Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SI54-10

GA SI54-10 - Renmark

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Millewa Cobdogla Barmera Berri Blanchetown Loxton Moorook Morgan Paringa Renmark Swan Reach Waikerie Glossop Monash Schell Well Forster Wongulla Portee Cave Billiatt Bookpurnong Walker Flat Renmark North Sunlands Katarapko Paisley Gerard Lowbank Kanni Ramco Heights Sunnydale Hundred of Allen Hundred of Auld Riverland Planning Area Poognoo Taldra Railway Station Glen View Bugle Hut Copi Plains Pungonda Kopi Trig Upper Bulwara Hundred of Murtho Mindarie Well Wandale Mantung Railway Station Elizabeth Hut Mindarie Railway Station Bottle Top Widara Caliph Post Office Kaus Landing Teal Flat Post Office Knight Bore Du Drop In Bolts Landing Teal Flat Hut Turner Tank Goondooloo Railway Station Walsh Bore Perponda Bore Nobra Downs Mallee Park Turner Hut Garrik Bore Weeroona Bowhill Wharf Gribble Bore Caurnamont Post Office Fromms Landing Merrywood Rhine Valley Mine Sandalwood Railway Station Shellwood Well School Wanbi Bore Yertayurra Telephone Office Sandalwood School Garrik Bore Telephone Office Kilpalie Temmes Teal Flat Substation Hundred of Morphett Renmano Winery Schiers Landing Moorook Oval Sedunary Park Yinkanie Railway Station Bunyip Plain Moseley Salt Well Dingo Rest Whirlpool Corner Margaret Dowling Picnic Area Wilkadene Bulyong Creek Sab-Aruma Bogg Hill Loxton Hut Ben-Lea Waikerie Lutheran Primary School Riversleigh Harts Old Station Shallow Reach Lone Gum Post Office Salt Creek Larna Monash Primary School Mallee View Loch Luna Trig Thurk Station Parcoola Landing Woolshed Creek Templeton Walker Creek Gurra Gurra Flat Wilabalangaloo Cragg Creek Berri Golf Course South Bend Ral Ral Outstation Hundred of Chesson Bery Bery H and L G S Reserve Nolls Landing Mulyoulpko Ittledoo Foxs Hut Weston Flat Post Office Moorook South Post Office Cobdogla Division Jolly Miller Kalara Hope Farm Nikalapcko Waikerie Railway Station William R Randell Snake Gully Johnsons Hut Lions River Front Park Cliff Landing Ramco Recreation Ground Summer Residence Calperum Gate Chambers Reach Barmera Hospital Herons Bend Lara Camp Kedron Hawks Nest Dam Hawker Creek Napper Bridge Taylorville Post Office Glen Park South Lone Gum Pine Villa Loxton District Hospital Nelwort Swamp Renmark Primary School Chaffey Post Office Calperum Railway Station Little Snoring Cumlell Kingston OM Post Office Wigley Flat Landing Cobdogla Reach Sugarloaf Dam Tandara Oasis Hill View Yalumba Estates Waikerie Post Office Ramco Post Office Edwards Landing New Era Irrigation Area Ramco Trig Glossop Primary School Riverside Ranch Jerry Mason Memorial Centre Gurra Gurra Creek Hundred of Pyap Chowella Creek Glossop Railway Station Lowbank Telephone Exchange Holder Landing Jubilee Almonds Elsens Landing Waikerie Gliding Club Island Reach Cooltong Winery Bercallung Pike River Telephone Exchange Gal Gal Cliffs Kylie Creek Yarra Creek Wunkar School Gilesta Dondelon Walker Dam Flagstaff Hill Little Toolunka Flat Koluna Winery Waikerie Club Nickalapko Horse Tank Kopi Dunes Yallambee Maggea Winding Creek Loxton Co-Operative Producers Simaloo Keppel New Residence Landing Golden Sands Waikerie Speedway Fishermans Hut Hillview Cadell Lagoon Shack Area Waikerie Co-Operative Waikerie High School Cadell Primary School Waikerie Primary School Weston Reach Wright Reach Woodcutter Reach Berri Riverland Special School Tarawein Winery Boongala Notts Well Glenforslan Pinevale Sturt Sinclair Flat Lanmau Womaroo Kura Wira Great Pyap or South Bend Wookool Bend Lake Bonney Creek Markaranka Toolunka Bookpurnong Post Office Media Reef Amaroo Station Katarapko Game Reserve Media Landing Pine View Snake Creek Renmark Commonage Woolpunda Water Tower Woombii Devlin Pound Landing Schmidts Landing Maddock and Monchis Landing Schultzs Landing Wyeera Castles Hill McBean Pound Weigall Division Hundred of Wilson Hundred of Fisher Wongulla Landing Forester Bend Griegers Landing Wookata Swan Reach Post Office Marne River Maynards Landing Bartletts Landing Kassulkes Landing Loveday Substation Gerard Community Marshall Hut Moorook Primary School Marlynga Mungala Bon-a-Nea Ball Rocks Nockburra Creek Pelican Point Napper's Old Post House Nor West Bend Six Mens Landing Ramco Point Nelbuck Roseneath Korah Bore High Prominent Hill Markeri Telegraph Office Hundred of Forster Timbertop Taplan School Areli Tank Halidon Bore Alawoona Bore Pyap Central Springbrae Cobera Pondarosa Bakara Well Cave Naidia Post Office Cobera Railway Station Chesson Park Kilpalie Railway Station Mindarie Downs Bedrock Heinrich Knight Well Telephone Office Wingara Yaralin Post Office Wynmoor Widara Park Fair View Alawoona Railway Station Wilpy Farm Wilpy Railway Station Tookayerta Ewinbrae Roberta Kumara Tank Moonaroo Cobera Tank Cockings Siding Gluyas Viewland Robbos Ranch Kennan Coringle Narinya Glen Connell Gold Post Nildottie Tank Nadia Trig Bakara Well Sandalwood Bore Hillmanville Snodgrass Crassy Plain Hamilton Scrub Silver Dale Wanbi Research Centre Hampton Dam Gluyas Railway Station Walker Flat Youth Camp Semmler Bore Claypans Primary School Hundred of Katarapko Hundred of Peebinga Hundred of Holder Hundred of Loveday Bonney Post Office Calperum Cooltong Plain Chaffery Oval Woolhoo Bend Moonah Tank Nadda Railway Station Browns Well Meribah Railway Station Valley View Carawatha Kyandra Tiger Bore Paruna Bore Veitch School Moonah Bore Kalbanya Downe Southe Kumara Bore Timber Top Veitch Well Meribah Post Office Enoomah Bore North-West Bend Stockyard Plain Martin Bend Reserve 5RM Dam Haylands Baener Landing Bryan Creek Landing Thandwalla Newera Morphett Flat Murkbo Flat C Malls Landing Schneiders Landing Ardyakka Park Tynlca Booknook Hut Ral Ral Wide Waters Renmark Gate Renmark Reservoir Rumpagunya Creek Renmark South Post Office Old Calperum Renmark Aerodrome Coolaltit Bend Chaffey Pumping Station Stamou Winery Murray View School Hundred of Pyap School Port Blanche Town Bruno Bay Tapoo Lagoon Purknong Lagoon Pooginook Conservation Park Maidment Lagoon Clover Lake Horseshoe Lagoon New Residence Village School The Billabong Ajax Achilles Lake Julurupuluru Double Thookle-Thookle Lagoons Billiatt Conservation Park Murray River National Park Joyner Lagoon Lake Barmera Lake Bonney Riverland Nookamka Holder Lagoon Ramco Lagoon Hunt Hill Pike River Conservation Park Kringin Peebinga Meribah Malpas Pata Caliph Mantung Boolgun Loveday Cooltong Purnong Ramco Moorook South Perponda Katarapko Island Reny Island Moorook Island Julia Island Cobera Minyara Winkie Goat Island Hypurna Island Hunchee Island Penkey Island Kapunda Island Media Island Copeville Kriggin Alawoona Kingston On Murray Glencope Wigleys Island Nangari School Goat Island Wildlife Sanctuary Morgan Conservation Park Piccaninny Lagoon Wonuarra Col Col Hut Bangaratta Stonehenge Uwarung Renmark Flat Murbko Flat Woolenook Bend Woolpolool Swamp McCovies Hut North West Bend Denlyn Grove Morgan Railway Station Hundred of Mantung Dishers Creek Estate Settlers Bend Landing Weston Flat Lagoon Billiatt Wilderness Protection Area Kunlara Areli Bore Cockshell Ingalta Taylorville Primary School Ashmore Chambers Morgan-Whyalla No 1 Pump Station New Well School North Lake Bridge Pyap Warwilla Murtho Forset Landing Henley Park Divyno Towers Rhine Hut Waikerie Forest Glossop Post Office Hampton Tanah-Tenggai Dudropin Point Little Moorook Pumping Station Ariverrun Ifould Park Warroo Bore Joes Mill Waikerie Irrigation Area Lyrup Post Office No 3 Pumping Station Herman Trig Stony Pitch Dam Tintara Nadia Browns Well Station Shannon Landing Conservation Park Netherleigh Homestead Meramba Muljarra Brown Well Heron Bend Gurra Gurra Renmark North Primary School Crecy Bore Kadli Bore Yerra Punyelroo Cave Pyap Estate School Banrock Station Parkoola Station Tharko Polda Station Claru Piltenge Wongulla Post Office Coorumbene Ettrick Brae Post Office Halidon Tank Pasadena Bedlam Melevale Fullerton Tabmow Big Bend West Hamitons Winery Kylara Beldora Tatiara Li Hogwash Karoom Railway Station Milich Landing Luscombes Pyap Station Mickes Landing Ramco Point Picnic Ground Westons Cattle Station Pike River Graziani Winery Bookpurnong Trig Verfel River Side Boomart Holder Siding Naidia Kingston O.M. Gurra Gurra Lake Galga Nott Island Kapunda Island Conservation Park Tuscan Post Office Gumlell Island Pyap Island Mindarie Loxton North Hundred of Murray Angoves Winery Loch Luna Lake Bonney Yarra Lagoon Wukain Prison Yinkanie Sanctuary Jax Joynt Wintrena Butchers Spring Naidia Cemetary Spearlands Kunlara Telephone Office Border Park Taplan Railway Station Alburdin Wanbi Railway Station Beulah Tank No 6 Pumping Station Nor' West Bend Redrock Wagem MacBeans Pound Donald Flat Lagoon Kaluna Stony Ridge Hundred of Cadell Old Parcoola Parcoola Notts Well Primary School Lock 3 Hunchee Creek Dix Cutting Shannon Landing Gumview Ketley Bore Schell's Well Purnong Landing Kimberley Park Nnamier Upper Murray Garden of Memory Causeway Lagoon Glen Ivor Hundred of Giles Barmera Primary School Hogwash Sandbar Fletcher Park Yamba Railway Station Colcha Hut Noora Railway Station Belmanor Boggy Flat Landing Loxton Post Office Renmark High School Miwangbuik Hill Armytages Hut Irvings Flat Tynica Big Bend Landing Loveday Hall Borung The Bend Flat Taylor Flat Molo Flat Qualco Post Office Riverland Racecourse Akoonah Gurra Ville Hart Lagoon Koala Sanctuary Napper Accommodation House Kingston Irrigation Area Loveday Pumping Station Modistacks Landing Bekman Landing Hurst Plain Qualco Hut Rook Rook Rang Medea Reef Levis Homestead Pensy Reach First Light Winkie Post Office Ral Ral Avenue Bridge Mount Bryan Creek Pine Grove Tiger Tank Vallis Moonah Bore Telephone Office Cosy Corner Perkin Dam Wanbi Downs Mallee Vale Ankara Youth Camp Walker Flat Landing Marananga New Well Necklace Dam Settlers Bend Picnic Area Brady Landing Scrub Hut Greenways Tobra Dry Reach Ant-Hill Hut Boolgun Railway Station Holder Railway Station Moona Norvalde Saltbush Flat Claypans Post Office Fisher Yamba Crescent Randall Cobera Bore Col Col Dam Turnip Downs Hundred of Bakara Kalyan Railway Station Punyelroo Wanderview Cobera Post Office Carlot Hut Bowhill Trig Yundara Prominent Hill Alawoona Tank Merallen Tarradale Brenda Park Pooginook Belina Craig Nook Knight Well Hundred of Vincent Shangri La Kopi Plains Perponda Post Office Copeville Railway Station Ramco West Cumlell Island Reedy Island Wappilka Bulyong Island Nelwort Island The Follies Paringa Landing Gurra Landing Goat Island Sanctuary Roonka Roonka Station Cumbunga Creek Ned Crossing Ingalta Telephone Office Phillis Landing Walker Flat Substation Thylungra Park Lowbank Primary School Molo Estate Murray View Landing Stumpy Acres Loveday Swamp Naidia School Beardy Dam Ramco Point Conservation Park Walker Flat School Pike Lagoon Cadell Goyder Highway Yarrunga Zieglers Landing Murbpook Homestead Loxton West Woods Flat Post Office The Big Orange Pyap Lagoon Rilli Island Conservation Park Loveday Park Teeonga Reedy Creek Crooked Straight Paringa Creek Longwang Creek Kroehns Landing Kalyan School Shell Hill Reid Flat Kaluna Winery Craggie Creek Devlins Pound Weemala Pfeiler Corner Loxton Co-Op Winery Habel Landing Yarra Reach Moorunde Wildlife Reserve Cooinda Moorook South Trig Lockhaven Ngaut Ngaut Conservation Park Maize Island Lagoon Conservation Park Shoal Reach Nilkra Loxton North Primary School Heritage Murray View Monash Post Office Spring Cart Gully Railway Station Scott Creek The Summer Residence Woods Flat School Renmark North Post Office Sandy Island Longwang Island Cragg Island Nynes Island Halidon Hill Avonlea Elizabeth Well No 1 Piggy Flat Landing Sunny Down Sunday Dam Sugar-Loaf Dam Albrechts Hut Younghusband Holdings Renmark Riverland Community College Craft B Kayande Prominent Nob Hampton Well Coolcha Hundred of Parcoola Beardy Hut Yambray Hundred of Nildottie Kooloola My-Nute Mens Manor Beaumonts Renmark Junior Primary School Billaweena Dingo Range Peebinga School Woodley Park Nelwart Swamp Wombat Hollow Memdelbuik Pata Railway Station Kieta Galga Railway Station Old Teal Flat Blanchetown East School Spectacle Lake Murbko Hallmark Dam Ariverrun Trig Headings Cliff Lookout Berri Irrigation Area Wonuarra Railway Station Murtho Park Lindene Keneira Bon Anea Gerard Mission Reserve Rema Park Pettifor Park Caurnamont Station Mr Littles Station Scrubby Flat Marshalls Landing Paschkes Flat The Stables Ten Mile Dam Hundred of Moorook Turner Well Hardys Winery Four Winds Boggy Flat Lock 4 Renmark Railway Station Harry Boord Reserve Carinya Moorook Game Reserve Bakara Conservation Park Loxton East Purnong Lagoon Mootatunga Nardoo Lagoon Paruna Veitch Mercunda Nadda School Thurk Perponda School Purnong Rural School Little Duck Lagoon Taldra Dinger Drive Ponderosa Two Flats Dam Settlers Bend Eba Vale Colemans Landing Wein Valley Winery Irwin Flat Reny Moonah Sanctuary Hundred of Mindarie Glendoline Kringin Telephone Exchange Hilldale Taplan Post Office Wolowa Koowa Lake Carlet Lynwood Ridgeydidge Cocking Well Dunira Green Fields The Lazy B Augsburg Morphetts Hut Bonneyview Mondagonda Creek Loxton Railway Station Ral Ral Creek Durden Pardens Landing Temple Temple Plain Devon Downs Pastroal Company Punyelroo Substation Szabados Winery Moorook Irrigation Area Cobdogla Hut Gurri Gurri Landing Pyap Hut Landing Caliph Railway Station Teal Flat Landing Carlot Creek Wunkar Post Office Moll Landing Warrdurri Maize Island Wigley Flat Roonka Landing Talyndarve Warina Park Hundred of Billiatt Nangari Railway Station Penn Reach Hot Top Homestead Lalirra Telephone Station Rams Head Corner Bowhill Landing Don Watkinson Adventure Park Ninkle Nook Bend Lyrup Heights Foresters Hut Wirrimbirra Arkona Flats Boolgun Telephone Office Brentwood Maggea Railway Station Warragai South Devon Downs Post Office Nildottie Substation Bartels Landing Fleurieu Nookamka Division Cobdogla Landing Baphams Landing Nangari Post Office Koliba Reach North West Bend Station Edward Promnitz Gardens Good Hope Landing McBean Pond Nelbuck Creek Spring Cart Gully Kybolite Goondooloo Trig Thompson Corner Berri Post Office Oxford Landing Estate Sunlands Irrigation Area North Eckert Creek Tennson Browns Well District Area School Ross Lagoon Wolowa Tank Peebinga Rockhole Hill Top Windara Timor Division Eyres House Rivendell New Bowhill Trig Kalioota Murbka Flat Gurra Marks Landing Nildottie Pyap West Halidon Nelwart Island Kekwick School Butchers Soak Bockhara Well Bakara Merreti Swamp Melross Kroehns Lookout Punyelroo Post Office Hundred of Paringa Greenways Irrigation Scheme Pines Anrevley Morphetts Yard Banrock Parrelun Railway Station Big Tank St Alberts Catholic School Cape Horn Little Hunchee Creek Lower Bulwara Old Devon Downs Farr Craignook Minimbah Ned Tank Lowan High Moorook Reach Zeppels Landing Waikerie Recreation and Community Centre The Splash Long Reach Cobdogla Swamp Woolpool Swamp Lake Woolpolool Taree Woolshed Nangaringa Nikalapko Flat Woods Flat Woods Flat Landing Cooks Landing Chaffey Irrigation Area Kylie Island Medea Island Muklemuk Island Mukle Muk Island Nelbuck Island Turrana Calperum Hill Grant Park Playground Moya Mission Centre Woods Flat Institute Yinkanie Nangaringa Stud Lock 1 Tuscan Railway Station Silvergate Castle Landing Mantung School Appleton Bend Cobdogla Primary School Gilmore Lodge Murtho Forest Coolaltit Chowilla Creek Nildottie Post Office Gerard Aboriginal Land Warradee Malyons Post House Barmera Trotting Oval North West Bend Landing Lone Gum Cockle Reach Great Yarra Reach Yarra Glen Barmera Railway Station Loxton Police Station Beri Beri Hut Katarapko Creek Woodleigh Mindarie Station Kringin Railway Station Malvew Renmark West Hundred of Bowhill Markeri School Kringin School Donleen Elizabeth Well No 2 Piltenge Railway Station Spring Brae Wal's Farm Mulijarra Peebinga Post Office Anembo Chucka Bend Bowhill Post Office Hundred of McPherson Garrick Bore Hundred of Waikerie Schell Well School Bayah Railway Station Glen Devon J Harts Head Station Berri Rifle Range Watchows Landing Marapana Ramco Primary School No 2 Pumping Station Aldridge Landing Houslers Landing Von Riebens Public House Cadell Lagoon Teal Flat Warwille Murtho Creek Chowilla Woolshed Greenway Landing Rhine River Spring Cart Gully Bend Briaken Park Netherleigh Post Office Wolowa Railway Station Roseneath Telephone Office Nildottie Well Niloc Vale Enoomah BoreTelephone Office East Murray Area School Walker Flat Post Office Murbka Glen-Lee Kingston Bridge Kaesler Landing Old Pyap Homestead Gerard Mission Woolmer Reserve Waikerie Aerodrome Glatzs Landing Lagoon Creek Harts Landing Lehwur Morgan Primary School Monash Tank Murbko Flat Lagoon Murbpook Lagoon Craignook Farm Sanctuary Kalyan Mattala Railway Station Port Blanchetown Myrla School Rilli Island Yatco Lagoon Mantung Well Overland Corner Landing Kingston Primary School Hundred of Murbko Hundred of Eba Ball Reach Mount Buggery Forster Hill Lock 5 Popes Landing Tapering Cave Cottigee Devon Downs Bullimah Glossop High School The Batchelors Kanni Raliway Station Old Riversleigh Little Yarra Landing Lubiana Winery Bundilla Berri District Hospital Benson Park Table Land Kogara River Haven Markaranke Portee Station Otana Cadell Irrigation Area Vindana Winery St Josephs Catholic School Woolthoo Bend Brenda Park Landing Enoomah Bore School Wintrena Railway Station Malpas Railway Station Hiview Sportco Wanbi Tank Sanlirra Taldra Post Office Gregorys Landing W Scholz Landing Hundred of Cooper Wolowa Bore Gurrinya Lyrup Primary School Sunset View Tanah-Merah Marino Crossing The Oaks Pineacres Reedy Flat Kanni West School Overland Corner Post Office Scaddons House Mount Berri Plush Bend Wynne Haven Browns Landing Amazon Creek Murtho Telephone Exchange River Veiw Homestead Pitdinnie Well Myrla Railway Station Karrawatha Homestead Sunlands Irrigation Area Loxton Airstrip Waikerie Irrigation Area East Extension Devlins Pound Temporary School Noonawirra Portee Landing Glossop Recreation Park Moorundie Boggy Flat Yards Martin Bend Duttons Landing Great Pyap South Bend Bill Pass Tallara Station Thompsons Purnong School New Eba Landing Long Plain Boundary Hut Nangari Big Bend Coerab Renmark West Post Office Peebinga Wildlife Reserve Jonvalee Moonah Telephone Office Taplan Langs Landing Taylorville Chambers Island Forbys Island Wunkar Thurk Island Moorundie Creek Berri Co-Operative Arlunga Pyap Post Office Delrosa Winery Penky Island Nalyilta Railway Station Mariam Hundred of Kekwick School Nadda Frelyne Harry Well Lalirra Pineview Piggy Flat Alcheringa Winery Karelia Renmark TAFE Ozone Theatre Meribah School Moorundie School Swan Reach Area School W Roys Landing Caurnamont Landing Seers Landing Yarrimbah Braemar Glossop CFS Blanche Town East Landing Blanchetown Primary School Preiss Landing Sugarloaf Hill The Pines Sandys Yard Loch Luna Game Reserve Berri Co-Op Winery Talinga Big Toolunka Flat Qualco Landing Marshall Settlement The Key-Holes Perponda Railway Station Wytaliba Kunlara Railway Station Ned Well Yactko Creek Morgan Landing Morgan Lagoons Lutheran School Oxford Landing Waikerie District Hospital Spring Cart Reach Kalisch Landing Apex Playground Berri Berri Hut Loxton Rifle Range Reids Old Station Eba Railway Station Sandy Ridge Cooltong Conservation Park Hundred of Kingsford Scrub Pines Telephone Office Joley Pines Mantung Waterhole Kawilara Tamarisk Shephard Well Sheppard Well Wynmoore Wigley Reach Nipernong Bend Woolshed Bend Wooknal Bend Pata School Ant-Hill Yard Rhine Creek Kurlana Ashkerville Mununka Landing Ridley Conservation Park Sandalwood Bundara Howell Park Berri Primary School Golden Downs Waikerie Field and Game Club Gerard Reserve for Aborigines Drogemuller Landing Cox Plain Eba Mundic Creek Taree Jane Eliza Landing Mundagunda Creek Kantiki Hills Gal Gal Reach Kunadale Swan Reach Station Woolpunda Wombats Rest Forster Post Office Lalirra School Petreen Nikalapko Lone Pine Lookout Pungonda Railway Station Bugle Hundred of Hay Nildottie School Winkie Primary School Bonneyview Winery Flowery Plain ABRS Channel 3 Loxton Haystack Yard Goondooloo Atkindale Gerard Aboriginal Community Boggy Flat Hut Markaranka Flat John P Jennings Park Gillen East Landing Mara Pana Hogwash Bend Waikmor Nickalapcko Flat Packard Bend Nadda Farms Veitch Railway Station Linwood Ellowar School Alawoona School Farm Gallery Boonerdoo Charmic Piggie Flat Clayville Bruillon Riverland Purnong Post Office Hundred of Paisley Housleys Landing No 5 Pumping Station Wongulla Lagoon Sanctuary Wombat Rest Renmark District Hospital Loxton Riverland Community College Media Island Conservation Park Billiatt Wildlife Reserve Riley Island Causeway Island Hart Island County of Alfred Tuscan Tundra Solora Golden Heights Horseshoe Swamp Murtho Rock Hungry Creek Wombat Flat Arkoona Flats Herrmann Landing Wappilka Railway Station Belaryo New Berri Water Tower Sandalwood Hill Dam Myrla Shuni Bore Craignook Landing Weston Flat Landing Glenlock Coongalena New Residence Kunjalura Boringer Vincent Trig Roba Park Promnitzs Landing Pooginook Flat Lyrup Flats Tumbledown Bryant Creek Ridgeway Pine Village Resort Hundred of Skurray No 4 Pumping Station Here Tis Moderation Marali Cowrie Donald Flat Cadell Training Centre Eba Post Office Smithdale Wilpy Hundred of Bookpurnong Nalya Patahaven Beulah Bore Kenrose Pines Reserve Brown Well Bore Summerlands Hillmanville Railway Station Milannza Heritage Hill Dengila Nevarda Scrubby Flat Landing Yarramundi Memorial Oval County of Albert Princess Royal Rocks Hermann Landing Bulwara Homestead Rall Rall Creek Cockatoo Calypso Big Bend East Nobah Bore Sturt Memorial Daisy Bates Picnic Ground Holder Telephone Office Almeo Coolcha Landing Hundred of Markaranka Round Flat Yarra View Boggy Flat Mail Station Buttons Landing Forrester Longcliff Landing McBean Stockyard Seven Mile Reach Nine Mile Hut Wirrilda Riversun Martins Landing Emu Gully Bookpurnong Dam School The Key Holes Thiele Highway Rumpagunyah Creek Billabong Farm Labroun Park Rippon Park Hundred of Randell Ngautngaut Conservation Park Ontop Sunvale Julanka Holdings Caurnamont Qualco Paruna School Maggea School Yelpril Swamp Noora Little Hunchee Island Ball Island Elizabeth Well Nigra Creek Loxton Primary School Glossop Community Club Coolobah Club Ingalta Railway Station Oxford Landing School Coodalya Tanyaca Creek Cordola Paruna Railway Station Sunshine Farm Netherleigh Stix Farm Hope Butchers Soak School Bakara Post Office Cobera School Shellwood Bore Warroo Goloming Bore The Estate Allawah Roonka Necklace Well Chambers Creek Koora Railway Station Whirlpool Bend Foresters Yard Toltarne Irrigation Area Holder Primary School Ithilien Sanctuary Paringa Railway Station Watchells Landing Holder Bend Obst Fred 2 Lockson Hut The Yarra Waikerie Trig Coxs Hut Gundamain Rhine Flat Lake Merreti Hundred of McGorrery Lonesome Trig Woolpunda Radio Communication Station Wunkar Railway Station Cobar Blanchetown Plain Myrla Post Office Bookmark Creek Fiddlers Green Hamley Winery Bayah Jaeschke Lagoon Minyara Peebinga Conservation Park Tennyson Hampton Tank Bald Hill Glenforslan Landing Portee Creek Chowella Loxton High School Mindarie Rural School Paringa Bridge Wiela Rhine Flat Landing Villa Marie Murtho Tyntree Bend Punyelroo Landing Loveday Primary School Hill Bro No 4 Lock Post Office Wanbi Glen Devlin Devlin Reach Island Flat Woolmer Waikerie Fauna Park Vinedale Bochara Kekwick Telephone Office Eastern Well Book Purnong Morphetts Flat Agincourt Bore Mindarie Hut Mindarie Woolshed Kulpinga Telephone Office Glencope Railway Station Renmark TAFE Riverland Community Centre Morgan Mile and Scramble Circuit Bookmark Burford Hill Pearson Waterhole Sylvorn Tookayerta Railway Station Mootatunga Post Office Shellwood Tank Elmore Aldurdin Renmark South Dunira Post Office Wyn-Moor Banrock Creek Wilks Dam Old Thurk Station Lyrup Glengower Buckley Plain Kadli Telephone Office Hundred of Gordon Mundic Forest Toora Vale Ninklenook Bend Mobrae Park Shuni Tank Koowa Railway Station Hundred of Kekwick Chowilla Okley Baroona Thiele Trig Flowery Plains Weston Flat Berri Railway Station Holder Bend Reserve Holder Settlement Sunlands Telephone Exchange Kuloo Downs Hart Reach Woolpunda Primary School Wappilka School Klaus Landing Pyap Hut Loxton Irrigation Area Pioneer Park Taylors Landing Nikalapco Waikerie Police Station Mallyons Post House Lock 2 Moorick Isle Spectacle Lakes Roonka Conservation Park Lowan Conservation Park Kingston-On-Murray Primary School Jarretville Teal Flat Lagoon Wongulla Lagoon Mercunda Railway Station Port Morgan Lake Bywaters Ngak Indau Wetland Upper Murray Planning Area Blanche Town Amarina Mailman Hut Waterwitch Loxton Show and Recreation Grounds Pepper Hill Trebor Park Wattle Drive Hillbro Tusker Reach Sunlands Irrigation Area South Cooltong Dam Bryan Creek Renmark West Primary School Glendoune Christmas Valley Naidia Cemetery Brae Downs Ranch Halidon Railway Station Lanela Pankina Bowhill East School The W R Randell Lock No 1 Moorundie Wildlife Park Chaffey St Clair Garden Manunka Landing Rhine River South Herman Landing Mundy Creek The Marne Little Pyipoo Hill Rooneys Farm Blackfellows Creek Woolpunda Pumping Station Lowbank Landing Shellwood Well Rilli Reach Manor Farm Lowbank Post Office Wirrelyerna Loveday Irrigation Area Cobdogla Woolshed Aramier Burlay Big Hunchee Creek Willowdene Three Mile Hut Kinta Calpara Jaeschkes Landing Taree Homestead Noora Evaporation Basin Portee McIntosh Canal Donald Campbell Landing Barmera Golf Course Overland Corner Hotel Hermanns Landing School Deep Creek Walker Flat Lagoon Kamora Lalirra Trig Yarra Cliffs Pyap Reach Karoom Hundred of Pooginook Wilton Hut Craigs Landing Snodgrass Landing Habel Bend Simarloo Glenkeith Goodalya Wachtels Lagoon Hundred of Bandon Hill-Top Moonah Bore School Peebinga Railway Station Kiamonya Winard Wild Dog Dam Greenways Landing Burra Creek Claypans Overland Corner Eremophila Park Holder South Moorook Yaralin Devlin Pound Murbook Lagoon Lock Five Wanuarra Kingston Cobdog Donalds Flat Lagoon Craggs Island Moppa Markeri Mantung Railway The Marne River Norvaide Walkers Flat Downe South Auld Bow Hill Bowhill Kiipalie Krinjin Boltons Ettrick Brae