Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SI56-02

GA SI56-02 - Newcastle

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Matcham Park Ridgeview Bendorr Newholme Coominya Kundiwarric Argowrie Bella Vista Glen Ayr Mansfield Raelands Utah Palamah Belbora Mi Mi Inverness Kalimna Long Range The Forest Mountain View Mountain Home Wya-Lee Bindera Never Never Siesta Glenelg Cherryvale Clareen Jindarra Liberton Abrundah The Oaks Tanundale Clarendon Kyeema Bellevue Fairview Glen Donald Wilford Riverview Mayvale Taravale Chubarri Sunny Corner Greenacres Skye-High Cut Hill Boawilla Willandra Jo-Doth Sunnyside Timaru Camelot St Martins Lonesome Valley Wombaland Avalon Park Champion Flat Kalawonda Glen Oak Bettemaree Marengo Glenrowan Rochelle Crows Valley Barcalona Boganvale Apple Glen Crosslands Heston Sunny Hill Woodlynne Hills Grahwhey Ballintottie Double D Cedar Rocks Idyllwyle Avonview Barkeldine Wallamba Valley Iona Belmont Wooralook Glenavon Cloverdale Glenview Hangimarie Homeleigh Park House Terragong Hill End Leoma Rombo Lone Pine Yoorooga Park Glen Athol Parlour Downs Bulby Truro Park Golden Pines Barrington House Big Valley Tintagel Myall View Bonnie View Ulyendyke Ellis Kimberley Jo-Rene Lingernot Shara Tallawalla Bundacree Lemon Grove Winter Hill Craig Maree Killarney Lawley Park Golden Top Nebo Maranoa Marilla Park Mount Garry Mornington Royston Park Meroo Mariposa Saradon Johnstons Creek Maureen Terreel Rozelle Wallingat Hill Harmony Hill Brae Eldersfield Gralyn Park Moana Be-Lulie Lochiel Karuah Valley Hazel Downs Whyworry Bellgrave Braeside Brooklyn Summer Hill Elengor Karuah Run Rosehill Mount Edith Wallowara Orange Grove Coppermine Mulconda Markwell Heights Bundaleer Gunga Chianina Paradise Xanadu Durham Grove Kellington Grove Barbies Anns Grove Chumbra Durham Vale Wild Wood Myall Valley View Dingadee Ramstation Rosenthal Topi Topi Whitfield Glenthorne Watjahra Burraduc Buttaba Thornleigh Bingleburra Brinkburn Cawarra The Falls Bingleburra Park Hanley Pentreath Coolalie Talaba The Glen Fekala Farm Hillview Dun-Roamin Glenelco Kelburn Waimarama Raglan Mia Mia Eurobin Park Eden Vale Blenhim Park Misty Ridge Booralea Pendarrin Bo-Villa Nerong Park Clarence Town Anna Bay Boat Harbour Brandy Hill Bulahdelah Coomba Park Corlette Diamond Beach Dungog Fingal Bay Forster Gillieston Heights Gloucester Green Point Gresford Hallidays Point Hawks Nest Heddon Greta Hinton Karuah Killingworth Lemon Tree Passage Maitland Medowie Minmi Nabiac Nelson Bay Newcastle North Arm Cove Pacific Palms Paterson Raymond Terrace Salamander Bay Seaham Seahampton Smiths Lake Soldiers Point Stroud Tea Gardens Tuncurry Wallalong One Mile Nerong Taylors Beach Apple Tree Creek Anleys Creek Anna Bay Cemetery Anna Bay East Public School Allworth Allynbrook Argenton Arcadia Park Armsleys Creek Armsleys Gully Armstrong Park Babilla Creek Babitta Gully Apple Tree Nob Allard Creek Back Creek Bachelor Creek Bachelor State Forest Bachelor Avon River State Forest Avon Avenal Awaba Bay Awabakal Field Studies Centre Awabakal Nature Reserve Attunga Park Alison Mount Alexander Albert Reserve Arthur Park Argenton Public School Mount Ararat Ararat Gully Apple Tree Anzac Park Ant Creek Anna Bay Public School Andersons Creek Alum Mount Alum Village of Alnwick Alnwick Allen Park Alfred Alderley Creek Alder Park Albion Park Akuna Gully Adamstown Public School Adamstown Railway Station Adamstown Station Adamstown South Public School Aberdare Junction Railway Station Adamstown Adamstown Heights Adamstown Heights Infants School Adamstown Park Adamstown Post Office Aberglasslyn Back Gully Back Island Back or Gravelly Creek Bacons Creek Bagnalls Beach Bahloo Reserve Bakers Hill Bakers Siding Balberook Cove Bald Head Bald Knob Baldy Island Baldy Island Nature Reserve Baldy Knob Bales Creek Balickera Canal Ballacara Ballacara Hill Ball Ridge Swamp Ball Swamp Baltimore Hill Bandicoot Island Bandicoot Island Nature Reserve Bandon Grove Bandon Grove Park Bandon Grove Public School Bangalay Reserve Bangalow Creek Banks Beach Banks Creek Banksia Park Banks Rocks The Bar Bar Beach Bardouroka Bare Hill Barretts Gully Barford Barnes Creek Barnes Rocks Barnsley Barnsley Public School Baromee Baromee Hill Baromee Point Barratta Creek Barretts Creek Barrington Tops National Park Bar Rocks Barry Park Barties Creek Basin Creek Basin Cut Basin Gully Bato Bato Point Baulby Creek The Bay Beaky Bay Bedding Down Creek Beeaynbah Point Beechams Creek Beechams Knob Bee Farm Creek Belair Public School Belbourie Gully Belgrave Cemetery Bellbird Hill Belle Vue Bells Island Belton Reserve Bend Creek Bendolba Bennetts Beach Bennetts Green Bennetts Head Benns Creek Beresfield Beresfield Public School Beresfield Railway Station Berkley Park Berrico Berrico Creek Berrico East Berrico Junction Berrico Range Berrico Ridge Berry Park Beryan Bibby Harbour Big Avon Creek Big Bald Hill Big Ben Big Ben Rock Big Creek The Big Gibber Big Gibber Headland The Big Hill Big Island Big Jacks Creek Big Point Big Ridge Big Rocky Big Swamp Big Swan Bay Billeroy Gully Billywonga Creek Billywonga Gully Boandabah Boardsmans Flat Bobs Farm Bobs Farm Creek Bobs Farm Public School Bobs Creek Bo Bo Creek Boat Beach Boatfall Creek The Bluff Blueys Beach Blueys Head Bluey Creek Blue Top Mountain Blue Hole Blue Gum Creek Blands Hill Blanchs Jetty Black Wattle or Barties Creek Bathurst Black Soil Creek Black Rocks Black Knob Black Jacks Creek Black Jacks Gully Black Hill Public School Black Hill Spur Black Hill Blowfly Creek Blowfly Gully The Blow Hole Blossom Point Blind Harrys Swamp Blind Creek Black Head Black Head Bay Black Head Beach Blackfellows Bay Blackfellow Black Creek Black Camp Creek Blackbutt Reserve Black Camp Blackbutt Lookout Blackbutt Reserve Lookout Black Bullock Creek Black Bulga Creek Black Bulga Black Bulga Range Blackboy Creek Blackbrook Blackbrook Hill Blackalls Park Blackalls Public School Birubi Point Birmingham Gardens Infants School Birmingham Gardens Public School Birmingham Place Birdwood Park Birmingham Gardens Biraban Public School Bird Island Binnawie Gully Bingles Hill Binghams Creek Bindera Island Bimi Creek Boggy Creek Boggy Hole Creek Bollygum Gully Bolton Point Public School Bolwarra Bolwarra Heights Bolwarra Public School Bombah Broadwater Bombah Point Bombah or Bumble Point Bonnington Creek Bonnington Park Boogee Boogee Island Boolambayte Boolambayte Creek Boolambayte Hill Boolambayte Lake Boolambayte Public School Boolaroo Boolaroo Post Office Boolaroo Public School Boolaroo Wharf Boolby Creek Booloombayt Booloombayt Creek Booloombayt Lake The or Myall Lake Booloombayt Boomerang Beach Boomerang Creek Boomerang Park Boomerang Point Boondaba Island Boondaba or Middle Island Boondelbah Island Booragul Booragul High School Booragul Public School Booragul Railway Station Booral Booral Creek Booral Public School Boorers Knob Booth Park Booti Booti Booti Booti Mountain Booti Booti National Park Booti Hill Booti Island Borham Creek Boronia Gardens Bottle Corner Bottle Corner Gully Boulders Point Boulders Rock Bourkes Creek Bow Bow Creek Left Hand Branch Bow Bow Creek Right Hand Branch Box Beach Box Hill Boyd Oval Bradleys Creek Brambles Green Branch Creek The Branch Creek Branch Gully Branch of Kiiloombakh Creek Branch of Winding Creek Brandon Brandy Creek Brasswater Braye Park Brecon Breakneck Lookout Brearick Breckenridge Channel Breckenridge Creek Breckenridges Creek Breckin Mount Breckin Brewers Creek Bridge Creek Bridge Hill Brisbanefield Brisbane Fields Broad Creek Broad Gully Broadmeadow Broadmeadow High School Broadmeadow Junior High School Broadmeadow Post Office Broadmeadow Racecourse Broadmeadow Railway Station Broadmeadow Station Broadwater The Broadwater Brogdens Creek Brogdens Pinnacles The Broken Sands Bromley Park Brookfield Brookstown Broughton Island Brownmore Brown Park Browns Creek or Wollomba River Mount Bruigate Brushbox Gully Brush Creek Brush Gully Brushy Brushy Creek Brushy Gully Brushy Point Brushy Hill T.S. Brushy Mountains Brynteg Buccabeappleby Creek Bucca Wauka Buchanan Bucka Wauka Buckets Gap Buckets Lookout Bucketts Lookout Buckleys Range Bucknells Creek Bucks Creek Buddigower Creek Buggs Creek Bulahdelah Cemetery Bulahdelah Central School Bulahdelah Post Office Bulahdelah Mountain Bulahdelah Mountain Park Bulahdelah Plain Bulahdelah Point Bulahdelah Public School Bulahdelah State Forest Bulby Brush Bulby Creek Bulga Creek Bullah Delah Bullah Delah Mount Bullah Delah State Forest Cabbage Brush Creek Cabbage Tree Creek Cabbage Tree Island Cabbage Tree Mountain Caloola Gully Calvary Hill Cambra Cameron Park Public School Camerons Creek Campbell Campbell Island Campbells Hill Camp Gully Campvale Campvale Drain Campvale Swamp Candoormakh Creek Cape Hawke Cape Hawke Harbour Cape Hawke Lookout Captain Cook Park Captain Hills Creek Carcair Point Carcoar Creek Cardiff Cardiff Heights Cardiff High School Cardiff Public School Cardiff Park Cardiff Railway Station Carlton Gully Carmichaels Creek Carowiry Creek Carramar Park Carrington Carrington Cemetery Carrington Creek Carrington Post Office Carrington Public School Carrs Creek Caruparinga Park Caseys Creek Caswells Creek Cangon Creek Caves Hill C.B. Alexander Agriculture College Cedar Creek Cedar Tree Creek Cedar Wharp Cellito Centenary Lookout Centennial Park Chads Creek Chainy Flat Creek Chambers Creek Champion Creek Chapman Mount Chapman Charlestown Charlestown Cemetery Charlestown Park Charlestown Post Office Charlestown Public School Charlotte Bay Charlotte Head Cherry Gully Cherry Tree Cherry Tree Creek Chichester Chichester Dam Chichester Gap Lake Chichester Chichester Range Chichester River Chinamans Gully Chinamans Nob Christie Park Civic Park Civic Railway Station Clarence Town Falls Clarence Town Park Clarence Town Public School Clareval Clarks Bay Clarksons Crossing Clay Hill Clear Hill Creek Cliftleigh Climbboys Hill Club Island Coachwood Creek Coachwood Gully Coal Creek Coal Shaft Bay Coal Shaft Creek Cobbans Creek Cobbora Gully Cockadilly Mountain Cockadilly Ridge Cockatoo Island Cocked Hat Creek Cocked Hat Hill Cockle Bay Cockle Creek Cockle Creek Railway Station Cockle Shell Point Cocumbark Cod Rock Coffin Island Collendina Reserve Colliery Dam Collins Reserve Colliton Garden Colonna Columbey Columbey Sugarloaf Comerfords Hill Common Creek Conger Hill Conger Hill Creek Conical Mountain Conkardinia Creek Connection Creek Connolly Park Connors Conroy Park Cook Park Cooks Hill Cooks Park Cooks Pinnacle Cool Gully Coolongolook Coolongolook Cemetery Coolongolook Nature Reserve Coolongolook Public School Coolongolook South State Forest Coolongolook State Forest Coolongolook River Coomba Coomba Bay Coomba Creek Coomba Island Coorei Copper Mine Creek Copper Mine Ridge Corkwood Gully Corlette Point Corlette Point Reserve Corner Creek Corners Creek Coronation Park Correebah Island Corrie Island Corrigan Corrigans Bay Corrigans Head Corrigans Island Corroba Reserve Corstorphine Island Corys Gully Cottage Creek Stormwater Channel Coulston Cows Head Creek Coxs Gully Crabapple Gully Crabby Creek Cranky George Creek Craven Craven Public School Craven Railway Station Craven State Forest Craven Village Crawfish Gully Crawford River Crayfish Creek Creightons Creek Crescent Reserve Crockers Creek Crockery Gully Cromarty Creek Cromartys Bay Crooked Creek Cross Creek Crystal Creek Currawang Creek Currawong Park Curreeki Curreeki Creek Cut Feet Island Cut Island The Cut Daaple Hill Dago Island Dagworth Dairy Point Dangar Park Danger Point Dannys Creek Dans Hill Darawakh Creek Darawank Dargavilles Crossing Dark Creek Dark Point Darts Creek Dave Sands Reserve Davis Point Deadmans Creek Deans Gully Deans Hill Debert Reserve De Beuzeville Spur Deep Creek Deep Swamp Deepwater Point Dempsey Point Devils Elbow Bend Devils Hills Dungog Lookout Dungog Post Office Dungog Public School Dungog State Forest Dunns Creek Dunns Island Duns Creek Durands Island Dusodie Dutchmans Bay Dutchmans Beach Dyers Crossing Dyke Point Dyke Wharf Eagleton Earps Island East Gresford East Gresford Graveyard East Maitland East Maitland Cemetery East Maitland Gaol East Maitland Post Office East Maitland Public School East Maitland Railway Station Ebsworth Mount Ebsworth Echo Bay Edgeworth Edgeworth Public School Edgeworth Heights Public School Edith Breaker Edith Waters Reserve Edstein Park Edwards Hill Edwards Park Elbow Gully Eldon Eleebana Eleebana Head Eleebana Oval Eleebana Public School Elermore Vale Elermore Vale Park Elermore Vale Public School Elizabeth Bay Elizabeth Beach Elizabeth Creek Elliotts Hill Elouera Reserve Elourera Park Elwari Elwari Mountain Elwells Creek Empire Park Emu Creek Emu Hill Enterprise Park Eskdale Swamp Esmeralda Cove Estelville Etheridges Creek Etouera Gully Eurunderee Eurunderee Lagoon Euther Euwylong Evans Evans Point Evens Point Ewingar Gully Failford Failford Cemetery Fairley Fame Fame Cove Fame Mountain Fame Point Farley Farley Railway Station Farleys Creek Farm Gully Fassifern Fassifern Public School Fassifern Railway Station Faulkland Federal Park Feeney Park Fennell Bay Fennell Bay Public School Fenninghams Island Fenninghams Island Creek Fennings Island Fens Fern Bay Fern Bay Infants School Fern Gully Park Fern Tree Creek Ferny Creek Ferodale Point Fiddlers Green Creek Fig Tree Hill Fig Tree Point Fingal Fingal Beach Fingal Head Fingal Point Fingal Spit Fingerboard Fiona Beach Fiona John Park Firefly Firefly Creek Fishermans Bay Fishermans Bay Park Fishermans Passage Fishers Hill Fishers Hill Public School Fishery Creek Five Islands Flaggy Creek Flaggy Creek Reserve Flagstaff Flagstaff Hill Flanagans Creek Flat Island Flat Rock Flat Tops Fletcher Park Fly Point Fly Point Park Fly Roads Forbesdale Forster Beach Forster Cemetery Forster High School Forster Post Office Forster Public School Forster Sports Centre Forster Towers Fosterton Fosterton Hill Fosterton State Forest Four Mile Creek Frasers Creek Frazer Gully Freshwater Creek Friendship Reserve Frogalla Swamp Frying Pan Creek Frys Creek Fullerton Cove Fulton Park Gadara Gallagher Hill Galloping Swamp Gallows Hill Creek Gan Gan Gan Gan Hill Gangat Gap Creek Garden Island Garden Suburb Garden Suburb Public School Garden Suburb Recreation Ground Gateshead Gateshead Public School Gateshead High School Gauri Gully George Mount George George Reserve Georgetown Gereeba Channel Gereeba Island Gibber Point Gillieston Heights Reserve Gillieston Public School Gilmore Hill Gilmore Lookout Girvan Glendale Glendale High School Glendale Public School Glen Martin Glen Oak Wharf Glenrock Lagoon Glenrock State Conservation Area Glenurie Hill Glen William Glen William Public School Gloucester Cemetery Gloucester Falls Gloucester Gap Gloucester High School Gloucester Post Office Gloucester Public School Gloucester Tops Gloucester Tops Flora Reserve Glover Park Glovers Hill Gnahpeang Goat Island Godwin Island Gold Creek Golddiggers Gully Goodsons Creek Gormans Creek Gorong Gowack Island Grahamstown Drain Grahamstown Lake Grant Gravelly Creek Great Sugarloaf Greenhams Creek Green Hill Green Hill Park Green Hills Green Hills Gardens Greenplay Point Green Rocks Reach Green Wattle Creek Green Wattle Gully Greenways Creek Gregson Park Gresford Park Gresford Public School Greswick Grey Gum Creek Griffith Park Groom Creek Gundaine Gurumbi Gully Hadleys Island Haggartys Creek Hagons Creek Half Moon Brush Hallidays Creek Halls Gully Halton Hamilton Hamilton Post Office Hamilton Public School Hamilton Railway Station Harriots Creek Harris Hill Hauler Gully Hawke Heatherbrae Heatherdale Heaton Heaton Park Heaton Public School Heddon Greta Reserve Hedleigh Park Hells Gate Hells Gates Henderson Park Henning Herks Creek Hewong Hexham Hexham Island Hexham Railway Station Hexham Reach Hexham Swamp Heydons Creek Hickeys Creek Hickson Highfields High Street Railway Station Hilldale Hilldale Railway Station Hilliers Creek Hillsborough Hillsborough Public School Hillsborough Sports Centre Hill View Playground Hinton Park Hinton Public School Hobarts Creek Holmesville Holywell Hookes Hill Horse Island Horse Point Horse Shoe Beach Horseshoe Bend The Horse Shoe Horton Hotel Creek Howes Creek Howes Lagoon Hughes Creek Hungry Hungry Hill Hurps Gap Indogo Hill Inner Rock Invergordon Iona Public School Ironbark Creek Ironstone Mountain Irralong Irrawang Irrawang High School Irrawang Public School Irrawang Swamps Isaacs Gully Islington Islington Park Islington Post Office Islington Public School Jackass Creek Jacks Creek Jackwood Gully Jerrawa Reserve Jerrewawa Gully Jerusalem Creek Jerusalem Creek Falls Jerusalem Creek Forest Park Jesmond Jesmond High School Jesmond Park Jesmond Post Office Jesmond Public School Jessies Island Jilliby Gully Jimmys Beach Joass Island Johnsons Beach Johnsons Creek Johnsons Hill Johnsons Island Johnstone Mount Johnstone Joyce Junction Creek Junction Point Kahibah Kahibah Public School Kahibah Sportsground Kameruka Gully Kangaroo Creek Kangaroo Island Kangaroo Point Kanwary Kanwary Hill Karinya Karkatt Karuah Cemetery Karuah Public School Karuah River Karuah State Forest Kataway Kataway Bay Kataway Hill Kattang Kealys Bight Kealys Sugarloaf Kearns Creek Keerd Gully Kelly Creek Kennedys Gap Campbells Creek Campbells Island Camp Creek Campvale Lagoon Camp Wharf Capps Cardiff Station Carlton Creek Carrington Historical Cemetery Town of Carrington Carumba Cangon Gully Cemetery At Karuah Cemetery Point Chainy Creek Charlotte Bay Public School Chatham Creek Cherry Creek Chichester Storage Reservoir Chichester Creek Chichester Public School Christo Road School Clarkins Crossing Clifden Coalbrook Coal Shaft Cockadilly Range Cockle Creek Station Colstoun Columbeys Comerfords Mount Conical Hill Conlan Swamp Conlon Swamp Cookardinia Creek Cooks Square Park Coolongolook General Cemetery Coomba Estate Coppermine Range Corribah Island Corrie or Sand Island Corstophine Island Corys Creek Coxs Creek Crawfish Creek Cross Roads Curlew Island Cut-Hill Creek Dans Mountain Darawank Creek Darlings Creek Dave Sands Memorial Dempseys Channel Devil Rock The Devils Elbow Dunmore Durant Island Dutcies Beach Dutchies Beach Dyke End The Dyke Eagleton Public School East Greta East Greta Railway Station East Head East Maitland Primary School East Point Eelah Elbow Creek Elte Creek Eskdale Estellville Evens Jetty Fame Cove Mountain Farm Creek Fassifern Station Fennels Bay Fennell Bay Wharf Fern Bay Public School Fern Island Left Hand Branch Ferny Creek Right Branch of Ferny Creek Left Branch of Part Of Ferny Creek Figtree Hill The Five Islands Flagstaff Lookout Flannagans Creek Flying Fox Island Forest Cottage Forestry Cottage Forster Central School Fosters Mountain Frank Edstein Park Gadara Post Office The Gap George Town Georgeville Mount Gillmore Girvan Public School Glebe Glenarvon Glendale Technical College Glenurie Gloucester Secondary School Gogerly Island Golddiggers Creek Golden Island Gooloongolok Gooloongolok River Gooloongolok South State Forest Gooloongolok State Forest Gormans Gully Grahamstown Swamp/Grahamstown Storage Reservoir Grasswater Grassy Island Great Mermaid Beach Great Sugar Loaf Green Hill Point Greenpatch Point Greenrocks Greens Island Greenwattle Creek Green Wattle or Warrens Creek Grey Gum Gully Grovetown The Gulf Halls Creek Hamilton Station Village of Hanbury Hanleys Creek Hardys Island Hayes Island Head of Duggans Gully Head of Webbers Creek Heatherdale Public School Heddon Heddon Greta Playground Heddon Greata Public School Herbie George Reserve Village of Hexham Hinton Swamp Holmes Creek Homeville Honeysuckle Point Horse Creek The Horse Ridge Horse Shoe Hunter Girls High School Hunter River Point Irrawang Isaacs Creek Jackass Gully Jerriwawe Creek Jesmond Secondary Public School Jonestown Jubilee Road Public School Jura Kahibah Station Kamberre Point Mount Kanwary Karuah Aboriginal School Karuah River Left Hand Branch Ken Brown Memorial Park Kertchleys Island Khoribakh Creek Kia Ora Park Killaloe Public Wharf Killmoke Ridge Kindyerra Park King Edward Park Kings Cave Kings Creek Kings Flat Creek Kings Hill Kings Island Kingsley Beach Kings Mountain Kings Wharf Kinross Gardens Kinross Island Kinross Park Kirrakurra Creek Kitchener Island Kiwarric The Knob Koala Reserve Kokata Creek Kokatu Creek Kooindah Park Koolonock Koolonock Range Kooloombakh Creek Kooloombakh Gully Kooragang Kooragang Island Kooragang Nature Reserve Koorainghat Kooroora Bay Kore Kore Creek Koribar Creek Korora Oval Kotara Kotara Heights Kotara High School Kotara Park Kotara Public School Kotara Railway Station Kotara Station Krambach Krambach Cemetery Krambach Hill East Krambach Hill West Krambach Mountain Krambach Public School Kudjeri Gully Kullaiba Reserve Kunbira Creek Kundibakh Kundle Creek Kurkullbah Reserve Kurrara Hill Kurrara Outlook Kurrikaba Hill Kyle Kyle Creek Kyle No. 3 Blue Top Kyle Range Kyle Range North Kyle Range South Kyle Rock Kyles Creek Kywong Gully Lagoon Creek Lagoon Ridge Lagoon Range Creek Lake Macquarie Park Lakes Lookout Lakes Outlook Lamans Creek Lambton Lambton High School Lambton Park Lambton Post Office Lame Horse Creek Lamins Point Landers Hill Landers Mountain Largs Largs Park Largs Public School Latitude Rock Latitude Rocks Laurie Lookout Lawlers Creek Lawlers Range L Creek Learmonth Park Ledsam Street Swamp Lees Creek Lees Mountain Lee Wharf Left Branch of Camp Creek Left Branch Quart Pot Creek Lemon Tree Creek Lemon Tree Passage Public School Lemon Tree Point Lena O'Brien Park Leneghans Flat Lenaghans Flats Lennans Creek Leon Island Lewinsbrook Lewinsbrook Creek Lewis Creek Lighthouse Beach Lillies Point Lillipilli Creek Lillipilli Gully Lily Hill Limeburners Limeburners Creek Limekilns Limestone Limestone Creek Limestone Hill Lindemans Cove Lindsay Memorial Park Lindsays Branch Linger and Die Linger and Die Hill Linger and Die Ridge Lions Rock Little Bandicoot Island Little Black Camp Creek Little Branch Creek Little Brandy Hill Little Brasswater Little Broughton Head Little Broughton Island Little Broughton Island Nature Reserve Little Broughton Island Outer Rock Little Cabbage Tree Island Little Creek Little Flat Creek Little Flat Gully Little Flat Point Little Grasswater Little Island Little Kingsley Beach Little Krambach Little Krambach Hill Little Mountain Little Myall River Little Nelson Bay Long Point Long Point Bay Little Park Beach Little Quart Pot Creek Little Quart Pot Gully Little Red Head Little Redhead Point Little River Little Rocky Little Seal Rocks Little Snake Island The Little Swamp Little Swan Bay Lizzies Creek Lobster Pot Beach Loch Goyle Locketts Crossing Long Bight Swamp Longbush Creek Longbush Gully Long Gully Long Island Looking Glass Isle Lords Creek Lorn Lorn Park Lords Pillar Louth Park Lovers Walk Lower Boolambayte Lake Lower Pindimar Lower Bulby Lower Hexham Lowreys Creek L.T. Creek Lugar Park Lyndon Hill Lynes Canal Lynrose Macclure Reserve Mcclure Reserve Mackays Creek Maclean River Macleans Creek Mcbrides Beach Mccann Park Mccauley Park Mcclymonts Creek Mcclymonts or Oyster Bank Creek Mcgraths Mcgraths Bay Mcgraths Hill McGraths Island Mcintosh Creek Mcintoshs Point Mcintyre Creek Mount Mckenzie Mclemonts Islands Mcmanus Creek Magpie Creek Mahers Knob Main Creek Maitland Gaol Maitland Golf Course Maitland Park Maitland Post Office Maitland Public School Maitland Railway Station Maitland Showground Maitland Sportsground Maitland Technical College Maitland Trotting Track and Showground Maitland Vale Maitland War Cemetery Majors Creek Majors Flat Majors Flat Well Mallabula Mallabula Point Mallabulla Mammy Johnsons River Mammy Johnsons Creek Maneela Park Mangrove Creek Mangrove Island Manning Hill The Manning Hill Manns Hill Marcella Bay Mares Creek Margerys Creek Marist Park Market Wharf Markwell Marmong Creek Marmong Park Marmong Point Marshdale Marshs Creek Martins Creek Martins Creek Public School Martins Creek Railway Station Martins Mount Martins Point Martins Wharf Maryland Maryland Creek Maryville Masons Bend Matheison Island Mather Island Mathieson Island Maudville Maxwells Creek Mayers Bay Mayers Flat Mayers Point Mayfield Mayfield Park Mayfield Post Office Mechanics Mountain Medowie Public School Medowie State Forest Melonhole Creek Melville Melville Hill Memorial Park Mens Merewether Merewether Beach Merewether Heights Merewether Heights Public School Merewether High School Merewether Post Office Merewether Public School Merewether Street Wharf Meridian Park Metford Metford Public School Metford Railway Station Meyers Range Middle Camp Middle Gully Middlehope Middle Ridge Midge Island Miles Island Millars Hill Mill Bay Mill Brook Mill Creek Millers Forest Millers Forest Government Wharf Millers Forest Public School Millers Hill Millers Mistake Creek Mill Flat Falls Mills Island Mills Island Nature Reserve Mimi Mimi Creek Mindaribba Mindaribba Railway Station Mine Creek Mine Gully Minimbah Creek Minimbah Minmi Cemetery Minmi Creek Minmi Public School Minore Gully Mirari Creek Mount Mistake Mitchell Park Moffats Creek Moffats Swamp Moffats Swamp Nature Reserve Mograni Creek Mograni Hill Mount Mograni Moneybung Creek Monkerai Monkerai Hill Monkerai Mountain Monkerai Public School Monkey Jacket Monkey Jacket Creek Montrose Mooghin Creek Moolee Creek Moonabung Creek Moonabung Falls Moonabung Hill Moonabung Range Moonibung Falls Moor Creek The Moors Moppey Lookout Morans Point Morna Morna Point Morpeth Morpeth Park Morpeth Post Office Morpeth Public School Moscheto Moscheto Channel Mosman Swamp Mosquito Island Mosquito Point Mostons Creek Motto Motto Farm The Mountaineer Mount Carey Mount Dee Mount Hutton Mount Hutton Public School Mount Kanwary Public School Mount Kerry Mount Mistake North Mount Mistake South Mount Sugarloaf Mount Sugarloaf Fauna and Flora Reserve Mount Sugarloaf Reserve Muarogee Rocks Mud Island Mud Point Muirs Creek Mulbring Creek Mulconda Creek Mullington Reserve Mullwee Mulwee Mulwee Public School Mundruk Creek Mundhuk Creek Mungo Beach Mungo Brush Mungo Brush Reserve Mungo Point Munibung Hill Munibung Munibung Creek Munni Munni Cemetery Munni Gully Murabarnbah Park Murdering Gully Muree Chase Murrogun Gully Murrumburrimbah Swamp Mustons Creek Mustons Gully The Mut Cut Muttama Gully Myall Creek Myall Lake Myall Lakes National Park Myall Park Myall Point Myall River Myall River State Forest Myamblah Crescent Oval Myers Park Myrtle Creek Myrtle Gully Nabiac Creek Nabiac Hill Nabiac Public School Village of Nabiag Nakillingah Park Nalleys Creek Nargoon Reserve Narrow Gut Point Native Dog Creek Native Dog Island Neerea Gully Neeworra Creek Nelson Bay High School Nelson Bay Post Office Nelson Bay Primary School Nelson Bay Public School Nelson Head Mount Nelson Nelsons Bay Nelsons Creek Nelsons Gully Nelsons Plains Nelsons Plains Wharf Neranie Bay Neranie Head Neranie Neranie Sands Nerong Creek Nerong State Forest Nerong Waterholes Nesca Park Newcastle Beach Newcastle Bight City of Newcastle Newcastle College of Advanced Education Newcastle District Park Newcastle Ferry Terminal Newcastle Harbour Newcastle High School Newcastle Post Office Newcastle Public School Newcastle Racecourse Newcastle Railway Station Newcastle Showground Newcastle Technical College Newcastle Technical High School Newells Creek New Lambton New Lambton Heights New Lambton Park New Lambton Heights Infants School New Lambton Post Office New Lambton Public School Newtons Creek Nickey Island Nillo Infants School Nillo Public School Nine Mile Beach Nine Mile Creek Nine Ways Nioka Gully Nobbys Nobbys Beach Nobbys Head Nobbys Head Lighthouse Nobbys Lighthouse Nogra Nogra Hill Nolans Creek Nooroo North Beach North Breckin Northcott Park North Creek North Harbour North Head or Yacaaba Head North Island North Rock Northville Nugents Creek Nugra Number One Beach Number One Cove No. 2 Creek Nyrang Reserve Oakey Creek Oakey Island Oakhampton Park Estate Oakhampton Railway Station Oaky Creek Oaky Gully Oaky Island Obelisk O'Brien Park O'Donnelltown Ohmas Bay Old Mans Creek Old School House Creek Mount Olivet Mount Olivett One Horse Sands One Mile Beach One Mile Creek One Mile Gully One Tree Hill One Tree Island Orobilbah Island Orobillah Island Orobilbah Orobillah Orana Park Orungall Point O'Sullivans Gap O'Sullivans Gap Flora Reserve Oxley Park Oyster Bank Oyster Cove Pacific Park Paddy Marrs Bar Paddys Creek Paddys Hill Paling Fence Bay Palmers Bay Palmers Creek Palm Grove Park Panorama Lookout Pantowora Reserve Parlour Creek Passchendale Park Passendale Park Paterson Park Paterson Post Office Paterson Public School Paterson Railway Station Paterson River Paterson Sportsground Pats Head Peach Tree Creek Peach Tree Gully Peach Tree Hill Peach Tree Mountain Peach Tree Point The Peach Trees Pearson Park Pebbley Beach Pebbly Beach Pelican Creek Pelican Island Pelican Point Peppers Hill Peppers Mountain Phillip Creek Phillips Creek Phoenix Park Pig Creek Pigeon Creek Pigeon Point Pig Island Pig Point Pig Station Creek Pilchers Cave Pilchers Hill Pilchers Mountain The Pillar Pillinda Park The Pimple Pimply Rock Pindimar Pindimar Bay Pine Hill Pine Spur Pinkatop Head The Pinnacles The Pinnacle Pioneer Progress Reserve Pipeclay Creek Pipeclay Gully Pipers Bay Pipers Creek Pirate Point Pitchford Island Pit Creek Pit Gully The Plain Plateau Platters Creek Plattsburg Park Plattsburg Public School Platts Crannel Platts Crossing Polo Ponte Point Pool of Reflections Porphry Point Porphyry Point Port Hunter Port Stephens Port Stephens Lighthouse Port Waratah Possum Brush Potato Creek Powells Hill Pozieres Park Pretty Flat Bay Pretty Hill Price Prices Creek Prickly Peak Priestlys Creek Prince Charlie Mountain Princeton Avenue Reserve Problem Creek Progress Reserve Providence Bay Providence Beach Providence Point Pumpkin Creek Pumpkin Ground Creek Purgatory Creek Purgatory Mountain Puxtys Hollow Purrupa Gully Quart Pot Creek Quart Pot Creek Part Quarry Creek Queens Wharf Station Mount Queensbury Quidong Gully Quirk Island Rabbit Point Racecourse Swamp Raikes River Rainbow Creek Rainbow Flat Rainbow Gully Ramstation Creek Rankin Park Ravensfield Ravenfield Raworth Raworth Station Rawson Park Town of Raymond Terrace Raymond Terrace Cemetery Raymond Terrace High School Raymond Terrace North Public School Raymond Terrace Post Office Raymond Terrace Public School Razorback Razorback Rock Red Cedar Creek Red Cliff Red Gums Red Head Red Head Beach Redhead Lagoon Redhead Railway Station Red Hill Red Patch Redpatch Point Reedy Creek Reedy Point Reedy Swamp Regatta Island Regatta Island Nature Reserve Regent Park Renapi Point Renwicks Sugarloaf Rhonnda Rhondda Riawena Park Richard Allen Park Richardson Richardson Park Richards River Richley Recreation Reserve Richmond Vale Richmond Vale Public School Right Hand Branch Karuah River Ringwood Ringwood Flat Riverside Park Riverview Estate Rockdigel Hill Rockgidgel Hill Rock Point Rockridge Hill Rocks Crossing The Rocks Crossing Rock Wonderland Rocky Creek Rocky Crossing Rocky Gap Rocky Hill Rocky Knob Rocky Point Rodneys Gully Roebuck Reserve Rooke Island Rookes Point Rooty Creek Rosebrook Rosebrock Public School Rosebrook Range Rosebrook Ridge Rose Hill Rosenthall Rose Point Roseville Rosewood Gully Roslyn Park Round Head Round Hill Rowlands Falls Royal Newcastle Hospital School Rudders Box Flora Reserve Rudd Park Rudd Reserve Running Creek Rushs Island Rushy Gully Rushy Gully Creek Russells Bay Russells Island Russells Wharf Rutherford Rutherford High School Rutherford Oval Rutherford Public School Ryhope Saggers Creek St Andrew Laurie Lookout St Clements Historic Park St Peters Salisbury Salisbury Cemetery Salisbury Gap Salisbury Public School Salt Ash Salt Ash Public School Salt Ash Wharf Salters Bay Saltwater Beach Saltwater Creek Saltwater Gully Salty Creek Public School Samurai Point Sandbar Sandgate Sandgate Public School Sandgate Railway Station Sandhole Swamp Sandy Creek Sandy Gully Sandy Island Sandy Point Sansons Flat Sassafras Gully Sawpit Creek Sawyers Sawyers Creek Sawyers Point Sawyers Point Wharf Sawyers Reservoir Scattered Top Scattered Top Mountain Schnapper Island Schnapper Point School House Creek Scobies Hill Scobies Mountain Scotch Creek Scotch Dairy Creek Scotters Creek Scrubby Creek Seagull Island Seagull Point Seaham Hill Mount Seaham Seaham Park Seahamton Seal Rocks Seal Rocks Bay Seal Rocks Blow Hole Seal Rocks Lighthouse Seal Rocks Nature Reserve Seal Rocks Point Second Head Selection Creek Seven Mile Beach Seven Mile Creek Shag Island Shallow Bay Shamrock Creek Shamrock Hill Shark Bay Shark Island Sharpers Creek Sharpes Creek Shearman Shearman Hill Shed Creek Shed Gully Sheedy Creek Sheep Island Sheep Station Creek Sheepstation Creek Shelley Beach Shelley Creek Shelley Point Shell Point Shelly Beach Shelly Point Sheoak Shepherd Hill Shepherds Hill Reserve Shepherd Island Shepherds Hill Shinglers Creek Shingle Splitters Creek Shoal Bay Shortland Shortland Park Shortland Public School Siddons Swamp Signal Silo Hill Mount Simm Simons Point Simsville Sinclairs Hill Sinclairs Point Sirius Reserve Sisters Creek The Sisters Skate Bay Skeleton Rocks Sketchleys Island Skid Hill Skimmings Slatey Creek Slatery Creek Slaughteryard Creek Slide Hill Smedley Creek Smedley Gully Smedmere Smith Smith Lake Smith Park Smiths Creek Smiths Hill Smiths Island Snake Creek Snake Island Snake or South Creek Snaky Creek Snapes Creek Snapper Island Snapper Island Nature Reserve Snapper Point Socketwood Gully Soft Rocks Soldiers Point Public School South Cardiff Park South Creek South Head or Tomaree South Reef South Wambo Creek Sparkes Reserve Speers Point Speers Point Public School Speers Point Wharf Speers Point Park Spit Island Split Yard Creek Spotted Gum Springboard Island Spring Creek Spring Gully Star Creek Star Gully State Forest No. 46 Station Creek Statis Rock Steamers Wharf Stephens Peak Point Stephens Stevenson Park Stick Bay Stickers Hill Stinging Tree Bay Stinging Tree Point Stockrington Stockton Stockton Beach Stockton Bight Stockton Cemetery Stockton General Cemetery Stockton Hospital School Stockton Post Office Stockton Public School Stockyard Creek Stokes Hill Stonequarry Hill Stoney Creek Stoney Knob Stony Brush Creek Stony Brush Gully Stony Creek Stony Gully Stony Knob Stony Pinch Reservoir Stony Point Storks Creek Stormpetrel Nature Reserve Stowell Strangers Corner Stratford Stratford Public School Stroud Mountain Stroud Mountain East Stroud Post Office Stroud Public School Stroud Road Stroud Road Public School Stroud Road Railway Station Stuart Park Stuarts Island Styx Creek Submarine Beach Sugar Creek Sugar Creek Flora Reserve Sugarloaf Sugarloaf Bay Sugarloaf Creek Sugar Loaf Creek Sugarloaf Mountain Sugarloaf Point Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse Sugar Point Summit Point Sunrise Point Sunset Park Sunset Point Surveyors Creek Sutton Swamp Creek Swampy Creek Swampy Island Swan Bay Swan Bay Estate Swan Island Swan Park Swan Point Swan Reach Swan Reach Wharf Symes Bay Tabbil Creek Tabbil Hill Tabbil Mountain Tahiti Island Tahlee Tahpit Talagaree Creek Talambar Point Talara Hill Talawahl Talawahl Creek Mount Talawahl Tallowwood Forest Park Tallowwood Gully Tamboy Tanilba Tanilba Bay Tanilba Bay Public School Tanilba Park Tanilba Point Tank Creek The Tanks Tarbuck Bay Tarbuck Creek Tarean Tarean Creek Taree Lookout Tarlee Tarro Tarro Park Tarro Public School Tarro Swamp Tathra Reserve Tattersals Tattersalls Taylor Memorial Reserve Taylors Creek Tea Gardens Cemetery Tea Gardens Public School Tea Gardens Coweambah Teatree Creek Tea Tree Creek Teatree Gully Telagaree Brook Telarah Telarah Lagoon Telarah Public School Telarah Railway Station Telegherry Telegherry River Telegherry Forest Park Telegraph Shoal Telegraph Swamp Teleraree Teleraree Creek Telfer Park Tenambit Tenambit Progress Park Tenambit Public School Tenambit Sports Area Teralba Teralba Public School Teralba Railway Station Tern Island Terrace Terreel Creek Terreel Ridge Terrible Billy Testers Hollow Thalaba Thalaba Creek The Basin The Blue Lookout The Branch The Branch River The Branch or Larpent River The Gibbers The Island The Junction The Junction Demonstration School The Junction Post Office The Junction Public School The Lagoon The Parading Ground The Round Hill The Stone Cut The Water Holes Thornton Thornton Park Thornton Public School Thornton Railway Station Thornton Station Three Brothers Three Mile Creek Three Mile Gully Three Trees Throsby Basin Throsby Creek Throsby or Tighnes Creek Throsby Wharf Tickerabil Tickerabil Point Tickerabit Tighes Hill Tighes Hill Post Office Tighes Hill Public School Tillegra Tilligerry Creek Tindag Creek Tingira Heights Tingira Knob Tinkers Creek Tiona Tiparary Tipperary Titaatee Creek Titcumes Creek Tocal Agriculture College Tocal College Tocal Dam Tocal Irrigation Dam Tomago Tomago Periodic Detention Centre Tomago Public School Tomago Sandbeds Tomah Gully Tomaree Tomaree Head Tomaree National Park Tomingley Gully Toms Hill Tonys Creek Tonys Gully Tonys Point Tonys Point Island Toomeree Head Toonumbue Mount Toonumbue Topi Topi Public School Torryburn Tracy Palmer Memorial Lookout Tracys Lookout Trapyard Creek Trapyard Gully Traynor Creek Traynors Creek Treachery Beach Treachery Head Trevallyn Trevor State Forest Trevor Tops Tuckers Creek Tulkaba Park Tulootaba Reserve Tumbledown Creek Tumpoaba Reserve Tuncurry Beach Tuncurry Creek Tuncurry Public School Tuncurry Sports Centre Tuncurry State Forest Tuncurry Village Of Turkey Scratch Creek Turpentine Creek Twelve Mile Creek Twenty By Twelve Beach Twin Creeks Reserve Twin Island 2 Islands Twin Islands Two Mile Creek Tyraman Uardry Gully Uffington Uffington State Forest Ulinga Park Underbank Union Creek The University of Newcastle Unwarrabin Creek Upper Avon Upper Boolambayte Lake Upper Bunyah Upper Chichester Upper Monkerai Upper Moscheto Island Upper Myall Upper Myall River Upper Pindimar Uptons Island Uralla Uri Creek Vacy Vacy Post Office Vacy Public School Valley Creek Verges Creek Verulam Victor Reserve Victoria Street Railway Station Village of Bullah Delah Vincent Mount Vincent Vindaola Creek Vineyard Creek Viney Creek Viney Violet Violet Hill Violet Hill Passage Wabbarenta Range Waberantar Range Wagonga Creek Wagonga Gully Wakefield Wakefield Public School Wakivory Wallabi Bay Wallabi Point Wallaby Bay Wallaby Joes Bay Wallalong Public School Wallamba Broadwater Wallamba Cemetery Wallamba Island Wallamba River Wallamba State Forest Wallarah Ovals Wallaringa Wallarobba Wallarobba Creek Wallarobba Railway Station Wallarobba Range Wallaroo Creek Wallaroo Flora Reserve Wallaroo Hill Wallaroo Mountain Wallaroo State Forest Wallaroo Swamp Walleroo Creek Wallingat Wallingat Creek Wallingat River Wallingat State Forest Wallis Wallis Creek Wallis Crossing Point Wallis Gardens Wallis Island Wallis Island Nature Reserve Wallis Lake Wallis Point Wallis Point Island Wallsend Wallsend Cemetery Wallsend General Cemetery Wallsend High School Wallsend Hospital School Wallsend Park Wallsend Post Office Wallsend Public School Wallsend West Walsh Island Walsh Point Wamwarra Bay Wamwarra Creek Wanda Head Wanda Wanda Head Wanda Wanda Wanderrabah Beach or Jimmys Beach Wangandeebah Creek Wangat Wangat Creek Wangat River Wangi Creek Wang Wauk Wang Wauk Gap Wang Wauk Public School Wang Wauk River Wang Wauk State Forest Warabrook Waratah Waratah Boys Primary School Waratah Girls Public School Waratah High School Waratah Orthopaedic Hospital School Waratah Park Waratah Post Office Waratah Public School Waratah Railway Station Waratah Reservoir Village of Waratah Wards Creek Wards Glen Wards River Wards River Public School Wards River Railway Station Wares Bay Waribeloc Creek Warner Park Warner Reserve Warners Bay High School Warners Bay Warners Bay Post Office Warners Bay Public School Warners Bay Park Warners Bay Lions Park Warrah Gully Warranulla Warrens Corner Warrens Creek Warring Gully Washpool Washpool Creek Waterfall Creek Water Hole Creek Waterhole Creek Waterhole Gully Waterholes Gap Waterloo Creek Watsons Wattel Creek Part Of Wattle Creek Wattley Creek Wattley Hill Wattley Hill Public School Waukivory Waukivory Creek Waukivory Public School Wawgan Waynderrabah Beach Weakleys Flat Wears Bay Webbers Creek Weismantels Welshmans Creek Wentworth Creek Wentworth Swamps West Channel West Island Westleys Knob West Maitland Park West Maitland Railway Station West Point West Wallsend West Wallsend Cemetery West Wallsend High School West Wallsend Park West Wallsend Post Office West Wallsend Public School Whispering Gully Whitebridge Whitebridge High School Whitebridge Station White Horse Gap Whitehouse Creek Whites Creek White Tree Bay Whoota Whoota Whoota Hill Wickham Wickham Park Wickham Post Office Wickham Public School Wthurghully Mountain Wickham Railway Station Wild Cattle Creek Wild Horse Ridge Willabah William Primary School Williams Range Williams River Williamtown Williamtown Aerodrome Williamtown Park Williamtown Public School Willina Wilmot Wilsons Creek Wilsons Spur Windale Windale Public School Winda Woppa Mount Windeyer Windeyers Creek Windeyers Gully Windeyers Reach Winding Creek Windy Hill Winns Winns Creek Winns Hill Winns Mountain Wirragulla Creek Wirragulla Hill Wirragulla Platform Wirragulla Station Wirrala Creek Wirreanda Public School Wirrung Island Wiry Gully Creek Witts Island Wobbegong Bay Woerden Woerdin Wollom Wollomba Cemetery Wollomba Island Wollomba State Forest Woodberry Woodberry Public School Woodberry Sports Centre Woodberry Swamp Woodford Railway Station Woodville Wootton Worimi School Worths Creek Wrightson Reserve Wundabalaynbah Point Wurabinda Creek Wymah Gully Wyuma Reserve Yacaaba Head Yacabah Yacaaba Yagon Yagon Beach Yagon Gibber Yagon Gibber Headland Yahoo Island Yahoo Island Nature Reserve Yalimbah Creek Yaric Yarric Diamond Reef Die Happy Creek Diega Creek Diega Flat Diemar Point Dingo Brook Dingo Creek Dingo Gully Yellow Crossing Yes I Know Rock Yimmang River Young Wallsend Yulong Park Zenith Beach Bull Creek Bullee Coggee Creek Bullen Bullen Creek Bull Hill Bull Island Bullock Flat Bullock Pinnacle Bulls Bay Bulls Island Bundabah Bundabah Creek Bundacree Creek District Park Dixie Creek Dixies Top Dixies Top Ridge Dixon Park Beach Dixons Hill Dixon Park Dockyard Dog Trap Creek Dolphin Reserve Doribank Flat Double Creek Double Islands Double Wharf Douglas Mount Douglas Douribang Dowardee Island Dredge Island Dry Gully Duck Creek Duck Creek Hill Duckenfield Duck Gully Duckhole Duckhole Creek Duck Swamp Dudley Dudley Beach Dudley Public School Duggan Creek Dirty Creek Dividing Range Dooribang River Doribank Doribank Swamp Double Creek Part Of Dowadee Island Drungall Point Dry Creek Duck Creek Mountain Duck Hole Duck Hole Creek Duckholes Bay Duggan Gully Duggans Gully Bundobah Bundobah Creek Bungarie Bay Bunghery Bungwahl Bungwahl Cemetery Bungwahl Creek Village of Bungwahl or Neranie Bungwahl Public School Bungwahl Swamp Bunnabunoo Bunts Creek Bunyah Bunyah Creek Bunyah Hill Bunyah Park Bunyah Public School Burdekins Gap Burgess Beach Burkes Creek Burkes Hump Burmi Creek Burnt Creek Burraduc Public School Burrah Burrah Peak Burrah Burrah Point Burra Peak Creek Burrawang Creek Burri Burri Hill Town of Burwood Bushy Creek Bushy Island Butlers Flat Buttai Buttai Creek Buttai Reservoir Butterwick Mount Butterwicki Allworth Park Anglers Paradise Bangalee Reserve Bettles Park Billygoat Hill Brennan Park Carramar Reserve Clarence Town Memorial Park Coates Reserve Coryule Reserve Finnan Park Forster Heights Park Gogerley Hill Hexham Swamp Nature Reserve Iluka Reserve Jerusalem Creek Flora Reserve Jonnel Park Kerripit Beech Flora Reserve Longworth Park Maitland Boys High School Maitland Girls High School Noamunga Reserve Oakhampton Heights Ohma Reserve Plantation Reserve Saltwater Veterans Flat Wallabi Beach Bunya Bunya Park Feighan Park Hancock Park Karralika Park Maitland Grossman High School Maitland High School Myall River Park Newcastle Showground and Exhibition Centre The Foreshore Tomaree Sports Complex Pambalang Reserve Cornford Reserve Cardiff South Lakelands Macquarie Hills Ashtonfield Pitnacree Tocal Hamilton East Hamilton North Hamilton South Lenaghan Mayfield East Mayfield North Mayfield West Newcastle East Newcastle West North Lambton The Hill Waratah West Fletcher Callaghan The Macquarie Pier Shipwreck Walk Bernie Thompson Park South Maitland Eric St John Reserve Kotara South Shoal Bay Public School Tingira Heights Nature Reserve Mograni Wallanbah Lisle Carr Oval Legges Camp Carumbah Memorial Gardens Wallamba Cove East Seaham Balickera Ferodale Carsonville Stratford Railway Station Berrico Railway Station Duncan Park Gallows Hill Pacific Palms Public School Wyllie Breckenridge Park John Wright Park John Holland Park Apex Park Cooney Park Francis Greenway High School Jaycees Park Newcastle General Cemetery North Channel Hunter River South Channel Hunter River Harold Gregson Park Storks Hill Mount Torrance Maitland A Maitland B Maitland C Marcellin Park Alex Mcdonald Recreation Area Halls Creek Sports Area Turner Park Maitland Lions Park East Maitland Rotary Park Karuah Hill Wideview Point Lobito Point Heros Bay Forest Cottage Knob Biddabah Public School Kenrose Reserve Casuarina Reserve Khappinghat Nature Reserve Grahamstown Public School Osterley Blackalls Park Public School Lee Thompson Park Dolph Ohma Park David Nunn Park Michael Rowe Walk Heywood Wilkinson Park Raspberry Gully Reserve Joe Redman Reserve Frank Watkins Park Robinson Reserve Blanch Reserve Ecclestone Parkwood Village Woosters Creek Woodrising Camp Vale Swamp Kokat Creek Roy Wood Reserve Houghton Gorton Coweambah Trevor Blackcamp Bundabah Reserve Cedar Reserve Wreck Beach Bill Squires Park The Little Branch Wattle Gully Tickhole Creek H W Knight Park Shortland Point or John Shortland Park Soldiers Memorial Park Oakhampton Hugo Reserve Tallwoods Village Die Happy Jack Creek Newell Creek Neilson Creek Wade Gully Pambalong Nature Reserve Forster Gully Bora Ridge Blacktown Avalon Ehlefeldt Reserve Mur-Rung Reserve Green Point Reserve Kennedy Cove Upper Karuah River Stroud Hill Wirragulla Kahibah Memorial Park Mulbring Sunset Beach Cameron Park Stoney Ridge Reserve Weabonga Glade Gregory Park Johnston Park Raymond Terrace Anzac Park Dawsons Landing Lambton Ker-Rai Creek Marked Apple Elaine Hurst Oval Carroll Reserve Craven Reserve Rocky Crossing Reserve Little Flaggy Creek Stobbart Creek Copeland Heritage Reserve Stratford Recreation Reserve Whimbrel Park Redbill Park Waterhen Park Heron Park Nerong Inlet RAF Park Worimi State Conservation Area Blue Gum Hills Regional Park Hunter River Community School Two Mile Lake The Narrows Henrys Point Gibbs Brothers Park Ben Clarke Reserve Hunter River High School Lanis Island Warners Creek Tulkaba Creek Trickle Under Creek Tin Hare Creek Bulls Creek Hawkins Creek Fossil Wing Creek Fairy Dell Creek Dicks Creek Coffee Pot Creek Preschool Patch-Windale Public School Crawchie Creek Blue Wren Creek Dundungra Falls Worimi Regional Park Worimi National Park Slip Island Allan Fairhall Reserve Chisholm Shamrock Hill Sporting Fields Darcys Lookout James Leslie Reserve Bowinbah Creek Boatman Creek Yachett Point Yachett Point Reserve Marys Beach Ko-inbah Creek Young Wallsend Creek MacNamara Creek Kennedy Creek Five Islands School Ashtonfield Public School Medowie Lions Park Ash Island Kenibea Bushland Reserve Campbell Reserve Wanda Wetlands Mambo Wetlands Reserve A J Baker Park Minimbah Nature Reserve St John Oval Francis Greenway Creek Judd Greedy Park John Tucker Park Bartlett Cycleway Skipline Park Vacy Memorial Green Copeland Belbora Creek Brushy Hill Kiwarric State Forest Breakneck Hill Koorainghat Creek Khappinghat Creek Duckpond Creek Emoh Rao Belle Villa Avon River Linga Longa Orange Hill Tiparary Mountain Pipe Clay Creek Frogalla Big Swamp Halliday Point Kyala Bucca-Wauka Waterloo Fire Fly Creek Browns Creek Glenora Balmoral Binda Creek Cedarfields Boulby Creek Boulby Wollamba River Wollomba River Wollamba Island Horses Creek The Mud Cat Waukivory River Warra Tuncurry Channel Oyster Bank Creek Forster Channel McIntoshs Point Shepard Island Eccleston Chichester Reservoir Platters Creet Weismantels Siding Banden Grove Dewrang Right Branch Ferny Creek Left Branch Ferny Creek Coppermine Creek Booti-Booti OSullivans Gap Flora Reserve Brogdens River Margery Creek OSullivans Gap Deep Water Point McIntosh Creek Purgatory Homebush Wamwarrah Pembrooke Mount Richardson Alum Mountain Beulah Cresford Double Island McGraths Hill Wiragulla Griven Cader Idris Glenalbyn Newtown Elmshall Lyndon Kellys Creek Creebank Mirrari Creek Holbrook Glenwilliam Cameron Creek Lennoxton Cardeness Allyn River Gostwyck Glenmartin Chinamans Knob Tilimbi Glendon Larpent River Branch River Mount Hungry Wolleroo Creek Daninald Glenoak Broughton Islands Outer Rock Stradbroke Glendarra Langlands Hillmont Braebank Monkeyjacket Durness Marbrook Nickeys Island South Rock Bangalley Head Tressingfield Tannadice Lemongrove Leeholme Rivermead Woodlock Benamba Felspar House Sinclairs McManus Creek Caweambah The Tea Gardens Mindaribba Siding Burrouen Burnbrae Yalimba Creek Wandebin Creek Springmount Comerfords Mountain Dunmore House Woodville Park Bona Vista Rosebank Seaham Mountain Dorisville Mount Teen Winda Wapper Wanderrebah Beach Boandabah Island Middle Island Lowardee Island Bush Island Anambah Aberglasslyn House Bowthorne McClyments Swamp Soldier Point Port Stephen North Head Ralston Boorora Portree Cockleshell Point Corlette Head Station Peak South Head Cromarty Bay West Maitland Owlpen Telabah Siding Maitland Municipality High Street Station Saint Albans Irrawang Swamp Pine Lodge Grahamstown Swamp Fodermead Phillips Point Lena OBrien Park OBrien Park Wentworth Swamp Victoria Street Station Port Stephens Shire Fenningham Creek The Spit Stephens Point Kinross Kate Bay Aberdare Junction Plattsburg Dempsey Island Moscheto Island Table Island Sugarloaf Range Sugar Loaves Inner Basin Port of Newcastle Boolaroo Racecourse Mount Myall Toronto