Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SI54-06

GA SI54-06 - Chowilla

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Hard Dam Bronzewing Dam Christmas Bore South Plain Dam Canopus Cliff Dam Boxwood Dam Faraway Dam Lochs Dam Morgan Vale Corner Dam Hopkin Dam Red Tank Dam Rainbow Dam Relief Dam Top Bore Amil Dam Gum Flat Pipeclay Creek Nunthung Salt Creek Sir Henry Young Reef Woolgangi North West Bend Substation Johnstons Hut Twenty Nine Mile Dam Hypurna Butcher Dam Coomooloo North Dam Coombool Swamp Two Flats Dam Big Dam Don Dam Boat Creek Wotan Dam Amelia Dam New Paradise Dam Lock 6 Lunatic Bridge Doirane Dam Border Cliffs Nil Nil Queen Reach Timor Hut Dam Tollys Dam Woolshed Dam Amphitheatre Hut White Dam Needs Dam Cletrac Dam Twenty Three Mile Dam Sand Hill Dam Jones Dry Well Never Never Catch Waranga Dam Faraway Hill Outstation Iron Back Hill Alderman Cottage Mount Bryan Well Alderman Catch Kent Dam Nine Mile Dam Crows Nest Shed Two Mile Dam First Yard East Dam Diesel Dam Neckrope Dam Junction Dam Mile and Half Dams Gumbelia Waterhole Murphy Tank Mitchell Dam First Shed Yubalia Homestead Blott Tank Oakbore Dam Scaddon Well Birdseye Dam Gumbelia Tank North Dam Gandy Range Dam Gebhardt Dam Samson Well Swamp Dam West Dam Middle Dam Braemar Peak Mount Bryan Camp Dams Highiet Dam North Mallee Dam East Murrawa Dam Government Dam No 2 Site Tractor Dam Ironback Dam Mount Bryan Camp Well Hammett Well Sandhill Dam Little Oaks Catch Block Seven Gorge Banks Dam South Mallee Dam Never Never Dam Peter Well Farmers Dam Mulga Dam Woolamba Government Reservoir Milky Way Dam Hideaway Hut Limestone Dam Longhill Dams Mia Mia Dam First Dam Aitken Tank Eastern and North Eastern Plain Gumbelia Dam Sampson Dam Middle South Dam Old Block Seven Dam Romani Dam Twelve Mile Dam Gallagher East Dam Doiran Dam South Station Woolshed Dam Mules Dam No 4 Tank Ironback Catch Dam Little Wild Dog Dam East Freck Dam Stanley Dam Little Bunyung Well House Dam Moores Dam Gluepot Dams Dustholes Station Kelly Dam Moore Dam Shell Hut Dam Jolley Dam Catalogue Dam West Sand Dam East Sandy Dam Netting Dam Oakbank Oustation Woolshed Yard Cat and Dog Hut Dicks Nest Dam Dicks Hut Dicks Yard RSL Dam Leap Year Dam The Eighty Dams Oak Over Dam Duckpond Catch North Canegrass Tank Dick Dam Lord Well Doughboy Dam Newchum Tank Beel Dam Burn Tank Pine Valley Station South Dam Target Dam Shannon Dam Campbell Dam Junee Dam Bulldog Dam Tinda Catch Glory Dam Rodda Dam Wellington Dam Motherall Dam Felvis Dam Cunyan Dam Scrubby Dam Mother All Dam Balara Hut Catch New Chum Tank New Chum Dam Eric Bore Beal Dam Birthday Dam Dingo Dam Lords Well Outstation Boundary Dam Pine Hill Dam Pine Valley Duck Pond Dam Claypan Dam Experience Dam Old Station Dam Parson Well Sunday Dam Centenary Dam Dick Bore Cane Holes Dam Bull Ant Dam Eighty Fourth M P Dam Lake Littra Crossing Danggali Wilderness Protection Area Ford Lagoon County of Young Lake Limbury Bookmark Biosphere Reserve Chowilla Island Black Oak Plains Little Oak Dam Scrub Dam North Canegrass Dam Melon Dam Manunda Dam Hundred of Lindley North West Dam Dingo Drain George Dam No 2 Tank Timor Dam Seventeen Mile Dam Froggy Tank Emu Dam Pugilist Dam Poison Dam Hardwood Dam Mylora Dam Borehole Dam Treagar Dam No 2 Yard Pugulist Catch Station Dam Gangies Range Embankment Dam Sullivan Catch Little Blutcher Dam No 2 Powerline Dam Cliff Tank Canegrass North Dam Sandy Dam Nanna Dam Weegum Dam Red Bank Tank Nanney Dam Braeside Dam Alexandrina Outstation Bend Hut Little Dam Bouhan Dam Gypsum Dam Quarter Mile Dam Blackoak Swamp Dam Bunyip Reach Little Bunyip Dam Gallagher Dam County of Hamley Station Yard Sampson Well Sturt Vale Newchum Dam Nine Malle Dam East Oak Tank North Farmes Dam Sturt Vale Dam Picnic Dam C Tank The Scrub Dam Pilby Creek Box Flat Dam Tin Tank Dam Jack Hall Hut Old Gluepot Dam Middle Paddock Dam Morgan Gypsum Deposit Koomooloo Woolacotts Dam Heggaty Dam Queen Sandhill Braeside Cockatoo Dam Balara Hut Weary Dam Brand Dam Hideaway Drain Mallee Dam Pigeon Box Dam Cane Grass Dam HP Dam Glen Rufus North Farmers Dam James Dam Sampson Tank Broggy Tank Bore Tank Government Tank Monoman Creek Lindley Herbie Dam Luke Dam Blue Bush Dam Old Dam Wild Dog Dam Bungunnia Kidney Claypans Pinery Dam Spring Dam Mooraninna Dam Stanley Island Reedy Island Yubalia Dam Woollacott Dam Radford Dam Theodolite Dam Wright Hill Stephen Dam No 1 Dam Queen Bend Mundy Tank Quinn Dams Crawford Dam Mugs Pond Dam Eastern Dam Paradise Dams Old Road Dam Blott Dam Treager Dam Frogamerry Hut Amalia Dam Kookaburra Dam Whitedam Conservation Park Nanyah Dam Long Plain Dam Top Dam Mundy Hut Wheat Dam Horse Dam Monoman Dam Yabbie Tank Clock Dam Magpie Dam Red Dam Long Gully Dam South Woolshed Dam West Murrawa Dam Cox Dam Jack Hall Dam Wade Tank Mount Bryan Dams Bart Dam Bend Dam Sieve Dam Mooney Dam Olympic Dam Sunday Camp Dam Tom Allison Waterhole Canopus Dam Long Dam Elmore Dam South Canegrass Tank Wilk Summer Dam White Tank Skippers Dam Drayton Dam Shipwreck Dam Hideaway Dam North Wooldshed Dam Killarney Dam Pualco Creek Lake Wraith Dam Winter Dam Bartlett Dam Freckleton Dam Paddock Burnt Camp Pumphouse Tanks Manunda Creek Scaddon Dam Kangaroo Dam The Old Place Dam Old Coach Swamp Mugs Pond Samson Well Dam Cookes Catch Muckett Dam Chunkey Hut Thirty Thousand Tank Horseshoe Billabong Mick Swamp Dam Alf Dam Cliff Hut Gandy Range Homestead Braemar Reservoir Mulga Hill Faraway Hill Freckleton Dam No 2 Triangle Bore Woolshed Quarters Tom Baths Shack Jack Dam Oaks Tank Canegrass Hitman Dam Phillips Catch Carbine Dam Leap Year Tank Dead Finish Dam MacIntyre Bore Phillip Dam Simpsons Dam Oak Bore Government Dam Mornington Station The Big Dam Coombs Dam 30000 Tank Chowilla Game Reserve Moons Hut Reservoirs Chunkey Dam Needlewood Dam Three Oaks Bore Dicks Catch Doughboy Yard Glen Dam Seven Mile Dam Quondong Vale Spring Catch Boomer Dam Amphitheatre Dam Pine Valley Post Office Sand Dam Education Dam Dinga Warregal Dam Riggs Dams Mid North Dam Slaney Island Slaney Weir Billabong Lake Werta Wert Moonlight Dam Quondong Gap Catch Braemar Creek Flagstaff Dam Rocky Dam Wade Dam Rose Dam Mustering Dam Unfenced Country Schmidt Dam Old Gluepot Homestead Hancock Creek Fairchild Dam Smith Dam Johnson Yard Isle of Man Grand Junction Island Levi Range Postmark Veed Ney Dam Zamboanga Pualco One Tree Hill Old Coombool Homestead Old Customs House Paradise Shed Oaks Crutching Shed Burra Dam Bindii Dam Mundy Dam Burns Dam No 3 Tank The Wire Yards Middle Paradise Dam OS Dam Twin Dam Fourteen Mile Catch South Hut Yabba Catch Dam Jim Dam Canegrass Dam Parker Dam Small Dam Achernar Dam West Sandy Dam South Well Dam Andy Dam Jim Duck Pond Froggys Hole Paradise Dam Twenty Five Mile Dam Harwood Dam Record Dam Pine Dam Irlams Dam Front Dam Bunyung Dam Dinnertime Catch Anthill Dam Jones Well Range Dam Timor Outstation Johnson Dam Big Jumby East Dam Cement Dam Hideaway Well Johnston Dam Boundary Tank Square Dam Boat Creek Swamp Oak Tank Burnt Camp Pumphouse Slaney Creek Government Well Amphitheatre Yard Danggali Conservation Park Chowilla Regional Reserve White Elephant Dam Twelve Mile Catch Centipede Dams Old Koomooloo Blowfly Dam Broggy Dam Cow Ball Dam Wooly Dam Giles Dam Yarraman Yards Emu Dam Yard Gebhardt Hills Simpsons Well Britannia Dam Cullodon Bore Big Oak Dam Johnson Catch Three Mile Dam Toby Dam Beaver Dam Gap Dam Hemming Dam Elmore Hut South Hideaway Dam Cultivation Bore Blutcher Dam Pigeon Dam McGilp Dam The South Dam Big Cox Dam Eighty Dams Hut Dam Claypan Dams Telephone Dam Long Hill Final Dam Cliff Hut Dam Balah Kreusler Dam Bullock Dam Oak Bore Dam Cane Grass Hogan Bore Twin Dam Tank Oak Catch Veednicmooyoo Dam Sandford Dam Lake Limbra Rotten Lake White Dam Conservation Park Newena Island Monoman Island West Swamp Dam Fourteen Mile Tank Old Woolshed Dam Weary Catch Duck Hole Oak Shed Bertram Dam Boundary Bend Twins Dam Coombool Outstation Pepper Tree Walls Dam North Lindner Dam North Koomooloo Dam Cow Bail Dam Blackoak Dam Froggy Dam Nanyah Hut Rowel Dam No 3 Pumpshed Jumby West Dam Long Hill Dams Watson Bore Calperum Pastoral Lease Scientific Reserve Seven Mile Tank Eaglehawk Dam Timor Hut Old Well Boat Creek Island Morgan Vale Outstation Bunyip Dam Motor Dam Pat Dam Elmore Drain Radford Trig Albert Dam Mid Pualco Dams Alderman Outstation Dam Ironback Gorge Alderman Dam Freckleton Dam Alexandrina Dam South Faraway Hill Dam North Coombool Dam Boundary Pastoral Run Madman Bridge Alderman Woolshed Broggy Hole Parcoola West Bend Dam Gluepot Tank Government Tube Well Oaks Dam One Tree Rock Launer Dam Bluebird Dam Murtho Post Office Lagoon Dam Redcliff Marl Catch Brook Dam Luke East Dam Scott Dams Lock Dam Centipede Dam Bells Dam Scorpion Dam North Hideaway Dam Junction Tank Henderson Dam Well Dam Bill Dam Jumby East Dam O'Brien Dam Cohen Dam Andy Tank Nell Dam No 2 Dam Little Hills Dam Tipperary Dam 3LO Dam Deep Swamp Dam Frogamerry Dam Faraway Bore Ampi Dam Bluebush Dam Sampson Hut Moonlight Bore Starlight Dam Five Mile Well Sampson Well Dam Hammett Dam Salt Creek Post House Trumpeter Dam Braemar South Farmers Dam Paradise Outstation Coppermine Waterhole Lake Littra Tualkulka Well Horseshoe Lagoon The Coffin Dams Dogwood Dam Block Seven Creek Wauranga Dam Woolacott Dam Box Tree Waterhole South Farmes Dam Moorak Dam Long Dam Hut Crows Nest Yard Mitchell Tank Big Lagoon Dam Blackbull Dam Burra Paddock Dam Oil Road Dam Rockpebbler Catch Bob Tank Honards Tank Nelwood Stuart South Oak Dam Hundred of Stuart Ship Weck Dam Ram Dam Exons Dam Scrubby Bore Station Hut Jim Catch Burns Tank Mount Alice Dam Porcupine Dam Dingo Extension Tank Andrew Dams Braemar Post Office New Coombool Outstation Lindner South Dam Plough Dam Winack Dam Round Dam General Jackson Dam Tomahawk Dam Fourteen Mile Dam Wilperna Island Vandaluer Bore Monoman Tank Big Bunyip Dam Raith Lake Bunyip Dam South Gloede Dam Stevens Dam Yabba Dam Cat and Dog Dam Skipper Lake Dams Cockatoo Bore Duckpond Dam Little Block Seven Dam Warrigal Dam Adelaide Dam Frogamerry Tank Punkah Creek Clover Dam One Mile Dam Red Flat Tank Ten Mile Dam Murphy Dam Old Paradise Dam Lines Dam Gandy Range Redcliffe Polygon Ridge Crows Nest Dam Bunyung West Hogan Dam Clem Hill Bullant Dam The Emu Dam Old Timor Dam Woollacotts Dam Suicide Bridge Lock Winnock Dam Farmers Catch Whites Dam Conservation Park Good Friday Dam Five Mile Dam Fourteen Mile Hut South Yard Lord Well Hut Mylora Tank Beckwiths Dam Oakey Dam Iron Back Catch Sandalwood Dam Two Mile Tank Red Flat Dam Prince Dam Ted Dam Bells Catch Dam Whites Dam Gunyah Dam Postmark Dam Mornington Dam Xmas Bore George Waterhole Dam No 1 Powerline Dam Parkes Dam Five Mile Yard Halfway Dam Fords Lagoon Nanya Dam Gum Tank Ironback Hill Gum Well Ironback Creek West Farmers Dams Tilmy Dams Trumper Dam Cross Dam Gluepot Mylora Well Dam Little Lagoon Dams No 2 Well Gebhardt Little Hills Target Mark Dam Gaston Dam Four Corners Crutching Shed Werta Wert Gebhardt Lagoon Little Rock Dam Weegun Dam White Hope Dam Nurses Dam Heggatty Dam Victor Trig Alderman Outstation West Woolshed Dam Boomers Dam Five Mile Hut Sams Dam Dick Pughole Lindner Dam Nanny Dam Scaddon Hut Cockatoo Catch Little Bunyung Dam Breasie Dam Outside Country Nine Mile Tank Sandy Dams Turkey Nest Dam Alick Dam Brandy Bottle Waterhole Belt Dam Well Tank Gandy Range Dam No 1 Tolley Dam Wyndarra Dam New Dam Ellery Catch Dividing Dam Staker Dam Saltbush Dam Breeding Dam Gumtree Dam Boiekevie Hill No 1 Tank Steve Dam Heggaty Yard Prairie Catch Ellery Dam West Outstation Mundy Well Nappers Hideaway Dam East Catch Dam Pughole Dam Mine Mallee Dam Grass Parrot Catch Burnt Camp Dam Box Dam Federation Dam Punkah Island Scaddon Hut Dam Fiscom Dam Oak Dam 30 X 30 Dam Damper Catch Alexandrina Stockyard Dam Aitken Dam French Dam Bulls Head Dam Needlebush Dam Oakbank South Point Dam Freckleton Dam Number Two Quandong Vale Boiekerie Hill Boickerie Hill Morganvale Aldermans Outstation Canopus Out Station Canopus Homestead Sandfords Dam Number One Powerline Dam Number Two Powerline Dam Mornington Lords Well OBrien Dam Koomooloo Station Number Two Dam Number One Dam Pepper Tree Motel Glue Pot Paradise Thirty by Thirty Dam Launers Dam Coombool Doriane Dam Gandy Range Dam Number One Bunyip Beach