Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SI54-12

GA SI54-12 - Balranald

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Allanvale Banoon Oakdene Wintong Llanover Downs Bellamong Chillichil Ettrick Glen Emu Bidura The Oaks Walmer Downs Bunumburt Juanbung Mallee Cliffs The Peppers Prungle Upson Downs Glen Dee Gulthul Benenong Koolaman Tin Tin Tori Murrum Valley Mungery Tylden Yanga Bramah Lake Marimley Oakdale Cringadale Karra Carawatha Jindeena Benington Staggery Downs Narwie Athen Margooya Liparoo Bindee Wilga Park Koimbo Mowat Ville Malado Farm Sinapius Murray Bank Kulwin Balranald Euston Robinvale Avalon Lake Andys Lake Abbots Tank Bald Hill Town of Balranald Balranald Aerodrome Balranald Cemetery Balranald Central School Balranald Public School Balranald Railway Station Balranald Weir Belar Lake Benanee Benanee Benanee Creek Benanee Tank Benongal Bests Sandbar Bidura Bore The Big Bend Big Sandhill Lake Bitch and Pups Bingera Creek Binbinette Binbinette Railway Station Boggy Creek Lake Boocathan Bottle Gate Creek Boundary Rocks Box Creek Box Creek Tank Box Lagoon Breer Creek Breer Hill Breer Regulator Breer Swamp The Bucca Wakool Buchanans Bend Bucky Creek Bucky Island Canally Island Can Can Lagoon Carina Bend Caringay Creek Lake Caringay Catch A Monkey Lake Chadwick Chalmers Lagoon Chaston Cutting Chinamans Clump Cockatoo Creek Cods Head Reef Condoulpe Condoulpe Creek Condoulpe Lake Cooliqunyah Creek Deadman Plain Deadmans Creek Devils Creek Dundomallee Lake Dusty Lake Eaglehawk Lake Euston Public School Euston State Forest Fisher Five Tree Dam Four Corners Ganaway Lake Gells Island Geraki Creek Geraki Tank Glen Dee Regulator Glen Dee Tank Goodnight Greenham Park Gundagai Bend Harveys Lake Horseshoe Lagoon Howleys Bend Impimi Invincible Bend Irrigation Lake Jack Creek Jack O'Briens Creek Jeremiah Lump Juanbung Regulator Kangaroo Point Kerkeri Kerkeri Lake Cole Lagoon Danger Island Town of Euston Glendee Tank Gum Creek Impimi Railway Station Kerkery Lake Kia Kia Lake Kia Ora Kia Swamp Ki Bend Kieeta Kieeta Creek Kieeta Game Reserve Koorakee Koorakee Railway Station Kyalite Kyalite Public School Kyalite State Forest Lambing Down Hill Langs Bend Lake Leriwa Lette Liewa Liewa State Forest Lily Plain Lincoln Lintot Lintot Lake Little Prill Little Prill Lake Little Sandhill Lake Lock 15 Lockharts Sandbar Loorica Loorica Lake Lower Tala Bend Lyle Lake Mackenzies Lake Mackenzies Resevoir Macommon Lake Mccabes Creek Mccabes Five Mile Tree Creek Mcgintys Reach Mckay Creek Mallee Mamanga Manie Creek Manie or Tittara Creek Manie State Forest Maremley Lake Marimley Lake Mein Merwin Lake Merwin Middle Creek Milleu Monkem Monkem Creek Moolpa Moonlight Lake Moopla Railway Station Morris Mortons Lagoon Mortons Sanctuary Morven Tank Muckee Lake Mundonah Tank Munkugerie Regulator Murwin Muttiedaddie Reserve Mylatchley Railway Station Mystery Lake Nap Nap Nap Nap Tank Narkungerie Creek Narkungerie Swamp Narrung Cutting Native Waterholes Nimming Pollen Creek Noeyango 'Caringay' Lake Noeyango or Caringay Creek Noeyango Lake Nolans Chance Lake Nowie Lake Nullawong Bore Nurtram Billabong O'Briens Creek Paika Creek Paika Lake Paiko or Peacock Creek Paika Tank Parker Peacock Creek Pee Vee Creek Pelican Lagoon Penarie Penarie Creek Penarie Tank Village of Perekerten Perekerten Perekerten Railway Station Perekerten Station Piggery Lake Pitarpunga Lake Pollen Pollen Creek Pound Bend Prill Lake Prungle Hills Prungle Lakes Prungle Tank Pybolee Redbank Hill Redbank Weir Retail Bend River Breer Swamp Salisbury Slab Hut Reach Snake Creek Sparks Reef Success Reef Sugar Basin Lake Taila Creek Tala Tala Creek Tala Rocks Lake Tala Talbetts Crossing Lake Talbetts Talpee Talpee Creek Tarara Crossing Tararie Tarwillie Swamp Lake Tearre Teatree Lake Telford Ten Mile Creek Ten Mile Tank The Bottleneck The Five Fingers The Willows Tin Tin Lake Tobacco Bush Hills Topra Plain Tori Lake Torry Plains Game Reserve Tualka Creek Turora Tuyerunby Twalka Creek Twelve Mile Creek Uara Creek Upper Sandhill Lake Upper Tala Bend Victoria Reef Wakool Wakool Crossing Wakool Junction Waldaira Creek Waldaira Lake Waldaira Tank Lake Wannah Waradgery Washpen Creek Washpen or Webinble Creek Waugorah Waugorah Creek Waugorah Regulator Wee Wee Creek Weimby Willandra Billabong Williamson Willow Vale Wilpee Windomal Windomal Landing Winter Wombah Woolshed Creek Yanga Creek Yanga Lake Yangalake Railway Station Yanga Nature Reserve Yanga Regulator Yanga State Forest Yanga Tank Yarrowal Tank Bull Plain Bulumpla Lagoon Dry Lake Duck Nest Creek Bungaree Creek Bunumburt Lake Burdakiany or Tala Creek Burrawang Byerley Bend Peacock Creek Flora Reserve Balranald Reservoir The Gum Creek Murray Plain Pin Cushion Island Balranald Aboriginal Cemetery Bourpie Escape Chaston Regulator Glen Avon Escape Kieeta Escape Paika Escape Tala Escape Wynburn Regulators Abercrombie Channel Gendarme Bend Graveyard Bend Ballah Belaimong Budgerie Chillichill Cooncoonburra Crokee Davy Ganaway Geraki Jippay Kerrish Kingi Lawrence Loocalle Macpherson Maremley Mevna Muckee Narahquong Nullawong Pitarpunga Ronald Tintin Tyson Waldaira Yarrowal Yough Bertram Caringy Coolena Garnet Grant Ki Lowan Manie Maniette Marma Meilman Merowa Mundonah Mylatchie North Mundonah Nowong Ormond Park Rainding Werimble Youngera North Cowl Thirrang Quianderry Bidura West Laurie Mendook Cowl Narrow Bend Flora Reserve Euston Reservoir Tittara Paika Yarrington Boorong Taila Keri Keri Kieeta State Forest Annuello Annuello Telephone Exchange Bannerton Bannerton Telephone Exchange Belsar Island Bolton Bolton Channel Bolton State Faunal Reserve Bolton West Channel Bonyarricall Creek Boolungal Boundary Bend Boundary Bend Primary School Bridge Creek Brydens Tanks Bullock Flat Tank Bumbang Bumbang Creek Bumbang Island Burra Burra Channel Burra Creek Byerleys Bend Coonimur Geera Geera Channel Gingimrick Hastings Tank Channel Heywoods Lake Hopcroft Billabong Koimba Koimbo Channel Kooloonong Koorkab Lake Carrul Lake Powell Macredie Island Margooya Lagoon Mirkoo Myall Myall North Channel Myall South Channel Narcooyia Creek Narrung Narrung Channel Narrup East Tank Narrup Tank Natya Natya Telephone Exchange Nenandie Piambie Pines Pioneer Tank Possum Flat Channel Robinvale Channel Robinvale Consolidated School Robinvale Fire Station Robinvale Hospital Robinvale Irrigation District Section B Robinvale Irrigation District Section C Robinvale Irrigation District Section D Robinvale Irrigation District Section E Robinvale Magistrates Court Robinvale Mcwilliams Wines Robinvale Police Station Robinvale Post Office Robinvale Secondary College Robinvale South Robinvale Winery Tata Creek Ti Tree Tanks Toltol Tyntynder Main Channel Wakool Creek Wandown Wandown State Wildlife Reserve Weet Weet Tank Wemen Wemen Channel Winnambool Winnambool Channel Yungera Yungera Creek Yungera Island Mackenzies Reservoir Hillview Lesies Tank Beliamong Willandra Tank Wild Dog Tank Bindura Milkay Tank Willandra Creek Boomiaricool Pyong Tank Box Clump Tank Great Cumbungi Swamp Big Tanks Lachlan River Mylatche Mylatchy Ballarah Model Farm Wynburn Carinya Springbank Sunnyside Abbotts Tank Lake Noeyango Noeyanga Lake Noeyango Caringay Lake Warwaegae Auleg Ki Downs Mainie Canally Tonga Redgate Ti Tree Lake Murrumbidgee River Lake Carpall Mangooya Junction Park Myall Farm Heywood Lake Spring Plain Keri-Keri Merwein Haysdale Wakool River Thistlebank Kingle Mowart-Ville Yal Yal Kyalite River Edward River Lake Lyle Liewah Bibinette