Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SI55-13

GA SI55-13 - Deniliquin

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Burunah Scottwood Rosevale Halewood Otherside Cambra Mayfield Park Sunnyside Aldersyde Belvoir The Ridge Murijidi Abingdon Jimara Mayfield Illunga Crystalea Ellrob Bareena Glen Avon Tree Tops Creek View Willowmere Altersa Cooatalla Barrbower Kembala Combienbar Wondaree Estate Rossleigh Craigalee Clanfield Linden Park Opwey Worane Estate The Oaks Netherby Bienvenue Eldersyde Nindethana Anemba Halcooma Summerlea Cullen Park Willow Mound Ulupna Island Station Morundah Garth Keelee Baldwyns Balmoral Park Devon Park Kaweanda Murri Vale Yielima Llanelly Akeringa The Willows Marrakai Gunnymead Brewarrina Willow Bank Bowervill Bower Glen Ladgrove Maringa Elmar Narooma Birdwood Norimbah Willow Grove Jenolan Merindal Anglesea Connevale Woodland Park Gajanna Nungalanda Glenrose Binalong Lone Pine Ponderosa Keidulway Gaybank Rosedale Yackatoon Katandra Nyngan Link Murray View Carinya Millview Lowandale Hedgeley Dene Moira Park Acacia Roweville Pine Vale Orana Averlea Nalook Homesdale Goodwood Graiglea Yaralla Downs Middleburg Wintergrove Kanowna Barmah Forest Pound Langloch Takarri Carriemoor Bon Avon Airlie Karingal Ko Warra Rivilla Pinehurst Bowerlea Greenhaze Avondale Belleview Rosbercon Vineyards Ripple Vale Cheviot Dalmore Inverpine Gairloch Nish Hertford Godwarr Paringa Cordell Park Wensleydale Gawdor Barham Cohuna Deniliquin Gunbower Koondrook Leitchville Mathoura Moulamein Strathmerton Wakool Katunga Angle Corner Tank Allens Waterhole Lake Agnes Back Creek Axe Creek Ana Branch of Tanko Creek Algeboia Plain Big Burrumbury Creek Aratula Creek Ana Branch or Wakool River Ana Branch of Yanko Creek Aluminy Creek Aljoes Creek Aljoes Syphon Back Creek Lagoon Back Forest Creek Bailliere Creek Baldwin Bend Balpool Banangalite Banangalite State Forest Banangalite Tank Barber Overflow Barbers Creek Barbers Creek Backwater Barbers Garden Lagoon Barbers Lagoon Village of Barham Barham Cemetery Barham General Cemetery Barham High School Barham Mill Bend Barham Post Office Barham Public School Barrabu Barratta Creek Or Lagoon Barratta Lagoon Or Creek Town of Barratta Barratta Barratta Creek Barratta Creek State Forest Baysens Camp Belbins Creek Belbins Waterhole Bells Landing Belmore Benarca Benarca Creek Benarca Railway Station Benarca Waterholes Benjee Benjee State Forest Beremegad Beremegad Tank Bigantic Creek Big Bonum Big Bonum Sandhill Big Circular Log Landing Billabong Blackwood Anabranch Blackwood Black Swamp Tank Black Swamp Creek Black Swamp Blacks Lagoon The Black Sandhill Black Sandhills Black Sandhill Black Lagoon The Block Creek Blighty Recreation Reserve Blighty Regulator Blighty Blighty Channel Blighty Public School Black Gate Lagoon Black Gate Creek Black Fellows Creek Blackfellows Creek Black Dog Creek Black Charlie Bend Black Box Lagoon Black Box Sandhill Birganbigil Birganbigil Channel Bingellibunbi Boggy Creek Booabula Bookit Bookit Creek Boonoke Boorga Booroorban Bore Corner Boree Boree Bore Boundary Lagoon Box Anabranch Box Creek Box Creek Escape Channel Box Swamp Box Watercourse Boyd Boyeo Branch Creek Brassi Village of Brassi Brick Kiln Creek Broad Creek Broken River Broken River Lagoon Brown Park Browns Creek Bullatale Creek Bullatale Creek Regulator Bullatella Cadell Tilt Caldwell Caldwell Channel Caldwell Public School Caldwell Railway Station Caldwells Waterhole Calf Creek Calimo Caloola Camerons Weir Campbell Campbells Creek Campbells Island Campbells Island State Forest Carroonboon Carroonboon Creek Carroonboon North Cassidys Camp Cangan Catfish Lagoon Cemetery Bend Chimney Creek Chinaman Bend Chowar Christies Creek Citgathen Clarkes Creek Clarkes Lagoon Clump Bend Cobwell Cockran Cockrans Creek Colimo Colligen Creek Colligen Weir Colvin Conargo Conargo Public School Cooee Creek Cooey-Hoo Creek Cooks Ridge Coolagali Coolambil Coolamon Creek Coonambidgal Creek Coopers Swamp Cootnite Cootnite Creek Cooyeo Creek Corduroy Crossing Coree Cornalla Cornalla Creek Cowans Regulator Cow Creek Crombie Crossing Crooked Creek Cudoc Cumbagundah Lagoon Cumbungie Swamp Cumbungle Waterholes Currabunganung Currabunganung Well Dahwilly Dahwilly Main Channel Dalley Bend Danberry Darlot Dead River Lagoon Deadwood Swamp Deep Creek Delta Creek Tank Deniboota Canal Deniboota Canal Escape Deniliquin Aerodrome Deniliquin High School Deniliquin Post Office Deniliquin South Public School Deniliquin Railway Station Deniliquin State Forest Deniliquin Technical College Deniliquin War Cemetery Derrulaman Derrulaman Creek Dunkeld Eagle Creek Edgar Edgar State Forest Edward Public School Edward River Edward River Regulator Edward River Sportsground Edwards Syphon Egg Lagoon Eight Mile Creek Eight Mile Dam Eighty Two Bend Eighty Four Bend Eighty Six Bend Ess Creek Estuary Creek Euroka Evans Landing Finlay Finley Escape Channel Fishermans Bend Fishermans Creek Fishermans Creek Regulator Five Corners Flood Creek Forest Anabranch Forest Creek The Forest Creek Four Mile Dam Four Post Creek Freemans Camp Gabo Hill Gerabbit Gerabbit Bend Geraphna Creek Gilbert Gobram Gonawarra Gonn Gotha Gothog Grasses Waterhole Gravel Bend Green Gully Green Gully State Forest Greens Reserve Tank Greys Plain Griminal Creek Gulpa Gulpa Creek Gulpa Cutting Gulpa Island Gulpa Island National Forest Gulpa Island State Forest Gum Creek Gum Lagoon Gunyah Creek Gwynnes Creek Gwynnes Lagoon Gynong Halfway Bend Hartwood Hebden Hill Plain Hindmarsh Honeymoon Bend Horseshoe Bend Horseshoe Lagoon Horseshoe Sandhill Hudson Creek Hynes Park Iron Punt Landing Jacksons Weir James Regulator Jawbone Creek Jimaringle Jimaringle Branch Canal Jimaringle Creek Jones Bend Jumping Sandhills Kangaroo Creek Kate Malone Bend Kerranakoon Village of Caldwell Calimo Station Caloona Tank Cobram Creek Cockrane Creek Cockran Creek Cockran's Creek Collingen Creekweir Conallo Town of Conargo Cooey Hoo Creek Coonabigal Creek Village of Coree Coronalla Cumbagunda Lagoon Cumbungle Depressions Currys Crossing Town of Darwilly Deniliquin South Deniliquin West Public School Village of Edward Viii Mile Dam Evans Big Log Landing Fishermans Bend Creek Forest or Thulabin Creek 4 Mile Dam Iv Mile Dam Gerabitt Bend Geraphna or Backwater Creek Greys Depresslon Gum Watercourse Gulpa Railway Siding The Gums Gwynnes Lagoon or Yanga Creek Hill Plain Railway Siding Hobbs Well Horse Shoe Lagoon Creek Horse Show Lagoon Hynee Park Jackson Dam Jimaringle Station Village of Jimaringle J.P. Burchfield Junior Park Jubilee Park Kieta Creek Kings Landing Kings Log Landing Kirrabirri Koondrook State Forest Kungamul Kyalite or Edward River Lagoon Dam Lagoon Reserve Lamb Landale Landale Public School Lawson Syphon Lemon Waterhole Lignum Creek Little Barbers Creek Little Bonum Little Bonum Sandhill Little Burrumbury Creek Little Edward Lagoon Little Edward River Little Forest Creek Little Merran Creek Little Murray River Little Niemur River Long Swamp Little Toupna Creek Little Yarrein Creek Lock 26 Lock Lagoon Long Bend Long Lagoon Lower Toupna Creek Lower Toupna Creek Regulator Mackies Lagoon McCartners Creek Mcclure Bend Mccormicks Crossing Mcfaull Park Mckay Mill Bend Mckenzie Bend Mcleans Beach Mcmahons Creek Mcmahons Waterhole Mcpaull Park Main Canal Mallan Branch Canal Mallan Branch Channel Mallee Marago Tank Marah Marnies Waterhole Mars Mary Ada Creek Mary Kelly Creek Mathews Regulator Mathoura Cemetery Mathoura Common Mathoura Ceneral Cemetery Mathoura Racecourse Mathoura Lagoon Mathoura Public School Mathoura Railway Station Town of Mathoura Maxwells Regulator Mayrung Mayrung Channel Mayrung Public School Melvilles Waterhole Memorial Park Merran Creek Merribit Creek Mia Mia Michelago Public School Middle Creek The Middle Creek Middle Creek Water Course Millewa National Forest Millewa State Forest Mill Post Creek Milverton Bend Mingeeunggoot Plain Mount Misery Moira Moira Creek Moira Lake Moira Marshes Moira National Forest Moira Railway Station Moira State Forest Moira Tank Village of Moira Monimail Monpoke Bend Moonacullah Moonacullah Cemetery Moonahcullah Moonahcullah Cemetery Moonahcullah Public School Moonbria Mooney Swamp Moon Swamp Moores Creek Moorings Lagoon Morago Morago State Forest Morago Tank Morocco Channel Mortimers Dam Mortimers Weir Morton Bend Mortons Crossing Mosses Lagoon Town of Moulamein Moulamein Aerodrome Moulamein Cemetery Moulamein Central School Moulamein Channel Moulamein Landing Ground Moulamein Ballway Station Moulamein South Mud Bank Landing Mullowla Mundiwa Mundiwa Channel Murga Murrain Yarrein Creek Mutton Gut Lagoon The Mutton Gut Myloc Myloc Creek Myrtle Park Nallam Napier Public School Napier Street Public School Narrama Narrama School Narratoola Native Dog Creek Native Dog State Forest Nearroongaroo The Neck Neerim Nelsons Crossing Nerangi Tuppal Creek Nestrons Bend Nestrons Creek Nestrons Creek Regulator Niemur Village of Niemur Niemur Anabranch Niemur Drain Niemur Main Drain Niemur River Niemur State Forest Nine Panel Bend Nine Panel Creek Nine Panel Creek Regulator Noorong Creek Norris Bend North Conargo North Currabunganung North Deniliquin Northern Branch Canal Northern Branch Channel North Moonbria North Tuppal North Zara Nugent Bend Nullum Nunnagoyt Nursery Bend No 1 Nursery Bend No 2 Nursery Bend No 3 Nyang Nyang Ford Nyrangi Tuppal Creek Officer Old Morago Ooronong Creek O'Shanassys Creek O'Shanassys Cutting Papanue Creek Parquin Park Lagoon Penglasses Creek Penglasses Landing Penglaze Landing Penny Royal Creek Penny Royal Lagoon Peppin Peppin Park Peremegig Sand Hill Perricoota Perricoota State Forest Perrin Park Piccaninny Creek Picnic Point Pinchgut Bend Pinchgut Creek Pinchgut Creek Regulator Pinchgut Lagoon Pine Hills Pioneer Park Pollack Creek Pollack Lagoon Pollack Neck Pollack Swamp Polygonum Swamp St Helena Swamp Porters Creek Porters Creek Regulator Porters Plain Porthole Porthole Creek Pothole Creek Pothole Lagoon Potts Creek Potts Creek Regulator Potts Point Poverty Point Pretty Pine Pretty Pine Recreation Reserve Puckawidgee Puckawidgee State Forest Puckaewidgee Puggarmilly or Campbelis Island Puggarmilly State Forest Pungulgui Punt Landing Purdanima Quandong Tank Quambies Waterhole Quiamong Racecourse Flat Racecourse Reserve The Racecourse Randals Farm Reed Bed Creek Reed Beds Reed Beds Swamp Reeds Landing Retreat The Retreat Public School Ricketson Robertsons Bend Sandbar Bend Sandy Creek Sandys Crossing Saucer Plain Sawpit Creek Scotty Bend Scottys Crossing Scottys Lagoon Seven Mile Creek Shallow Crossing Shaws Creek Sheepwash Creek Sheepwash Lagoon Sheldrakes Lake Shelldrakes Lake Shell Lagoon Shell Lake Sids Crossing Simpsons Creek Sixty Mile Bend Sixty Mile Creek Slanty Crossing Slaughter House Bend Small Box Creek Small Creek Smiths Lagoon Smoke House Creek Smoke House Lagoon Snake Bend Snake Waterhole Social Bend South Deniliquin Town of South Deniliquin Southdown Southdown Railway Platform South Zara Sovereign Bend Splitters Plain Stadium Clearing The Stadium Stanaforth Steam Plains Steam Plains State Forest Stevens Weir Stockyard Creek Storms Creek Swampy Creek Swan Island Swan Lagoon Swifts Creek Tamar Tantonan Tantonan Bore Tantonan Railway Station Tarangle Tarangle Creek Tawarra Taylors Creek Branch of Taylors Creek Taylors Crossing The Box or Forest Creek The East Pines The Green Gully The Myloc The Rookery The Slaughter House The Three Sisters The Two Gums Thistle Bend Thistle Creek Thistle Creek Regulator Tholobin Tholobin State Forest Thornley State Forest Three Mile Dam 3 Miles Three Sisters Swamp Thulabin Thulabin or Forest Creek Thule Thule Creek Thule Lagoon Thule State Forest Thule Swamp Thurgoon Thyra Thyra Public School Thyra Railway Station Village of Thyra Tittil Toke Creek Tomara Tonis Bend Toolon Toorangabby Tooralong Creek Torrumbarry Lock Torrumbarry Weir Toupna Creek Toupna Creek Flora Reserve Tower Ganby Creek Towna Towool Towrong Creek Trotting Cob Hill Tullakool Tullakool Canal Tullakool Channel Village of Tullakook Tumudgery Tumudgery Creek Tuppal Channel Tuppal Tuppal Cutting Regulator Tuppal Public School Tuppal Road Runulator Tuppal State Forest Turn Back Jimmy Turn Back Jimmys Watercourse Turner Bend Twin Depressions Twin Lagoon Two Mile Creek Uni Creek Union Dam Upper Edward Creek Regulator Vielama Bend Vincent Bend Wagtail Creek Wakool Public School Wakool Main Canal Wakool Railway Station Wakool River Wakool River Syphon Village of Wakool Wakool Weir Walkers Ridge Walliston Walthours Garden Walthours Swamp Wandaradget Wandi Creek Wandook Wandook North Wandook Public School Wandook Tank Wanganella Wanganella Cemetery Wanganella Creek Wangonilla Warbreccan Wargam Waring Gardens Warragoon Warragoon Reculator Warragoon Public School Warrawool Warrick Creek Warriston Warri Yards Sandhill Warwillah Werai Werai State Forest Whites Swamp Whymoul Lake Whymoul Whymoul State Forest Wild Dog Creek Willeroo Williams Bend Willow Bend Wilson Anabranch Windeyer Park Windouran Windouran Tank Windy Corner Regulator Winter Winters Creek Wirringan Wises Waterhole Wollamai Wollamai Escape Channel Wollamai Tank Wollomai Womboota Village of Womboota Village of Womboota East Womboota Dam Womboota Railway Station Womboota Tank Wongal Wononga Wonnue Woodbury Woolshed Creek Woonox Woorooma Woorooma East State Forest Woorooma State Forest Woperana Channel Worthy Bend Yadabal Yadabal Lagoon Yalama Village of Yalama Yalama Public School Yalgadoori Yallakool Yallakool Channel Village of Yallakool Yallakool Creek Yallakool Creek Weir Yallakool Escape Yallakool Railway Station Yallakool Weir Yaloke Yanga Creek or Gwynne Lagoon Yarraman Yarrein Creek Branch of Yarrein Creek Dillons Swamp Yellow Waterhole Yielama Bullock Creek Bullock Head Creek Bullock Head Swamp Bullywarry or Mccartneys Creek Bunaloo East Public School Bunaloo Well Bundarra Creek Devon Dewings Crossing Dhuragoon Doctors Bend Doctors Tank Dora Creek Douglas Swamp Duck Lagoon Duffys Lagoon Duggans Lagoon Dulverton Dhuragoon Railway Station Bundyulumblah Bungooka Bunna Creek Bunnaloo Bunnaloo Channel Bunnaloo Platform Bunnaloo Public School Bunnaloo Railway Station Village of Bunnaloo Bunnydigger Creek Bununka Burbagadah Burchfield Park Burnt Bridge Creek Burnt Landing Burraboi Village of Burraboi Burragorrima Creek Burrumbury Burrumbury Creek Bywash Creek Moira Lakes Flora Reserve Sandune Pine Flora Reserve Yallakool State Forest Native Dog Flora Reserve Deniliquin Reservoir Pollack Flora Reserve Bullatale Flora Reserve Greys Swamp Lakes Crossing Old Spot Mill 399 Mile Landing Twin Lagoons Yarraman Channel Blighty No 10 Circular Bend Labbett Beach Carter Beach Mulwala No 22 Channel Horseshoe Creek Log Landing Marywood Dam Silted Lagoon 390 Mile Lagoon Merran Cutting New Merran Cut North Barham Dead Mans Hole One Tree Bend Toorangabby Cutting Charbulloke East Barham Little Sandhill Toromoke Waradgery Reef Four Posts Crossing Pine Lodge Mathoura Reservoir Barham Reservoir Moulamein Reservoir Stud Park Harry Mccormick Arboretum Lindifferon Noorong Bullatale Aratula Kolety Eagle Creek Cutting 82 Bend Baggots Creek Baldwins Gate Barmah Barmah Creek Barmah Lake Barmah State Forest Barmah Yards Barr Creek Main Drain Bateman Lagoon Bell Bend Benwell State Forest Benwell Swamp Berry Weir Big Woodcutter Creek Big Woodcutter Lagoon Black Charlie Lagoon Black Engine Creek Black Engine Lagoon Blind Creek Boals Creek Boals Deadwoods Bohns Gate Bottom Duck Hole Box Bridge Boyle Crossing Boyles Crossing Broken Axle Creek Broken Creek Broken River Bend Brown Bend Browns Camp Bucks Crossing Bucks Lake Budgee Creek Bull Paddock Bullock Hole Bullocks Creek Bullrush Lagoon Bunyip Gully Bunyip Hole Bunyip Swamp Bunyip Waterhole Burkes Bridge Burnt Bridge Burnt Patch Calivil Creek Cameron Bridge Cameron Creek Campbells Landing Canalla Landing Charcoal Swamp Cherry Tree Muster Paddock Clarkes Camp Cockatoo Lagoon Cocomah Cohuna Channel Cohuna Channel Left Branch Cohuna Channel Right Branch Cohuna Consolidated School Cohuna Fire Station Cohuna Hospital Cohuna Magistrates Court Cohuna Police Station Cohuna Pony Club Reserve Cohuna Recreation Reserve Cohuna Secondary College Cohuna Showground Cohuna Telephone Exchange Compass Swamp Condidorios Bridge Corduroy Swamp Corrys Old Mill Cucumber Gully Cutting Creek Dalton Reserve Daltons Bridge Dead End Lagoon Dead River Deep Creek Branch Dinnys Dip Doctors Point Double Crossing Double Holes Dougs Crossing Dress Circle Swamp Dry Tree Creek Dry Tree Lagoon Duck Hole Plain Eddys Crossing Eddys Gate Emu Hole Lagoon Fish Basket Fish Box Fishermens Bend Flanagans Monument Flannerys Bridge Four Mile Landing Fox Island Frenchmans Gannawarra Gannawarra Public Hall Gannawarra Siding Gannawarra Telephone Exchange Garradha Molwa Bucks Sandhill Gibbon Corner Goat Island Gona Bend Goose Neck Goose Swamp Gowers Gate Green Engine Green Swamp Grinters Ridge Gulf Creek Gunbower Creek Gunbower Fire Station Gunbower Island Gunbower Island Primary School Gunbower Police Station Gunbower Primary School Gunbower Public Hall Gunbower Recreation Reserve Gunbower State Forest Gunbower Weir Gunbower West Gundrys Old Bridge Guttram State Forest Guttram Swamp Hammys Plain Hanrahans Crossing Hanron Crossing Harbours Lake Harrison Lagoon Hinksons Siding Hirds Swamp Holmes Bridge Hookes Lagoon Horfield Horse Shoe Lagoon Howers Creek Hughes Crossing Hughes Gate Hut Lake Iron Punt Lagoon Island Creek Island Lagoon James Park Johnsons Swamp Kate Malone Branch Katunga Fire Station Katunga Primary School Katunga Recreation Reserve Keely Kerang-Koondrook Railway Keyes Point Koondrook Cemetery Koondrook Environmental Reserve Koondrook Police Station Koondrook Primary School Koondrook Weir Koroop Public Hall Kow Swamp Kow Swamp Picnic Reserve Kynmer Creek Lawrences Beach Leech Hole Leitchville Fire Station Leitchville Primary School Leitchville Public Hall Leitchville Recreation Reserve Leitchville Telephone Exchange Little Gunbower Creek Little Punt Lagoon Little Reed Bed Little Reedy Lagoon Little Rushy Swamp Little Ulupna Creek Lock No. 2 Long Landing Longmore Lagoon Lupmans Camp Machanicie Crossing Machonicies Crossing Macorna Torrumbarry No. 2 Channel Macorna Fire Station Macorna Primary School Macorna Public Hall Major Mitchell Camp Site Mansfields Bridge Marshall Lagoon McCutchell Bend McDonalds Swamp McDonalds Waterhole McKay Bridge McKay Mill Bend McKenzie Bend McLure Bend Mead Primary School Mead Public Hall Mill Log Landing Milnes Bridge Telephone Exchange Mincha Mincha Telephone Exchange Mincha West Mincha West Primary School Minchins Gate Moira Lakes Morgans Mill Mosquito Bend Mount Hope Mount Hope Reserve Murphy Gully Murrabit Murrays Mill Myall Primary School Myall Public Hall Mywee Mywee Primary School Nicks Crossing Nine Mile Creek No. 2 Main Channel No. 2 Swamp No. 5 Main Channel Numurkah and Cobram Railway Nursery Bend No. 1 Nursery Bend No. 2 Nursery Bend No. 3 Old Straight Cut Channel One Tree Crossing Ormandys Bridge Paddy Farrel Lagoon Paddy Henessy Cutting Patho Patho Cemetery Patho Telephone Exchange Peppertree Beach Phyland Lagoon Piccaninny Barr Creek Picola Picola Primary School Picola Public Hall Picola Recreation Reserve Pig Hole Pig Swamp Pinnucks Crossing Piree Creek Pontoon Creek Punt Paddock Creek Punt Paddock Lagoon Pyramid Creek Flume Rabbit Lagoon Rat Castle Gully Red Gum Swamp Red Tank Lagoon Reed Bed Reedy Lagoon Reedy Lake Renwell Swamp Rices Weir Rowe Camp Rowes Swamp Sampsons Bridge Sandpit Creek Sandy Bottom Sandy Crossing Sandy McNab Bend Sapling Landing Schwenckes Bridge Sharpes Plain Smith Swamp Smiths Drain Snag Creek Spence Bridge Splatt Lagoon Spur Creek Spur Island Stewart Kitchen Strathmerton Fire Station Strathmerton Primary School Strathmerton Public Hall Strathmerton Recreation Reserve Strathmerton-Tocumwal Railway Suicide Bridge Trama Lagoon Taylor Creek Taylor Lagoon Teal Point Primary School Teal Point Siding The Big Bog The Glue Pot The Gulf The Steps Thistle Bed Thompson Weir Thompsons Bridge Thorpes Gate Thrum Tipperary Gate Tongalong Creek Top Duck Holes Top Island Top Lake Turrumberry Weir Tram Swamp Trama Crossing Tree Tops Scout Camp Area Trickeys Gate Tullah Creek Turner Lagoon Two Mile Gully Ulupna Ulupna Bridge Ulupna Creek Ulupna Island Upper Gunbower Creek Waiting Plain War Creek War Plain Welches Creek Welton Primary School Welton Public School Whistler Lagoon Yalca Yalca North Cemetery Yalca North Hall Yalca Recreation Reserve Yalca Yielima Fire Station Yarran Creek Yarroweyah Public Hall Yeoburn Siding Yielima Bend Yielima Telephone Exchange Young Bend Young Park Willurah Jung Jung Tank Bundy Coleambally Outfall Drain The Ranch Barrabool Delta Swamp Mooroolabark North Moonbria Tank Moulamein Creek Billabong Creek Cooroonboon Polygum Creek Inverness Delta Creek Booabula East Cochrans Creek Claverley IV Mile Dam Baratta Boonook Yanko Creek VIII Mile Dam Yanko Dam Grassmere Rangemore Thulabin Creek Peppinella Carrabunganung Well Redbank Burrabol Union Creek Collingen Creek Weir Moystn Park Gambrie Lara Shingle Hut Dam Royston Tadji North Wakool Naringal Sandy Ridge Picnic Hill Widgee Yallarkool Channel Yallahool Creek Maral Tuppal Creek Green Hills Whittier Park Gannawarra Station The Wilderness Teal Point Hinksons Hinkson Murray Shire Yeoburn Station Allendale Three Hundred and Ninety Mile Lagoon Koroop Moroco Plymouth Bunaloo Milnes Bridge Meade Bunnaloo Well Calival Creek McMillans Johnson Swamp Macorna North Manorbar Wee-wee-rup Wild Duck Creek Hird Swamp Ulupna West Womboota Station Woomboota Railway Station Caloola Tank Mount Hope Creek Ninety Mile Desert Nathalia Shire Baulkamaugh North Baulkamaugh