marina Kadina Railway Station Anne's Place Glenrae Port Davis Creek Woods Point Prospect Wandearah Head Station Office Beach Bayview Ninnes Well The Black Oaks Plain Brucefield Corner Green Acres Wallaroo Golf Course Wallaroo Spring Skimp Dump Kyffields New Cornwall Mine Kurmoonah Pandh Fence Wallaroo Mines Selonds Elle Matta Matta Mine Yurrah Ti-Tree Farm Cromer Kambula Stud Cockle Spit Wallaroo Sporting Club Port Broughton District Hospital Brucefield Post Office Doora Mine Duryea Mine Lynree Fishbrook Hamilton Lagoons Yeldulknie Weir Harbor of Port Pirie Harbor of Whyalla Harbor of Stony Point Sheoak Hill Conservation Park Whyalla Norrie Franklin Harbor Harbor of Cowell Franklin Harbor Kadina East Baie Turenne Baie Pascal Renlaw Ullabidinie Reservoir Curtinye Hill Emu Plain Mount Desperate Telephone Office Middle Mount Jenkins Park McGee Street Reserve Minbrie Hill Cornwall Mine Bindawalla Wertigo Rockholes Utera Plain Our Lady Help of Christians School Gibbon Point Murninnie Hut Sandy Well Bungalow Port Gibbon Cowell Area School Ferns Wilklow Hut Salt Creek Station Rostrevor Mount Willie Civic Park K M Bennett Oval Shag Island Ulbana Reservoir Carpa Waterhole Mount Geharty Mount Millar Mine Hundred of Yalanda Macsfield Corner Port Broughton Golf Course Thomas Plains Deep Creek Kunari Bird Island Conservation Park Airdale Primary School Midgee Bingo Mine Warburto Riley Shoal Hundred of Mann Lincolnfields Cap Flechier Delmont Eastern Shoal Wards Hill Primary School Port Broughton Area School Akeringa Lincolndowns Moneta Vale Brucefield North Kadina Community Hospital Keturah Park Hundred of Kelly Scrubara Port Davis Point Price Windittie Nicolson Avenue Primary School Murninnie Beach Nildjinna Broadview Station Broadacres Barber Dam Whyalla Hospital Nilginee Dam Munyaroo Conservation Reserve Ueloak Bermondsey Park Western Shoal Mattum Homestead Ben Lomond Kookies Dam Sectus Tanks South Nilginee Dam Ada Ryan Gardens Lonesome Pine Dam Schulz Reserve Cap Lefebvre Mernittie Creek Franklin Harbour Pioneers Memorial Oval Home Dam Boundary Line Hill Whyalla Jenkins Wevenor Rocks Cock Hill Ile Dugommier Mount Nest Kiora Iron Warrior Byron Villa Barnda Hut Whyalla Stuart Yabmana Police Station Whyalla Playford Avenue Post Office Whyalla Norrie North Post Office Trevan Street Reserve Cap Dolomieu Heggaton Dam Batchelor Dam Blue Plains West Dam Mount Abrook Oakfield Netherby Pine Crest Middleback Mount Nield Katinga Hill Barna Reservoir Little Pine Hill The Plug Range Conservation Park Port Broughton Caravan Park Kadina Pony Club Woodner Banshee Yorke Peninsula College of TAFE Wallaroo Branch Wiltunga Greens Plains West-Thrington School Port Whyalla Lowly Point McRitchie Crescent Junior Primary School Lake Gilles National Park Yeldulknie Conservation Park Port Wallaroo Butler Bridge Hall Risdon Park North Post Office First Creek New Devon Budina Kambula Matta Dam Peela Weela Bore Ingo's Place Wyverstone Homeleigh Stratneat Kadina Showgrounds Wallaroo Primary School Ulbana Moonabie Range Sentry Dam Windmill Creek Red Cliff Hundred of Heggaton Churinga Otto Hannemann Cutting Minbinnie Creek Greeba Ulbora Spring Ryan Reserve St John Centre Moss Vale Poodra Well Centre Hill Yalanda Water Cap Legendre Whyalla Aero Club Cartledge Avenue Reserve Yabmana Creek Boothby Cap Condillac Whyalla Williams Street Post Office False Entrance Highlands Homestead Arunga Range View Pootitnie Hill Cleve Aerodrome Rockhaven Yangalo Carpie Puntha Hill Pine Gully Great Eastern Shoal Whyalla Playford North Post Office Hincks Avenue Primary School Poonana Mine Mitchellville Moseley Centre Telephone Office Poonana Hill Iron Baron South Carrolby Rockhole Mount Middleback North Hills View Brightlands Sixth Creek Wintanerta Kellorae Copper Triangle Aerodrome Seafarers Recreation Centre El Paso Panch Flinders High School Harbor of Wallaroo Port Hummock Hill Pirie West School Stenness Post Office Delken Hills Apex Jubilee Park Calcookara Mine Glensea Mary Ann Pine Row Wallaroo and District Hospital Surrey-Brae Tickera School Point Jarrold Old Wandearah Head Station Butler Bridge School Pointe Bossuet Hundred of Mangalo Hundred of Moseley Lucky Bay Broughton River Overflow Alford Post Office Dinebrae Woodlands Matta House Museum Seventh Creek Pointe Bayard Tickera Post Office Kadina and Districts Recreation Centre Willamulka Hundred of O'Connor Miltalie Creek Hummock Mount Goonacenya Howard Spit Pondooma Telephone Office The Plug Range Middle Camp Pinelodge Myola Widnales Entrance Creek Whyalla Stuart Schools Winter Springs Mount Barker Nukunu Ash Range Mitchellville Post Office Mount Desperate Windittie Creek Uplands Shoalwater Point Sheoak Hill Whyalla Playford County of Daly Minbrie Range Murninnie Mine Pats Plain Wenberley The Mound Trig Kadina Tower Trig Risdon Park South Ironstone Hill Conservation Park Mundina Duryea Yalarna Yabmana Spring Baie Crebillon Lenkuya View Midurnie Telegraph Office Yabmana Whyalla Playford Post Office Whyalla Swimming Centre Ullabidinie Creek Thomas Plains School Parara Tickera Whyalla Sewerage Treatment Works Third Creek Devada Gully Dam Hewfields Strathneat Hill Hundred of Randell Hundred of Batchelor Hundred of Hawker Wandearah West Methodist Church Island Hill Trig St Marks Infant School Oaklands North School Webling Point Torwood Alfred Plains Pirie College of TAFE Thomas Plain Peela Wetla Bore Ashhurst Mount Ghearthy Yandilton Creek Wilna Dam Uroona Spring Mount Polly McRritchie Crescent Reserve Benbuy Hill Barna Hill Mount Young Turnbull Park Curtinye Well Yalpoudnie Creek Wallaroo Plain Bullcarkle Dam Poodra Creek Pooreemuchina Creek Red Dam Cleve Pistol Range Naroka Mernittie Spring Cook Gap Wintanerta Methodist Church Murninnie Tanks The Plug Range Conservertion Reserve Franklin Harbor Conservation Park Snapper Ponds Willamulka Telephone Exchange Brymar North Beach Tickera Trig Averlyn Selands Jon-Lyn Gulf Vue Kia Ora Hundred of Warren Franklin Harbor Marine Park Point Jarrold Sanctuary Harbor of Arno Bay Wandearah South Methodist Church Wandearah Cemetery Butler Bridge Goodes Websters Cricket Oval Lower Broughton Church Utera School Caralby Dam Mattum Creek Boards Mine Sunny-Brae Bunyarra Community Centre Cowell Cottages Iron Queen South Magill Park Mount Messenger Bligh Mount Paddy Kellarna Memorial Oval Primary School Arno Bay Primary School Wilton Tank Lyndhurst Gaynor Farm Wallaroo Memorial Gardens Alandale Hundred of Tickera-Cairn Hill School Moneta Villa Hundred of Wiltunga Harbor of Port Broughton Whyalla Stuart Campus R-7 Lower Broughton McRitchie Crescent Primary School Fourth Creek Kelly Old Maratta Mount Anna Mattumvale Mount Neild Emu Plain Mine Carpie Puntha Dam Pinerow Willana Fisk Street Primary School Moola Mira-Mira Broadbent Hill Trig Curtingee Soak Coodloloo Plain Arno Bay Mine Pindari Niljin Swallows Nest Hillview Poonana Creek Cumbrutta Creek Iron Chieftain Watchanie Dam Wildman Rockleigh Long Black Dam Rocky Well Moonabie Tanks Telephone Office Black Oak Hill Hurrells Gap Kiaora Kangaroo Plain Boothby Post Office Strathneath Hill Leavre Seaview Alford Primary School Ward Spit Mount Millar Heggaton Conservation Reserve Whyalla Infant School Whyalla College of TAFE Whyalla Fauna and Reptile Park Utera Middleback Range Rarma Downs Ulgeragap Watchanie Narridy Creek Alford Young Edith Boothby Well Carroo Curtie Plain Moonabie Tanks Cap Sanssure Mount Jemie Harcourt Yalpoudnie Hundred of Wokurna Hundred of Tickera Hundred of Nilginee Lower Broughton Post Office Jarrold Point Angle Farm Port Broughton Area School Old Site Sthrathdowne Wiltunga Church Netherleigh Park Wandilta Blanche Cap St Vincent De Paule Sunday Plain Whyalla Stuart Primary School Ward Hill Wallaroo Mines Primary School Malvina Maud Whyalla McRitchie Crescent Post Office Ironstone Hill Iron Baron Twelve Mile Plain Tanks Hummock Hill Stuart Park Broadbent Hill Whyalla Special School Emu Park Yalanda Tank Glenville George Avenue Post Office Randell Tank Windaree Creek Wandearah West Refuge Rocks Sheoak Hill Conservation Reserve Wilka Tank Minbrie Creek Cowell District Hospital Little Salt Creek Norton Park Ned Dam West Gap Mullaquana Crossville Corner Nilginee South Dam Oolabidnie Creek Yabmana Creek Post Office Mona Old Coolanie School Whyalla Town Primary School Mangalo Post Office Kellimba Twelve Mile Plain Mount Olinthus Iron Count Scott Street Primary School Old Miltalie School Middleback Post Office Shoalwater Point Light Ben Boy Hill Searle Hill Nurnoo Skimp Hill Nyalinga Adams Plain Marbel Munderoo Channel Moonta Shoal Bews Square Cap Dubelloy Wallaroo Tank Hundred of Barna Flinders Lake Hundred of Poynton Wandearah West School Tickera Hut Kanyaka Plain Bird Reef Wallaroo Bay Mangrove Point Butler Bridge Rural Telephone Exchange Wandearah South School Broadmeadows Munyaroo Conservation Park Wards Hill Church Riley Beach Myponie Point Lorance Hill Risdon Park Woodleigh Farm Wallaroo Sailing Club Hundred of James Gulf-Vue Ward Point Kyeema Titjowie Dam Hundred of Wandearah Jericho Victoria Point Eagle Ridge Sectorus Shed Tanks Curtingee Creek Company Corner Whyalla Technical High School Anunaka Plank Point Trig Badniemadnie Well Ulbana Creek Minbrie Springs Hopcrafts Dam Andaville Kelly Telephone Exchange Millar Point Carpa Post Office Curtinye Hut Wilklow Fairway Bank Iron Knight North Red Banks Bews Post Office Yalanda Reservoir Mattum Hut Hummocks Hill Carrawa Poodra Spring Cook North Eight Mile Creek Beach Yeldulknie Tank Nonowie Wool Shed Hill Lagoona Pokalalie Creek Plank Point Refuge Rocks Radio Communication Station Wilton Rural School Entrance Island Pointe Fenelon Port Pirie Sewerage Works Munderoo Bay Middlecamp Hills Conservation Park Port Broughton Railway Station Point Hughes Carradoo Tanks Heggaton Pat Plain Hector Plain Kadina Museum Blue Well Dam Peela Weela Kadina Mine Mount Fanny Kadina Primary School Moonaby Springs Hummock Hill Primary School Mount Pony Mokami Windmill Beach Wallaroo Fauna Park Yannanyun Yalpoodnie Hut Yadulknie Creek Carpa Moonabie Springs Morley Bindaregah Camel Hill Garfield School Endleu Ely Farm Sixteen Mile Siding Black Oak Plain Piggery Corner Port Pirie Golf Course Lincolnfield Post Office Mona Railway Station Cosy Dell Bannockburn Kellys Corner Gracon Hill Victoria House Gwandalah Peela Weela Dam Green Plains The Blackoaks Plain Edgar Lee Dine Brae Hundred of Minbrie Whyalla Stuart Junior Primary School. River Broughton Inglis Farm The Pines Miltalie Waterhole Old Cleve Silver Mine Coola Well Warrayappa Progress Dam Matta Flat Barna St Francis Xavier School Middleback Trig Doongalla Iron Baron Mine Miltalie Wild Dog Hill Jubilee Park Mount Ellen Haynes Park Appleyard Reserve Corrie Dam Kooralla Atkinson Silver Mine Cavalier Mine Carroo Curtie Reservoir Roller Point Jubilee Park Showgrounds Salt Creek Cove Shanty Dam Whyalla George Avenue Post Office Cowell Police Station Utera Post Office Musgrave Shoal Mindrow Creek Whyalla Stuart Post Office Yalanda Hill Iron Queen Wangaraleednie Creek Ash Dam Zephyr Farm Shoal Point Whyalla Technical College Mattum Camp Boothby Pumping Station Crossville Barna Tank Mills Beach Poldar Plains Yarlana Carrowewitie Plains Crossville Primary School Baimba Harbor of Port Bonython Sinclair Gap Long Street Primary School Germein Bay Walroo Hut Willow Swamp Rodanjoy Airdale Primary and Infants School County of York Juno Port Broughton Tank Wallaroo Silo Trig Waller Mines Hundred of Glynn Macsfield School Yeldulknie Port of Whyalla St Marys Infant School Second Creek Willamulka Railway Station Port Broughton Post Office Belvidere Rosonda Marion Square Walrus Rock Moonabie Hill Lochmore Lavinia Downs Tamerick Dallington Davada Mundoora Arm Pine Farm Ile Volney Devils Plug Range She Oak Hill Wangaraladnie Creek Wild Horse Plain Moseley Pudden Rocks Wandearah Post Office Plenty Park Scott Street Junior Primary School Hundred of Wilton Hundred of Kadina Old Dam Ben Boy Eyre High School Boothby Primary School Whyalla Railway Station Observation Point Murrippi Beach Coompana Reservoir Old Mindrow School Mount Middleback Sectus Shed Tanks Yalanda Spring Piton du Casuarina Merv Lee Murninnie Carradoo Shed Tanks Watchanie Telephone Office Cumbrutla Mitchellville Telephone Exchange Yeldulknie Creek Secret Rocks Broad Acres Emu Gate Iron Duke Stuart High School Singlepine Bird Island Tickera Bay Yorke Peninsula College of Further Education Stratneath Danger Corner Calcookara Garfield House Pine Forest Kelly Tank Prominent Hill Whyalla West Primary School Port Moonta Port Pirie Ronnoc Cumbrutla Creek Miltalie Post Office Heggaton Conservation Park Whyalla Motorcross Track Coolanie Range Cowell CFS Jelpina Well Mistake Hill Yeldulknie Reservoir Kallimba Lower Broughton School Lower Broughton Oval Whyalla Stuart High School Wallaroo Railway Station Bussenschut Kadina Post Office Bussenschutt Davies Square Recreation Reserve Lincolnfields Hill Black Rock Port Germein Primary School Wallaroo Post Office St Josephs Convent School Kanaka Ooralaw Yeldulknie Cottage Fifth Creek Risdon Park South Post Office The Barn Wards Hill Tickera Point Station Hill The Brothers Marlu Aroona Vale Curtinye Port Pirie West Poverty Bay Broughton River Lake Gilles Conservation Park Cap Condorcet Jerusalem Cap Lafontaine Point Lowly Point Riley Stony Point Wards Point Whyalla Reservoir Port Bonython Ash Reservoir Cowleds Landing Wild Dog Hill Reservoir Highlands Curtinye Reservoir Moonabbie Moonabie Reservoir Kellimda Carpie Puntha Pine Hill Reservoir Sheoak Hil Wood Point Minbrie Reservoir Pondooma Murderoo Bay Murderro Bay Midurnie Single Pine Yabmana Reservoir Ullabidnie Reservoir Cleve Franklin Harbour Dillon Shoals Price Point Myponia Point Bute Reservoir Clan Macdougall Shoal Warburto Point Long Point