Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SI55-15

Wagga Wagga
GA SI55-15 - Wagga Wagga

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Lightwood Drumlock Thologolong The Glen Batlow Cabramurra Culcairn Estella Forest Hill Gumly Gumly Gundagai Henty Holbrook Ladysmith Talbingo Tarcutta The Rock Tumbarumba Tumut Uranquinty Wagga Wagga Currawarna Mangoplah Woomargama Oura Humula Kapooka Bomen Collingullie Asbestos Hill Argyle Creek Ardrossan Argalong Back Creek Atkinsons Creek Atkinsons Flat Ashmont Ashmont Public School Ash Gully Ashley Ash Creek Andrews Gully Ana Branch Anabranch American Yards Alfred Town Lake Albert Appletree Gully Anzac Park Allan Staunton Park Allabandra Creek Allabandra Gully Mount Adra Mount Adrah Adelong Station Town of Adelong Acacia Creek Adjungbilly Adjungbilly Creek Adjungbilly Swamp Adelong Eastern Branch of Adelong Creek Adelong Creek Adelong Crossing Park Adelong Falls Adelong Gap Adelong Public School Abrahams Bosom Back Creek Left Branch Back Creek or Murphys Range Back Gully Back Station Creek Bago Bago Creek Bago Hill Bago Mountain Bago Range Bago State Forest Baileys Gully Bald The Bald Hill Bald Hill Bald Hill Creek Bald Mountain Baloo Baloo Arm or Peak River Bangadang Creek Bangandang Bangandang Creek Bangus Bangus Island Bardwell The Basin Basin Creek Basin Swamp Batlow Central School Batlow Post Office Batlow Railway Station Batlow Showground Battery Mountain Beaumont Beavers Creek Beavers Creek South Beavers Island Beavers Island Creek Bedding Creek Beebys Gully Belfrayden Belfrayden Railway Station Belfrayden Public School Bella Gully Belling Park Bells Creek Bells Lagoon Belmore Benambra State Forest The Bend Ben Lomond Range Ben Lomond Ridge Bennett Benrobin Range Berry Jerry Berry Jerry Lagoon Berry Jerry State Forest Best Reserve Big Ben Creek Big Bogong Mountain Big Budgee Big Budginigi Hill Big Creek Big Gunyam Creek The Big Hill Big Hill Big Hill Flat Creek The Big Plain Big Plain Big Plain Creek Big Plain Peak Big Rock Creek Big Rock Gully Big Springs Big Stringybark Mountain The Big Stringy Bark Big Talbingo Big Talbingo Mountain Bijengum Bilda Billabong High School Billabung Billapaloola Billapaloola Creek Billapaloola Mountain Billapalula Bobtail Gully Bobs Creek Bobs Blanch Blanch Creek Blakes Creek Blue Creek Black Springs Creek Black Spring Gully Black Spring Creek Black Springs Black Ridge Black Range The Black Range Black Perry Creek Black Perry Mountain Black Jacks Creek Mount Black Jack Black Jack Creek Black Jack Black Hill Blowering Reservoir Blowering Cliffs Blowering Creek Blowering Dam Blowering Mountain Blowering Blowering Basin Bloomfield Creek Black Spring or Wilson Creek Blind Creek Black Gully Black Duck Creek Black or Boundary Creek Black Creek Blackball Hill The Blackball Birdlip Birdlip Station Binni Creek Bogandyera Bogandyera or Ikes Mountain Bogandyera Mountain Boggy Creek Boggy Gully Bogong Bogong Creek Bogong Mountain Bogong Mountain Range Bogong Mountains Bogong Mountains Range Bogong Peaks Boiling Down Creek Bolton Park Boltons Creek Boltons Hill Bombowlee Creek Bomen Lagoon Bomen Railway Station Bon Accord Bondi Creek Bondo Bongongo Public School Book Book Book Book Public School Boomerang Creek Boonoo Creek Boonoo Gully Boons Creek Boons Hill Boraig Borambola Public School Borambola Railway Station Borambula Borambola Bosley Memorial Playground Boundary Creek Bounty Creek Bounty Gully Bowlers Creek Bowmin Lagoon Bowna Village of Bowna Box Boxes Gully Box Hill Boyton Mount Brae Branch Creek Brandy Mary Spur Brays Swamp Brennans Creek Brennans Gully Brennan Sugarloaf Bridge Creek Bridle Creek Bridle Gully Bridle Mountain Broad Creek Broadhursts Creek Brookdale Brooks Creek Brooks Swamp The Brothers Browne Creek Brownleys Back Creek Brownleys Creek Browns Creek Brucedale Brummys Hill Brungle Brungle Bald Hill Brungle Creek Brungle Public School Buccleuch Buchanans Creek Buchanans Gully Buckargingah Buckargingah Creek Buckargingah Sugarloaf Buckeen Creek Buddong Buddong Creek Buddong Falls Buddong Range Buddong Ridge Budginigi Bulalgee Bulalgee Hill Bulalgee or Jacobs Creek Bulga Creek Bull and Damper Creek Cabarita Park Cabramurra Landing Ground Cabramurra Public School Cajaldura Hill Califat Califat Creek Campbells Creek Camp Creek Camp Gully Capel Hill Carabobala Carabost Carabost Creek Carabost State Forest Carboona Gap Cartwrights Hill Cave Creek Cave Gully Chambers Creek Charcoal Gully Cheatems Creek Cheney Hill Chinamans Bend Chinamans Creek Chinamans Gap Chinamans Hat Chinamans Hill China Walls Christians Gully Churchs Plain Clarkes Gully Clarkes Hill Clay Clear Creek Clear Hill Cliffords Gully Clydes Creek Cockatoo Creek Cockneys Creek Cockneys Spur Coffee Pot Coffin Rock Coffin Rock Hill College Creek Collingullie Public School Collingullie Railway Station Collingullie Watercourse Collins Park Colloboralli Creek Comatawa Comatawa Ridge Comatawa Creek Comer Commissioners Gully Coocook Cookarbine Cookardinia Cookardinia Cemetery Cookarbine Hill Mount Cookardinia Cookardinia Tank Cookoomooroo Creek Cooleman Cooleys Creek Coorabin Railway Station Coppabella Coppabella Creek Corduroy Gully Coreinbob Coreinbob Creek Mount Coreinbob Corry Cotway Creek Coultons Creek County Ridge Courabyra Cowpers Creek Cowra Cows Head Cox Coxs Creek Crack Hardy Point Craven Crawleys Creek Creighton Crestview Public School Crisp Hill Croker Park Cromer Hills Crooked Creek Culcairn Cemetery Culcairn Post Office Culcairn Public School Culcairn Railway Station Culcairn Sportsground Cumberland Break Cumberland Creek Cumberland Gap Cumberland Range Cumboroona Cunningdroo Currajong Currawananna Lagoon Currawananna State Forest Currawarna Public School Dallans Gully Daly Creek Dalys Creek Darbalara Darlow Darlows Creek Lake David Dead Dog Creek Dead Horse Creek Deadmans Gully Dead Mans Hill Dead Mans Ridge Deep Creek Deep Creek Dam Deep Gully Dellateroy Creek Devils Creek Devils Gully Dunns Gully Dunns Hill Dutzon East Burra Creek East Hills East Ournie Creek Echarina Echarina Ridge Edgehill Edwards Hill Edwardstown Eight Mile Creek Eleven Mile Creek Ellerslie Ellerslie Dip Ellerslie Recreation Reserve Emu Eringowarra Eringowarra Creek Euadera Euberta Euberta Public School Eunanoreenya Eurabbie Gully Eurobin Ridge Faheys Creek Fellow Hills Fife Gardens Fifteen Mile Creek Fish Creek Fitzgeralds Creek Mount Flakney Flakney Flat Top Flint Mount Flint Flowerdale Lagoon Flowerpot Hill Flowers Hill Foleys Gully Forest Creek Forest Hill Public School Forest Hill Railway Station Fords Creek Four Mile Four Mile Creek Four Post Creek Fowler Fowlers Swamp Fowlers Swamp Creek Foxes Creek Franklin Public School Free Damper Creek Frenchmans Creek Frikes Creek Frog Hollow Frosts Creek Frosts Gully Gadara Gadara Public School Galvins Creek Ganmain Gannons Creek Gap Creek Gap Gully Garden Gully Mount Garland Garryowen Gatleys Creek Gentle Annie Saddle Geordies Ridge Georges Hill Germans Creek Germanton Gerogery Gerogery Public School Gerogery Railway Station Giandarra Gully Gibsons Plains Giles Creek Lake Gilman Gilmore Gilmore Creek Gilmore Railway Station Ginnies Creek Gissing Oval Glade Hill Glen Creek Glendower Creek Glen Hill Glenken Glenroy Glenroy Lake Glory Hole Cave Goat Hill Goat Ridge Gobbagombalin Gobbagombalin Lagoon Gocup Gocup Creek Gocup Ridge Golden Gully Gold Hole Creek Goldies Gully Goldspink Goobarragandra Goodmans Gully Gordons Gully Gormans Gully Goulburn Graham Creek Graham Park Grahamstown Granite Granite Mountain Grass Graveyard Graveyard Creek Graveyard Hill Great Yambla Ridge Green Green Hills State Forest Green Reserve Creek Gregado Gregadoo Creek Gregadoo Hill Gregadoo Grubben Grubben Swamp Guises Waterholes Gum Gumly Gumly Gumly Island Gumly Gumly Public School Gundagai High School Gundagai Post Office Gundagai Public School Gundagai Railway Station Gurkeroo Ridge Guys Hill Hacketts Hill Hadrells Hill Halfway Hill Hammonds Gully Hanging Rock Happy Valley Creek Hardys Mill Hardys Sugarloaf Hargraves Gully Harrisons Gully Harris Park Hatchetts Creek Hay Mount Hay Hell Hole Hell Hole Creek Henwood Park Henty Post Office Henty Public School Henty Railway Station Henty Showground Hermitage Creek Hickory Creek Highground Creek High Rock Lookout Hillas Hillas Creek Hindmarsh Hindmarsh Creek Holbrook Cemetery Holbrook Park Holbrook Post Office Holbrook Public School Holbrook Racecourse Holbrook Showground The Hole Holman Home Camp Creek Home Flat Creek Homestead Creek Honeysuckle Creek Honeysuckle Range Horse Creek Horseshoe Creek Mount Hovell Hovenden Creek Howards Gully Hugel Hume Hume and Hovell Lookout Hume Reservoir Humula Cemetery Humula Public School Hussels Gully Hyde Ikes Mountain Indian Creek Inspiration Lookout Inspiration Point Irish Creek Irish Swamp Island Creek Island Lagoon Jackalass Jacob Jacobs Creek Jagumba Jagumba Creek Jagumba Mountain Janeys Creek Jellingro Creek Jergyle Mount Jergyle Jerra Jerra Jerra Jerra Creek Jersey Cave Jibeen Jillabenan Cave Jimmys Creek Jingellic Jingellic Cemetery Jingellic Creek Jingellic East Jingellic Public School Jocks Mountain Joes Creek Johanna Creek Johnsons Gully Jonathans Creek Jones Creek Jones Flat Jounama Jounama Creek Jounama Dam Jounama Pondage Jubilee Park Jumpers Creek Jumpers Hill Kangaroo Kangaroo Ground Creek Kangaroo Mountain Kapooka Military Camp Public School Kapooka Railway Station Kavanaghs Creek Keajura Keajura Creek Keefs Gully Kelly Creek Kellys Creek Kellys Gully Kendall Keoghs Ridge Kessler Park Cabramurra Airstrip Calafat Creek Califat Platform Califat Railway Station Carabost Or Main Creek Carabost Public School Cave or Clive Creek Cheatems Gully Mount Cheney The China Walls Clarks Gully Clay Hill Clifford Creek Cliffords Creek Cliefford Creek College Gully Collengullie Public School Collingully Collingully Watercourse Comatawa Range Commander Holbrook Park Connorton Publidc School Coocook New Coocook Range Cookardinia General Cemetery Corkardini Cookardinia Creek The Cookabynes Corduroy Creek Coreinbob Railway Station Cowra Creek or Paddys River Cox Creek Coxs Gully Culcairn Central School Culcairn District Cemetry Cullicow Currajong Gully Currawananna Currawarna Lagoon Dallans Creek Darbalara Public School Dead Mans Creek Deans Creek Deans or Four Mile Creek Deep Lagoon The Devils Grip Echarina Hills Egan Creek Eight Mile Dam/ Eight Mile Lagoon Eunanyhareenyha Eunonyhareenyha Public School Eurabbie Creek Faheys Gully Feathertop Round Top Fellow Hills Railway Station and Yellow Hills Fifteen Mile Spur Fords Gully Head of Four Mile Creek Fred White Reserve Freedamper or Middle Creek Frenchman Creek Friday Mount Gadara Creek Gadara Railway Station Galvins Gully Ganantagi Mount The Gap Village of Garryowen Gentle Annie Geordies Spur Germans Gully Giandarra Creek Gilmore Sheep Station Creek Gilmore Upper Public School Glade Glen Glenrouth Glenroy Railway Station Gocup Falls Gocup Public School Gocup Range Goobaragandra Goobarragandra Station Goobragandra Gordons Creek Gormans Creek Grass Hill Great Yambla Range Green Hills Gregadoo Public School Gumly Gumly Anabranch Halfway Minjary Hatchetts Gully Head of Irish Creek Head of Kyeamba Creek Henty Central School Village of Henty Hickory Gully Holbrook Central School The Holman State Forest Mount Horeb Horse or Jacky Thompsons Creek The Horseshoe Lagoon Hume Dam Humula General Cemetery Jackalass Creek Jack Terrys Creek Jackylass Creek Jingellec Jingellec Creek Jingellec East Jingellec General Cemetery Jingellec Swamp Jocks Mount Jonathans Gully The Junction Kangaroo Creek Kangaroo Ground Arm of Blind Creek Kapooka Loop Keajura or Six Mile Creek Keefs Creek Keoghs Range Kiambeth Kiambeth Range Kiambeth Ridge Kiandra Kiandra Plain Kiley Creek Kilgowla Kilgowla Creek Kilgowla Mountain Killarney Hill Killimicat Killimicat Creek Killimicat Hill Mount Kimo Kimo Kimo Basin Kimo Hill Kimovale King King Parrot Creek Kings Creek Kings Cross Kirndeen Kohlhagens Beach Kooringal Kooringal High School Kooringal Public School Kosciusko National Park Kubura Kubura Crossing Kubura Railway Station Kunama Kunama Railway Station Village of Kunama Kurrajong Creek Kurrajong Gully Kurrajong Lagoon Kurrajong Park Public School Kurrajong Plain Kurrajong Public School Kyeamba Kyeamba Creek Kyeamba Gap Kyeamba Lagoon Kyeamba Range Lacmalac Lacmalac Public School Ladysmith Public School Ladysmith Railway Station Lagoon Gully Lake Albert Public School Lamberts Creek Lamberts Gully Lampe Lampes Creek Lampes Corner Lanagans Hill Landers Creek Landers Falls Lankey Lankeys Creek Lapstone Creek Larrys Creek Larrys Ridge Laurel Hill Laurel Hill Public School Leech Creek Leech Gully Leitch Leos Creek Lick Hole Creek Lick Hole Gully Lighthouse Lighthouse Hill Lightning Ridge Lightning Spur Lindsays Creek Little Billabong Little Billabong Creek Little Billabong CreekEastern Branch Little Billabong Cemetery Little Billabung Little Billabung Creek Little Billabung Eastern Branch Little Buddong Creek Little Budgee Little Budginigi Hill Little Creek Little Gilmore Creek Little Glory Hole Creek Little Horse Creek Little Lickhole Creek Little Mannus Creek Little Manus Creek Long Swamp Creek Little Plain Little Rock Hill Little Sandy Creek Little Swamp Creek Little Talbingo Little Yambla Ridge Livingstone Livingstone Creek Livingstone Gully Livingtone Public School Livingstone State Forest Lobs Hole Log Bridge Creek Logbridge Creek Log Creek Loka Long Creek Long Gully Long Hollow Long Jacks Hill Long Tunnel Creek Long Waterhole Lookout Hill Mount Lookout The Lookout Loughlins Gully Lower Bago Lower Tarcutta Lowes Hill Luadra Luadra Railway Station Lunts Creek Lunts Sugarloaf Lunts Vale Cemetery Lyle Smith Gully Lyne Park Machine Creek Macintyres Creek Mackays Gully Macks Crossing Maclean Macnamaras Creek Macnamaras Gully Mccabes Creek Mcclouds Creek Mcclures Creek Mcclures Gap Mcclures Gully Mccredies Gully Mcfarlands Creek Mcfarlanes Creek McGeochs Creek Mcgregors Creek Mcgregors Gully Mount Mckenzie Mckinnons Creek Mclaurin Mount Mclaurin Mcpherson Oval Mcphersons Plain Maddens Creek Maddon Lagoon Madmans Gully Maginnitys Gap Main Creek The Main Gully Main Range Major Mitchells Creek Major Mitchells Gully Majors Creek Majors Gully Majuba Hill Malabar Mountain Malebo Malebo Lagoon Malebo Range Malebo Public School Mandys Creek Mangoplah North Mangoplah Public School Mangoplah Railway Station Manjar Manjar Creek Manning Creek Part Of Mannus Mannus Creek Mannus Hill Mannus Lookout Mannus Public School Mannus State Forest Maragle Creek Maragle Maragle Back Creek Maragle Hill Maragle Mountain Maragle Range Maragle State Forest Mount Maraket Marica Marshalls Creek Maryvale Creek Mate Mates Creek Mates Gully Maxwell Meadow Creek Memorial Gardens Mount Mersey Mettys Gully Mica Creek Mica Gully Micalong Swamp Flora Reserve Michelago Michelago Peak Middle Creek Middle Dam Creek Middle Ridge Milkmans Creek Milk Shanty Milk Shanty Creek Mill Creek The Mill Creek Millers Gully Mill Lagoon Millwood Minjary Minjary Creek Minjary Mountain Minjary State Forest Misery Misery Hill Mount Misery Mitchell Mitchell Gully Modder Creek Modder River Sparkes Creek Moody Moodys Hill Moorong Mount Moorong Morgans Cave Morgans Caves Morgans Hill Morgans Ridge Morleys Creek Morgans Creek Morgans Gully Morrice Morris Creek Morven Morven Railway Station Town of Morven Mother of Ducks Lagoon Moulamun Creek Mountain Creek Mountain Dam Creek Mountain or Woomargama Creek Mount Airy Public School Mount Arran Mount Ash Creek Mount Austin Mount Austin High School Mount Austin Public School Mount Horeb Railway Station Mount Maragle Mount Peter Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Creek Mount Reno Mudhole Creek Muddy Waterhole Mud Wall Creek Mullanjandra Village of Mullanjandra Mullanjandra Creek Mullengandra Mullengandra Creek Mullengandra Public School Mullins Gully Mundarlo Mundarlo Cemetery Mundarlo Public School Village of Mundarlo Mundaroo State Forest Munderoo Munderoo Back Creek Munderoo Creek Munderoo or Back Creek Mundongo Mundongo Public School Mundowy Mundowy Lagoon Murphys Creek Murphys Gully Murphys Ridge Murphys Swamp Murraguldrie Murraguldrie Creek Murraguldrie State Forest Murraguldrie Public School Murray Murrays Gully Nacka Nacka Nacka Nacka Creek Nacki Nacki Nacki Nacki Creek Nangus Cemetery Nangus Island Nangus Nangus Creek Nangus Public School Narra Narra Wa Narra Narra Narra Narra Wa or Mount Pleasant Narrandera Road Public School Native Dog Creek Natural Bridge Nest Nest Hill New Chum Hill New Maragle Creek New Maragle Hill New Maragle State Forest New Zealand Gully Nimbo Nimbo Creek Nine Mile Creek Head of Nine Mile Creek No Place Hill North Gundagai Norths Lookout North Wagga Wagga Town of North Wagga Wagga Notherwono Lagoon Nuggety Creek Nuggety Gully Numbananga Peak Nurenmerenmong Nursery Creek Nutt Gully Oak Oak Creek Oak Hill Oaky Bulga Oaky Creek Oberne Oberne Creek Oberne Hill Mount Oberne Oberne Public School O'Briens Creek O'Halloran Park O'Hares Creek O'Hares Hill O'Hares Ridge O'Hares Spur Oldmaragle Old Table Top Old Yachting Point One Head of Old Jeremiah Creek One Tree Hill Opossum Plain Creek Osbornes Creek Osborne Creek O'Tooles Creek Oura Anabranch Oura Beach Ouranee Ouranee Creek Oura Public School Ouranee State Forest Ournie Ournie Creek Ournie State Forest Oxley Paddy Rock Hill Paddys Creek Paddys Gully Paddys River Paddys River Falls Paddys River Dam Paddys Rock Hill Paddys Rock Paddys Rocks Hill Palace Saddle The Palace Paling Yard Creek Paper Forest Paper Forest Creek Parkan Pregan Lagoon Mount Parnassus Parson Parson Mountain Parsons Creek Parsons Gully Patrick Gully Pats Creek Mount Paynter Peak Gully Peak Gully or Stony Creek Peak River Pearson Pearson Public School Peddles Peddles Hill Peddles Trig. Hill Peels Creek Public School Peep of Day Creek Peep of Day Gully Pells Gully Pennyweight Creek Permanent Creek Perrots Flat Peter Hill Picnic Gully Piding Creek Pigeon Swamp Pigsty Creek Pillagalala Creek Pillared Rock Ridge Pillared Rock Range Pilot Hill Pilot Reef Mountain The Pilot Reef Pimple Hill Pinbeyan Pinbeyan Creek Pinbeyan Ridge Pinchgut Creek Pine Creek Pine Mountain Peak Pine Mountain Range Pine Range Pinnacle Pinnacle Creek Pinnacle Hill Pipe Clay Creek Pipeclay Gully Pipeclay Hill Pipers Creek Plahgoman Plain Creek Pleasant Gully Pleasure Island Pleasure Point Plot Creek Plot Gully Plum Pudding Plum Pudding Creek Plum Pudding Hill Poison Rock Creek Pollocks Creek Pomingalarna Pomingalarna Gap Pomingalarna Park Possum Plain Creek Possum Point Mountain Pound Creek Pounds Creek Pound Ridge Powers Creek Pregan Island Pretty Gully Pretty Sally Creek Pretty Sally Range Pretty Sally Ridge Prospector Creek Pub Creek Pub Gully Puddlers Creek Pulletop Pulletop Creek Pulletop Railway Station Pulletop State Forest Pullitop Pulpit Rock Pulpit Quartzville Foxes Gap Racecourse Creek Ralvona Ralvona Railway Station Ration Creek Ration Gully Mount Ratler Ratler Hill Ravine General Cemetery Village of Ravine Ravine Rawlings Park Razorback Ridge Redbank Creek Red Creek Reddal Creek Reddall Creek Reddalls Valley Red Hill The Red Hill Reeds Creek Reeds Hill Reedy Creek Reedy Flat Reef Creek Reids Creek Reno Rial Richardsons Creek Ridings Creek Right Arm Creek Right Branch Rings Creek Riverina College of Advanced Education Riverina Youth Centre The Rock Hill Rocks Brother Rocky Creek Rocky Falls Creek Rocky Gully Rocky Hill Rocky Range Rocky Waterholes Creek Roping Pole Dam Roping Pole Lake Roping Pole Swamp Rosevale Creek Rosewood Rosewood Cemetery Rosewood Public School Rosewood Railway Station Village of Rosewood Rough Creek Rough Yard Creek Round Round Hill Round Top Mountain Rowan Ruby Creek Rutherfords Ridge Rutherfords Range Ryans Creek Ryders Creek Ryders Gully Sailors Gully Sandy Creek Sandy Gully Sandy or Four Mile Creek Sandy Waterfall Creek Sandy or Waterfall Creek Sandy Waterhole Creek San Isadore San Isidore San Isidore Public School Sapling Yards Creek Sargood Saw Mill Creek Sawpit Creek Sawpit Gully Sawpit Gully Creek Sawpit Reserve Sawpit Waterhole Sawyer Dog Creek Sawyers Creek Scent Bottle Creek Schoolmasters Creek Scotch Creek Scotch Gully Scotchmans Creek Scotchmans Gully Scrubby Creek Scrubby Gully Section Creek Section Ridge Selwyn Serpentine Creek Serpentine Range Serpentine Ridge Settlement Creek Seven Mile Creek Sextons Creek Shaking Bog Shaking Bog Creek Sharps Creek Shaw Hill Shaws Railway Station Shay Creek Shay Gully Sheahan Sheep Dip Creek Sheep Station Creek Sheep Station Gully Sheep Station Ridge Sheep Wash Lagoon Sheepyard Creek Shelleys Creek Shepardstown Shepherd Hill Shepherds Shepherds Railway Station Shepherds Siding Shepherdstown Shingle Creek Shockeroo Creek Shores Gully Short Creek Short Gully Shortridge Creek The Sisters Six Mile Creek Sixpenny Creek Skeleton Creek Skeleton Gully Slate Quarry Creek Slaughterhouse Creek Smalls Gully Smiths Hill Snake Gully Snowball Creek Snowball Hill Snow Ridge Snubba Snubba Creek Snubba Range Sod Hut Creek Sodhut Creek Sodwall Creek Sodwall Gully Soldier Soldiers Hill Somersault Creek Somersault Gully South Creek Southern Highlands Public School South Gundagai South Gundagai Public School South Gundagai Railway Station South Wagga Wagga Town of South Wagga Wagga Sparkes Creek Sparkes Gully Sparkes Plain Spencers Creek Splitters Creek Splitters Creek The Splitters Hill Sprilbry Creek Sprilbry Gully Spring Creek Springdale Creek Spring Donald Creek Spring Gap Creek Spring Gully Spud Gully Spurgeons Gully Spyglass Hill Spyglass Mountain Stable Creek Stable Walls Stallion Hill Station Mountain Staunton Park Steep Gully Mount Stewart Still Creek Still Gully Stinking Creek Stockmans Creek Stockmans Gully Stockyard Creek Stockyard Gully Stone Quarry Stoney Creek The Stoney Gully Stony Creek Stony Creek Part Of The Stony Creek Stony Gully Storm Lookout The Storm Lookout Streeters Creek Stringybark Creek Stringy Bark Creek Stringy Bark Creek/ Six Mile or Stringy Bark Creek Stuckeys Creek Sturt Public School Sue City Sue City Camp Sugarloaf Sugarloaf Creek Sugarloaf Spur Sugar Loaf The The Sugarloaf The Sugar Loaf Sullivans Creek Sullivans Gully Supples Creek Swamp Creek Swampy Creek Swampy Watercourse Sweetwater Creek Table Top Table Top Creek Table Top Mountain Tabletop Mountain Table Top Park Table Top Public School Table Top Railway Station Table Top Range Table Top Ridge Table Top Siding Tabletop Range Talbingo Dam Talbingo Mountain Talbingo Post Office. Talbingo Public School Talbingo Reservoir Talmalmo Tamboolba Railway Station Tamboolba Tanyard Creek Tanyard or Todds Creek Tarcatta Creek Tarcutta Cemetery Village of Tarcutta Tarcutta Creek Tarcutta Public School Tarcutta Railway Station Tarcutta State Forest Tarcutta Swamp Target Creek Tarrabandra Tarrabandra Public School Tatton Tatton Public School Teatree Creek Tea-Tree Creek Temperance Creek Temperance Ridge Temperance Spur Mount Tenandra Tenandra Ten Mile Ten Mile Creek Ten Mile Creek Station Terminus Terrys Creek The Cliffend Walls The Devils Gully The Dip The Downfall The Five Corners The Gulf The High Ground The Island The Nangus Island The Nine Mile The Pinnacle The Pipe Clay Hill The Racecourse The Rock Central School The Rock Faunal Reserve The Rock Nature Reserve The Rock Post Office The Rock Railway Station Village of The Rock The Sounding Ground The Yarrangobilly Caves Thistle Flat Thistle Island Thompsons Arm Thompsons Creek Three Mile Creek Three Mile Dam Three Tree Hill Thugga Plain Thugga Swamp Tims Creek Tims Gully Tin Mines Tipperary Tipperary Creek Tipperary State Forest Tolland Tolland Public School Toll Bar Ridge Tom Lunts Creek Tommies Plain Creek Tomneys Plain Tomneys Plain Creek Tom Scotts Creek Tom Scotts Gully Tooles Creek Toolong Range Tooma Tooma Public School Tooma River Toonga Tootool Tootool Public School Tootool Railway Station Tugga Town of Tumbarumba Tumbarumba Cemetery Tumbarumba Creek Tumbarumba General Cemetery Tumbarumba Golf Course Tumbarumba High School Tumbarumba Hill Tumbarumba Post Office Tumbarumba Public School Tumbarumba Racecourse Tumbarumba Railway Station Tumbarumba Showground Tumblong Tumblong Public School Tumblong Railway Station Tumblong State Forest Tumorrama Tumorrama Hill Old Bridge Park Tumut Aerodrome Tumut Cemetery Tumut General Cemetery Tumut High School Tumut Plain Tumut Plains Tumut Pond Dam Tumut Pond Reservoir Tumut Post Office Tumut Railway Station Tumut State Forest Tumut Technical College Tumut Two Pondage Tunnel Creek Turkey Creek Turkey Flat Turkey Springs Turners Creek Turvey Park Turvey Park Public School Two Mile Creek Two Mile Hill Tywong Tywong Creek Tywong Creek/Tywong Gully Ugly Creek Ugly Mountain Ugly Mountain Creek Umbango Umbango Creek Umbango or Downfall Creek Umbango Creek Station Umbango Mountain Umutbee Uncles Creek Union Jack Race Upper Berry Jerry Lagoon Uranquintry Village of Uranquintry Uranquinty Cemetery Uranquinty Public School Uranquinty Railway Station Vautier Veteran Peak Victoria Hill Victory Memorial Gardens Village of Lake Albert Vincent Vokins Creek Vyners Creek Wagara Wagara Hill Wagga Agricultural College Wagga 'C' Wagga H Wagga I Wagga J Wagga K Wagga L Wagga M Wagga N Wagga O Wagga P Wagga Q Wagga R Wagga Wagga Aerodrome Wagga Wagga Common Wagga Wagga Experimental Farm School Wagga Wagga General Cemtery Wagga Wagga High School Wagga Wagga Lawn Cemetery Wagga Wagga Permanent Common Wagga Wagga North Public School Wagga Wagga Post Office Wagga Wagga Public School Wagga Wagga Racecourse Wagga Wagga Railway Station Wagga Wagga Showground Wagga Wagga South Public School Wagga Wagga Technical College Wagga Wagga War Cemetery Wagra Wagra Hill Wagra Mountain Wagra Swamp Wagragobilly Waleregang Walker Creek Wallace Wallaces Creek Walls Creek The Walls Wambat Gully Wangara Gap Wantabadgery Wantabadgery Gap Wantabadgery Lagoon Wantabadgery Public School Wantagong Creek War Cemetery Wargunyah Creek Warm Spring Warogong Sugarloaf Warogong State Forest Washpool Lagoon Water Creek Waterfall Creek Waterfields Creek Waterhole Bedding Creek Wattle Creek Wattle Gully Wattle Gully or Stony Creek Part Of Webb Weir Creek Weir Gully Welaregang Welaregang Cemetery Mount Welaregang Welaregang Hill Welaregang. Village Of Welumba Welumba Hill Wereboldera Wereboldera Railway Station Westbrook Westbrook Public School Westby Westby Railway Station West Creek Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune Creek Whipstick Creek Whipstick Gully Whisky Creek White Horse Creek Whitely White Reserve Wickhams Gully Wild Duck Creek Wild Duck Gully Wild Horse Creek Wild Horse Flat Wild Horse Ridge Wild Mares Creek Wild Mares Gully Wilkinsons Creek Wilks Park Willans Hill Willans Hill Park Willie Ploma Willie Ploma Railway Station Willigobung Swamp Willow Bend Creek Wilson Creek Wilsons Creek Windowie Windowie Creek Windowie Railway Station Wiradjuri Recreation Reserve Wiradjuri Reserve Withers Hill Wollongewah Wollundry Lagoon Wolseley Park Wolseley Park Station Wombat Gully Mount Wombat Wondalga Village of Wondalga Wondalga Creek Wondowyee Creek Wongamere Swamp Wood Woods Creek Woomahrigong Woomargama Village Of Woomargama Creek Woomargama Public School Woomargama State Forest Worlds End Wrights Gully Wrights Hill Wyangle Wybalena Railway Station Wyndham Wynyard Yabtree Yalgo Hill Yallock Yambla Basin Yambla Creek Yambla State Forest Yambla Yans Creek Yans Crossing Yans Gully Yarang Yarrabul Lagoon Yarara Yarara Creek Yarragundry Yarragundry Public School Yarrangobilly Yarrangobilly Caves Yarrangobilly Village Of Yarra Yarra Yarra Yarra Creek Yarra Yarra Hills Yarra Yarra Junction Dickson Dicksons Swamp Diggers Creek Dingo Creek Dingo Mountain Yaven Yaven Creek Yaven Creek Public School Mount Yaven Yaven Yaven Creek Yellow Bog Creek Yellow Creek Yellowin Yellowin Creek Dinner Time Creek Dinner Time Flat Yerong Yerong Creek Yerong Creek Public School Yerong Creek Railway Station Yirrkala Creek Yirrkala Gully Yorkers Creek Bull Hole Creek Bulloc Bulloc Bulloc Hill Bulloc Bulloc Range Bullock Head Creek Bullock Hill Bullocks Head Creek Bulls Flat Bulls Flat Creek Bumbolee Creek Dhulura Doctors Creek Doctors Hill Dog Creek Dog Fall Creek Dog Trap Creek Donkey Gap Donkey Reef Creek Dora Dora Dora Dora State Forest Doughtys Creek Doughtys Gully Dow Downfall Creek Dry Dam Dry Gully Dry Lagoon Duffer Gully Duffers Gully Duke of Kent Park Dukes Creek Dingo Gully Dingo Hill Dinnertime Nineteen Mile Creek Dinner Time or Ni Dog Trap Flat Donkey Hill Doughty Gully Downfall Dry Creek Bungongo Bungongo State Forest Bunnabuckbuck Creek Burke Burkes Creek Burkitts Creek Burngoogee Mount Burngoogee Burns Creek Burnt Gully Burnt Hurdle Creek Burra Burra Creek Burra Creek Left Branch Burra Creek Right Branch Burrandana Burrandana Public School Burrandana Railway Station Burra Ridge Bushmans Daughters Gully Butter Creek Butter Gully Byron Byrons Range Byrons Ridge Anderson Park Bago Flora Reserve Boorooma Bourkelands Breaden Sports Ground Carlson Creek Deightons Beach Dip Hill Ellerslie Range Eric Weissel Oval French Fields Garcias Creek Garsias Creek Gildarts Hut Glenfield Park Gravelly Creek Halfway Hovell Crossing Weir Kells Hill Lloyd Maher Oval Maher Park Mannus Lake Midway Millers Hill Village of Minjary Moonlight Hill Moonlight Reserve Orange Tree Point Osborne Park Oura Beach Reserve Riverside Reserve Sandy Beach Sandy Beach Reserve Shephard Park Shepherd Park Tarcutta Recreation Ground The Pinnacle Hill Weissel Oval Wineglass Bullenbung Shanty Reserve Paddys River Flora Reserve Davy Watson Hill Cannon Bay Cow and Calf Rocky Point The Flats Windy Point Adelong Crossing Alfredtown Coloboralli Creek Gildarts Creek Harmers Hill Shed Creek The Shanty Wagga Wagga Airport Woodbridge Lagoon The Bull Paddock Chambers Park Currans Gully Curtis Gully Donovans Hill Egans Gully Emblen Park Falls Hill Gibralter Hill Helms Flora Reserve Ireland Park Jack Sheas Hill Kilpatrick Park The Little Gap Luffs Gully Oak Tree Hill Rimmers Hill Robertson Point Stringybark Gully Webb Park Nathan Park Lake Village Park Paddy Osborne Park Menneke Park Big Budginigi Kookoomooroo Creek Jessops Lagoon Green Flat Thugga Galvins Race Jones Bridge Reserve Junction Park Mount Naughton Pollards Hill Pegmill Creek Yellowin Forest Park Island Forest Park Jounama Forest Park Mansfield Gully Rocks Brother Hill Billapaloola State Forest Batlow Technology School Billabong Billabong Sugarloaf Cox Park Running Waterhole Creek Yarara Gap Beebys Creek Taradale Willigobung Westdale Jack Skeers Park Mount Parnassus Lookout Bogong Peaks Wilderness Bombowlee Jones Bridge Little River The Grove Wermatong Westwood Gelston Park Springvale East Wagga Wagga Charles Sturt University Hillgrove Bangadang Back Maragle Creek Bunnabucbuck Creek Horse Gully The Pipeclay Hill Bald Hills Cookendina Culcairn General Cemetery Hume Weir Little Budginigi Mcgregors Brownleys Creek Doodle Cooma Lake Hume Kiandra Creek Kosciuszko National Park Wantagong Sherwood Park Surveyor Townsend Park Couragago Ray Beddoe Park Sarah Jeffery Reserve Bila Park Kunming Grove Flint Hill Ron Wheeler Park Ellis Park Bidgee School Burrowye Mother Duff Mount Alfred Mount Alfred Creek Mount Porcupine Red Bank Creek The Oaks Walawa Creek Walwa Walwa Fire Station Walwa Police Station Walwa Primary School Walwa Public Hall Downside Balls Platform Mount Lightning Carinyah Ganmain Station Milwood Rockdale Una Cooeeyana Aberfeldy Pinegrove Dalewyn Tumut River Balara Mundowey Lagoon Glenelg Glenlough Richlands Park The Parson Burnlea Mundowey Bellvue Riverview Glenalvon Kalingur Waterview Ruby Park Old Man Creek Burnside Riverslie Rivernook The Island Lagoon Monameith Toogal Waltella Hillstead Hareenya Wanttool Creek Billabung Creek Billabong Creek Houlaghans Creek Leemore Briardale Inverness Balmoral Estellar House Kurrajong Newlyn Gundagai South Sanity Creek Walgiers Longfield Wonga Park Scarsfield Park Glenburn Narooma Stud Scottdale Coolroy Dairy Yarraree Bradford Dairy Rose Dale North Wagga Collengrove Mullimore Greenvale Ashburton Lower Pomingalarna Caroon Park Meadow Bank Grove Meadow Towarra Ballymoran Hawthorne Dalmore Waterloo Strathdoon Pineygrove Wyoming Hillside OHalloran Park Ortona Elwood Uri Park Falkirk Farm Blakeleigh Tywong Gully Tomooroma Mayfield Granville Tea Tree Creek Allonby Yaruga Landsdowne Pretty Valley Kiyuga Connorton Arundel Tarcutta Lower Kalemna Tulliallan Longford Seventrees Gwalia Milton Park Whitcombe Simla Clifton Edenvale Melrose Gregardo OBriens Creek Mount Minjary Roseleigh Avalon Miarb Hillview Gregadoo Station Tooles Creek Tank Reka Tarcutta Station Gadera Kelvinglove County of Buccleuch Goobarragandra River Yerong Creek Tank Tree Creek Thornleigh Pear River Avenue Farm Caithness Green Valley Ti-Tree Creek Hillsboro The Pilot Wybalena Dudal Comer Swamp Kiddle Park Budding Falls Morven Station Woomargana Creek Pineview Yarrangobilly Cave Tumbarumba Station Yarrangobilly River Fordall Annandayle South Bank Creek Clear Springs OHares Hill Yambla Range Greenwood Rippling Water Wodalla Akuna Cowra Creek Glenbrook Eight Mile Dam Jingellie Longlea Walwa Creek Mount Jagumba Kosciusko State Park Burrowye Creek