Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SJ54-02

GA SJ54-02 - Naracoorte

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Y-Worry Oakbank Coolatoo Ardella Karoon Brad-Lee Aparra The Pines Benyeo Appleton Park Stewarton Borderview Burrawong Oparina The Junction Wytwarrone Bordertown Keith Kingston S.E. Lucindale Naracoorte Kybybolite Mundulla Wolseley Serviceton Frances Binowee Pine Vale Charlie Well Emu Flat Kaiwarra Nunyara Sunny Brae Arcadia Shiroted Monkoora Telephone Exchange Erelma Downs Gum Park Wampoony Telephone Exchange Whyalla Farm Springbro Nesscliffe Cannonball Hill Cuppa Cup Swamp Thompson Waterhole Rockdale Freshwater Waterhole Borborygmi Kenwyn Camelot Warrawe Park Newton Soakage Kalymna Downs Turrung Coolalie Alice Park Wynkie Pooh Mungala Barbeki Leawarra Moonnmera North Wurlyana Woolara Eldorado Jillmatong Lowan Park Iona Wirrega Railway Station Avon Downs Black Waterhole Gibbs Waterhole Emu Waterhole Tilley Swamp Favorite Waterhole The Salt Waterhole Ram Waterhole Gum Waterhole Jim Waterhole Westwood Keith North Kindilan Albyrwood Avondale Kentucky Eden Springs Two Wells Barooka Woolmitt Grey Gums Landfall Tolcairn Two Ways Carousel Marobena Narree Downs Buyuma Maurona Hi View Murrundie Martin Well Warra Park Broadtimber Well Brimbago Birrimba Little Tank Karawatha Noranda Mauronia Paltara Graythwaite Lowan Vale Brimbago Well Outstation Brumbago Station Lea Park Linden Park Hardy Homestead Willalooka Taunta Downs The Deep Waterhole Deepwater Serviceton Trig Catawarick Tank Little Desert Woodlands Grange Gum Flat Cambrai Swede Flat Pigeon Flat Mundulla Swamp Cholla Overmere Glen Gowan Swamp Linfred Koolywurtie Bordertown Police Station Bordertown Railway Station Wunda-Y Southern Ports Highway Glen Vale Challa Downs Innisfallen Wampoony Windaira Callandoon Locksley Park South Gralunga Bennett Waterhole Stone Waterhole Westgums Mount Rough Bimbimbi Swamp Lever Well Poonaway Well Dingley Swamp Allambie Kingston Railway Station Telang Carlo Keino Kingston SE Post Office Chinaman Well Forty Two Mile Crossing North Rock Jaffa Trig Policemans Point Telephone Office Carters New Cave Strathaven Shepherd Well Rainbow Hill Tea Tree Point Policeman Point Tea Tree Crossing Warreena Pelican Reef Shannon Downs Newton Salt Creek Hill Bonneys Wells Orlunda Downs Nolan Martin Washpool Bin Bin Parmaree Conda Balbow Cooindan Clithera Park Brecon West Bregon Point Well Pitlochry Kercoonda Trig Island Waterhole Westslopes Price Waterhole Karinya Whim Well Narrabri Whim Tank Rosedale Manuka Hill Woodlands Oasis West Brecon Akeringa Amberley Dark Island Well Mount Monster Well Brimbago Railway Station Glen McI Arabar Kongal CFS Changwa Swamp Benlo Penryn Wakerop Waterhole Clay Tank Taratap Prairie Glen Green Vale Taratine Benoch Swamp Burnleigh Kybybolite Post Office Mundulla West Morevale Green Waterhole The Long Waterhole Lenunga Awonga Avenue Range Bunkers Hill Sandy Ridge Waterhole Glenness Naracoorte Further Ed Centre Jeancourt Little Stewart Range Wimmera Highway Laffer Rannoch Walker Hill The Gap Strathmoor Brayward Trig Naracoorte Hospital Sheep Dip Corner Stewarts Post Office Old Lochaber Homestead Glen Park Inala Lanalea Talinga Illalangi Southcope Marlen Park Avenue Railway Station Brymar Park Dankarina Thebarton Messemurray Amor Acres Perrin Wiulla Corovale Ira-Lyn Green Swamp Kongal Sandy Grove Springfield Delringa Teatrick Clifton Farm Jupa Greenways Nation Rock White Hut Mail Station Wangolina North Kingston SE Soldiers Memorial Hospital Grassmere Downs Penrose Oak Flat Moss Dale Duck Island Lochaber Post Office Blackford Tolmer Overpass Clearmont Kesteven Mount Charles Buckingham Omaru Karingal Wangoola Fernbank Kevlyn Downs Nioka Wonjina Desert Camp Callowie Props Paltarra Desert-Lea Curragundi Abedour Normileen Didicoolum East Weampa Glen-Isla Bunbury Champness Cave Jacks Camp Moville Taminick Park Cochrane Hut Coola Coola Waterhole Tea Tree Waterhole Coola Coola Swamp Wiltshire Hut Napier Carew Gip Gip Trig Willalooka Waterhole Scotts Outstation Paragon Downs Delta Granada West Bore Big Prices Paddock Run Glen Gowan Virgo Park Old White Hut Well Browns Cattle Station Long Beach Evington Cooribah Trig Wirrildee The Granites Panuni Marcollat Petherick Meridor Kongal Park Myrtle Grove Scottswell Wangoola Well Killarney Willalooka Telephone Exchange Akoonah Lake Roy Kramer Dead Sheep Cave Glenisla Inglis Washpool Hazell Dell Kenton Park Hundred of Senior Hundred of Santo Deep Water Yoho Maldarcarie Cluaran Broadview Sugarloaf Hill Muraloo Denbies Le Vale Whip Spring Call-Anda Park Buckland Downs Hundred of Hynam Hatchlands Lord Leigh My Mia Mia Keppoch Automatic Telephone Exchange Myome Kentish Downs Galway Range Parklands Waroona Vale Western Flat Well Marapana Sharyn Downs Keppoch Park Twyford Keppoch Telephone Office Pretty Gully Wire Cave Mallee Flat Claypan Minecrow Station Beeamma Well Pine Hut Mount Bracken Birrahlee Sheep Wash Tank Mercowie Park Allenoola Boorala Ironstone Flat Waterhole Waverley Witchetty Park Frances Railway Station Wongaburra Rodger Waterhole Pondam Swamp Warrawee Biralee Pointe du Rossignol Kingston South East Lighthouse Keilira Quarry Cave Bangham Well Hy Lo North Paddock Tank Cunningham Waterhole Alcheringa Park Glentee Seven Mile Hut Waterhole Toxteth Iltarpa Glenvarloch Vejek Waterhole Malbara Munga Waterhole Hundred of Neville Hundred of Peacock Hundred of Parsons Hundred of Cannawigara Wangolina Drain Didicoolum Drain Naracoorte Creek North Branch Northern Outlet Nalang Creek Henry Creek Drain Winpinmerit Gap Drain Wongawilli Drain Tilley Swamp Drain Wimpinmerit Gap Drain Maria Creek Drain Rosemary Downs Drain Phillips Gap Drain Hundred of McNamara Hundred of Binnum Salt Creek Stonehaven Reedy Creek South Telephone Exchange Norton Park Sanders Creek Moramoro Creek Maria Crinogle Lagoon Mundulla Primary School Henschkes Upper Wet Cave Mike Lake Lake Cantara North Deland Sanctuary Vivigani Ardune Conservation Park Wombat Cave Tupe-Werripp Swamp Partiari Messent National Park South Cantara Lake Custon Conservation Park Harbor of Cape Jaffa County of MacDonnell Teilaka Lake Cantara South Black Cocky Duck Island Hut Mount Monster Conservation Park Turner Waterhole Mock Cave Haynes Cave Joanna Bat South Cave Jip Jip National Park Heyer Sanctuary Victoria Upper South East Marine Park Bundies Island Hynam East Bumyerie Island Downer Rose Town Moot-Yang-Gunnya Swamp Naracoorte South Rosetown Cadnite Well Russell Camp Boothby Waterhole Camp Waterhole Holt Wampoony Well Mundulla Post Office Phrenology Waterhole Wurrum Kalos Park White Hut Telephone Office Morella Wataleera Bald Hill Bumerric Island Hut Warrawee Park Munkora Windlass Well Catrindale Glen Raeburn Glen Osmond Hiview Nae Nae Park Tallywayne Iowna Broughton Park Mellor Island Jessie North Pelican Island Cattle Island Beaucap Hut Glenolan Hynam Quarry Cave Hundred of Messent Grass Tree Conservation Park Taralee Sanctuary Yedip Well Murripbirra Waterhole Flairdale Goonamurra Kingston Dam Kongal Rocks Calista-Vale Granite Bottom Waterhole Geegeela Waterhole St Aubins Barenya Hundred of Naracoorte Windy Point Lochaber Tackamandia Waterhole Bunyule Laidlaw Station Clover Hills Keppoch Farm Beeaminna Waterhole Bastard Gum Flat Bangham Telephone Exchange Munga Park Bangham Monk Cave Koringle Park Conkar Park Schneiss Trig Baker Range Diversion Drain West Avenue Range Wira Kajue Outstation Hundred of Mount Benson Nerrigundah Slumberdowns Trurol Second Creek Outstation Specimen Cave Morris Tuarn Avenue Plains Bettws-Y-Coed Lauran Park Christmas Rocks Ira Lyn Cannawigara Newlyn Old Brimbargo Glenvale Sherwood Denning Road Waterhole Rewa Hill Para-Gum Chark Swamp Ormerod Waterhole Cape Jaffa Post Office Brown Snake Cave Bedford Well West Naracoorte Range Bromley Moreview Robertson Swamp Maroona Balaka Loganrock South Avlea Tatara Tatiara Post Office Hillview Mia Mia Waterhole Binnies Outstation Cannawigara Railway Station Dalmally Lesron Roland Well Catavarick Creecoona Purrumbeum Waterhole Kroncoorte Vanita The Gums Tarkeerip Old Waterhole Sarni Swedes Flat Viking Downs Watinga The Super Shed Parraweena Padthaway Post Office Bannycubba Katandra Attyford Cadgee Park Punari Jaffaston Glenalan Flax Point Windara Mount Light The Glen King Waterhole Temar Petherick Telephone Exchange Wittacoola Larry Waterhole Mitton Exmoor Kalonga Beckersfield Arindie Blue Hills Naroo Treehaven Terringott Lucernedale Kenyu Little Price Waterhole Leech Lake The Sisters Cholla Well Fernleigh Changwa Wy-Wurrie James Quarry The Little Farm Kingston Soldiers Memorial Hospital Pine Hill Soak Conservation Park Seagull Island Wild Dog Islands Laurie Park Naracoorte Creek South Branch Hignett Sanctuary Elhanan Bunbury Drain Brime Shrimp Lake Talapar Conservation Park The Sugarloaf Hill Moorara Cartaworick Park Tobin Flat My-Mimi Victoria Quarry Cave Bernouilli Conservation Park Tatiara Conkar Lagoon V D C Cave Choopawhip Lagoon Tatiara Creek Stopbanks H Drain Maria Creek Bird Sanctuary Martin Washpool Conservation Park Bellbrae Ten Mile Point Cottages Kroncoorte Waterhole Wahroonga Morambro Creek Bald Hill Station Boolapuckie Monster Rock Choopawhip Well Nalang Timber Ridge Trig Glen View Kadge Kadge Swamp Outstation Canterbury Park Cap des Meduses Chain Pump Ballater Wallabrook Binnia Vale Ringwood South Beau Vista Vivigani Jacdavlyn The Bluff Trevange Woolumbool Minniecrow South Papinue Rocks Kalinga Hylo Collanda Park Murlaloo Yahweh-Shafom Vogel Narabuckurra Pigsty Soak Hilborn Glenpark Atherly Battons Accommodation House Ruvigne Nooroora Keith Railway Station Saxondale Toops Gap Drain Monkoora Wilooka Didicoolum Brynmor Pinks Beach Oakwood Tartcup Waterhole Midgee Downs Reedy Creek Post Office Barbourne Caluk Waterhole Seven Mile Soak Crinogle McLean Waterhole Ringwood Vedjek Waterhole Belvedere Cluain Keith Post Office Inglewood Girraween Lone Gum Keilira Telephone Exchange Smiths Hut The Sand Waterhole Fairbanks Eden Flat Waterhole Mungal Park Braemar Meramie Cangara Terraweena Havelock Sapling Flat Cannonball Coora Apsley Crossing Gerelgarobeth Kevhill Thornton Park Kendal Bunbury Telephone Exchange Kennedy Waterhole Hovcanyah Glenfife Padthaway East Smiths Swamp Taralinga Dracula Station Cadgee Delta Downs Echidna Cave Joanna Bat Cave Malkio Waterhole Padthaway Primary School Henschkes Bone Dig Pelican Island Kybybolite Primary School Nyara Trig Bunbury Conservation Reserve Mungal Lagoon Wolseley Rural School Goyder Banks Drain Fairfield Drain Salt Creek Drain Lucindale Railway Station Minecrow Waterhole East Avenue Range Mount Scab Day Well Sandspit The Chateau Boolapuckee G Cutting Bridge Landseer Park Haydenwood Maranatha Coonara Warrinda Moorlands-Wolseley Main Road Riddoch Highway Welbanite Kooroon Oak Downs Majestic Red Bluff Aynirac The Black Range Dunmore Netherley Wilpri Bella Vista Clendon Rifle Range Cave Saddle Cave Seppelts Old Keppoch Glendon Park Quanby Saltloch Wanena Primpara Pitlochry Outstation 2 Gypsy Waterhole Moot-Yan-Gunya Clearview Charlton Park The Bunyip Waterhole Blue Green Algal Pool Bottleneck Cave Leas Park Cadgee Swamp Cooribah Nyrang Glen Lodge Pine View Coorabah Dine Cottage Bumyerie Island Hut Two Wells Waterhole Pooingum Waterhole Carrimar G Cutting Drain Wallap Waterhole Naralyn Cooinda Herriots Spur Drain Cadgee Waterhole Limber Hill Geegeela Well Papinju Rocks Mirridong Cantray Bone Cave Peaton Chimney Waterhole Ballater East Drain Granite Rock Waterhole Yardookra Yathong Little Scoop Willalooka Trig Senior Conkar Seven Mile Waterhole Coard Tank Blackmoor Avendale The Ponderosa Lions Pioneer Park Agnes Ramalli Division Well The Mile Vineyard Old Brimbago Scotts Head Station Cleveside Bumerrie Waterhole Alvie Park Horse Paddock Waterhole Velmont Evondale Allaru Granite Waterhole Glass Park Still Waters Wild Dog Valley Waterhole Cape Jaffa Historical Lighthouse Barnet Flat Waterhole Double Well Marradine Yeulba Cattle Station Creek Andmon Park Dunalbyn Creekancoona Little Biscuit Flat Day Hut Rocky Ridge Panaroo Big Desolation Trig Hope Farm Moomluckardt Waterhole Salt Creek Trig Hog Tower Carinya Temana Blackford Taratap Range Cumba Well Wynarling Woodgrove Mount Monster Le-Albyn Tipperary Roma Downs Monkoora Waterhole Boatswain Waterhole Lowan Vale Telephone Office Sherdale Kyella Dugout Waterhole Reed Hut Yard Minnimurra Gum Lagoon Conservation Park Custon Hoods Cave Keith Area School Lake Newry Pipe Clay Lake Coxiella Lake Border Town The Bullocky Woolshed Block Stewarts Railway Station Cooynda Elderslee Quarry Cornelia Downs Binnum Binnum Railway Station North Cave Margaret Brock Coola Coola Jip Jip Trig Keilira Wirreanda Killel Geegeela Dinwoodie Burnside Addison Downs Murrumbong Heatherdale Gemalla Pine Hill Soak Gungurru Sand Funnel Cave Miltara The Gap Station Sans Souci Hill Seven Ribla Park Vejek Pine Hill Soakage Valleyview Wonarah Trig Mullinger Swamp Conservation Park Fairview Conservation Park Bernarra Sanctuary Keller Hill Gum Hundred of Landseer Saunders Creek Reedy Creek Bayveldt Scrubby Woolshed Mount Charles Drain Naracoorte Swimming Lake Lake Wonwarrie Veldt Dale Del-A-Chi Lockhart Racecourse Reserve The Rising Sun Kingston Golf Course Eden Gum Mile Poomgum Waterhole Carranya Yallardi Temara Reedy Park Hynam Munga Park South Gum Tree Hole Hut Becks Mill Smoke Cave Old Gum Park Endahwin Wynkie-Marsh Youang Water Valley Kinrara Bringewood Limbra Naracoorte South Primary School Semakh Arden Downs Green Desert Cangara Telephone Exchange Normera Panmurra Panmura Sheleba Downs Yarrawin Wichatay Stoneleigh The Olives Taworri Kellys Flat Edenville Yangbinyah Six Mile Well Woorlo Hill South Flagstaff Hindmarsh Park Mootyanggunya Hut Mundabah Mullana Swamp Combeiumbarumbut Waterhole Pine Hill Yallaroi Bonshaw Desert Camp Conservation Reserve Yalandro Cochrane Well Thelgora Woralimbah Wortley Oval Black Bluff Spoonbill Swamp Wongawilli Briar Cave Glengyle Koordon Remalli Green Vu Deep Swamp Glenheath Woodlee Namoona Mia Mia Plains Spring Flat Waterhole Yarrabee Greyside Big Stoney Murvic Kilmarnock Melbourne Soak Becks Hill Moona Flat Cutting Grass Waterhole Pretty Johnny Waterhole Wee-Gun Lawnville Bordertown High School Kyeema Hynam Post Office The Sheepwash Tanks Weemalla Raintree Wynns Padthaway Lake Cadnite Marcollat Cave Hundred of Duffield Padthaway Conservation Park Hundred of Woolumbool Shea Oak Island Paranki Lagoon Sandys Hut Lake Nallang Creek Tresant Drain Tatiara Bypass Drain The Washpool Poocher Swamp Game Reserve Hundred of Tatiara Bonny Downs Minnamurra Bakers Range Catch Drain Princes Soak Mount Edgerly Arltunga Keilira Primary School Orana Mount Edgerley Albynwood Hillslee Lever Swamp Banff Turkey Nest Dam East Ridings Lawson Range Barren Range Tennyson Wallabrook Telephone Exchange Frances Primary School Keekoomi Naracoorte High School Charla Chowla Swamp Clovercrest Wallawa Rock Waterhole Old Bunbury Corner Waterhole Moorex Trig The Brim Hundred of Pflaum Bonny Lee Bordertown Primay School Tatiara Memorial Park Pencarrow Dan Waterhole Charlton Billy Waterhole Rockbore Dine Station Fairlands Flaggy Waterhole Jay Kay Brackish Waterhole Spring Hut Elarco Kingston SE Community School Field-O-Mars Langkyne Nexdor Jip Jip Rocks Fairview Bang Bang Beeamma Dam Cunningham Tank Kidjuck Waterhole Horse-Shoe Waterhole Scoop Waterhole Hundred of Willalooka Yaringa Tamarosa Cap Barre East Boonoonar Wimpinmerit Well Tatiara Downs Griffith Waterhole Wimpinmerit Homestead Pigeon Box Bexley Appledore Cave Berrvale Borrer Borrer West Meramie Lantara Avenue Flat Old Fairview Brutton Downs Mallee Downs Old Mundulla Vineyard Kooringa Rustic Farm Gumlea McBain Waterhole West Hills Kercoonda Garrie Swamp Steetley Murra Pureek Doctor Dennys Well South Taunta Beeamma Telephone Exchange Evan Glen Glen Star Lacepede Bay Sailing Club Angle Vale Caora Camden Park Freshwater Well Hill Side Greasy Well Lambert Waterhole Woodlands Park Bordertown Post Office Sunbury Yattan Willow Spring Penalan Avon Park Skyebrae Cuppa Cup Patineaux Rocks Bernarra Tulamore Monavale Bangham Conservation Park Ulothong Browns East Avenue Range North Cantara Lake Hot Air Cave South Island Harbor of Kingston SE Johnson Lake Henschkes Lower Wet Cave Jip Jip Conservation Park Margaret Brock Reef Lighthouse Messent Conservation Park Ardella Homestead Lowrie Vale Ringwood North Ngeringo Nahweena Mary Vale Moocha Waterhole Wyallup Waterhole Hundred of Jessie Catawarick Black Rocks Enterprise Reach Snuggery Sandys Hut Wodara Corner of the Fence Cave Pine Drive Jip Jip Waterhole Wombat Jones Waterhole Clovelly Lucindale Post Office Keross Powell Swamp Naracoorte Primary School Coo-ee Burnt Hut Soak Sand Cave Mungal Dam Schmeiss Trig Gate Drain Geegeela Old Station Coringle Park Double Hut Soak Yalpa Downs Balnagowan Nentoura Grahamville Quamby Mosquito Creek Hynam Railway Station Brim Brim Kybybolite Railway Station Mount MacIntosh Kingura Station Brown Waterhole Hundred of Glen Roy Tallara Taratap Drain Bunker Hill Cattle Yards Mosquito Plains Tatiara Swamp Jillybill Lazy Acres Moonmera North Custon Post Office Bordertown Memorial Hospital Albert Park Barrowman Pony Club Cantara Post Office Snipe Point Salt Creek Telephone Office Myambla Bin Bin Trig Wimpinmerit Carlton Gaylands Colwin Park Clover Lea Papineaux Rocks Mount Charles Waterhole Harding Spring Silverdale Cannawigara Telephone Exchange Poocher Flat Maridale Telowie Ferret Waterhole Monday Waterhole Thompson Greenwell Wirrega The Run Penyattcabber Wolseley Railway Station Serviceton Railway Station Peter and Jack Waterhole South Range Currawong Joe Waterhole Broadleas Tolmer Rest Area Wurrum Waterhole Woolshed Waterhole Colmar Glenlea Glenstrae Four Winds Dinga Springs Karalee Aberdour Killbrae Morton Reedy Creek Range Kooyong Binalot Willie Waterhole Narimba Hay Paddock Waterhole Mulligan Well McNamara Telephone Exchange Henschke Quarry Western Highway Olive Bank Bino Cannu Waterhole Prildee Walla Walla Swamp Pateanbury Rushy Swamp Ninga Ninga Western Flat Torakina Calista Glen Morambro Telephone Office Bloomlieth Swamp Reedy Creek Inn Carey Swamp Reedy Creek Railway Station Hacks Cottages Maria Creek Swamp Adelaide Venara Gemini Downs Carter Bore Desert Downs Nagle Park Scramble Track Brimbago Telephone Exchange Oyaflo Talamere Carisbrooke Monster Mount Pendell Downs Novak Park Stirling Park Exton Dam The Dip Waterhole Crehon Hill Grazerlee Rosslyn Park Howcroft Estate Wilfred Braefield Mustering Waterhole Fergusson Waterhole Mill Park Hanson Scrub Conservation Park Cockatoo Lake Tatiara Water Hundred of Lacepede Woods Well Island Taunta Hut Drain Henry Creek Lake Nadzab Naracoorte College of TAFE Bangham Railway Station Munbilla Downs Coorong Game Reserve Yellands Lake Roy Homestead Hundred of Wirrega Kelvin Powrie Conservation Park Mosquito Creek Cave Baie des Orphelins Black Island Wiltalocka James Quarry Cave Ashby Drain Hundred of Wells Hundred of Paech Wianinagel Mount Penny Wurrum Well Bucham Swamp Acacia Park Bordertown South Quarpena Plain Sunset Hill Wrightson Farm Yarabah Rollinson Trig Possum No 2 Cave Havilah Peepinoo Binnum-Binnum Station Karoonda Park Glenrowan Calista Vale Tanamee Moonmera Pol-Tarum Taralee Bambara Pine Down Baker's Homestead Naracoorte Post Office Safari Karlakeena Naracoorte Golf Course Double Hut Barip Smith Swamp Narkoona Takkarendi Bald Hill Hut Glenbrae Desolation Bronana Glenleigh High Plains Cuppa-Cup Swamp Taralye Berangwee Tilley Swamp Telephone Exchange Henry Creek Swamp The Gum Waterhole Punjum Springs Cortina Eura-Carla Creston Cherokee Mangalea Balnur Wooden Trough Waterhole Broadribs Waterhole Aldeane Cannonball Swamp Allawah Bultara Park Pooginorick Aldin Hill Cooinala Scholfield Hut Reedy Swamp Old Binnum Battunga Park Hamilton Reedy Creek Primary School Soldier Memorial Park Lampard Hut Patanga Coony Anna Aldawre Nedrie Downs Mungal Waterhole Barenya Trig Caraby Rocky Waterhole Wangarra Lylo Little Gums Cadell Anukana Balkaimey Douyer Park Bunker Hill Rowallon Jopaanka Evandale Kiawarra Lansdowne Stony Well Banealla Illalong Clithero Park Jacks Waterhole Skilly Mount Scott Wirraleigh Mundulla West Telephone Exchange Koorawatha Kingston SE Flying Club Kalandra Pallarenda Wild-U-Park Warrumbungle Kellwood Kongal Spring Moroona Moreview Trig Pine Vale Farm Nyowee Tims Waterhole Haystall Cave Baker Waterhole Branuy Station Cadgee Well Halfway Island Teal Island Keppoch Chain Pump Well Bogalara Naracoorte Aerodrome Woolumbool Telephone Exchange West Nalang Sherwood Telephone Exchange Linfern Murmungee Mayneside Faraway Hills Honeysuckle Waterhole Newry Richie Waterhole Alf Flat Johendera West Park Budyinagoric Taylor Waterhole Peacock Range Cheese and Putty Cave Berum Cape Jaffa Woodalla Howcanyah Peck Waterhole Whites Waterhole Myralee Scamander Jay-Kay Naringa Airlie Hillslea Granite Rock Hundred of Pendleton Fairview Diversion Drain Kercoonda Drain Urara Willoway Water Valley Drain Tatiala Creek Harding Springs Conservation Reserve Cadnite Bambara Trig Yo Ho Fairview Drain Hundred of Geegeela Hundred of Beeamma Hembury Park Springford Wandrop Station Moocha Springs Bull Island Railway Station Break Wind Reserve Bambadin Trig Evandale Swamp Ameringa Stonehaven Cave Anse de la Perle Bernouilli Conservation Reserve Anse des Becassines Maroyac Ercildoune Bevlin Park Wirrabinda Ky-Eden Condowie Martins Camp Allambre Naen Naen Homestead Bonney Lee Pikes Waterhole Dunalan Black Hill Stonleigh Park Old Taunta Station Aldan Hill Olive Grove Woorak Waterhole Gumlee Ten Mile Point Hynam Station Wittalocka Naberoo Wyomi Crayfish Waterhole Relmber Downs Tatiara Telephone Office Kondale Park Eronda Park Beaumaris Fat Cattle Point Skinner Soakage Bin Bin Waterhole Boonoonar Inver Park Ibis Swamp Papineau Rocks Pertoringa Moolaroo Beekeepers Cave Warrabri Pikes Wolsesley Post Office Hynam East Post Office Clayton Nadzab Teeluk Windsong Amaroo Naracoorte Range Tatiara Point Wongwoola Waterhole Midgee Park Bull Island Nettlina Stuart Oval Clifton Hill Trig Kee Koomi Ormerod Plain Myrtle Holme Briella Ashdown Park Lyntunga Warrensville Market Place Reserve Gall Park Tolmer Speedway Triyana Deepwater Drain Ross Creek Double Hut Well Desert Camp Conservation Park County of Buckingham Ballater Main Drain Homestead Drain Weera Drain Martins Washpool Drain Yarroo Butcher Gap Conservation Park Lost Cave Bald Hill Drain West Range Tamara Jones Station Nellawanda Waterhole Glen Warren Custon Railway Station Beauvallet Monard Fenalan Black Range Black Gum Waterhole Bangham Soakage Pooginagoric Naamah Bunyet Waterhole Gwingana Pitlochry Outstation Horse Waterhole Little Brackish Waterhole Beard Dam Geegeela Railway Station Bangum Soakage Cantara Chinaman Wells Kingston SE Railway Station Margaret Brock Reef Jack Point Wynkie Marsh Taratap Trig Boonoonar Swamp Rabbit Cave Lucidon Park Garfield Wynkie Park Taunton Dingley Tremain Waterhole Big Tank Old Caradell Moorex Glenway Bellara Border Farm Choopawhip Hut Red Hill Quarry Hynam Dune Boeyangae Waterhole Scotts Woolshed Honiton Wattle Park Wangolina Kaltee Ni-oka Carew Well Rosemary Downs Jacky White Drain Rangeview Ardune Range Coolickey Burandowal Pertaringa Cooinda Brae Hundred of Bowaka B B Cave Banealla Railway Station Desert Park Gralunga Narree Down Windarra Kitty Tremain Naen Naen Waterhole Bookmark Tucker Hardys Keppoch Little E Drain Woodmead Karimna Mandurama Landslip Waterhole The Gorge Waterhole Glennvale The Dam Waterhole Plain Hut Waterhole Cloverlea Kongall Black Joe Waterhole Glenalvyn Sunnyside Strathyre Cave Park Cave Kingston Area School Tambo-Hills Rocky Point Brecon Kankanya Kandra Downs Senior Park Peebles Clevesare Allendale Waterloo Downs Log Crossing Bridge Cortina Outstation Bordertown Telephone Exchange Josh Billings Waterhole Alfred Flat Apex Reserve Wolseley Common Conservation Park Creek Outsatation Pipe Clay Lakes Vivigani Sanctuary Tryon Jam Tim Cave Geegeela Conservation Park Mount Scott Conservation Park Bordertown Landing Ground Tilley Swamp Conservation Park Desert Camp National Parks Reserve Swamp Cave White Hut Granites Cheleston Barrowman Reserve Native Botanic Park Cussen Lookout Aminya Neales Waterhole Derwent Waterhole Wangoola Downs Bimbi Ceeluk Waterhole Washpool Seseme Park Gum View Glenara Lindholm Park Thistledome Sandy Creek Mia Mia Yaraand Karana Park The Muddies Hundred of Laffer Burnt Hut Soakage Hogg Trig South Reef Binalong Granite Hill Ovaflo MacKinnons Sheep Wash Blackberry Cave Lockhart Crossing County of Cardwell Conkar Creek Aberdour Conservation Park Westlands Minnecrow Trig Wara Mulla Outstation Gil Gal View Bank Lochabar Wandarri Coragulac Red Bluff Station Standing Cave Cacia Downs Yallambee Langholm Jimanellie Gouldwyn Anglevale Chark Waterhole Mulligan Hill Bordertown South Telephone Exchange Poocher Waterhole Coolato Tullock Gum Avenue Appetite Trig Taylors Waterhole Heathervale Maraadine Round Waterhole Easter Rocks Fox Waterhole Natara Glen Hill Gumbowie Long Island Glen-Innes Fairview Trig Kallinga Tecka Coorong The Basin Jack Waterhole Sarnia Tea Tree Well McCarthy Waterhole Chute Archie Waterhole Naracoorte Railway Station Snipe Island Lucindale Area School Hundred of Lochaber Fairways Spakia Narabyn Glen Doon El Daba Harrington Karrallee Robeena Nyara Fingerpost Lake Ormerod Jacky White 1A Drain Evans Blackford 7 Drain Lerida Kidman Swamp Beatward Swamp Jacky White 5 Drain Little Brim Waterhole Naracoorte North Telephone Exchange Naracoorte Drain Kinnora Nellan Waterhole Jacky White 1 Drain Stopbanks F Hundred of Townsend Ardune Angaston District Hospital Stuntlies Old Horse Waterhole Mar-Yalla Harper Range Seymour Nyroca Cap Morard-de-Galles Sandy Ridge Mullinger Park Glendlan Bonney Braes Davie Rosspark Reata Strathma Denver Glen Woodleigh Oak View Murrabinna Blackford 6 Drain Murrabinna Blackford 2 Drain Murrabinna Blackford Drain Yakka Downs Murrabinna Blackford 3 Drain Walla Walla Pealla Waterhole Hamilton Park Gurmackamuck Swamp Karatta Linden Wilenda Wootayerra Walteela Moreton Padthaway Barooka Drain Sheepwash Swamp Kunari Stewart Range Churinga Green-Vu Kamiri White Park Williup Linwood Trevarick Hog Lake Port Caroline Jacky White 3 Drain Lacepede Bay Kybybolite Telephone Exchange Chelestan Meringa Swamp Blackford 18 Drain Avenue Minecrow Trig Allandale Department of Agriculture Research Centre Taringa Teetaka Green Lea Leonard Soak Terring Swamp Waggie Swamp Greenacres Dellaro Maryvale Naringa Park Baker Range Falconers Hundred of Murrabinna Amherst Padthaway Substation Cairnbank Blackwood 11 Drain Warrum The Cottage Wongolina Drain Krompa Park Marcollat Hall Steph-Avon Quindamere Arcoona Cooey Swamp Paringa Park Maloroo Fairholme Fairbyn Bowaka Dine Swamp Murrabinna Blackford 1 Drain Exmoor Plains Wanthrope Break-A'Day Bowaka Drain Finlay Park Stralang Wallapoona Waterhole Quarpena Swamp Kings Camp Little Scoophole Pondam Blackford 18B Drain Blackford 5 Drain Drain e Glen Innes Kingston Main Drain Wild Dog Valley Derribong Derbyvale Clover Ridge Butchers Gap Drain Taraki Oin Moor Maria Creek Tara Langview Jaffray Swamp Padthaway Area School Amarina Myrtle-Holme Morambro The Glade Lindore Park Hundred of Marcollat Hundred of Stirling Keppach Papinue Murrabinna Blackford 8 Drain Terossa Wongolina Kilmorey Lyndhurst Iluka Mullinger Swamp Clifton Hill Lambert Well Callemondah Curley Hills Murrabinna Hundred of Petherick Stirling Mullana Stopbanks F Drain Nova Naracoorte Creek Brobenah Messamurray Stone Leigh Ellimatta Blackford 1 Drain The Fishery Waterhole Namala Jaffa Hills Greenslopes Stratherne E Drain Hundred of Minecrow Alfalfa North Hall Rookery Lochaber Swamp Nellan Swamp Whitehaven Kiara Seamander Clay Lake Binowie Murrabinna Blackford 4 Drain Murrabinna Blackford 5 Drain Blackford Drain Hillside Alaman Truro Park Jacky White 2 Drain Glenwood Garey Swamp Glutmurri Waterhole Wyomi Beach Devil Waterhole Magpie Waterholes Canella Jacky White Swamp Eurinima Swamp Murrabinna Blackford 7 Drain Fairview National Park Teatree Swamp Lake Wanwarrie Kebber Winavon Nara-Loch Moocha Mange Swamp Hillcrest Eurinima George Waterhole Stewarts Angle Rock Kinnora Waterhole Minkermoo Maranoa Downs Bowaka Trig Bundara Frenchman Island Old Kyby Waterhole Taratiki Toolach Sheringa Shepherds Hill Woolumbool Range Blackford 13 Drain Minniecrow Deep Swamp Drain Stewarts Range Ashmore Panalatinga Blackford 12 Drain Wanda Yallamurray Dundaloo Barooka Waterhole Big Brim Waterhole Kinara Petervale Cap Bernouilli Bloomfield Swamp Blackford 16 Drain Phillips Gap Outlet Conkar Plains Field-o-Mars Austeco Aldinga Groker Swamp Tresant Blackford 18A Drain Jacky White 4 Drain Napowie Jacky White 1B Drain Emoh Ruo Kangoora Lagoon Cooranga Bettwsy-Coed View-Bank Blackford 7A Drain Baie Lacepede Elbara Strevanson Brooklyn Brum Swamp Bimbimbi Ponderosa Stud Wingana Murrabinna Trig Skye Wongabeena Bambadin Ding A Ding Leeor Fire Station Yelloch Creek Younghusband Peninsula Tolmers Well Tom Gibbs Well Gum Well Newtons Soakage Boatswains Waterhole Hardings Spring Leonards Soak Skinners Soakage Wild Dog Island Tremains Waterhole McBains Martins Wash Bonneys Camp Well Pig Sty Soak Windmill Well University Waterhole Pidachry Charlies Well Chinamans Wells Big Desolation Larrys Waterhole Black Joes Waterhole Napler Camerons Waterhole Mundalla Pretty Johnnys Waterhole Tilleys Swamp Jacks Well Gip Gip The Wash Pool Baliater Lamberts Well Western Flat Old Cunninghams Waterhole Padtheway Tara Tap Lake Gadnite Springbank Baker Range Drain Kingston South East Minecrow Wild Dog Waterhole Brim Brim Waterhole Careys Swamp Bernouilli Cape Lake Omerod Yalla Creek Koijak Creek