Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SI55-03

GA SI55-03 - Narromine

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Terangan Beulah Widgeree Strathavon Buena Vista Tarthra Kirrawah Coboco Thornton Yarallah Wahroonga Parkdale Euambaline Mulyan Iolanthe Claydon Retreat Wyoming Braeburn Meringo Enmore Glenair Compton Termoin Brigendoone Burdenoa Strathmore Goonimbah Kameruka Kindalin Auburn Galltee More Tabratong Rosewood Wirrigai Linbah Alloway Currawang Minara Kilmarnock Galwarri Netherby Tyrie Yarran Farm Lansdale Newhaven Dungallon Upson Downs Inverlea Bywannah West Brook Eudundah Dysart Derribong Sunny Side Avondale Inveralla Milbridge Haberworth Hylea Croydon Belmont Belmore Glenora Alagala Waterloo Spring Creek Mudgingar Wallanbillan Draggy Wattle Springs Hillcrest Wendouree Glenroy Mulgar Bar Warramunger Minnalong Glencoe Tomingly Station Lorraine Caloma Glen View Alawail Benalong Lauravale Glen Isla Gundong Talbra Aurora Park Braalghy Yalca Wattle View Gonawyle Pine Park Habnarry Waratah Verona Curra Waterview Red Heart Greta Brooklyn Belvedere Numalla Werrigal Wando Wandong Rosedale Yarrabin Genonaguy Flemington Genanaguy Cloghan Boona West Meloola Tralee Wellwood Plevna Lara Gillenbine Carlisle Park Carlisle Kadina Edenbah Station Nyora Wilga Murrumbogie Eastbourne Huntingdale Rocky Ponds Lockerbie Avocavale Lynwood Grey West Mayfield Noongah Curyo Claris Park Rockvale Derrymore Wancurra Kurrajong Strathisla Mount Pleasant Grainee Byong Yarrabundie Bardeen Woodlands Killare Eurona New South Wales Narromine Peak Hill Tottenham Trangie Trundle Tullamore Annandale Tank The Bachelor Lead Bachelor Lead Creek Bachelors Dam Babathnil Babathnil Lagoon Ana Branch Algalah Village of Alectown Alectown Alectown Dam Alectown Public School Albert State Forest Albert Tank Village of Albert Albert Albert Cemetery Albert Creek Back Creek Back or Genaren Creek Backwater Backwater Cowal Baldry Baldry Public School Balgay Baratta Barrabadeen Barrabadeen Peak Barrabadeen Creek Barton Bassett Bay of Biscay Swamp Beaconsfield Beardy Creek Belah Belarbigal Billabong Belardery Belmore Creek Bentinck Berryman Park Beugamel Big Oakey Creek Black Waterhole Creek Black Mountain Black Hill Biridoo Boggy Cowal Boldry Boona Boona East Boona Gap Boona Mountain Boona Mountains Boor Boor Hill Botfields Boy Cowal Braal Bradys Cowal Head of Bradys Cowal Branch of Fiddlers Creek Brue Plains Brummagem Creek Brummagen Creek Buddah Buddah Lake Budtha Budgebegambil Creek Budgebegombil Creek Bugaboo Point Bulbodney Bulbodney State Forest Bulbodny Bulgandramine Village of Trundle Cajildry Cale Oval Captains Station Creek Cargi Ponds Creek Carlisle Creek Carolina Carolina State Forest Cavendish Ceres Chaney Ponds Creek Clagger Creek Clear Ground Dam Cobacho Dam Colls Conomogul Lagoon Cookamobil Creek Cookamobil Ridge Cookopie Cookopie Creek Coolbaggie Coradgery Coradgery State Forest Coradgery West Corella Corses Cowal Cowal Cowal National Forest Cowal State Forest Cullen Curran State Forest Curtis Curumbenya Curumbenya Range Dandaloo Dandaloo Cemetery Dandaloo Dam Davison Dawes Crossing Dead Bird Lead Creek Deception Creek Deep Creek Deribong Derribong Crossing Deribong Tank Derriwong Derriwong Mountain Derriwong Mountain State Forest Dundas Park Dungary Dunmore Ellerslie Elsmore Emu Plain Creek Emu Plains Emu Swamp Emu Waterhole Enerweena Eribung Euambeline Euchabil Euchabil Gap Euchabil State Forest Eurombedah Ewenmar Creek Fairview Tank Farrendale Farrendale Tank Fiddlers Creek Fifield Fifield Cemetery Fifield Racecourse Fifield Tank Fifteen Mile Waterhole Fitzroy Five Ways Frecklingtons Crossing Frost Genaren Genaren Creek Ghost Ghost Hill Gillenbine Creek Gilmour Gingham Gap Gin Gin Glenisla Glennie Creek Glennie Ridge Goan Goan Waterhole Gobondery Gobondry Gobondry Mountains Gobondry Tank Goobang Goonumbla Goonumbla Creek Goonumbla Hill Goonumbla Tank Gospers Creek Graddle Gradell Greenbah Creek Gullengambel Gullengambel Creek Gundong Overflow Gundong Creek Hallinans Creek Hartington Hastings Hawarden Hawkes Creek Herring Hervey Herveys Range Herveys Range State Forest Holde Houston Hunts Tank Hyandra Hyandra Well Ingumburamy Gully Jacks Creek Jacks Plain Jumble Kadina Creek Kadungle Kadungle Creek Kadungle Tank Keefs Billy Creek Kenneths Castle Kerriwah Cadungle Cadungle Creek Captain Station Creek Chainey Ponds Creek Clagger Gully Cobacho Tank and Dam Cookaburra Creek Cookamobil or Gulgullendah Creek Cookamobil Range Cookopie Ponds Creek Coonumbla Creek Dandaloo General Cemetery Village of Dandaloo Dargons Dam Daws Creek The Dead Bird Head Ferrendale Tank Fiefield Fiefield Town Tank Village of Fiefield Fifield Public School Five Corners Forky Dam Ganomugal Lagoon Genaren or Back Creek Glagger Creek Glennie Range Goan Myall Gobondery Siding Goolangoglan Dam Village of Goonumbla Goonumbla Water Hole Craddle Creek Gulgullendah or Cookamobil Creek Hallimans Creek Hawkes Gully Herveys Range Creek Hervey Range State Forest Herveys Range or Greenbah Creek Ingumburamy Creek Jacks Gully Kadungle Public School Kookaburra Creek Lagoon Creek Mount Leadley The Leaky Dam Leg of Mutton Creek Leg of Mutton Tank Leg O'Mutton Creek Lightning Creek Limestone Limestone National Forest Limestone State Forest Limestone Tank Live Bird Lead The Long Plain Looney Looney Hill Lower Berchen Lagoon Lunns Dam Mckellars Creek Mcphail Tank Melrose Merilba Meringo Cowal Meryula Meryula Anabranch Meryula National Forest Meryula State Forest Mickibri Mickibri Dam Mickimill Middle Arm Creek Middlefield Middletons Creek Milpose Minalong Minalong Lagoon Minelang Lagoon Minemoorong Minemoorong Siding Mingelo Mingerong Minore Minore Falls Village of Minore Mitchell Tank Mogille Plain Momo Momo Creek Momo State Forest Moodana Moodana South Moogenilla Moonul Moore Creek Moorefield Public School Motherly Dam Mountain Creek Mountain Gully Mount Tilga State Forest Mowabla Mowabla Tank Mundeandejong Peaks Mungeribar Mungerie Mungery Mungery Racecourse Murda Creek Murga Murrumbah Mutton Creek Myall Camp Myall Cowall Myall Plain Village of Narromine Narromine Aerodrome Narromine Cemetery Narromine High School Narromine Post Office Narromine Public School Narromine Railway Station Narromine Showground Narwonah Native Dog Creek Nelson Neugal Dam New Motherly Dam Nine Mile Cowal Oaks Creek Oakwood Oberon Obley Ogles Camp Old Man Creek Origil Creek Ormonde Ossory Payten Park Town of Peak Hill Peak Hill Tank Peak Hill Cemetery Peak Hill Central Public School Peak Hill Central School Peak Hill General Cemetery Peak Hill Post Office Pinefield Public School Pine Lagoon Pipeclay Creek Pipeclay Gully Platina Platina Public School Pleuna Pola Park Poor Mans Gully P.P. Tank Quartz Ridge Quartpot Lagoon Raggatt Hill Randall Rawsonville Rawsonville Cemetery Rays Creek Redcliffe Red Gilgais Red Heart Dam Reynolds Tank Ridge Dam Roche Rocky Hill Rocky Point Round Cowal Round Cowal Plain Russell Salisbury Sandy Creek Sappa Bulga Sarsfield Scott Park Scrubby Creek Scrubby Tank Sebastopol Silvery Plain Dam Sixteen Mile Tank Small Blind Creek Solomons Temple Somerset Stafford Stanfords Creek Stanley Stockroute Creek Strahorn Strahorns Peak Strahorn State Forest Strahorn National Forest Strathorn Swan Cowal Tabratong State Forest Tabratong Waterhole Talingaboolba Tanilogo Tanners Creek Tanners Spring Taratta Taratta State Forest Temoin Tenandra Creek Tenandra Plain Ten Mile Creek Terowie Terowie Public School The Gap The Oaks The Troffs The Troffs Tank The Washpool Thirteen Mile Creek Tigers Camp Creek Tigers Creek Timaldrie Creek Timbrebongie Timbrebongie Fall Timbrebongie Falls Village of Timbrebongie Timbrebongie Public School Tolma Waterhole Tomingley Village of Tomingley Tomingley Creek Tomingley Rifle Range Tomingley Tank Tomingley Public School Tomingley West Top Woodlands Tottenham Village Of Tottenham Aerodrome Tottenham Airstrip Tottenham Cemetery Tottenham Central School Tottenham Post Office Tottenham Racecourse and Showground Tottenham Railway Station Tottenham Showground Tottenham State Forest Tottenham Station Tout Trailgang Cowal Trangie Village Of Trangie Cemtery Trangie Central School Trangie General Cemetery Trangie Park Trangie Post Office Trangie Railway Station Trangie Showground Trangie Showground and Racecourse Village of Trewilga Trig. Hill Trundle Cemetery Trundle Central School Trundle Dam Trundle General Cemetery Trundle Golf Course Trundle Golf Links Trundle Lagoon Trundle Post Office Trundle State Forest Tuckelbri Tuckwells Creek Tullamore Cemtery Tullamore Central School Tullamore General Cemetery Tullamore Post Office Tullamore Public School Tullamore State Forest Turribung Turtle Hill Turtle The Ugumjil Creek Umang Upper Berchen Lagoon Uri Very Deep Creek Wallaby Creek Walmer Wambangalong Wandabadgery Creek Wandawandong Creek Wanda Wandong Creek State Forest Wandawandong Creek/Wandong Creek Wandawandong State Forest Warge Rock Washpen Creek Washpool Dam Waterford Watson Watsons Dam Watsons Gap Watsons Tank Webbs Siding Weemabah Wentworth Weridgery Wharfdale Wharfdale State Forest Whylandra Crossing Willanbalang Willandra Crossing Willydah Wilmatha Wilmatha Hill Wilmatha Dam Wombin Wombin State Forest Wyanga Wyanga Tank Yarradigerie Yarran Creek Yarran Farm Public School Yarra Yarra Creek Yarren Creek Dickygundi Dilladerry Spring Yellow Creek Yellow Holes Yellow Tank Yethera Yoes Lookout Yralla Bull Creek Bulldog Creek Bullock Creek Bullock Tank Swamp Bullong Creek Bumbaldry Bundara Creek Doonside Double Dam Drill Creek Burdenda Burill Creek Burra Barrabadine Creek Burra Burra Creek Village of Burra Burra Burra Creek Burrandong Creek Burrandong Dam Burrandong or Rocky Waterhole Creek Burrandong or Rocky Water Hole Creek Burraway Burrill Burrill Creek Burroway Castlebar Branch Fifield State Forest Belarbigal Bogan Strathorn Flora Reserve Back or Genarin Creek Harvey Range McKinnon Park Hazel Brough Memorial Park Middlefield Station Wyanga Railway Station Mungeribar Railway Station Fairview Railway Station Minore Station Narwonah Railway Station Ceres Siding Trewilga Railway Station Ten Mile Holes Tomingley West Railway Station Alectown West Railway Station Goonumbla Railway Station Mickibri Platform Yethera Railway Station Kadungle Siding Kadungle Station The Troffs Station Trundle Station Gobondery Station Tullamore Railway Station Mount Herring Slaughtering Creek Goobang National Park Chainie Ponds Creek Derribong Dam Jacks or Hawkes Creek Jerula Eric Woods Park Trangie Reservoir Trewilga Darktown Bruie Plains Boona Mount Newbury Park Dundullimal Oakdene The Springs Raymond Hill Quart Pot Lagoon Widgeland Myall Cowal Quondong The Boggy Cowal Homeville Collerina Hall Meringa West Harnham Warrah Carrigan Cobacho Tank Ceres Station Coolbaggie Creek Cadara Derribong Tank Whylandra Creek Webbs Station Nardoo Millewa Minemoorong Station Narwonah Station Bulga Range Sappa Bulga Range Millridge Yerribah Fairview Station Woodleigh Kolonga Ballatta Dunrovin Dundaloo Dam Currawong Ridge Ormond Wongalea Wando Wandong Creek Warranmunga The Turtle Mungary Wilmatha Tank Glenaren Mineral Hill McPhail Currah Glenlyon Gullengamble Moonthelie Rollestone Goat Hill Burrabadine Creek Wandoo Hyrock Murtonga Louisiana Glenluck Greenbar Creek Berrilee Bogan River Gobondery Mountains Cobondery Mountains Gobondery Tank Cobondery Yeos Lookout Ghost Mountain Croyden Timalldrie Creek Mickibri Station Mickibiri Station Forest Vale Rocky Ponds Creek Brays Mountain Woolgar Cookopie Tank Hyandra Creek Mowambla Tank Alectown West Eurella The Wilgas Limestone Plains Creek Burando Bundaburra Tank Botfield Station Blowclear