Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SI54-05

GA SI54-05 - Burra

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Clare Blyth Burra Bute Crystal Brook Gladstone Jamestown Laura Napperby Port Germein Port Pirie Snowtown Spalding Wirrabara Terowie Georgetown Mount Bryan Koolunga Hallett Caltowie Redhill Yacka Boconnoc Park Ninnes Marola Sunnybrae Lake View Bumbunga Hardy Bungama Collinsfield Clements Gap Hornsdale Bundaleer Gardens Stone Hut Port Pirie Lighthouse Gum Creek North Booborowie Spring Farm Everard Central Burnsfield Porter Lagoon Hundred of Clare Hundred of Koolunga Hundred of Yangya Hundred of Boucaut Hundred of Yongala Hundred of Telowie Petherton South Robertstown Primary School Hundred of Narridy Hundred of Reynolds Hundred of Bright Hundred of Cameron Hundred of Hart Diprose Creek Shafton Oaklyn Coondowie Hut Never Never Creek Birt Cairn Oak-Lyn Hundred of Terowie Lances Dam Kungara Hundred of Apoinga Hundred of Mongolata Hundred of Howe Gums Station Salford Nettica Tilkilki Deadmans Creek Moorowie Dam Loch Winnoch Porcupine Hills Fairbain Lookout Wonna Range Lesdale Hog Back Gum Creek Primary School Mount Bryan Primary School Stone Chimney Creek Wandalla Creek Devils Hole Creek Wirrila Tresylva Memorial Park Jacarandian Stump Trillans Hill Carinya Park Bungaree Hills Wilke Dam Middle Well Bob Well Ketchowla Hill Murphy Well Hard Dam Mortlock Experiment Station Traubentahl Mortlock Bridge Barker Dam Murkaby Government Dam Emu Dam Burra Burra Mines Tregarlan Mount Bryan Flat North Burra Post Office The Grove Peakes Tamarik Park Kananga Centenary Park Sheoak Hill Robertsons Winery Glenryden Braeside Wockie Creek Stanley Winery Cappeedee Gum Park Greenfields Aroona Sly Hill Narrowie East Bungaree Tiverville Arlie Open Range Howleys Crossing J and L Bore Clarkwyn Kaybunda Craigdale Bundaleer Cottage Conservators Hut One Tree Dams Old Koonoona Valley View The Saddle Emu Downs Lake Herbie South Gumbowie Reservoir Hillview Pianoleche Whyte-Yarcowie Post Office Whyte-Yarcowie Railway Station Yarcowie Railway Station Gottlieb Well Terowie Post Office Bundaleer Intake Channel Mannanarie Post Office Eagles Eyry Hut Portlands Moorlands Crossing Booyoolie Watts Range School Naraddy Gin Shop Station Willow Flat Yangya Creek Razorback Pine Hill Collinsville Post Office Bald Hill Dam Eunicia Creek Gilphin Dam Old Caroona Well Stud Park Ramara Copperhouse Post Office Yongala Post Office Wandre Vale Claymore Jamestown Museum Wyndaba Hut Victoria Park Spring Gully Church of Saint Stanislaus Kostka Hill River Neagles Rock Rices Creek Saint Andrews Pollville Jamestown Cemetery Bayview Nurom Railway Station Hecters Gardens Rocky River Post Office Lochiel Lookout Pine Grove Gleeson Well Red Hill Forest Gumbowie Trig Kinaldie Dares Rocks Rosedale Wirra Wirra Heywood Napoon Homestead Dennis Trig Dora-Ma Hillandale Deed Creek Rockhill Springvale North Booborowie Post Office Wongabirrie Booyoolee Warrattata The Glen Nanraki Belalie North Railway Station Brinkworth Sub-Station Bundaleer Head Station Boulview Fourwinds Bundaleer Reservoir Princess Town Hill Duson Gully Ayers Park Hanson Forest Reserve Wahroonga The Olives King Hut Strathdownie Gulliver Hill United Hills Wattle Hill Mount Charlotte Rochester Post Office Farrell Creek Cowielo Hill Poverty Point The Oaks Wilkes Park Dare Dam White Well Waupunyah Plain Mundunnie Hill Worubia Springside Mundunnie Hut Dillowie Coo-Anna Creek St James School Wirrenowee Sheep Station Wandra Plain Riverside Farm Elta Lodge Tilingua Honeymoon Ranch Broughton Lodge Jacobs Butter Factory Riler Park Snowtown Area School Redhill Rural School Condowie Plains Barn Hill Sharps Well Cross Roads Palace Creek Never Rest Braefoot Bungaree Windy Brae Narridy Creek Wara Wara Waterhole Rocky River Station Broadview Spring Villa Broughton Lee Nurom School Billabong Hymore Hacklins Corner School Baderloo Creek Orromor Mullowie Hut Flairville Womba Owiegunya Ballincrea Whyandra Fraveron Freemandale Carimain Peradinya Whitmore Midlands Bumbunga Homestead Hope Farm Barunga Reservoir North Wiry Creek Mount Sugar Loaf Sugarloaf Creek Dusthole Creek Alice Dam Wonna Well Pandappa Cottage Bore Monks Hill Sams Hut Gulnare Post Office Dago Bore Watervale Post Office Sevenhill Post Office Collea Springs Clare Post Office Wuthering Heights Warnertown Trig Byarlea Milcowie School Princess Royal Mine Sunnyside Robertstown Railway Station Willow Grove Dunlop Georgetown Trig Wittow Creek Wandallah Bon Accord Mine Hallett Post Office Mount Gulliver Spalding Post Office Maloora Mortonga District Council of Spalding Offices Mancoombo Orana Gladstone Post Office Lonegum Burnside Browns Hill The Wayside Nalia Hut Kenlyn Twin Rock Pile Geranium Plains Emu Vale Read Creek Dutton Hut Lucerne Downs Firewood Creek Willogoleche Wattles Tank Terowie Springs Ulooloo Bluff Creek Rural Automatic Exchange Thunderstorm Hill Round Hill German Gully Hells Gate Wallilue Creek Lorette Yakilo Broughton Park Bundaleer Channel Coolatoo Creek Cartref Toolang Belalie Plains Cooanna Creek West Worubra Hut Broughton Mine Motherowie Hut Mayfield Baulah Hut Bundaleer North Telephone Exchange Ayers Primary School Burra High School Mervena Temrax Park Yurjiah Bald Hill D A Bowman Memorial Wirrabara Primary School Thornlea Oaklands Caltowie Rural School Amleth Araluen Lochiel Salt Works Ardnalough Pinegrove Stone Hut Post Office Thornlea Hill Bute Railway Station Rockvale Ross-Na-Ree Jowal Park Black Point Bancona Brookleigh Broughton Extension Post Office Wainappe Ninnes Plain Broughton Hills Robert Darling House Hayfields Kilmarnock Upper Maro Hut Commons Renfrew Peace Hall Moorfield Dondilong Benedict Campus Warnertown Post Office Prince's Park Beetaloo Creek Barunga Post Office Misery Wanappe Blind Creek Sandaroo Karinya Caltowie Post Office Inverary Appila Springs Bullings Crossing Gumyank Terralong Cronton Farm Broad Creek Bentley Hill Beetaloo Camp Redhill Forest Bedford Farm Pisant Creek Cunningham Pier Broken Hill Smelters Flinders View Collaby Hill Nelshiby Out Station Beetaloo Wyra Warra Salesian College Four Post Creek Barkulla Artinald Gleesons Springfield Nanto Creek Illawarra Hill Mallee Grove Penroyd Koona Park Carclew Revelle Stud Mount Mary Reavelle Braeville Karingal Barunga Gap School Riverleigh Pine Lodge Pine Dam Bairstows Crossing Wirrabara Police Station Almond Grove Condowie Post Office Bowillia Post Office Kooliata Creek Clements Gap Post Office Everard Post Office Beetaloo Reservoir Napperby Creek Port Pirie Technical College Port Pirie Motorcycle Club Port Pirie Campus King Tree Native Forest Reserve Davies Ville Geranium Plains Post Office Solomontown Jetty Hillturn Port Germein Railway Station Nelshaby Creek Attunga Wirrabara Range Native Forest Reserve Port Pirie Railway Station Barunga Kenderleigh Stoneyfell Glenresa Hope Gap Camp Farm Hundred of Boucaut School Blyth Post Office Bridge Lea Barunga Pastoral Rockley Koolunga Post Office Mumfords Corner Kerleys Crossing Hitchcock Plain Fullers Hill The Hummocks Ben Acres Kilkee Nurrondi Mizpah Whites Creek Gum Avenue Farm Curburra Baldina Waterhole Dawson Dam Red Banks Thistlebeds Post Office Worlds End Highway Sugar Loaf Creek Poonunda Rocky Waterhole Cumba Homestead Eurovale Sugar-Loaf Hill Ninnes Post Office Boowillia Mundoora Railway Station Stand Pipe Corner Tatiara Kanangra Percyton School Mallee Corner School Paddys Nob Woods Well Nelcabee Telowie Creek Post Office Memorial Park Coonamia Railway Station Kilto Ninbella Greens Gap Telephone Office Mickels Nyowie Park Yarrahkaga Napperby Gorge Crew Creek Mount Ferguson Kanangra Beetaloo Catchment Area Phoenix Park Racecourse Nurragi Clementsville Gulnare Primary School Kybunga Primary School Mundoora Conservation Park Nelshaby Reserve Sanctuary Sida Sanctuary Hundred of Bright School Yacka Rural School Martindale Hall Conservation Park Yackandandah Mundawora Koo-owie Mintaro-Farrell Flat Primary School Koomooloo Drumcalpin Peppermint Gully Ulooloo Diggings Mungibbie Yongala Railway Station Tommy Gap Yarcowie Hut Willalo Hall Port Pirie South Mintaro Rural School Watervale Primary School Hill River Station Hill View Emavitte Craiglee Webb Gap Mintaro Railway Station Black Springs Post Office Waterloo Post Office Karkulta Mine Logan Creek Koonoona Shearing Shed Brady Creek Gordon Lagoon Bumbunga Lake McVittie Flat Hallett Gap Telephone Exchange Yurlurlu Vambata Lamara The Lookout Fairfield Stringy Brae Farm-Brae Koo-ama Warralee Holme Lacy Karinga Elvsleigh Woodleigh Wirrilla Willogoleeche Pine Drive Duncan Park Hanson Railway Station Dullingari Pirie College of TAFE Narrawa Woodlands Brae Bryans Spring Koorama Ashmore Clare and District Sport and Recreation Centre Stocksfield Claremont Glenburnie Pindari Coles Park Benbournie Armagh Creek Nampara Bright Well Canowie Broughton Mount Bryan East Redruth Courthouse Wokurna Shebbear Farrell Flat Hanson Keilli Anama Euromina Maude Weeroona Island Hilltown Redruth Hill Town Barunga Gap Gulnare Plain Moorundi Martindale Hall Kybunga Railway Station Kings Well Niblet Gap Koolunga Homestead Gladstone High School Jingella Emu Spring Magazine Creek Glenlee Norruna Jeanneret Wines Holm Hill Yarrami Riverview Morella School Baldina Station Caltowie Extension School Charlton Mine Bundara Park Cos Clare Clare Racecourse Felwake Reillys Gap Wirrakinta Greyhound Track Gonna Farm Beetaloo Valley Primary School Cross Keys Hotel Carman Yacka Post Office Eulunga Brinkworth Police Station Port Pirie Special School Brinkworth Railway Station Telowie Post Office Kelvin Grove Luringa Clearview Beetaloo Post Office Randella Barunga Homestead Tyeed Vale Benora Pirie East Pooles Dam Alberts Dam Lapford Homestead Roberts Town Narrowie Hut Broughton River Valley Pine Hut Burra Mines Bambury Creek Bendigo Bon Accorde Mine Spring Vale Willarbie Waterhole Goodnadigby Browne Range Sinclair Crossing Delamere Farm Wandearah North School Old Gaelic Church Site Cemetary Hillcrest Tank Hill Gulnare School Gladstone Railway Station Jamestown Ambulance Station Wyuna Narra Brook Loudown Brae Kirks Corner Penwortham Railway Station Grassville Mt Watts Anglevale Raeville Koondow Homestead Old Basin Dam Chalk Cliffs Kilto Post Office Pilks Corner Olive Grove Hilltop Telowie Beach Palmor Goyder College of TAFE Long Gully Solomontown Railway Station Fairview Yacka Bridge Taloumbi Deep Waterhole Kar-Yacka Ketchoula Hill Rupara Wookongarie Ulooloo Creek Wittow Rock Mount Scrub Wraiths Lake Dam Little Broad Creek Bumbunga Post Office Willows Homestead Bellaire Enlim Snowtown Memorial Hospital Duttons Trough Hundred of Booyoolie Kilnadie Oakview Maeno Andrews Post Office Dust Hole Creek Paradise Creek New Baldy Hut Rocky Creek Nariolta Waterhole Freshwater Creek Weir Tadpowie Hut North Marola Cringoree Sheep Station Monowhatah Sheep Station Belalie Creek Graemoor Bundaleer Stud Teecarnee Hornsdale Telephone Exchange Kia Ora Mount Nadjuri Manangari Elgla Crystal Brook Primary School Bernoniah Sheep Station Teetuppennie Creek Talma West Bundaleer Caltowie North Port Flinders Devils Hole Warnertown Mallee Dale Mallee Brae Farrell Flat Primary School Minguina Brothers Trig Ulaloo Creek Razorback Dam Tourilie Narridy Almond Tree Corner Glenroyal Caltowie Agricultural Area Benbournie Creek Trelawny Starks Garden Cressford North End Well Karthina Red Rock Lanbeth Gumlyn Spencer Institute of TAFE Emohruo Port Pirie High School Widdecombe Hill Vista Pirie West Primary School Mundoora Post Office Oakdale Brinkworth Post Office Crows Nest Hut Blyth Golf Course Lower Maro Hut White Cliff Hut Phosphate Mine White Hill Burleeyung Cave Lagoon Hill Autunda Narridy Primary School Hilltown Rural School Old Canowie The Bluff Haldane Willalo One Tree Hill Trig Hundred of Hallett Glenora Telowie Gorge National Park Mount Lookout Stewarts Old Station Wilkins Highway Toolangi Piltimitieppa Station New Ketchowla Trig Stewart Hill Tank Ketchowla Post Office Gum Creek Post Office Kingston Mine Wiry Creek Yandowie Highlands Dillowie Creek Chatswood Farm Cundowie Hundred of Andrews Kukokara Creek Enwhy Bellalee Hut Collaby Spring Red Pines Hornsdale Post Office RamSyn Fair Gala Stud Birmunda Rotunda Institute Minyara Peppermint Ridge Eastern Dams Poplar Mundy Valley Burra Gorge Gumowie Number Six Dam Burra Town Hall Collinsville Mount Bryant Flat Glen View Morley Hut Old Mount Bryan East School Witto Creek Yongala Reservoir County of Stanley Hundred of Blyth Fairview Heights Stewart Well Waite Hill Wilks Dam Donara Old Baldy Hut Putimetiappa Waterloo Primary School Cut Creek Lyn-Glen Anama Homestead Kukokara Hut Mooniah Rock Beckwith Athol Park Middle Range Wornbia Creek Belalie Station Woolaway Braemar Belview Mangala Coachleeanie Hut Auldstead Freebairns Boniah Yard Mount Lock Penwortham Post Office Harnell Riverside Newikie Creek Reedy Creek Newstead Skillogalee Winery Tayen Park Gas Commpressor Station 7 Woodvale Pycanantha Hill Torrdale Rose-Lynn Clare Valley Rugrats NFC Camp Boucaut School Blyth Railway Station Ennisfree Kareelah Pineville Manning Ford Nelshaby Post Office Mingbinna Havilah Tiroroa Leahcim Willow-dene Angle Grove Lutheran Cemetery Percyton Brak-n-villa Hi-View Poverty Plains Stanley Robertstown Stony Gap School Polish Hill River Hundred of Everard Hundred of Anne Port Pirie West Primary School Bundaleer North Rocky Creek Hut Yongala Booborowie Ippinitchie Creek Yarawini The Ranch Wokurna Post Office Ingle Vale Farrell Flat Post Office Mallett Traighli Park Boundary Creek Port Pirie Creek Daviesville Snowtown Railway Station Telowie Spring George Corner Wheatlands Keilli Post Office Cowandurham Soak Fishermans Jetty North End Dam Clover Fields Hundred of Kooringa Wangunyah Gum Avenue No 2 Pumping Station Riler-Park Mount Sly Redruth Post Office Sanlei Kullgana Ward Hill Stoneleigh Leighton Forest Simowie Wandearah Institute Cloverleigh Moorundie Park Peak Springs Rossmore Petherton Kooramo Railway Station Glendare Banbury Tank O'Malley Dam Wonna Yards Hughes Gap Primary School Mooroo Creek Hut River Forest View Woorabinda Fresh Water Creek New Campbell Hill Trig Worpaninna Hut Wheal Sarah Jamestown Hospital Broughton View Pirie East Tennis Courts Hillside Carinya Wonna-Arinya Sanctuary Berkinerah Hill Bright Post Office Nantoura Sugar Loaf Station Clare Railway Station Pigeon Box Farrell Rural School Tresand Mount Bryant Tighnabruaich Hay Mongolata Post Office Condowie North School Kybunga House Wool Brae Quelltaler Winery Barton Hill Burra Pumping Station Peppermint Springs Blenhiem Wongulie Risdon Park Primary School Jacob Plains Beetaloo Ruin Block Nine Bore Turnerville Willow Brae Hillthorpe Kriegfields Napperby Sub Homestead Watteroue Torakina Banyula Penrose Curnows Bore Middle Range Trig Pinella South Saltbush Dam Koolunga Primary School Huddleston Worlds End Post Office Ballymorane Stewart Plain Well Lucinvale Chewings Gap Wittow Spring Willalo Telephone Exchange Pine Creek Well South Well Tank Wingoone Well Wonna Hut Yarwood Bald Hill Mungcowie Hut Alderman Dams Stewart Hill Well Deep Creek Walton Creek George Town Baldry Creek Farrell Flat Creek Lock Valley Curnows Hut Mount Williams Station Cemetery Brook View Abbeville Telegraph Office Emu Downs Post Office Laura Primary School Ber Ean Old Yangya School Pine Park Nelshiby Creek Beetaloo Valley Kookynie Gubbins Yard Kybunga Rural School Kia-Ora Stanley Stud Hundred of Hanson Hundred of Schomburgk Hundred of King Hundred of Rees Wildildie Leilhome Villavali Middle Hut Garland Elroy John Pirie Bridge Mount Ellen Burundo Northern Plains Snow Park Pine Brae White Park Glen Innes Telowie Well Bundaleer Springs Studley Koohata Dam Quin Gap Ystalfera Gumlee Capview Tumelo Creek Burando Torrs Gap Gum Creek Hut Barunga Hill Hopkins Creek Wyndora Nyowee Ingram Gap Bluehole Quarry Government Dam Pine-Lee Rocky Glen Dares Spring Wallinga Springbank Banbury Pine Creek Moorowie Creek Wahroonga Woolshed White Field Springs Station Blink Bonnie Muljarrah Hut Coleman Hill Graham's Barowooto Well McLeods Hut Keringa Bundaleer Yarcowie Great View Moorlands Wybury Cocanowie Mount Hope Miltowie Hut Kincora Smarts Corner Barinia Railway Station Wendouree Winery Trelawney Koonoona Gulnare Tanks Avenue Ridge Tarella Nicobar Waninga Wines Wolta Wolta Springwood Rose Lynn Bermunda Hut Benbourni Hundred of Stanley Salt Lake Pissant Creek Pis-Ant Creek Lorraine Conara Collinsfield Post Office Ulymah Barunga North Telephone Office Hopes Crossing Hummock Mount Wirrabara Forest Pinara Bumbunga Hut Lavender Grove Tarama Merriton Blyth Primary School Viewbank Turowie Hut California Plain Oak-Brae Shepherd Pile Mount Cone North Ulooloo Railway Station Emu Flat Piltimitiappa Station Eyres Sentinal Pearce Dam Peaked Hill Kangaroo Plains Twig'em Diggings Dust Hill Spalding Primary School HQ Bore Lynglen Woodlands Cairn Hill Pirie East Cricket Oval Long Gully Creek Wyndaba Georgetown Post Office Sir Hubert Wilkins Aerodrome Hughes Park Billibong Watervale Railway Station Pine Ridge Apoinga Telephone Office Mount John Peters Station Glenrest Alderman Reservoir Sunshine Pindarie Dam Abberton Park Leighton Post Office Pindarie Hut Hacklins Corner Church Kannawenah Hut Bundaleer Post Office Mount Ngadjuri Brown Hill Trelyn Brookefields Belalie Springs Merriton Post Office Peake Public House O'Ellan Muljarrah Well Finger Post Dams Princess Royal Waninga Lauriston Hughes Gap Gulnare Pine Vale Black Rock Adamsville Glenowie Roblyn Canowie Post Office Rutherglen River View Dwela Klaebes Post Office Appila Hut Korea Reserve Paddys Knob New Hampton Clare Primary School Horner House Oakland Mary Springs Crumbling Downs Bumbunga Hill Ponderosa Solomontown Magpie Creek Mooney Dam Elna Grove Hacklins Corner Leasingham Parnaroo Sanctuary Burnsfield Railway Station Mount Zion Bungama Railway Station Royal Exchange Hotel Commercial Hotel Port Pirie Infant School The Sheoaks Black Springs Primary School White Water Spring Avis Park Post Office Seaview Downs Hog Back Dam Number Seven Dam Nunkeri Mackerode Welsh Creek Glen River Barracanna Seaview Big Broad Creek Graves Hill Kooliata Dam Black Point Hill Murrumbeena Lochiel Post Office Hundred of Appila Bundarra Hills Glen-Ellis Hundred of Wonna The Bluff Range Oak Brae Abbeville Railway Station North Dam Parnaroo Twelve Mile Dam Wilks Park Eversdale Spalding Police Station Milne Railway Station Yackamoorundie Range Mokota Conservation Park Copperhouse School Wandalah Creek Crystal Brook Railway Station Yackalow Mount Carmel Willowie Well Eringunda Oakhills Hilltown Railway Station Belalie North Post Office Yackarily Sheep Station Mannanarie Threadgolds Crossing Redpines South Dam Georgetown Cricket Club Clarevale Winery Tothill Gap Christmas Dam Drysdale Pinks Reserve Harvana River Glen Illa-Linga Stradbrooke Long Waterhole Apoinga Mine Mount Braynt Yurlurlu Vari Neagles Rock Lookout Wilson Winery Spring Hill Woollana Mundawora Mews Red Banks Conservation Park Thistlebed Well Padnaindi Reserve Corella Laura Golf Course Logan Hill Maro Creek Isintu Franklyn Roadmans Hut Appila Rural School Spring Dam George Plain Creekside Ashcroft White Cliff Telowie Creek Rosehaven Pearces Dam Solomons Section Browns Corner Hundred of Bundaleer Hundred of Belalie Condowie Spring Stansfield Emu Flats Worlds End Creek Brinkworth Primary School Willalo Creek Gap View Melton Stud Hog Back Range Pandappa Well Tourilie Gorge Bald Hill Range Brice Creek Rocky Well Number Two Dam Burra Police Station Franklyn Dam Lochiel Caroona Mackys Dam Balcunda Willowee Sheep Station El Rancho Booborowie Creek Jamestown Police Station Mundowie Springs Hundred of Napperby Terowie Rural School Tatkana Railway Station Telowie Merdea Killiyara Condowie Railway Station Snowtown Post Office Zelnor Port Pirie Fire Station Esmond Road Post Office Armonda Mundoora Dam Gypsum Hill Ulymah School Condowie Plains School Mallee Corner Appila Gorge Ippinitchie Woodlawn Rockdale Schomburgk Post Office Bundey Bore Station Bowillia Belalie East Springs Gully View Delowie Werrowie Creek County of Burra Gumleaf Goat Stud Lawrie Park Wirreanda Mount Lock Springs Jamestown High School Bundabrook Ingleside Belalie North Telephone Exchange Coocapoo Finnegans Corner Lambbanks Scenic Outlook Lyndhurst Brices Tank Ulooloo Post Office Nepowie Hut Chelston Pikes Winery Reddecliffe Pioneer Park Henselisck Bowman Park Sanctuary Douglas Florieton Glen Roburn Cromer Warnertown Railway Station Paxton Square Cottages Koolchunga Creek Gumview Gleeson Hill Manresa Delara Rayville Park Scrubby Range Camperdown Florieton School Piltimitiappa Creek Wingoone Hill Sugar Loaf Western Branch of Ulooloo Creek Willara Lura Dam Wingone Hill Government Reservoir Franklin Well Kooringa Post Office Number Four Dam Bundaleer Forest Office Yakkalo Gell Hill Buckland Hills Piebald Hut Pages Gum View New Campbell Hill Leprechaun Park Jane Field Wyndham Park Nolans Dam Stony Creek Koonga Emu Rock Betlan Park Jlendrumm Wonna Hummocks Range Collinsfield Railway Station Barker of Baldina Homes Moorowie Hut Waupunyah Creek Riverina Park Yurlurlu Back Creek Hundred of Mannanarie Caroona Creek MacKay Dams Scrub Dam Mallett Reservoir Potts Farm Walton Palace Creek Frome Crossing Euthadale Homestead Worubia Creek Brinkworth Springdale Brown Hill Range Roscommon Mannanarie Telephone Exchange Huddleston Post Office Martindale Garland View Burra Community School Ferguson Range Borve Nannoweenah Sheep Station Nonapah Sheep Station Belalie Park Tuohy Railway Station Needarosa Glory Corner Yakilo School Hundred of Darling Hundred of Barunga Mongalata Station Wongabena Willow Park Bently's Hill Hallelujah Hills Swallows Nest Wirrawae Park Sunnycroft Little Pinery Hut Campbell Hut Martini Brookleigh Farm Nelshaby Telephone Exchange Port Pirie Primary School Tikana Memorial Oval Red Creek Telowie Creek Primary School Stanley Flat Primary School Bunyip Park Adalisa Brinkworth Trig Worlds End Deep Water Hole Willalo-North Booborowie School Oakbrae Red Hill Martindale Stud Fareham Estate Winery Lake-Side Nyora Bundey Church Hummock Range Sanderson Hill Woolacoola Colray Broadvue Heights Kenwyn Reservoir Kangaroo Hill Lake View Railway Station Stringers Corner Rockley Vale Fire Clag Bluff Range Roberts Town Post Office Cavan Downs Chinamans Hat Hill Terowie Creek Doughboy Hill Ucocola Well Piltimetiappa Station Pulpara South Well Baldina Post Office Tualkilka Well Boonderoo Caltowie West Hallet Hill Mitchellvue Booborowie Primary School South Wiry Creek Deprose Creek Riverside Tennis and Cricket Field Rotten Gully Creek Wanbuckedle Sheep Station Jamestown CFS Milcowie Dam Hawkers Station Oakley Balan School Morganvale Loudoun Brae Billylee Sheep Station Valderemao Robertstown West School Emref Park Dingle Dell Brookview The Whim Pirie East Uniting Church Wara Wara Cattle Yards Willow Pond Emerald Estate Wine Sugarloaf Hill Jones Hut Kelvale Berrymans Merildin Railway Station Off Square Hundred of Bundey Nangway Port Pirie Aerodrome Jim Gate Redhill Post Office Spaniards Gully Native Forest Reserve Canowie Belt Hall Phaewyn Windarna Bumbunga Salt Lakes Railway Station Blyth Hospital Kangaroo Trig Cliffords Corner The Mid North Education Centre Woodward Park Tretoma Nelshiby Hart Bright Burra Hotel Kooringa Hotel Port Pirie West Whyte Yarcowie St Josephs Parish School Kurkolo Creek Port Pirie Hospital White Cliff Range Solomontown Post Office Bluff The Homestead Anzac Reserve Hydon Boundary Creek Post Office Port Pirie Post Office Adelong Talinga Yumeena Snowtown Golf Club Bry-N-Ka Stud Hundred of Crystal Brook Willouwa Muljarrah Wells Yarcowie Post Office Parnggi Well Doughboy Hut Madigan Dam Gum Hill Redruth Gaol Flagstaff Hill Lake View School Mount Bryan Post Office Mount Pullen Yaratro Hut Spalding Railway Station Willowie Hut Belfast Blackfellows Hut Leighton Rural School Geralka Old Gaelic Church Site Clarevale Worpaminna Hut Worlds End Creek School Weroona Browne Hill Tanbie Hut Euromia School Gold Vale Inchiquin Ridgetop Hundred of Maude Mitchells Winery Gayfields Woodler Thistlebeds Appila Goolagong Darnleigh Park Jindilee Apex Park Glenmore Hutt River Bridge South Marola Narien Range Wandilla Creek Pine Glen Beringa Kappowie Wandre Plain Saint John Lutheran Church Clover Hill Jamestown Primary School Pirie East School Joyvilar Cockeys Crossing Institute Gladstone Gaol Schumacher Creek Benbowin Eldredge Wines Calcannia Railway Station Logans Hut Farrell Flat Reservoir Little Brampton Enterprise Winery Klaebes Eight Cross Roads County of Kimberley Armagh School Gum Tree Trig Lonsdale Yarrowie Creek Ringwood Yacka Railway Station Honeyvale Stringer Telowie Gorge Conservation Park Vale View Barunga Gap Railway Station Patatanga Morrison Corner Barunga Creek Florieton Post Office Yesteryear Farm Priory Utrea Mine Spring Creek Sebastapol Cliff New Caroona Caroona Shearers Quarters Morphetts Engine House Lynbrae Willogoleche Hill Eastern Branch of Ulooloo Creek Burra Burra District Hospital Clements Gap Conservation Park Williams Dam Mount Watt Calculteroo Well Boultons Hill Coolootoo Hut Acacia Washpool Condowie Hundred of Whyte Wandearah East Mongolata Talowie Out Station Koolunga Railway Station Melandra Park Solomontown Primary School Globe Oval Pulpara Stone Hut The Mill Dam Mount Cone Redruth Camp Centre Bri-Glen Springs Pandappa Hill Myola Moon Hill Campbell Range Cartapo Mine Hill River School Penshurst Everetts Reserve Yakkalo Waterhole Browns Hill Range Koonoona Kimbo Coo Arma Bunama Coondowie Dalowie Hut Tiltia Well Tiltia Hut Jamestown Railway Station Riverold Cartapo Creek Farrel Creek Cootha View Tatara Merriton Railway Station Akeringa Conchileowie Hut Merriton Trig Yangya Hill Neuwicke Creek Spring Sub Station Diamond-C Gladstone Primary School Barker Creek Sugar Loaf Range Yanga Railway Station Bracklin Pesta Nilshippy Sevenhill Winery Sevenhill Railway Station Lakota Ranch Logans Gap Clare High School Diprose Sanctuary Baddawaral Carawatha Middle Hut Well Bengarry Cornucopia Shag Creek Pastoralists Point Orange Grove Weckerts Corner Erindale Manratta Mahratta Restonvale Belgala Vale Flagstaff The Wash McBride Cottages Princess Royal Suspension Bridge Napperby Primary School Yongala Trig Mannanarie Siding Wandra Plain Hut Whim Hotel Catapool Creek Emu Creek Paulets Wines Callum Downs Bolomurtee Loch Nagar Cave Tadpowie Mooroola Creek Booboorowie Creek Delmoor Miltowie Mundoora Wyattatoo Wurilba Railway Station Bay View Farm Perry Well Berkinerah Sheep Station Polish Valley Neuikie Creek Brooklyn The Razorback Gumbowie Hill Toongabbie Sevenhill College Henrys Karkulto Mine Kurcolo Creek Wongalea County of Victoria Benbourni Creek Wright Creek Hiles Lagoon Blackpoint Hill Keve-Rocliraky Bundey Post Office Terowie Railway Station Tourilie Hill West Burra Mine Old Belcunda Pianoleeche Spring Kurcolo Yards Wattle Gully Hundred of Tomkinson Springbank Valley Mullaby Yanyabie Spring Windarra Carramar Saturn Yeltanna The Springs Murkaby Mount Bryan Railway Station Germein Bay Bundey Hundred of Redhill Geranium Plain Churinga White Cliff Corner Wirrabara Railway Station Stone Hut Railway Station Caltowie Hill Mill View Barcaut Boucaut Barunga Forest Boucawie Anama Park Wirrabara Hostel Barunga North Post Office Burra Eastern Districts Telowie Gorge Donava Bellevue Culbara Kerlson Pines Semor John Pirie Secondary School Sunny Braes Glenbower Hundred of Ketchowla Cameron East Primary School Lochiel Rural School Freshwater Well Keilli Cemetery Memorial Civic Centre Warramalla Laura Railway Station Banbury Creek Narrowie Spring Chapman Creek Frying Pan Hut Wattle Park Parriworta Pigeon Box Creek Gumbowie Post Office Red Banks Creek Hundred of Baldina Old Caroona Mokota Andrews Railway Station Station Dam Lower Springs Flat Munduney Ardincalpo Mines Stone Creek Monaure Gleninga Park Morgan Vale Never Never Range Belvedere Utica Mine Eagles Eyry Well Ymatta Devonfield Tooralie Lorthom Ohlmeyer Park The Four Trees Drumcalpyn Rocky Glen Park Polish Hill River Church Stoney Brae Hughes Dam Percyton Post Office Bumbunga Railway Station Titi-Currie Springs Nurom Kooringa Bridge Pandappa Conservation Park Milne Yarrowie Port Germain Linemans Cottage Clover-Lea Oora-Ma Nicholasons Little Oaklyn Wyndaba Hut School Mercowie Hundred of Tarcowie Wandearah East School Yanta Unga Flairville South Mount Charlie The Duffer Dam Georgetown Primary School Wittalo Creek Pigeon Box Reserve Bowman Park Kilikanoon Nedslea Farrell Flat Railway Station Funnel Dam Baldina Cemetery Carrowie Hut Mulloorie Mundoora School Wirrabara Forest Office Bernowrie Brilyn Wheelbarrow Ridge Gumbowie Railway Station Yellowie Delmore Allenbie Park Yarrowie Post Office Kuangwea King Tree St Marks College Carter Creek Clover Lea Karrindale Breezy Brae Karden Colbara Hilpara Lakeview Railway Station Thurleigh Carlmain Pace Hall Bert Dam The Gums King Dam Modesty Hills Barunga West Bute Primary School Oakleigh House Thirty Pound Pool Worlds End Homestead Vogelsang Corner Little Cartapo Moorowie Reservoir Ketchowla Tiverton Glen Ayr Levi Hut The Braes No 1 Dam Scrub Hut Dam Belcunda Bon Accord Mineral Section Read Sanctuary Thistlebeds Primary School Balanbreni Little Oakley Maleer Booboorowie Lucerne Park Booborowie Post Office Dunleer Cross Roads Inn Barnet Brae Coolootoo Well Kappowie Waterhole Calluby Wandearah Railway Station Sanquhar Goodview Dare Windmill Tourilie Creek Gibson Gap Sugar Loaf Hill Whitfield Glomman Saltbush Dam Coolatoo Springs Station Yard Lezayre Baderloo Ram-Syn Fairvale Karn-Kendi Bayview Farm Emref Walloroo Hylands Lone Gum Greenslopes Narridy Post Office Chelwood Kilikanoon Wines Baldino Stud Holme Muanu Kooramoora Donnybrook Stony Range Wilivere Leasingham Post Office Warwich Cramar The Plains Kirribilly Estate Scott-Dale Shirokee Range Park Bluff Creek Panorama Mintaro Primary School Gowan Brae Nurrondi Post Office Kevindale Angle Grove Heathmont Rocky Dam Teesdale Dam Burra Creek Plain Wallabanin Hut Glenroy Perrins Crossing Baldy Farm Lar-More Barunga School Merriton Rural School Mount Pleasant Hut Kymbalyn Capidee Creek Number Three Dam Burra War Memorial Oval Hundred of Mundoora Davies Belalie North Rochester Hundred of Kingston Heslips Quarry Snowtown Police Station Nandory Redhill Railway Station Crews Garden Greens Gap Boucaut Provisional School Bute Post Office Wirrabara Post Office The Sanctuary Pinery Creek Tandowie Caltowie Springs Bauer Creek Avonmore Port Pirie River Port Germein Post Office Appila Post Office Hundred of Yackamoorundie Yacka Baroordie Sheep Station Basin Dam Mintaro Gas Turbine Station Old Oak-Brae Watchenappee Cumberland Park Menbardoo Hut Delamere Mungumba Devils Glen Currawong Creek Springs Township South of Lake Trig Toringa Sevenhill East School Alfred Plain Old Beetaloo Yarcowie Tank Lapford Boucaut Railway Station Russy Corner Koorin Bonneur Napperby Post Office Beetaloo Park Windmill Well Barunga Downs Lazy Acres Ghost Gully Port Pirie West Post Office Barunga Range Tree View Warrawee Hermitage Hart School Sandy Creek Prankherd Corner Barunga North School East Lynne Sams Hills Dares Hill Summitt Lookout Pandappa Post Office Burra Railway Station Curkaloor Creek Tiverina Park Neville Well Mount Bryant Creek Gum Vale Company Dam Wonna Creek Campbell Hill Trig Crystal Brook Post Office Lowie Creek Ward Hill Trig Tracy Hawkers Lookout Mintaro Post Office Aranga Heathermoor Willow Bank Crystal Brook West School West Mundunnie Hut Bundaleer South Red Banks Waterhole Clay Fields Eldena Carunna Vale Nannowee Sheep Station Jamestown Post Office Three Mile Station Hundred of Caltowie Glendean Azile Tapparra Yackamoorundie Creek Cockeys Crossing Angle Vale Slab Hut Creek Clare Motor Cycle Club Emu Hotel Cooinda Rae-Ville Nibblets Gap Sod Hut Farm Goulds Hut Glen Holme Caltowie Railway Station Glenoe Mulino Bungama Substation Port Pirie Community College Hundred of Ayres Sunny Brae Stony Rise Hart Railway Station Vietnam Reserve Golden Sand Seaveiw Wonga Seton Kindinga Blyth Plain Sharp Well Port Oval Frypan Hill Mallee Grove Corner Leonard Oval Wirrabara School Bopeep School Teerkoore Tiver Petherton House Condowie Hut Wingone Well Aberdeen Post Office Glenview Strathayr Hallett Railway Station Hawkers Valley Pandappa Dam Viccary Barinia Two Reservoirs Gums Barunga North Westbury Patanga Snowyview Capeview Currant Waterhole The Rustic Retreat Bendigo Dam Boskey Dell South Salt Bush Dam Coo-Alee Park Bermunda Well Buckleowie Well Huddleston Railway Station Stanley Park Cricket Pitch Junction Hut Carmodies Hill Avondale Somme Brae Cooanna Hut Burra Primary School Wandearah Narrioota Muljarra Bald Hill North Boniah Hut Tandanva Wirrattatoo Springs Hundred of Milne Robertstown Post Office Braevue Heights White Cliff Hill Tower Hill Creek Saint Clare Winery Four Winds Clare Waterholes Shamrock Dalmore Laureena Henselisek Old Pertherton Mount Pleasant Craigs House Stacey Park Charlton Accommodation House Sevenhill School Ardlethan Coorumbeena Axford Broughton Plain Bimbadeen Kentall Park Yarilla Duck Ponds Creek Myrtle Farm Swamp Dam Bute Trig Bosco Campus Port Pirie South Post Office Coo-Owie Creek Canowie Belt Whyte-Yarcowie The Settlers Wharf Redruth Bridge North Bungaree Cone Hill Trig Caroona Creek Conservation Park Mount Horrocks Keetcha Waterhole Apoinga Lagoon Penwortham Baldino Waterhole Ironstone Hill Bowmans Sheep Station Mullierby Waterhole Dares Hut Ulooloo Hill Mount Misery Parr Well Clare Booster Pumping Station Mount Rufus Freshwater Creek Sod Hut Lakeview Appila Creek Porcupine Range Burra Hill Kybunga Mount Oakden North of Lake Trig Mount Monabolie The Peak Stoney Range Trig Tothill Range Black Springs White Hut Creek King John Hill Gum Creek South Mungcowie Hill Atherley Skilly Hills Coonamia Stanley Flat Armagh Copperhouse Gumbowie Georgetown Railway Station Leighton Mount Tinline Stony Gap Stein Hill The Gap Baldina Gillentown Campbell Hill Camels Hump Range Mintaro Nelshaby Camels Hump Charlton Mount Gregory Swampy Flat Lodge Hill Bungaree Hill Logan Gap Baldina Creek Mount Herbert Bundaleer Creek Merildin Emuville Rocky River Creek Quarry Hill Rocky River Little Wirrie Waterhole Hiles Well Gulnare Railway Station Hutt River White Hut Billygoat Hill Spring Gully Conservation Park Hopkins Creek Conservation Park Andrews Trillians Hill Stony Point Watervale Apoinga Waterloo Levi Hill Hallett Hill West Bungaree Locks Hill Nalia Creek Baroota Creek Moller Gap Wirrabara Forest Reserve Mullierby Tower Hill Oban One Tree Hill Sevenhill Abbeville Waites Hill Aldermans Reservoir Belalie Stewarts Well Mangrove Point Princes Park Yangya Number One Dam Dare Reservoir Dares Reservoir Woolamba New Ketchowla Hill Campbell Ketehowla Twigem Diggings Piltimitiappa Piltimitippa OMalley Dam Wurilba Scrub Dam Reservoir Hog Back Reservoir Witte Creek Merriton Station Mount Watts Halletts Hill Dawsons Dam Duffer Reservoir Waltons Palace Creek Boobowrie Creek Levis Hill Thistlebed Wandallan Creek Barkers Dam Finger Post Reservoir Stud Home Condowie Station North Of Lake Neales Flat Reservoir Kooramo Logans Creek Burunga Gap Farrell Flats Farrel Flats Farrells Flat North Mount Lofty Ranges Bute Reservoir Florrieton Skillogalee Creek Sunny Hill Stow Manoora