Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SI54-16

Swan Hill
GA SI54-16 - Swan Hill

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Orana Park Tyenna Murray Downs Noorella Nadara Delfields Allamb Barallen Bilinga Glen Ayr Coomalong Mil-Lel Tyrelock Creek View Pumpa Kurrajong Lowlands Kildare Winton Park Glenbogie Reedy Waters Kilsyth Mallee Downs Langunyah Glenn Moss Park Marongly Bal-Yana Tarrangarree Rambalara Banool Argyle Omaha Woorabinda View Hill Quamby Ridge Wattle Hill The Pines Bajarra Wattleford Pyramid Park Taronga Adzar Glenola Cannie Ridge Glentanna Cambrae Morella Beau Park Wirrabilla Yanga Marringa Downs Worane Estate Jimorin Hill View Cedar Grove Golden Wattle The Ranch Gunnado Ballin Doun Towannie Willows Grossvale Canajong Akeringa Glen Aila Nevarona Hazelwood Lalbert Park Gwandallan Woodlands Springwood Park Poverty Point Ivanhoe Ngalla Bareena Brulyndia Ardazal Black Gate Glenlea Sylvan Vale Avondale Plugalong Warra Nilla Quamby House Canary Island Roselyn The Gums Bryngoleu Loddon Gums Birchip Kerang Lake Boga Manangatang Nyah Nyah West Quambatook Sea Lake Swan Hill Tooleybuc Woomelang Woorinen Lascelles Ultima Piangil Berriwillock Campbells Island Aggies Swamp Armstrongs Creek Ballbank Ballbank Siding Berambong Berambong Creek Berambong State Forest Beresfords Island Beveridge Island Black Stump Bend Box Creek Box Water Course Box Watercourse Briars Bend Buccaneit Creek Cobramunga Coobool Coobool Creek Coobool Island Lake Coomaroop Coonamit Coonamit Creek Cunninyeuk Cunninyeuk Creek Currpool Dead Horse Creek Dead Mans Creek Deep Creek Erigin Creek Funnel Bend Gallows Bend Lake Geer Genoe Genoe Creek Lake Genoe Gnuie Gonn Gonn Crossing Lake Goonimur Gum Creek Holmes Creek Jaffrey Creek Lake Jileroo Coobool Railway Station Dairy Creek Deep Channel 5 Mile Creek Koraleigh Lake Agnes Creek Lake Creek Lanker Creek Larrys Creek Little Merran or Bullockhide Creek Mackenzies Creek Mackenzies Ford Magpie Creek Mallan Mallan Creek Mallan Mallan Creek Mallan Public School Mellool Melool Mellool Public School Merran Merran Creek Head of Merran Creek Merran Lake Moolpa Moolpa Station Moorongatta Mother Lintons Hole Mother Lintons Waterhole Mortons Lake Mortons Swamp Mrs Lintons Hole Mulligans Creek Mulligans Plain Murra Murray Downs Lake Murray Downs Creek Murray Downs No. 2 Creek Nacurrie Nacurrie Railway Station Lake Nanctree Nancurrie Lake Nangtree Niemur Noorong Noorong Public School Noorong State Forest Northeys Bend Nyang Creek Out Station Point Out Station Punt Pattersons Bend Pelham Creek Pisen Creek Pissen Creek Lake Poomah Poon Boon Lake Poon Boon St Helena Creek Puah Puah or Speewa Creek Rifle Butts Corner Rung Box Watercourse Salt Lake Sheep Wash Lagoon Simpsons Creek Simpsons or Bullockhide Creek Small Creek Snake Alley Snake Avenue Snake Lagoon Southern Branch Canal Southern Main Canal Speewa Speewa Creek Speewa Island Spiewah Island Stony Crossing Stoney Crossing Stony Crossing Railway Station Tallys Lake Tallys Swamp Lake Talpile Ten Mile Creek Tooim Lake Tooleybuc Cemetery Tooleybuc Central School Tooleybuc Town Of Toolmah Towweruk Tueloga Tueloga Railway Station Tulmah Waddy Creek Wetuppa Wetuppa State Forest Willakool Wilsons Lake Lake Wollare Woods Bend Worobyan Lake Woromur Wyam Creek Wyam Crossing Wyan Crossing Yadchow Yarrein Branch of Yarrein Creek Dilpurra Yellymong Bullockhide Creek Dilpurra Station Village of Dilpurra Dry Gully Bungunyah Bungunyah Valley Public School Bymue Crayfish Creek Horseshoe Lagoon Tooranie Waddy Creek Cutting 90 Acre Sand Bar Apex Park Appin South Appin South Fire Station Appin South Old Hall Appin South Old School Appin South Primary School Appin South Telephone Exchange Appin State Forest Koorak Koorak Creek Back Swamp Bael Bael Bael Bael State Forest Ballapur Bannagher Creek Baraport Channel Murrabit River Barr Creek Tutchewop Main Drain Barraport Channel Beauchamp Fire Station Benjeroop Benjeroop Public Hall Benjeroop State Forest Benjeroop Telephone Exchange Benjeroop Weir Berriwillock Fire Station Berriwillock Primary School Berriwillock Public Hall Berriwillock Recreation Reserve Berriwillock Telephone Exchange Beverford Primary School Beverford Telephone Exchange Beverford Winery Big Marsh Bimbourie Birchip Fire Station Birchip Golf Club Birchip P-12 School Birchip Police Station Birchip Post Office Birchip Primary School Birchip Public Hall Birchip Recreation Reserve Bitchigal Blue Hills Boga Boigbeat Boorong Bourka Box Flat State Forest Budgerum Bridge Budgerum Cemetery Budgerum East Budgerum East Channel Budgerum West Bullers Winery Buloke Shire Burupga Byanga Calivil Creek Main Drain Calivil Drain No. 3 Cannie Carapugna Castle Donnington Castle Donnington Primary School Cemetery State Forest Chillingollah Chillingollah Channel Chillingollah Faunal Reserve Chillingollah Public Hall Chinangin Chinkapook Chinkapook Fire Station Chinkapook Public Hall Chinkapook Telephone Exchange Chiprick Cocamba Cooroopajerrup Cranes Lake Cronomby Culgoa Culgoa Fire Station Culgoa Police Station Culgoa Primary School Culgoa Public Hall Culgoa Recreation Reserve Curyo Curyo Fire Station Curyo Public Hall Curyo Telephone Exchange Dartagook Dartagook State Forest Devils Elbow Dingwell Primary School Dingwell Public Hall Dingwell Telephone Exchange Dry Plain Duck Lake Dumosa Eureka Eureka State Forest Fairley Fish Point Hall Fish Point Primary School Fish Point Weir Flowerdays Pump Fogarty Point Fosters Swamp Gama Gannawarra Shire Gerahmin Gillicks State Forest Gnarwee Gonn Crossing Bridge Gorton Point Goschen Goschen Fire Station Goschen Public Hall Gowanford Great Spectacle Lake Gredgwin Green Lake Griffith Lagoon Gutchu Hogan State Forest Holloway Jil Jil Kalpienung Kaneira Kangaroo Lake Kangaroo Lake Recreation Area Kangaroo Lake Telephone Exchange Karkarooc Karyrie Kerang Drain No. 1 Kerang Fire Station Kerang Hospital Kerang Magistrates Court Kerang Police Station Kerang Post Office Kerang Primary School Kerang Railway Station Kerang South Primary School Kerang Technical High School Kerang Telephone Exchange Kinabulla Kinnabulla Kooem Koondrook Drain No. 1 Koondrook Fire Station Koondrook Memorial Hall Koorangie Koorangie Channel Koorangie Game Reserve Koro Ganeit Koro Ganeit Western Channel Korrak Channel Korrak Korrak Kulwin Kunat Channel Kunat Kunat Kurdgweechee Top Marsh Lake Baker Lake Boga Fire Station Lake Boga Outfall Lake Boga Police Station Lake Boga Post Office Lake Boga Primary School Lake Charm Lake Charm Fire Station Lake Charm Primary School Lake Charm Public Hall Lake Cullens Lake Elizabeth Lake Gilmour Game Reserve Lake Kelly Lake Lalbert Lake Lalbert Game Reserve Lake Leaghur Lake Lookout Lake Mannaor Lake Marlbroo Game Reserve Lake Meran Lake Meran Public Hall Lake Meran Telephone Exchange Murphys Lake Lake Murphy Game Reserve Lake Timboram Lake Tutchewop Lake Tyrrell Lake Wahpool Lake Wandella Lake William Lalbert Lalbert Creek Lalbert Fire Station Lalbert Primary School Lalbert Public Hall Lalbert Recreation Reserve Lalbert Road Telephone Exchange Lalbert Telephone Exchange Larundel Lascelles Fire Station Lascelles Post Office Lascelles Public Hall Leaghur Leaghur Forest Park Lianiduck Little Lake Little Lake Bael Bael Little Marsh Narraboor River Little Spectacle Lake Lloyds Vineyard Long Lake Mallee Highway Start Manangatang Fire Station Manangatang Hospital Manangatang Magistrates Court Manangatang P-12 College Manangatang Police Station Manangatang Public Hall Marlbed Meatian Meering Meering West Meering West Fire Station Meran Middle Lake Minapre Minmindie Telephone Exchange Miralie Mitchells Bridge Mittyack Mittyack Telephone Exchange Moah Montrose Estate Trig Moortworra Mosquito Creek Mumbel Murnungin Murphys Island Murrabit Murrabit Drain Murrabit Fire Station Murrabit Group School Murrabit Public Hall Murrabit Recreation Ground Murrabit West Murray River Anna Branch Murraydale Central Primary School Myall Myall Fire Station Mystic Park Mystic Park State Forest Nandaly Nandaly Fire Station Nandaly Primary School Nandaly Public Hall Narraport School Reserve Necks Bridge Ninda Nine Mile Creek Nine Mile Creek Drain Ninyeunook No. 10 Main Channel No. 7 Main Channel No. 9 Main Channel Normanville Channel Normanville Primary School Normanville Public Hall Norton Park Nowie Nullawil Nullawil Fire Station Nullawil Primary School Nullawil Public Hall Nullawil Recreation Reserve Nullawil Telephone Exchange Nyah Bridge Nyah Fire Station Nyah Police Station Nyah Primary School Nyah State Forest Nyah Telephone Exchange Nyah Town Channel Nyah West Magistrates Court Nyah West Police Station Nyah West Primary School Nyallo Nyarrin Nyrraby Ouyen Channel Parkers Point Patchell Bridge Pelican Lake Pennyroyal Creek Splatts Island Pental Island Pental Island Pumping Station Perrit Channel Perrit Perrit Piangil Fire Station Piangil Police Station Piangil Primary School Piangil Public Hall Piangil Telephone Exchange Piangil West Picks Point Pier Millan Pier-Millan Pine View Telephone Exchange Pira Pira Primary School Pirro Polisbet Possum Ogourie Prooinga Pyramid Creek Quambatook Fire Station Quambatook Group School Quambatook Memorial Hall Quambatook Police Station Quambatook Primary School Quambatook Recreation Reserve Quambatook South Bridge Racecourse Lake Reedy Creek Reedy Dam Fire Station Reedy Lake Round Lake Sand Hill Lake Public Hall Sandbag Neck Sandhill Lake Sandhill Lake Bridge Sea Lake Fire Station Sea Lake Police Station Sea Lake Public Hall Sea Lake Recreation Reserve Sea Lake Telephone Exchange Second Marsh Sheepwash Creek Slater Park Snowie Beadle Point Speewa Public Hall Stevenson Swamp Game Reserve Sunnyview Trig Swan Hill College Swan Hill Fire Station Swan Hill Gliding Club Swan Hill High School Swan Hill Hospital Swan Hill Magistrates Court Swan Hill North Primary School Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement Swan Hill Police Station Swan Hill Post Office Swan Hill Primary School Swan Hill Pumps Swan Hill Rural City Swan Hill Specialist School Swan Hill Technical School Swan Hill Telephone Exchange Tabacco Lake Talgitcha Talgitcha Channel Talgitcha East Channel Tatchera Tchum Lakes The Duck Pond The Marsh The Neck The Sill Third Lake Third Marsh Tittybong Tobacco Lake Toort Towan Towan Plain Faunal Reserve Towaninny Towma Tragowel Tragowel Primary School Tragowel Public Hall Tragowel Swamp Tragowel Telephone Exchange Tresco Tresco Primary School Tresco Public Hall Tungie Turoar Two Mile Swamp Tyntynder Tyntynder Central Primary School Tyntynder Central Public Hall Tyntynder North Tyntynder Primary School Tyntynder South Hall Tyntynder West Tyrrell Tyrrell College Tyrrell Creek Tyrrell West Channel Ultima Fire Station Ultima Post Office Ultima Primary School Ultima Telecom Tower Victorian P-12 College of Koorie Education-Swan Hi Vinifera State Forest Wagant Waitchie Waitchie Fire Station Waitchie Game Reserve Waitchie Public Hall Waitchie Telephone Exchange Waitchupga Fire Station Wondella Creek Wandella State Forest Wanderers Plain Wangie Wangie Faunal Reserve Warne Watchupga Wells Bridge Wewin Whirily Wilkur Telephone Exchange Willandra Bend Willangie Wirmbirchip Woomelang Fire Station Woomelang Group School Woomelang Police Station Woomelang Post Office Woomelang Primary School Woomelang Recreation Hall Woomelang Telephone Exchange Woorien North Primary School Woorien Primary School Woorien Recreation Reserve Woorien South Fire Station Woorien South Primary School Woorinen South Primary School Woorinen Primary School Wortongie Wycheproof Goschen Channel Yarraby Channel Yassom Swamp Burra Creek Bibinette Kulwynel Piangil North Berambong Station Yarrein Creek Yarrien Creek Leitpar Wood Wood Niemur River Ninety Acre Sand Bar Yarraby Vinefera Puah Creek Murrain Yarrein Creek Day Trap Day Trap North Rynaby Gunningyeuk Ooronong Creek Woorinen North Chillingollah East Nowie North Tyntynder Central Lake Tooim Tyntynder South Murrawee Mulwarrie Little Merran Creek Frogmore Creek Little Murray River Noorong Creek Tyrrell Downs Stratton Turriff East Naccurrie Station Pental Long Plains Fish Point Tyrrel Creek Lake Manaor Ballbank Station Barr Creek Loddon River Kunat Myall Station Beauchamp Banyan Capels Crossing Westby Lake Bael Bael Bael Bael Lake Avoca River Moonlight Creek Yeoburn Station Sutton Suttons Sandhills Lake Warne Station Dingwall South Kerang Normanville Lake Meering Appin Towaninnie Oakvale Reedy Dam Narraport Ninety Mile Desert