Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SI54-14

GA SI54-14 - Pinnaroo

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

The Wattles Torbrae Heathmorr Park Wurinya Caringa Border Downs Coonalpyn Karoonda Lameroo Pinnaroo Tintinara Sleezy Lizard Caves Culburra Coombe Bulloak Well Zola Ranch Woodland Parrall Yappara Soldiers Memorial Hospital Lameroo Post Office Chandos Midway Kennella Helmshurst Morningside Duck Hole Woods Well Telephone Office Jon-Del Sheoak Carinya Yarrahville Karinya The Veldt Clanfield Gunnadoo Glen-Olive Kramona Carama Pine Plains Scrub Spring Lowen Park Maurlee Coonalpyn Railway Station Artimore Yarran Binnowie Waterhole No 2 Paradowns Fyfe Bore Emerald Hill Kameneli Little Dam Spring-Vale The Oaks Acacia Coorumbeena Kamillaroi Bucks Camp Soakage East Well Coomooroo Bonnie-Doone Southrose Sugarloaf Well Old Ashrose Baan Soakage Carcory Trig Coonalpyn Hill Alnara Park Scoop Hole Yard Square Well Berrima Zerah Bore Lynnwood Delringa Hundred of Glyde Bandoona Park Mount Boothby Yumali Railway Station Hundred of Coombe Hundred of Pinnaroo Demile-Downs Binnie Water Heathvale Strawbridge Park Hundred of Bews Hundred of Peake Apex Rotary Park Pinery Soak Pinnaroo Railway Station Sunnyridge For Far Brae Porter Lookout Wow Wow Plain Santa Gurtrudis Yarraville Rosy Pine Soakage Carramar-Pines Wirha Telephone Office Calgara Calimpa Bataba Netherton Telephone Exchange Gosse Hill Trossachs Bore Trossachs Jimmy Spring Puppy Spring Box Flat Station Kumorna Railway Station Gambak Park Stony Well Heath Vale Boolyana Boothby Waterhole Wavelly Ryelands Brucleen Coonalpyn Post Office Carclew Vale Hawksnest Fifty Mile Waterhole Tauragat Well Morilla Bronwyn Canowie Wayraltee Tauragat Hill Winnikie Soak Claypan Bore Lameroo Police Station Orwelland Traolo Scorpion Yard Parilla North Primary School Parilla Railway Station Zellerfield Kooreela Para Downs Lowlands Dulverton Tallawa Pomdiago Scorpion Well Winnikie Spring Austin Village Homes for the Aged Sol De Villa Dingo Spring Parilla Huts Tolmer Telephone Exchange Arong Park Binnie Lookout Tank Munrose Linly Park Boodarie Lotsarox Baan Spring Jimmy Well Mount Elephant Calgara Waterhole Arkana Avon Downs Hyfield Pivirry Box Flat Bottle Hole Coorongie Logan Rock Culbrae Naranga Waterhole No 4 Hundred of Kirkpatrick Breyroldene Anglefield Dingo Bore Marmon Jabuk Shirob Farm Green Hills Hobab Bore Kaycee Plains Mathewsons Hut Riseborough Stud Talinga Boomdoroo Wonderland Flowery Trig Coolabrae River Downs Hillsideview Rockery Elton Downs Lowalde Cumnor Rise Rock and Roll Vermont Vale The Range Primrose Hill Glenburnie Willamko Garraway Bews Warroo Bore Yalwarra Bore Linwood Tooriarra Well Yumali Levonlea Wingamin Railway Station Marmon Jabuk Range Lanko Stud Yernunga Clarence Park McPiggery Melbeth Buccleuch Balache Penna Delmerath Green Acres Primrose Park Barjoe Beninga Wingamin Siding Tyella Grasslands Urrabirra Railway Station Narinn Arcoona Donley Park Lampata Cotswold Hounslow Telephone Office Yurgo School Lynlee Dingo Range Trig Kareda Downs Smithville Shoobra Bore Panlatinga Robbers Roost Narweena Patanga Garraside Coomandook Area School Enan Bore Rawulla Taringa Orana Taringa Park Wallowa Geranium Bore Eleven Mile Spring Marmon Jabuk Post Office Jabuk Primary School Patango Hurtles Well Carcuma Hundred of Sherlock Meiari Bore Aster Park Wypunyah Upsan Downs Corraminga Inarlinga Rotary Trig Mount Hannah Franklen Galong Kulde Homelea Downs Hundred of Marmon Jabuk Fairview Windsong Rise Elljay Kathawarra Cooke Plains Post Office Shenandoah Pine Lodge Beau-Vale Keringa Carribie Wilkawatt Post Office Fairways Rockley Linbern Coomandook Station Glenville Karoonda Bore Moorlands Tank Karralta Nunkeri Telephone Office Karoonda Railway Station Elwomple Railway Station Leabrook Gumdale Murley Estate Terra-Lea Wynarka Trig Potter Bore Monkilmana Well Pertala Rona Vale Coomandook Homestead Tyndarra Parrakie Primary School Lake Ellen Geranium Plains School Nunkeri School Bayree Farm Sanctuary Karoonda Area School Mount Boothby Conservation Park Marama Wynarka Geranium Parrakie Parilla Wallawarra Hundred of McCallum Hundred of Fisk Bunn Bore Quondong Outstation Quondong Bore Kynoch Station Hardings Country Daltons Springs Wadlawarra Wodlawarra Scorpion Springs Conservation Park Hillview Arrapay View Layapa Nyoka Weemala Trig Pilambe Bore Hundred of Carcuma Last Resort Navillus Rebel Ridge Annerley Marllands Merari Bore Roby Downs Greenhills Babbling Brook Erskine Park Vine Hill Mulkeerembel Kurrara Lowadie Trig Perora Kingswood Illoura Rocky Well Flowery Plain Maratala Somercorn Evans Trig Ingawarra Emu Valley Gibbs Well Armchair Rocks Ki Ki Well Milrina Naturi Railway Station Bullicky Wells Jasper Downs Barnhill Binnie Well Woods Well Tulara Downs Sunwood Park Pine Point Thermos Corner Gurrai Claypan Bore Primary School Maeliegh Highview Glen Avon Hundred of Day Wilbowa Prominent Hill Emoh Ruo Emerald Rise Telephone Office Kangaroo Flat Boothby Well Bunyarra Almond Grove Mount Russell Cooke Plains Railway Station Naturi Moonlake Lauruna Mindiyarra Desert Fringe Elwomple Moorlands Yards Taurangat Well Kanyanga Korkscru Scarlet-Oaks Kerran Park Ere-Tis Baan View Station Mulboona Sunwood Boombah Netherton Boothby-Downs Courtlands Glen Aaron Heathfield Baan Hill Jericho Chandos Trig Nest Plains Pinnaroo Post Office Lake Roberts Recreation Park Sunny Brae Shalon Neptune Pinnaroo Area School Apache Hill Alysbury Park Kirra Ki Ki Lowaldie Folly Farm II Moonmera Kynoch Comet Bore Peake Bews Railway Station Bews Hill Par-Vale Mallee Brae Mintabie Navillus Downs Woodlands Winike Berick Paran Bore Borrika Railway Station Canara Mulpata Marmon Jabuk Trig Dolarka Nunkeri Siding Le Gallez Shiralee Hilsonley Moorlands Well Pollys Well Railway Station Warattan Hut Perkindoo Well Runnymede Demite Downs Brooklyn Park Currum-Durrum Malcolm Downs Lucidon Park Long Ridge Mount Timothy Fifty Mile Well Menalpyn Goodlyn Trig Hundred of Jeffries Carcuma Water Stonies Ridges Golomogo Kondorie Reedy Well Yappara Downs Evandale Karte Bore Gurrai Telephone Office Trevlee Farm Rosy Pine Coonarilla Pine Hut Soak Rodney Trig Alargorang County of Chandos Hundred of Ettrick Reemsfield Rolling Hills Warrana Wongaburra Carrawar Stud Scrubby Spring Bonnie Vale Carawatha Pilcherra Bore Coolaniong Moorlands Woolshed Tyalla Haven Hill Karnunka Welcome Well Sheaoak Flat Triangle S Hilka Bore Field Lynango Wootayerra North Florando Coolinong Ninety Mile Desert Tym Lookout Coonaburra Gums Binnie Park Paskadina Kombali Hundred of Quirke Meranwyney Karingal Dunromin Yurgo Telegraph Office Lushmoor Geranium Railway Station Carldeen Marama Bore Beau-View Chimlea Rovers Gap Sah-Deer Park Chapman Bore The Block Linfield Hylands Poyntz Bore Wynarka Bore Hilltop Coolaroo Winikie Berick Well Terrapee Hawks Nest Prura Hill Nulungery Goodlyn Ki Ki Railway Station Tolmer Park Eurunderee Strathmea Toora Railway Station Duck Hole Well Kanella 4s Daves Hollow Lameroo District Council Office Bentonvor Naringa Upsn Downs Beauview Hundred of Cotton Hundred of Makin Hawick Sherlock Peake Primary School Hundred of Shaugh Coneybeer Trig Happy Valley Tamboore One Tree Hill Spring Hundred of Cotton Primary School Illawong Erromdale Lilka Hawks Nest Well Arcoona Park Southern Cross Karinya Downs Belalie Downs Roberyl Culwood Yulong Saratoga Hundred of Molineux Malinong Barrideans Yappara Railway Station Scrubby Springs Nepondi Almerna Buen Glen Bullock Camp Well Danbar Gumville Artlaringa Lamulka Mulpata Trig Ellimatta Garra Geranium Primary School Tori Hills Hurtle Trig Sunny View Marama School Parrakie Railway Station How Park Elder Park Trig Konettra Downs Anville Post Office Cowan Wy-Not Wilkin Yarrawonga Verdunholme McNamara Bore Glengowan Wingamin Moorlands Grasslands Railway Station Korundale Brazley Caringa Estate Maxwell House Shirlaw Cloverland Hillside View Naturi Post Office Nindetha Wilkin-Ville Delindner Gundoole Panorama Wyarama Rockcurry Coomandook Railway Station Keitara Freeman Nob Baringa Yarrandoo Hillcott Stoneleigh Cambalapien Eechungga Jobs Well Nankoor Salt Well Patchawarra Woodilla Farms Morburn Park Prinpun Bore Lameroo Regional Community School Coolami Quondong Well Pinnaroo Well Wilkawatt Primary School Yappara South Primary School Makin Shaugh Conway Park Marmon Hills Parilla Primary School Tortoise Cave Karte Kulkami Clanfield Hall Pinbinga Borrika Post Office Eversden Lynbrea Annerly Yarala Hundred of Strawbridge Bend Ore Herbsy Boondoroo Wilkinville Peridinya Mindiyarra Railway Station Nanua Bore Peter Trig Darandea Downs Dandaloo Heather Brae Sinclair Well Martins Well Deep Well Allenby Downs Ferridun Rabbit Island Dam Veldt-Land Hundred of Colebatch Lush Park Lea Ridge Tintinara Railway Station Pangetta Wilbarr Gurrai Railway Station Karte Railway Station Parrall Well Nanam Soakage McMahon Bore Brenelen Stix Gum Vale Yurgo Railway Station Lameroo Railway Station Hilltop Views Roseleigh Mansfield Trig Mulpara Coolinong Agricultural Area Bark-Ulla Whyte Well Tooliarra Well Cooke Plains Emoh-Ruo Gum Park Perelly Park Karanja Downs Wenlee Warattan Well Nunyara Birralee Casa Grande Buccleuch Railway Station Naturi Trig Kerrlew Terrapee Downs Round Hill Ladara Karinara Huon Downs Oriental Park Babbiloora Amery Cherra-Cilla Cloverlands Wandoo Demil Downs Ladara Bore Kondoric Hundred of Coneybeer The Salt Waterhole Kirrawarra Warrendale Trig McDonald Downs Koorarlti The Homestead Yaruga Paradise Marora Warks Woolshed Rockewe Hillsview Kenuna Select Stud Broad Acres Tow-Ri Morella Downs Malinong District Hall Elder Park Dandaraga Eastern Well Benbullen Ki Ki Hut Cold and Wet Otago Lowinin Hill Rangeview Cooinda Ingleside Nalyinda Pinepoint Dingo Ranges Araluen Ngarkat Mardon Pertendi Bore Bunns Bore Karkala Rawalla Scorpion Well National Park Hundred of Parilla Von Glen Warranalla Benefield Peake Railway Station Sheok Springs Wyoming Colin Hill Hundred of Archibald Peppervale Lowaldie Railway Station Baan Hill Reserve Arobina Downs Connor Well Carclew Park Two Sisters Sheaoak Well Induna Waterhole No 1 Comley Banks Box Flat Homestead Kiaka Ki Ki Hill Oondooroo Keljara Austin Plains Hillyfields Hundred of Hooper Hundred of Roby Bicentennial Park Carter Bore Lameroo District Hospital Lamala Scorpion Hut Strathneath Hundred of Richards Berilean Downs Kulkami Railway Station Andawirra Woodoona Strathwood Wirha Park Memorial Gardens For-Far Brae Longorong Bull Oak Well Mirrabooka Neawell Dingo Plain Narcunda Iiiuka Moonah Murray Mallee Bonanza Hurtles Well Homestead Ulai Bore Momorjabuck Well Sunnyview Trig Netherton Post Office Bendore Stirling Well Sherlock Railway Station Kilburnie Karawore Mi-Joy Sheoak Springs Fuller Bore Jack Well Hundred of Livingston Coombe Railway Station Iranda Hundred of Price Glenhill Gum Flat Carcory Cambalapien Well Wauraltee Mount Alma Downs McCallum Dingo Soak Bunn Springs Quondong Hut Kulde School Kulkawurra School Borrika Meranwyney Sanctuary Karte Conservation Park Carcuma Conservation Park Mount Rescue Conservation Park Balargorang Cotton Bore Ladara Homestead Karkoo Swamp Oak Soakage Pinnaroo Golf Course Lameroo Area School Bundy Rd Cherabri Mutton Bird Dam Gurrai Telephone Exchange Sol de Villa Rushwood Downs Churinga Yarradin Narcunda Trig Garrah Homestead Wilbowan Wilkawatt Railway Station Westondale Borrika Bore Kallina Illoura Stud Clearviews Amandale Coomandook Wells Yaralla Jerrawa Pine Grove Coonalpyn Downs Emu Springs Kandarah Carcuma Well Culburra Railway Station Field Park Cross Timbered Well Mount Boothby Well Tolmer Rocks Bullocky Tank Hundred of Lewis Rhosmor Sheoak Spring Fresh Water Spring Dayspring Salteringa Hophill Eulandey Kepema Ingle Downs Lucanda Macs Lookout Coonalpyn Primary School Fair View Heathwell Bucks Camp Well Kamann Bucks Camp Homestead Broadacres Telephone Exchange Tolmer Valley Hawks Nest Trig High Bluff Pine Springs Glenfield Wirha Railway Station Malleevale Vineyard Kyeema Retired Citizens Home Wilkawatt Parrakie Well Sunnyview The Rank Netley Park Bug a Roo Hill Matinga Jabuk Hensleys Trig Tooriarra Nindethana Wiltara Petelyn Pines Bobs Lookout Moorlands Railway Station Taminga Oakbank Nunkadu Ornum Lea Wongwibinda Eastern Bore Calomba Downs Noorumba Ralstan Flat Janian Gum Flat Well Sinclairs Well Mount Weerimbrook Richardson Rocks Marvin The Salt Wells Clanfield Post Office Romani Border View Stonehaven Alkaringa Hilson Downs Kevbry Cambalup Wahpunyah Railway Station Grace Downs Blue Hills Jaramada Range View Hundred of Coolinong Parilla Well Banyula Sunbrae Pine Park Clanfield School Three Gates Tom Gibbs Well Parkholme Wynulta Chapman Bore Hall Wongabirrie Phoenix Park Kangaringa Bainton Soak Kirra Quarantine Station Hundred of Field Kitti Tank Solde Villa Jack Roberts Park Nest Plain Dam Ridgehaven Twin Pines Kulkami Post Office Burwood Merari Jumbo Koonalunda Woonallee Alcheringa Almerno Rosy Pine School Jenelyn Colebatch Bropea Downs Government Well Alnara Tintinara Post Office Emeral Hill O-Here-U-R Caroglen Sandy Peak Lallawa Strathmore Anderson Bore Te-Whare Wanam Well Bews Bore Gumville Telephone Exchange Old Gurrai School Old North Bore Burnt Pine Soak Kanangra Gungurru Peregrine Coonalpyn Trig Jabuk Railway Station Altland Hills Kirkaldy Mulpata Railway Station Borrika School The Pines Marama Railway Station South View Booderoo Royeen Hills Kurralta Kulkawurra Recreation Ground Walker Well Beneda Spero Miegunyah Colebatch Downs Pine View Alpyn Downs Pine Well Wybelena Burrandoo Karwin Bullocky Well Hillsdale Mulpata Primary School Wynarka Primary School Ngarkat Wilderness Protection Area Kiara Shipley Downs Bunns Springs Bunn-Springs Lowaldie School Lynonga Yuruga German Springs Mount Rescue Boonoona Park Sunview Park Taugagat Hill Jeffield Thirty Two Mile Well Tolmer Well Edlands Primpun Bore Ingliss Trig Bulloak Camp Well Burlendi Sunny Hill Cavern Vale Noona Mena Telopea Hurtle Well Matemby Raymara Slengilmar Polly Well Burrawong Bore Weynella Lenanvis Kulde Post Office The Ranch Inverena Crotty Knob North Warreena Opella Lotnumpie How Sugarloaf Hill Makio Waterhole Kangaroo Flat Homestead Jack Hill Bonneia Noona Meena The Glen Sandy Point Scorpion Soakage Gurrai School Austin Plain Rosy Pine Bore Dalsbar Millholme Starwood Pilcherra Bore Telephone Office Kulkami Trig Linwood Farm Clarwyn Ngataki Camden Runnymede Park Munera Santa Gertrudis Kulkami Primary School Johnson Hut Dalinga Downs Bedford Pannican Hut Soakage Wow Wow Well Chalani Duckhole Well Pinnaroo Primary School Hundred of Allenby Lameroo CFS Chandos Railway Station Girrahween House Bore Ridgway Hill Maroomba Ir-Brae County of Buccleuch Tarrara Warwick Hills Mount Alma Enan Hills Illa Langi Kirriemuir Hi-Ville Gosden Bore Bark Ulla Peraperitch Soakage Veldtfield Cranfield Purple Downs Binnie Lookout Colara Downs Ladara Hill Tyeka Willorna Park Jobs Tank Inglewood Jacobs Well Yarindale Culburra Post Office Weerimbrook Hill Berco Rapid Bay Mount Loggie Parilla Well School The Monolith Banksia Downs Gundooee Black Swamp Attunga Hundred of Von Doussa Kruger Bore Benwerrin Wointdallee Tandanya Perkindoo Rotary Drualat Bore Broadacres Tintinara Area School Girrhaween Memorjabuck Well Canhallee Leraland Zoso Farm Lindern Waterhole No 3 Colebatch Telephone Exchange Kivale Cooa Park Almaree Warrendale Collins Hill Primbrae Yurgo Bayree Farm Anzalia Allen Well Twinville Farm Noddy Park Limestone Well Alamil Mount Acres Highgate Mallee Highway Scrubby Springs Well Dannyville Cow Plain Bore Desford Oakly Bend Wynarka Railway Station Tringa Taringa Mersey Estate Kulkawurra Post Office Raevon Hughes Bore Sherlock Siding Bore Elwomple Wells Clovelley Buccleuch Post Office Gurnella Pablos Place Carilla White Forest Avaga Park Rocky Waterhole Gumburra Park Coora Nilma Parr Scrub Reserve Wirha Sportsman Plain Mallee Hills Hillbrae Wade-White Line Mount Boothby National Park Billy Soakage Bowhill Peebinga Park Meningie East Nunkeri Railway Station Karawora Winnikie Berick Well Lookout Hill Border Glen Gnararawoora Ettrick Weona Dithering Heights New Bold Geranium Area School Run Russty Momorjabuck Hut Koonabulla Marmon Gap Inverema Culwood Park Wynesta Kalkauara Automatic Telephone Exchange Hundred of Seymour Glenfruin The Corner Waterhole Bow Sandhills Lushville Tanara Dewson Railway Station Yalanda Helston Peraperitch Well Rabbit Island Soakage One Tree Hill Limestone Point Kumorna Trig Woods Well Accomodation House Bruna Well Pine Avenue Banksia Park Kooleena Ketring Ashfield Park Southern Cross Well Combalipin Well Mirrambeena Coomandook Tank Tom Gibb Waterhole Parilla Cemetery Glenleigh Parrakie Post Office Arcoona South Teepine Garra Downs Lameroo Experimental Plantation Greenacres Bob Lookout Bore Tattendi Kooncara Madman Gap Kulde Railway Station Coomandook Mount Shaugh Ngarkat Conservation Park Mount Shaugh Conservation Park Mount Little Doughboy Panitya Ettrick Brae Neds Well Dawesley Kilfords Bore Nunkeri Whites Well Cookes Plains McMahons Bore Wimikie Soak Winikeberick Well One Tree Well Port Pullen Jacks Hill Binnies Lookout Big Desert Dalton Springs Well Yarinda Boothby Downs Allens Well Bunn Springs Bore Nobah Bore Kumorna Gosses Hill Stony Wells Sawback Well Younghusband Peninsula Tolmers Well