Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SI55-14

GA SI55-14 - Jerilderie

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Boomagong Llanelly Genyah Innisfail Riversdale Walann Orana Dhingra Currawong Elsmead Rivermead Dalith Tara Spring-Lyn Summerhill Twin Pines Cobram Quat Quatta Brenton-Park Maplestone Toorangie Pranero Cobrawonga Boomanoomana Glenelg Carlyle Hall Barooga Berrigan Corowa Finley Howlong Jerilderie Jindera Lockhart Mulwala Oaklands Tocumwal Urana Walla Walla Apex Beach Ardley Beach Arajoel Arajoel Railway Station Ashcroft Algudgerie Creek Algudgerie Weir Alma Park Alma Park Public School Back Creek Backhouse Backhouse Beach Backhouse Hill Back Paddock Back Paddock Public School Balldale Balldale Public School Balldale Railway Station Barooga Cowal Barooga Lagoon Barooga Lagoon Beach Barooga State Forest Beazleys Swamp Berrigan Canal Berrigan Channel Berrigan Creek Escape Berrigan Railway Station Berrigan State Forest Bethel Betts Bidgeemia Bidgeemia Public School Big Goombargana Swamp Big Hill Big Sandhill Creek Big Toms Beach Billabong Anabranch Billabong Channel Billabong Creek Boat The Boat Boat Hill The Boat Hill Blue Hill Blue Hills Blades Tank Black Lagoon Black Swan Lagoon The Black Range Black Range The Black Hole Blowhole Reserve Blind Creek Birrego Binnowee Bold Point Bolton Lake Bonny Boomangong Beach Mount Boomanoomana Boomanoomana State Forest Booroobanilly Boree Boree Creek Public School Boree Creek Boree Creek Post Office Boree Creek Railway Station Boreegerry Bouchiers Beach Bourke Bend Bourkes Beach No 1 Bourkes Beach No2 Bourkes Beach No 3 Bourkes Bend Bowna Bowna Creek Four Mile Creek Brae Hills Brentnalls Beach Brocklesby Brocklesby Public School Brocklesby Railway Station Brookong Brookong Cemetery Brookong Creek Brookong North Brookong State Forest Broome Bruce Bend Bruces Beach No 1 Bruces Beach No2 Bruces Bend Buchanan Beach Buchanan Bend Buchanans Beach Buchanans Bend Buckingbong National Forest Bulgandry Bulgary Bulgary Railway Station Bullanginya Lagoon Bullanginya Cadell Canal Carlyle Carnerney Carnsdale Carsons Swamp Tank Castlestead Chinamens Creek Circular Plain Swamp Clear Hill Clearview Swamp Cleaves Beach Clems Beach Clive Clyde Coads Tank Cobram Bend Cobrawonga Beach No 2 Cobrawonga Bend No 1 Cobrawonga Bend No 2 Cobrooga Beach Cocketgedong Cocketgedong Creek Collendina Colombo Combermere Comer Comer Creek Coonong Coonong Creek Coonong Railway Station Coreen Coreen Creek Coreen Hill Coree North Coreen State Forest Coreen West Coree South Coreen Tank Corner Hill Cornish Beach Corowa Cemetery Corowa High School Corowa Park Corowa Post Office Corowa Public School Corowa Railway Station Cottadidda Cottadidda Lagoon Cottadidda State Forest Crisps Hill Crommelin Cullivel Lake Cullivel Cullivel Railway Station Cullivel State Forest Curraghmohr Daysdale Daysdale Public School Dead Horse Creek Dead Mans Creek Deep Lagoon Delta Creek Delta Dam Denison East Plain Ebel Edgehill Edgehill Cemetery Ellerslie Elliott Park Emu Park Faed Faithfull Fargunyah Fergussons Tank Ferndale Railway Station Fernthorpe Fig Tree Corner Figure Eight Swamp Finlay Finley Beach Finley Channel Five Ways Foots Swamp Forges Beach No 1 Forges Beach No 2 Forges Bend Fosters Beach Four Corners Lagoon French Park French Park Public School French Park Railway Station Galore Galore Hill Gray Georges Tank Gereldery Gerogery Gerogery Creek Gerogery Ridge Gerogery West Gibson Glenellen Glenellen Public School Glossop Goolgumbla Goombargana Goombargana Cemetery Goombargana Creek Gordon Granville Gravel Bend Gravelly Knoll Green Hill Green Swamp Road Railway Station Greenvale Grout Lagoon Grubben Gum Swamp Gum Tree Swamp Gully Anabranch Gum Holes Gunambill Gwynne Hill Hallidays Cut Hanleys Plain Happy Dicks Creek Hardie Hard Swamp Hastings Haughton Headford Hebden Hennessy Beach Henty Hickory Hill Hideaway Bend Hindmarsh Hoggarths Sandhills Hopefield Hopgood Horseshoe Lagoon Horse Swamp Horsley Hovell Howlong Common Howlong Public School Howlong Road Huon Huon Park Hurricane Hurricane Hill Hynes Lake Jerilderie Jerilderie North Jerilderie South Jindera Common Jindera Gap Jindera Public School Jordan Creek Junction Kangaroo Creek Kangaroo Gully Kangaroo Swamp Kendall Kentucky Kentucky Dam Kentucky State Forest Keoghs Island Carneeney Dam Circle Plain Cobrawoonga Bend Corowa Station Cross Plain Creek Cullival State Forest Curraghnohr Siding Dead River Dead River Beach Eastern Park Figure 8 Swamp Finley Canal Five Way 4 Corners Lagoon Gerogery Range Goombargana West Public School Site Green Swamp Road Railway Siding Groutt Lagoon The Gum Swamp The Gully Creek Gum Holes Creek Happy Dick's Gully Hickory Hill Public School Howlong Sportsground Huon Park Public School Hurricane Hill Siding Irvines Beach The Island Jindera or Lesters Gap Kieta Tank Killeneen Kilnacroft Creek Kilnyana Kilnyana Plain Kingston Hill Knowles Koringal Road Public School Krause Kyffins Reserve Lake The Lake Lalalty Lalalty Public School Lambing Plain Langi Oonah Bend Langunya Langunya Platform Leniston Leniston Platform Lesters Gap Lightning Plain The Lignum Little Bruces Bend Long Point Little Toms Beach Lockhart Cemetery Lockhart Central School Lockhart Post Office Lockhart Railway Station Log Hut Gully Logie Brae Lonesome Pine State Forest Long Hill Long Park Long Park Railway Station Long Plain Creek Long Waterholes The Long Water Hole Lowes Lowesdale Lowesdale Public School Lowe Square Mabins Corner Tank Mabins Corner Well Macvean Island Mccoys Sandhill Mcleod Mahonga Mahonga Creek Mahonga Forest Mahonga Plain Mairjimmy Mairjimmy Lagoon Mairjimmy Railway Station Mairjimmy-State Forest Majors Creek Majors Plains Majors Plains Public School Majors Reserve Majors Waterhole Majors Waterholes Mate Merton Vale Mickan Middle Creek Milbrulong Milbrulong Public School Milbrulong Railway Station Milbrulong State Forest Miller Mimosa Mittagong Creek Momolong Momolong Bore Monash Park Moores Beach Moorwatha Morebringer Morebringer Public School Morgans Lookout Morton Morundah South Moulamein or Billabong Creek Mount Royal Mucra Mulberry Beach Mullemblah Mullemblah North Mulwala Canal Lake Mulwala Mulwala State Forest Mundawaddery Mundawaddery Creek Mundawaddra Mungabarina Munyabla Munyabla Cemetery Munyabla Railway Station Murchisons Tank Murrnong Myall Plains Tank Nangunia Nangunia Tank Napier Nardoo Narrow Plains Narrow Plains Tank Native Dog Swamp Nevins Beach Nevin Beach East Nevins Bend Nevin Bend Nine Mile Dam North Gunambill North Yathong Railway Station Nowranie Nowranie Creek Nullangong Nulla Nulla Nulla Nullah Nulla Nulla Swamp Nyora Nyora Public School Oakdene Oak Hill Oaklands Cemetery Oaklands Extension Channel Oaklands General Cemetery Oaklands Public School Oaklands Railway Station O'Dwyer Main Channel Oil Tree Lagoon O'Neills Creek One Tree Hill Orelda Orelda Platform Orelda Railway Station Osborne Osborne Public School Osborne Well Osborne Well Public School Paddys Beach Palmer Palmer State Forest Paragon Pattersons Swamp Pebbly Beach Petrie Petries Creek Pietches Piney Ridge Piney Range Pleasant Hills Pleasant Hills Public School Pumphouse Beach Pumphouse Beach No 2 Pumphouse Bend Pumpshed Bend Quarry Hill Quay Quattapublic School Quartz Ridge Quicks Beach Rand Rand Public School Rand Railway Station Rawson Redbank Beach Red Hill Redlands Redlands Hills Rennie Rennie Railway Station Richmond Ringwood Ringwood Tank Ringwood Tank State Forest Roberts Hill Rocky Creek Ross Round Swamp Run Boundary Ryan Ryan Railway Station Ryans Hill Sandhill Creek Sand Pan Sand Pan Swamp Sandy Creek Sandy Ridges Sangar Railway Station Sanger Railway Station Sargood Savernake Savernake Public School Schultz Hill Scotts Beach Scotts Bend Scouts Beach Sharp Bend Sharps Bend Sherwyn Sherwyn Nature Reserve Simmons Creek Ski Beach Sloane Railway Station Sloane Tank Smithers Beach Smithers Bend Smiths Creek Snake Island South Creek Sovereign Swamp Spring Stanley Stitt Stony Hill Stoney Hill Stringy Bark Summer Sumner Sunrise Swan Lagoon Tank Syndicate Beach Teachers Beach Mount Terrible Thomsons Beach Thunder and Lightning Dam Thurgona Creek Thurrowa Tocumwal Beach Tocumwal Channel Tocumwal Railway Station Tollendool Hill Toms Beach Tongaboo Tootool Town Beach Trefoil Park True Beach Trues Beach Tuppal Creek Turkeys Nest Dam Turn Back Jimmy Creek Turramia Twelve Mile Twelve Mile Creek Twelve Mile Creek Swamp Ulupna Urana Creek Lake Uranagong Lake Urana Urana Post Office Urana Public School Urana Railway Station Urangeline Urangeline Creek Urangeline East Urangeline East Railway Station Victoria Park Wahgunyah Wahgunyah State Forest Wait A While Wait-While Walbundrie Walbundrie Cemetery Walbundrie Public School Walkers Beach Walkers Lagoon Wallandoon Wallandoon Creek Walla Walla Cemetery Walla Walla Post Office Walla Walla Public School Walla Walla Railway Station Walla Walla Tank Wangamong Wangamong Creek Wangamong Railway Station Wangamong Swamp Wangamong Tank Warmatta Warragoon Warragubogra Washpool Creek Washpool Gully Watt Weeamera Siding West Corurgan Channel Western Park Wheatlands Whisky Swamp White Whites Beach Whites Beach No 1 Whites Lagoon White Waterhole White Water Hole Widgiewa Public School Widgiewa Railway Station Widgiewa Widgiewa State Forest Wilson Wood Woodburn Woodend Woolshed Plain Woperana Woperana State Forest Wores Hill Wunnamurra Wunnamurra Lagoon Wunnamurra Railway Station Dicks Creek Dicks Dam Dicks Plain Dight Yathong South Yellow Clay Creek Yellow Creek Yuluma Yuluma Railway Station Zinettis Beach No 1 Zinettis Beach No 2 Bullenbong Bullenbong Creek Bullenbong Plains Bullenbong South Base Bullenbung Creek Bull Plain Doodle Comer Swamp Douglas The Drop Dry Creek Duck Swamp Duffys Beach No 1 Duffys Beach No. 2 Duffys Bend The Dry Creek Dudal Comer Swamp Duftys Beach No 1 Duftys Beach No. 2 Duftys Bend Bundure Bundure North Bundure Railway Station Bungowannah Buraja Buraja Primary School Burchetts Lagoon Burrangong Burrumbuttock Burrumbuttock Creek Burrumbuttock Public School Burrumbuttock Railway Station Butherwa Buyuma Byrnedale Bolton H156 Carramar Glendale Billabong Flora Reserve Berrigan Reservoir Snake Island Flora Reserve Hiles Park Lake Urana Nature Reserve Tuppal Creek Cutting Tocumwal Airport The Rocks Rocks Hill Jimmys Island Finley Airport Barooga Hill Maloneys Dam Brocklesby Post Office Howlong Post Office Warren Oval Whites Beach No 2 Pumphouse Beach No 1 Nevins Beach West Billabong Forest Wiesners Swamp Nature Reserve Black Swan Anabranch Bullenbong North Base Finley Reservoir Jerilderie Reservoir Nangunia Swamp Bourkes Bend No1 Bourkes Bend No2 Mulwala Reservoir Yathong Morundah Jerilderie Nature Reserve Sanger Wrathall All Saints Cellars Big Reedy Lagoon Blampields Lagoon Bobby Dickie Creek Bouchier Lagoon Bourkes Beach No. 1 Bourkes Beach No. 2 Bourkes Beach No. 3 Bourkes Bend No. 1 Bourkes Bend No. 2 Bourkes Bend No. 3 Bradies Hole Breens Beach Bruces Beach No. 1 Bruces Beach No. 2 Brymay Forest Brymay Poplar Plantation Cabrooga Beach Chinaman Lagoon Cobram Civic Centre Cobram Fire Station Cobram Hospital Cobram Magistrates Court Cobram Police Station Cobram Post Office Cobram Primary School Cobram Secondary College Cobram Special Developmental School Cobram Telephone Exchange Cobrawonga Beach No. 1 Cobrawonga Beach No. 2 Cobrawonga Bend No. 1 Cobrawonga Bend No. 2 Cobrawonga Creek Cobrawonga Lagoon Cray Point Custom House Bridge Davis Beach Daynton Bridge Duck Hole Duffys Beach No. 1 Duffys Creek Fletchers Hut Forest Beach Forges Beach No. 1 Forges Beach No. 2 Frying Pan G J Kennedy Park Grahams Hill Graham Hill Grant Hill Grants Hill Gravel Creek Greys Reserve Horseshoe Bend Horseshoe Lagoon Beach Hunts Beach Katamatite Telephone Exchange Killers Point Koonoomoo Recreation Ground Langi Oonah Beach Little Reedy Swamp Maggies Lagoon Mays Bridge Muckatah Fire Station Muckatah Recreation Reserve Murphys Creek Murray River Forest Nevins Beach East Nevins Creek O'Kane Bend Old Sandmont School Prentice North Fire Station Rams Head Reedy Lagoon Rutzous Bridge Saint Leonards Cellars Scotts Creek Scotts Island Sharps Creek Sharps Lagoon Sheepwash Creek Shiers Lagoon The Big Lagoon The Duckhole Torgannah Lagoon Twin Bridge Creek Ulupna Beach Victorian Island Weiss Beach Weiss Bend Wild Duck Creek Willow Beach Willow Creek Wilsons Beach Wilsons Bend Woodfield Park Yarroweyah Yarroweyah Fire Station Yarroweyah Recreation Ground Yarroweyah Telephone Exchange Zinettis Beach No. 1 Zinettis Beach No. 2 Riverina Glenearn Green Vale Greenvale Tank Yerong Creek Burnlea Sanside Hawks Nest Avonlea Faithfull Tank Faithful Tank Boonongo Burkes Creek Boyd Tank Goree Old Goree Mount Galore East Park Colombo Plain Four Mile Dam Bundure Tank Wood Park Brookong North Tank Lake Gullivel Brookong Plain Bendigo Dam Milton Park North Yathong Colombo Creek Turn Back Jimmy Tank Cocketgedong Farm Ardgour Carnarney Dam Nowrania Creek Karoola Park Coree Carrabunganung Well Algudgery Creek Urana Dam Blair Athol Lallahrook Dalkeith Uranagong Lake Uranagong Tank Four Corner Lagoon Box Creek South Wunnamurra South Yathong Boongara Burrongong Bonnie Doon Nowranie Tank North Gunambil Coorabin Bentwood Franeen Berrigan Well Edgehill Tank Ashburton Wannamurra Well Overton Glen Elgin Myall Plains Murmong Rainbow Killawarra Berrigan Creek Waldaira Ferndale Wallandoon Hill Oakland Green Swamp Road Kuringa Bulgandra Mullemblah Hill Murray Hut Well Narrow Plain Tank Wonga Park Wait-a-while Wandong Sangar Walbundry New Coreen Weeamera Goombargana Hill Perries Creek Savernake Tank Hazeldean Cragdurrock Thornbury Leven Park Killara Rockwell The Cottage Tower Hill Alvista Date Palm Hill Orange Grove The Farm Cullen Hills Gladfield Wingrove Whiskey Swamp Delaware Bloomfield Clay Hill Burrumbuttock Hill Oakbank Yarramathia Glenoak Queens Park Pine View Somerville Ulupna Creek Five Plains Warragoon Station The Grange Hazelwood Westwood Newfield Woodleigh Fairfield Glenhope Stringy Bark Hill Whites Beach Number One Kava Keildonan Kilnyana West Lamara Northcote Park Lochire View Dunolly Whites Beach Number Two Boomagong Station Glentworth Quamby Grove Naranghi Kieta Rothsay Llanthony Corella Park Hygeia Oak Park Fairview Northwood Lowesdale Tank Elmslea Brae Springs Mywee Ashley Park The Pines Redbank Brakefield Hazelglen Broadmeadows Waverley Glenvale Sloan Tank Southwood Woodlands Stony Park West Glenlea Mount Gwynne Green Shields Burnewang Piney Park Stony Park East Granite Hill Huon Tank Riverside Coolowarra Sloane Edenthorpe Rosewood Fergusons Tank Pine Hill Killarney Plentyana Merton Failand Lodge Howlong Hill Westerndale Murrayside Tarnpirr Ngawe Aingirth Rio Grange Bolinda Glen Elm Park Rosedale Baringa Saint Bernards Eversleigh Wattle Park Yambla Longlea Bruces Beach Number Two Bruces Beach Number One Cobrawonga Beach Number Two Bourkes Beach Number Two Duffys Beach Number One Duftys Beach Number One Duffys Beach Number Two Duftys Beach Number Two Zinettis Beach Number One Zinettis Beach Number Two Llenwellyn Langi Oonah Yarramungee Boxwood Park Hawthorn Table Top Cobrawonga Beach Number One Bourkes Beach Number One Bourkes Beach Number Three Forges Beach Number One Forges Beach Number Two Mulwala Channel Culverly Rise Golden Valley Villa Grove Spring Valley Sandmount Gooramadda