Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SI53-12

Yorke Peninsula Special
GA SI53-12 - Yorke Peninsula Special

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Ardrossan Edithburgh Maitland Minlaton Moonta Port Victoria Port Vincent Stansbury Warooka Yorketown Coobowie Wool Bay Price Tiddy Widdy Beach Balgowan Arthurton Curramulka Rogues Point Wauraltee Inneston Cross Roads Port Rickaby Boors Plain Clinton Centre Point Pearce Sheaoak Flat Weetulta Chinaman Wells Kooroona Black Point Point Turton Hundred of Curramulka Hundred of Carribie Hundred of Muloowurtie Rocky Beach School-Minlacowie Port Vincent Primary School Worrimba Well Iron Whyalla Shoal Althorpe Island Lighthouse Gallows Well Fort George Hut Cap Berthier Ethel Chinamans Grave Rossiters Point Pumping Station Point Annie Pookawarowie Wells Wurlie Hut Trendoch Dany Beach Reedy Creek Well Sheaoak Hut Elsmere Downs Beegoodyee Hut Moorowie Homestead Warrenben Well Honiton Post Office Dart Point Gilbert Windsor Castle Well Charles Carter Mount Gore Black Hope Ranch Hungry Point Edithburgh Lighthouse Deep Well Yorke Point Long Swamp Desert Well Bob Hut Windy Hut Warrenben Royston Head Trig The Hump Jolly Beach Warrenben Waterhole Pondalowie Bay Edithburgh Library Edithburgh Police Station Edithburgh Post Office Tidal Creek Packman Shoal Cable Hut Jim Brown Waterhole Ngadjali Minalton District Hospital Savage Hut Penton-Vale Windmill Cave Wildaroca Glenlossie Stansbury Police Station Ecclefechan Harry Hut Reba Don Snook Sporstfield Karoongi Park Fowlers Bubla Cowie Well Beechwood Hall Corner Kooly Hill The Bluff Bauld Hills Homestead Sharples Beach Seven Roads Cap Eliza Goldsmith Beach Minlamulka Beach Wood Red Polls Sandalwood Park Shell Beach Stone Hut Station Stenhouse Bay Cottar Swamp Coolalie Twartz Limestone Ridge Gilbert Point Blackfellows Well Minchin Hut Phillips Hill Coonarie Trig Double Springs Little Moldarby Waterhole White Hut Hillsview Peesey Trig Sandy Point Meehan Hill The Shoulder Sharples Old Homestead Utopia Rams Well Beach Point Roscommon Muloowurtie Reservior Urania School Goldsworthy's Mine Cap Jeanne D'Arc Kangaroo Flat Butcher Well Milner Hut Coonarrie Black Hill Winnup Swamp Glen-Brae Greens Plains East Railway Station Moores Plains Penang Post Office Tiparra Springs Point Pearce Mission Eversley Yandra Oyster Bay Parsonville Rock Vale North Spit Spicer Flat Butchers Hut South Spit Pootawana Scrub Stanway Corner Port Vincent Post Office Kooley Wurta Rogers Corner Mount Rat Tank Koolywurtie Museum Curramulka Post Office Point Brown Gum Flat Lakeview Carrawa Spring Deep Gully Mickie Well Minalton Wildlife Park Kuriara Dareabold Glampac Hiview Daniels Gate Dowlingville Post Office Greens Plains East Post Office Copper Hill Corner Warroon Post Office Warburto Railway Station Moonta Railway Station Dalrymple Kalkoanna Hut Woodburlie Tunko Cosford Farm Pilkeena Farm Allawah Bralamkabe Penang Mine Winulta Wynwood Meninnie Hill Boors Plains Reservoir Maitland Police Station Clem McCauley Park Yarrum Madi Walter Tiddy Widdy Well Narnu Seaview Lucky Acres Montera Reserve Hope Farm Kulburri Rockvilla Lynwood Kunari Cape Elizabeth Conservation Reserve Wandarri Yarrawin Ivanhoe Koolywurtie Telephone Exchange Sandilands Post Office Wynkie Bunnies Merinda Wetulta Hut North Kilkerran Tank Rothmore Teatree Glen Corner Pine Grove Farm Rossiters Point Wirrawilla Ol' Berts Paddy Waterhole Mine Gully Tulgoree Hillview Black Swamp Winulta Plain Malabar Warawurlie Tank Seaview Farm Port Victoria Hotel/Motel Boat Rock Tiparra Church Central Yorke Peninsula Hospital Clinton Booster Station Warmingtons Shaft Parara Burleigh Kalkabury North Yelta Mine Rosedale Heaterville South Bower Richmans Plant Southern Kilkerran Tank Treedale Strathcona Thrington Trig Hadfield Boor Plains Memorial Six-Eight Cunningham School Ocean View Tiparra Spring Jones Park Yelta Mines Arthurton Post Office Moonta Mines State Heritage Area Wallyalla Trig Tiparra Reef Lighthouse Erroldean Warrenne Point Hazeldene Penryn Rocky Bend Broadways Pinery Island Point Noeldrew Roscrea Hill Pine Hut Clinton North Primary School Cunliffe Primary School Kilkerran School Tiparra Lighthouse Bald Hill Warburtie Springs Bridgman Pine Grove Kainton Public Hall Nalyappa Point The Gums Pundappa Kilkerran Hillside Wild Dog Mine Nalyappa Springs Browns Hotel Rogues Back Plain Bald Hill Reservoir Warawurlie Hut Port Victoria Police Station Warburto The Uplands Taylors Shaft Gwen-Don Farm Seal Rocks Paramatta Mine Tootooratta Hut Yorke Peninsula Pumping Station Tootaralta Hut Kelria Greenstead Manesty Strathwyn Hancocks Shaft Carinya Simms Cove Davaar Brooksland Greens Plains West Railway Station Fairfield Linevale Wardang Island Lighthouse Munkawurlie Lake Port Turton Port Ardrossan Weaver Lagoon Southern Spencer Gulf Marine Park Geographe Reif Warrenben National Park Honiton Primary School Wauraltee School Spider Lake Thidna Conservation Park Oaklands Primary School McLeod Harbor Young Lion Mundoothoo Hill Warooka Primary School Troubridge Island Conservation Park Ultracowie Hut Tipara Greens Shaft Oaklands Post Office Melton Paskeville Pine Point Thrington Pungja Sultana Bay Baie Dacier Baie Julie North West Bay Constance Bay Middle Island Honiton Kainton Chinamans Hat Island Green Island Ile Dalberg Rocky Island Point Davenport Conservation Park Yorke Valley School Ultracowie Well Port Stansbury Wardang Island Elders Shaft Howe Goose Island Conservation Park Vauban Point Jubilee Park Port Minlacowie St Vincent Highway Hundred of Maitland Balgowan Point Cadd Gully Bone Stone and Bottle Cave Toontoomaloo Scrub Cunara Euko Urania Reservoir Bird Point Clere View Muloowurtie Point Mulumba Hill-View Scrub Hut Curramulka Hut Eldorado Surveyor Point Boors Plains Corner Dowlingville Primary School Navan Rockleigh Rose Hill Port Price Cave Pointe Mornay Inneston Post Office Cutcutculier Hill Gleesons Landing Teatree Swamp Reedy Creek Hut Corny Point Webb Rock Wyatt Flat Alderside Hundred of Coonarie Unmowarra Plain Gumbuya Warawurlie Dam Cooinda Moonta Lake Browns Public House Rock Glen Emu Waterhole Middle Spit Mick Well Tank Trig Bindarrega Maitland Area School Rogers Corner Post Office Elanor Syp Home for the Aged Parkers Corner Halcyon Stonehaven Ramsay Park Fauna Reserve Sultana Hundred of Para Wurlie Hundred of Dalrymple Trowbridge Homestead Pentonvale Munkowurlie Hut West Cape Beach Hut Mount Pleasant Fish Point Kaliwi Waterhole Urania North-North East Rocks Royston Island Ile de la Favorite Little Goose Island Galway Bay Goose Island Glengyle Thompson Well Cunliffe James Wells Sims Cove Treuers Shaft Woods Warburto Spring Moonta Dump Trig Queen Square Browns Old Public House Orravilla Youngs Beach Inkster Well Kia-Ora Tiddy Widdy Wells Clearview Bublacowie Primary School Minalton Post Office Cunliffe Post Office Pointe Mole Weaver Glen Vale North Hut Ten Mile Hut Coondoola Lagoon Mount Pleasant Well Spencer Gulf Honiton Trig Port Edithburgh Port Wool Bay Port Giles Yorke Town Waltham Sandy Point Well Brentwood Post Office Sharple Homestead Cootes Hill Parsons Beach Beegoodgee Wells Monkinnie Post Office Paramatta Railway Station Lake Sunday Primary School Gumbowie Cap Vendome Coonarie Park Marion Desert Hut Tadja Wadlu Nindjana Browns Beach Kantara Harbor of Klein Point Coobowie Hill East Hut Salt Creek Emmes Reef Point Deberg Corny Point Post Office Weaners Flat Butlers Beach Brutus Castle Hut Lawralee Parrara York Kuranya Cocoanut Hut Eclipse Rock Burslem Old Post House Koolywurtie Pavy Creek Greens Plains Corner Sanderstead Garvald Farm Young St George Emeego Minlaton High School Renowden Rocks Stansbury Trig Pigeon Rock Coconut School Salt Swamp The Dipper Cliff Point Kangaroo Well Callow Lushland Park Couch Beach Nalyappa Oaklands Haystack Island Seal Island Pigeon Island Port Hughes Garamar Tiddy Widdy Scrub Shallow Lagoon Salt Creek Bay Berry Bay Pigeon Hole Water Winulta Post Office Kapy Huntworth James Point Wells Althorpe Islands Conservation Park Madiwaltu Palpareepa Union Mine Warawurae Cocoanut Station Louise Misery Farm Duncan Dam Kinkara Tanaweal Wells Sea Cave Cape Spencer Reef Head Jones Well Wattle Springs Weaners Flat Reserve Coobowie Post Office Granite Rock Black Springs Sturt Bay Swallowtail Bay Kara Downs Ynoo Hope Royal Park Cudoorowie Lagoon Minlacowie Conservation Park Rukerville Kenton Farm Timoor Repolin Glenroco Stud Najorbrem Moonta Area School Agery Mine Mulbura Park Carribie Conservation Park Fort George Well Pondalowie Well Kangara Worrimba Hut Salmon Inlet Point Deburg Trowbridge Point Sheoak Beach Pine Avenue Happy Valley Well Harbor of Point Turton Pickering Mount Terrible Hut Sparrow Hawk Hill Brutus Castle Well Brutus Primary School Wauraltee Island Mulbura Sheoak Flat Wells Rocky Waterhole Stansbury Post Office Wil-Da-Ro-Ca Hardwicke Bay Hamley Moovilla Kareela The Gap Bluff Beach Hundred of Melville Hundred of Moorowie Cunningham Suzzanne Shoal Willaura Wisconsin Warratucka Hut Waterville Kulpara Plain Parkview Aged Hostel Bingo Hundred of Kilkerran Aqualana Mine Gully Reservoir North Moonta Mickie Flat Madi waltu Yuruga Trig Maid of Australia Koongoora Cliff Farm Kiln Corner Point Souttar Hundred of Ramsay Ferret Granite Hill Coobowie Primary School Didilyamulka Boors Plains School Hamley Mine Site Beatrice Rock Gum Park Mount Loudoun Wheal Hughes Berslems Old Public House Barilla Hut Lothberg Iron King Mooring Bay Archipelago de L'Est Island of Wardang Sharple Old Homestead Experiment Diamond Lake Carrowa Spring Foul Hill Yandara Chimney Barton Plain Lever Well Munkowurlie Lagoon Rocklyn Park Greens Plains East Tiparra Reef Davey Arila Muloowurtie Tank Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse Yaringa Wattle Park Coralyn Point Warrenne Virangra Black Diamond Pinegrove Rocky Point Billygoat Flat Throoka Creek Leighton Corner Mallee Park Fairview 10 Mile Hut Hi-Lo The Pines Ramsay Stansbury Primary School Roscrea Twenty Mile Hut Wauraltee Post Office Narama 15 Mile Hut Port Curramulka Hundred of Koolywurtie Titree Well Baby Lizard Troubridge Shoals Kangaroo West Beach Beegoodyee Wells Salt Swamp Creek Hillsea Howagie Well Dareton Gunbowie Yorketown Police Station Greeks Hut Kanyaka Shangri La Harry Point Zacheri Glenanaar Rakia New Holland Wheal Munta Rocky Bend Native Flora Reserve San Miguel Marion Lake Pickering Primary School Dajoru Weetulta Reservoir Clinpara Scotchmans Hut Lowandale Munduthoo Hill Coppervale Poona Corner Yongala Cowie Wells Cap Adele Kilkerran Post Office Devil Gully Oyster Point Yacca Trig Moonta Mines Price Primary School Moonta Bay White Rock Island Cadoolowie Lagoon Hungry Bay Sorley Hughes Pump House Dunn Point Richmans Engine House Challa Franklins Wheal James Wetulta Daniells Gate El Gahila Garden Well Second Beach Stansbury CFS Greenacres Weavers Oakwood Nganepa Dairy Station Daly Head Trig West Cape Pile Trig South West Rock Hawks Nest Hut Harbor of Port Giles Cunliffe Telephone Exchange Marion Bay Althorpe Island Edithburgh Native Flora Reserve Sultana Point Newgate Hut Yorketown Post Office Windsor Castle Hut Iles Vauban Bikini Islets Levens Post Office Point Anne Katinka Park Edithburgh Primary School Mashfords Corner Agery Swamp Harriet Akara Ryans Pumping Station Anna Villa SA Water Booster Station Weavers Old Station Broad Beach Mulbura Well Farquhar Jetty Bubla Cowie Wells Shea Oak Flat Wells Kenmore Bareki Kirkcambeck Ryans Shaft Copper Gone Warburto Point James Point Ellimatta Warawurlie Mulara Port Victoria Golf Course South Kilkerran Post Office 20 Mile Hut Green Flat Brentwood Rural School Eothen Rael Brook Sheoak Flat Central Yorke Peninsula Agricultural Soc Showgrounds Hundred of Cunningham Tiparra West School Muloowurtie North Yelta Star Yelta Hundred of Warrenben Walter Shoal Marion Basin Suicide Point Rhino Head Gym Beach Boot Hill Station Coonarie Telephone Exchange Crosers Hill Happy Valley Hut Levens School Corny Point Lighthouse Hill Station Hut Louise Shoal Point Pearce Post Office Wattlebrae Stoney Ridge East Moonta Bagnall Well Cranbrook Curramulka Hill Greens Plains School Blairgowrie Park Old 10 Mile Hut Barker Rocks Paskeville Post Office Moonta Post Office Price Post Office Harry Well Lindisfarne Pessey Trig Maitland Hospital Macs Beach Rogues Gully Ramsay Conservation Park Avondale Allenville South Elders Lode Pandappa Hut Kainton Post Office Pirie College of TAFE Point Pearce Campus Port of Klein Point Yorke Peninsula College of TAFE Moonta Branch Harbor of Ardrossan Lake Hummock Bookamurray Lagoon Nugent Burridge Well Pondalowie Waterhole Cape Spencer Post Office Hummocks Range Crystal Oak Hawkes Nest Hut Warooka Post Office Point Davenport Shoal Pointe D'Aguesseau Adams Hut Ardrossan Tank Sudbury Kalkoanna Dam Yorke Valley Gowrie Clay Gully Tootooro Plain Old Cumberland Mine Maitland Post Office Mount Rat Well Klein Point Stansbury Museum Wegenton Hut Crabhole Country Cap Sully Cap de L'Abandon Melton Post Office Parara Wells Tatiara Hut Spicer Flat Hut Newbold Rambler Halls Waterhole Bagnell Well Minlaton District School Stansbury Hotel Andervale The Gables Clinton Centre Post Office Ardrossan Post Office Mayville Urania Tank Fifteen Mile Hut The Boulders Ellarock Middle Hut Trowbridge Hill Model Hut Buckley Valley Tuckokcowie Seaweed Limnath Pavy Gully Arthurton Trig Caroline Shaft Alice Shaft Boolathurla Taylors Lode Wahroonga Glenfield Cocoanut Reservoir Little Kalkabury Petersville James Well Chain of Lakes Pink Lake Chain Islet Hundred of Tiparra Garrawheen Aldersyde Elmister Agery Hill Poona Gortmore Broomfield Craimichan Wood Land Valley Devils Gully Lee Well Bayview Babirra Corra-Lynn Cave Cyeema Koondragirta Richardson Well Pipeclay Well Weetulta School Eastern Spencer Gulf Marine Park Port Alfred Golfe Bonaparte Hill Well Edithburgh Caravan Park Pointe des Malfaisants Wurlie Swamp Southern Yorke Peninsula Hospital Wattle Point Swivel Hut Scott Creek Peesey Swamp Peesey Range Burslems Old Public House Yelta Railway Station Mangrove Point Glenburnie Jim Brown Well Daly Head Curley Hollow Welling Hillock Point Giants Castle Hut Tiparra Bay Shiralee Park Port Victoria Post Office Melton Railway Station Pink Lagoon Ile Caffareli Weetulta Trig Lluka Perara Shepherds Hut Naparuma Notre Dame D'Avor Smiths Shaft Weaver Hill Bluff Farm Caller Braes Lamb Reservoir Butawana Scrub Port Victoria Primary School Cape Elizabeth Ardrossan Lighthouse Snapper Point Hundred of Clinton Paskeville Primary School Port Edithburg Agery Port Victoria Lighthouse Hundred of Minlacowie Teatree Well Edithburgh Cemetery MacDonnell Sound Cap de L'Entree du Golfe de La Melomanie Titree Swamp Ella Rock Roger Corner Curramulka Well Minlacowie South School Broadacres Weaver Wells Bubbra Cowie Well Dowcer Bluff Upsandowns Koolywurtie School Moonta Mines Primary School Snow Lake Golfe de la Melomanie Port Moorowie Kaimura Meteor Bay Salt Lagoon Tucock Cowie Copper Hill Warrenben Conservation Park Arthurton Rural School Whitelees Vitana Point Pearce Aboriginal School Town Cave White Rock Coutts Lagoon Deep Lagoon Lower Yorke Peninsula Marine Park The Gap Camping Ground Curramulka Primary School Dalrymple Primary School Cap Amelie Hart Mine Quartoo Yellow Waterhole Hayward Park Minlacowie Naranga Mallydale Sunnyside Duncan Well Corney Point Couts Well Minchin Well Gwelphi Paskeville Railway Station Streak Point Alexander Lighthouse Wirroogalutta The Park Holsworthy Steland Bell Loudoun Trig Tandara Avonlea Carramar Wiluna Glenrocko Fernleigh Stirling Engine House Schnapper Point Beirnfels Peaky Point Port Victoria Rural School Weetulta Water Murlong Dynaldie Corra-Lynn Sandilands School Burrangadbe Merribar Lema Ballater Troubridge Point Great Swamps Musquitto Homestead Ardrossan District Community Hospital Balgowan Telephone Exchange Waylands Hundred of Wauraltee Brentwood Hougomont Hilsea Marron Reef Hillocks Drive Balaklava Hut Savio Youth Camp Scott Hut Cross Roads Railway Station Tiparra West Songvaar Lake Sunday Port Julia Sandilands Port of Wool Bay Pickering Leven Beach Conservation Park Althorpe Islands Cable Hut Bay Ile Laubadere Urania Post Office Port Victoria Golf Club Howagie Waterholes Royston Head Troubridge Lighthouse Waterloo Bay Recluse Bald Hill Hut Troubridge Hill Salt Creek Swamp The Paling Nut Tuckok Cowie Happy Valley Fanny Wright Pointe aux Islots Great Swamp Mid Moonta Mine York Valley Weetulta Tank Moonta Jubilee Hospital Marley Kulpara Railway Station Warburta Springs Constantine Farm Fresh Water Well Muloowurtie Landing Matta Flat Melton Valley Primary School Ardrossan Area School Gumview Reichenau Corrodger Trig Carlowrie Shea Oak Flat Omeo Williyama Stenhouse Bay Harbor Katinka Telephone Exchange Burners Beach Flaherty Corner Coobowie Corner Cave Gap Trig Corny Point Rural School Hill Station Well Mount Rat Baie Duguesclin Almadean Redwing Bees Thrington Railway Station Moonta Lighthouse Moonta Golf Course Windmill Farm Putawana Scrub Rifle Butts Beach Meninie Hill Weetulta Post Office Lake Sunday Head Station Point Pearce Kindergaten Presqu'lle Cambaceres Widara Curramulka Mine Ramsay Trig Inneston Lake Twelve Mile Lagoon Bob Well Poooleywurtie Seven Mile Hut Minlaton Primary School Moonan Trig Cronulla Trig Fowlers Bubla Cowie One Tree Hill Dowlingville Paramatta Hickies Point De Mole Point Point Yorke Peesey Hut Yandara Hut Belalie Oakburn Heatherville Young Hebe Mankivell Park Cadd Corner Muloowurtie Post Office Boors Plain Post Office Kalkabury Hill Gardiner Well Yankee Wells Bubla Cowie Wonnaburee Melville Soldiers Memorial Park The Monuments Victoria Park Point Pierce Murdocks Lake Orontes Bank Rilera Allenville Milne Shaft Boors Plains Wetulta Reservoir Winulta Hut Cap Mondovi Zacher Tregare Parsee Pioneer Sharple Beach Hut Waterhouse Shaft Formby Bay Cormorant Island Deep Lake Washpool Lagoon Innes National Park Stenhouse Bay Primary School Ellaowie Well Sunbury Giles Point Mount Terrible Pookawarowie County of Fergusson Bob Waterhole Point Davenport Greens Plains Glen Brae Thompson Hut Poona Mine Slight Gully Cherrywood Penang Primary School Parara Point Long Point Kayorra Farm Ronwyn North Well Paskeigh Flatman Beach Midway Nalyappa School Ribo North Yelta Post Office Copper Vale Yorke Peninsula Nioka Point Gawler Ismyr Fossil Beach Devon Lodge Brown Point Port Warrenne Wardang Island Primary School Brook Shoal South Belt Well Goose Nest Well Model Well Para Wurlie Ti Tree Park Egan Well Cap La Rochefaucault Green Hill Tea Tree Swamp Little Scrub Hut Reef Point Hancocks North Shaft Ebelt Francis Memorial Oval Lake Fowler Red Cliffs Halls Shaft Bagnall Hill Dalwood New Moonta Mine Mount Cootes Minlacowie Well Omaru Wallyalla Minalton Police Station Woodland Valley Maitland Trig Foul Bay Sunnyvale Swan Bay Troubridge Island Iles Sterile Cocoanut Pointe des Soupirs South Kilkerran Coconut Brutus Baie de Fontenoy Anse des Fumees Cap Clairout Baie Latenche-Treville Walrus Rock Boor Plains Reservoir Port Moonta Tipara Reef Tipara Bay Port Price Bagnalls Hill Chinaman Well Clay Gully Reservoir Androssan Port Androssan South Kilykerran Yorke Valley Reservoir Ardrossan Harbour Cormorant Islet Goose Islet Pearce Point Spencers Gulf Gawler Point Barkers Rocks Sheoak Flat Beach Surveyors Point Rosalind Shoal Harwicke Bay Souttar Point Greig Lookout Yongala Cowie Yongala Weavers Hill Kleins Point Orrie Cowie Moorowie North North East Rocks N.N.E. Rock Tapley Shoal Yorkes Peninsula York Peninsula Edithburg Point Margaret Coonarie Hill Carribie Well Carribie Marion Reef McIntosh Bank Waller Shoal Pondolowie Bay Pandalowie Bay Lawrey Shoal Penguin Point Suzanne Shoal Lake Macquarie Bank Seal Islands Archipelago de LEst Orcades Bank Investigator Strait Investigators Strait