Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SJ54-03

GA SJ54-03 - Horsham

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Waimea Caringa Galaquil Downs North Wattles Warramboo Sandgate Maxwelton Boondilla Rumbalara Plains Innisfree Pine Grove Markwell Royston Oakvale Driazel Wandarri Morobe Downs Woodpark Burnock Wooloogla Yurunga Maiden Hill Maryknoll Inverhaven Wooloogle Meengo Willanda Wattle Park Yallambie Hope Glen Nooma-Mena Wyndever Merakani Marra Oaklands Y-Worry Springfield Mundara Hilton Evergreen Prospect Glenapine Lynsdale Koorana Kingsmere Koralla Burnbank Ancip Glendower Orana Russindi Murrawong Jeld Orana Warreena Rinarla Hillside Carramar Scotsleigh Bloomfield Kinta Battenby Thurso Myrtle Glen Bonnie Bell Tarranvale Clearview Mooroka Pine View Nyora Glenrae Woorak Deo Gratias Ronato Earlstan Sedgmoor Glencoe Tanderra Naree Donnie Doon Cool Glen Walden Pine Hill Newtan Burnside Mygunyah Para Park Coral Lynne Gerardo Nagrn Clear Bank Oakdale The Rangers Ronlo Park May Park Dehloe Avonlea Gum-Lea Big Valley Randways Mynora Kewell Mc Cabes Hut Uwana Kewell Park Clover Hill Bindibu Marjulway Emu Downs Quanleigh Fairview Polkemmet Corena Danview Bellevue Tallagiera Liryc Pines Whinmere Carinya Penroen Pleasant Banks Pleasant Park Gellbrook Westlands Belmont Park Stanton Casuarina Glendalough Elmbank Clear Springs Parklands Bellowne Cloverdale Waverly Yonda Pines Anchorfield Southwood The Homestead Glenview The Block Malowie Fresian Stud Winterlake Chrisglen Taminga Bonnie Banks Lake View Lake Bark Mawarra Kilpara Willow View Sunnyville The Wattles Bringalbert Fair View Terelen Ripley Park Little Willow Bellview Patyah Chalaran Brinda Bella Corona The Billabong Locksley Jilpanger Darebin Tallunga Park Vale View Myora Miga Lake Como Girrahween Jaie Jaie Fernlea Oak Park Jingella Piccadilly Kilnacrot Vale Pleasant View Merjonard Murrandon Oparina Coolymalta Fortrose Wynwood Monaloo Park Carcoola Meralan The Springs Marlbro Culbarra Koijak Toolka Lumeah Bracken Lea Kiaora Linmoore Ashleigh Pines Brooklyn Trehedyn Lodge Armagh Dimboola Goroke Horsham Jeparit Kaniva Murtoa Natimuk Nhill Warracknabeal Apsley Pimpinio Jung Brim Dooen Vectis South Alakilu Swamp Antwerp Antwerp Channel Antwerp Fire Station Antwerp North Channel Antwerp Primary School Apsley Fire Station Apsley Police Station Apsley Primary School Apsley Telephone Exchange Arapiles Arapiles Channel Arkona Arkona Channel Ashens Ashens Creek Channel Aubrey Public Hall Aubrey Tank Aubrey Telephone Exchange Awonga Babatchio Balrootan Bambadin Bangerang Channell Banu Bonyit Banu Bonyit Channel Gog and Magog Barrabool State Forest Batchica Bates Lake Batyik Beehive Falls Beewar Bells Channel Benayeo Benayeo Fire Station Benayeo Telephone Exchange Bennets Channel Bens Swamp Berontha Bicentennary Community Park Bills Gully Bird Rock Boikerbert Boikerbert Swamp Boilup Swamp Booroopki Booroopki Swamp Boundary Swamp Box Swamp Boyds Channel Boyeo Public Hall Boyeo Swamp Boyeo Telephone Exchange Brickie Swamp Brig Brig Swamp Brigalbert South Telephone Exchange Briggs Bluff Brim Fire Station Brim Golf Course Brim Post Office Brim Primary School Brim Public Hall Bringalbart Bringalbert South Bringalbert South Telephone Exchange Bringalbert Telephone Exchange Brooks Swamp Broughton Broughton Fire Station Broughton Public Hall Broughtons Swamp Bungalally Bungalally Creek Bungalally South Channel Bungalally West Channel Bunges Channel Bunyip Swamp Burnlea Channel Burnley Channel Burnt Creek Burzacotts Road Fire Station Byneville Telephone Exchange Byrneville Cannum Cannum Fire Station Carchap Carpolac Catiabrim Cats Swamp Channel Cattle Channel Cattle Trap Channel Cattle Trap Swamp Chain of Lakes Chalky Point Champion Swamp Charam Charam Fire Station Charam Public Hall Charam Swamp Clear Lake Clear Lake Primary School Cloughs Waterholes Cochrans Channel Cockatoo Swamp Coglin Park Cokers Dam Coles Channel College Channel Collins Channel Community Forest No. 1 Community Forest No. 2 Connans Swamp Connangorach Swamp Cooack Coopers Lake Corkers Creek Coynallan Craigs Channel Crow Swamp Crymelon Channel Crymelon Fire Station Crymelon Telephone Exchange Cup Cup Lake Currans Channel Curtayne Dahwedarre Daleys Swamp Darlots Swamp Darlot Swamp Game Reserve Darragan Darragan Channel Mia Mia Creek Darragan Swamp Datchak Creek Davidsons Channel Dead Bullock Creek Deep Creek Detpa Diapur Diapur Fire Station Diapur Swamp Diapur Telephone Exchange Dimboola and Jeparit Railway Dimboola and Yaapeet Railway Dimboola Fire Station Dimboola Hospital Dimboola Memorial Secondary College Dimboola North Channel Dimboola Police Station Dimboola Post Office Dimboola Primary School Dimboola Telephone Exchange Dimboola-Pimpinio Primary School Dimboola Campus Dimboola-Pimpinio Primary School Pimpinio Campus Ding A Ding Ding A Ding Lake Dinyarrak Dinyarrak Fire Station Dock Lake Dollin Donald Swamp Donkey Woman Swamp Dooen Central Channel Dooen East Channel Dooen Fire Station Dooen Main Channel Dooen Primary School Dooen Public Hall Dooen Swamp Dopewora Drung Drung Drung Drung Channel Duchembegarra Duffholme Dumbopperty Swamp Dumbuoy Channel Durndal Eagle Swamp East Beach East Natimuk Ebenezer Mission Station Ellam Ellam Channel Ellam Fire Station Ellam Telephone Exchange Ellis Crossing Flat Rock Flat Rock Caves Flat Rock Picnic Area Four Mile Beach Freemans Channel Freshwater Swamp Friedmans Salt Lake Garantee Channel Gashes Swamp Gerang Channel Gerang Fire Station Gerang Gerung Gerang Primary School Giddons Channel Glenisla Glenlee Telephone Exchange Golton Creek Golton Golton Golton Gorge Goroke Fire Station Goroke Mechanics Institute Hall Goroke P-12 College Goroke Police Station Goroke Post Office Goulds Channel Grass Flat Fire Station Grass Flat Telephone Exchange Green Lake Green Lake Fire Station Green Lake Telephone Exchange Green Wall Greenhill Lake Guarantee Channel Gulgurn Manja Shelter Gum Swamp Gymbowen Gymbowen Fire Station Gymbowen Public Hall Habys Swamp Hancocks Channel Hateleys Swamp Haven Primary School Haven Public Hall Heards Lake Hindmarsh Hindmarsh Main Channel Lowan Municipal Offices Hindmarsh Shire Hollow Mountain Picnic Area Hoods Channel Horsham Primary School Horsham Channel Horsham Secondary College Horsham Fire Station Horsham Landing Ground Horsham Magistrates Court Horsham North Primary School Horsham Police Station Horsham Post Office Horsham Rural City Horsham Special School Horsham Technical School Horsham West Primary School Horsham-Dimboola Railway Horsham-Natimuk Railway Iskra Crag Jaka Lake Jallakin Jallumba Swamp Jeparit Channel Jeparit Fire Station Jeparit Hospital Jeparit Police Station Jeparit Post Office Jeparit Primary School Jeparit Towards Albacutya Railway Jeparit-Yanac Railway Jilpanger Springs Joop Joop Channel Jullumba Jung Central Channel Jung Fire Station Jung Jung Jung North Channel Jung Primary School Jung West Channel Jung West Extention Channel Jungkum Kalingur Kalkee Kalkee Channel Kalkee East Channel Kalkee Primary School Kalkee South Channel Kangawall Lagoon Kaniva Consolidated School Kaniva Fire Station Kaniva Hospital Kaniva Police Station Kaniva Post Office Kaniva Secondary College Karkana Training Centre Karkarooc Channel Karkarooc Main West Channel Karkarooc West Channel Karnak Katyil Kays Swamp Kellalac Kellalac Extension Channel Kellalac Fire Station Kewell East Kewell East Channel Kewell Primary School Kewell West Kiata Kiata Lowan Santuary Kingcourt Swamp Kings Channel Kinimakatka Koijak Creek Konnepra Konnepra Swamp Koonik Noonik Krause Channel Krong Channel Krong West Channel Lah Lah Fire Station Lah-Arum Lah-Arum Fire Station Lah-Arum North Telephone Exchange Lah-Arum Primary School Lah-Arum Public Hall Lah-Arum Recreation Reserve Lah-Arum Telephone Exchange Lake Awonga Lake Bow Lake Bringalbert Lake Carchap Lake Carpolac Lake Charam Lake Charleygrark Lake Clarkes Lake Cogumbul Lake Copper Colour Lake Duchembegarra Lake Hindmarsh Lake Hindmarsh Primary School Lake Jaie Jaie Lake Karnak Lake Koynock Lake Lawloit Lake Marma Lake Mobla Lake Moinalwar Lake Moinmuick Lake Morea Lake Natimuk Lake Perin Lake Ratzcastle Taylors Lake Whittons Swamp Lake Wingoroo Lake Wyn Wyn Lake Yallakar Lake Yampitcha Lawloit Lawloit Fire Station Lawloit Public Hall Leak Swamp Leeor Lemon Springs Lil Lil Channel Lillimur Lillimur Telephone Exchange Little Desert Little Desert National Park Longerenong Longerenong Agricultural College Longerenong Channel Lorquon Lorquon Primary School Lorquon Telephone Exchange Lowan Lower Norton Fire Station Lower Norton Telephone Exchange Lynchs Channel Macfairlanes Marsh McKenzie River Mahrong Main Central Channel Malkee Channel Marma State Forest Maryvale Swamp McCosslen Swamp McClures Swamp McDonalds Channel McIntyres Channel McKenzie Creek Telephone Exchange McKenzies Channel Merwyn Swamp Mewett Swamp Miga Lake Fire Station Mill Swamp Mill Tank Channel Mimbus Channel Minimay Minimay Fire Station Minimay Public Hall Minimay Swamp Minimay Telephone Exchange Miram Mirampiram Mitre Mitre Dam Mitre Fire Station Mitre Lake Mitre Primary School Mitre Public Hall Mitre Rock Mockinya Swamp Mockinya Telephone Exchange Moor Park Golf Course Moray Morea Mortat Mortat Swamp Mount Arapiles Mount Lyttleton Mount of Olives Mount Stapylton Mount William Creek Baribial Creek Mount Wubjub-Guyun Hollow Mountain Mount Zero Mount Zero Channel Mount Zero Reservoir Mudhut Creek Murra Murra Channel Murranbool Swamp Murtoa Fire Station Murtoa Hospital Murtoa North Murtoa North Channel Murtoa Police Station Murtoa Primary School Murtoa Secondary College Murtoa-Bangerang Channel Murtoa-Warracknabeal Railway Narkana Channel Nateyip Natimuk Channel Natimuk Creek Natimuk Fire Station Natimuk Police Station Natimuk Post Office Natimuk Primary School Natimuk Public Hall Nerrick Nerrick Swamp Netherby Netherby Primary School Netherby Telephone Exchange Neuarpur Neuarpur Fire Station Neuarpur Plains Fire Station Ngamadjidj Shelter Nhill Aerodrome Nhill Cooinda Special School Nhill Fire Station Nhill Hospital Nhill Magistrates Court Nhill P-12 College Nhill Police Station Nhill Post Office Nhill Swamp Ni Ni Nine Creeks Reserve Nooranyook Creek Noradjuha Noradjuha Fire Station Noradjuha Primary School Noradjuha Public Hall North Arkona Channel North Jung Head Line Channel North Longerenong Channel North Western Railway North Wimmera Fire Station Norton Creek Nowhere Else Swamp Nurcoung Nurrabiel Nurrabiel Primary School O'Keefe Swamp O'Loughlins Channel Oaklands Park Olivers Lake One Tree Hill Ozenkadnook Fire Station Ozenkadnook Telephone Exchange Patterson Swamp Channel Peechember Peechember Swamp Pennys Channel Peppers Plains Channel Perenna Perenna Primary School Peronne Peronne Fire Station Peronne Memorial Hall Pimpinio Fire Station Pimpino Channel Pine Hut Lake Pine Lake Salt Lake Polkemmet Bridge Polpara Lake Pomponderoo Potters Creek Propodollah Propodollah Fire Station Pullut Channel Quantong Quantong Channel Quantong Primary School Quantong Public Hall Quantong Telephone Exchange Quicks Channel Rainbow Channel Red Gum Swamp Red Gum Swamp Goroke Red Gum Swamp Jallumba Red Plains Swamp Reedy Swamp Remlaw Roses Gap Recreation Centre Round Hill Swamp Saint Helens Telephone Exchange Salisbury Sandsmere Sandsmere Fire Station Sandy Creek Saw Pit Swamp Sawyer Park Schmidt Channel School Swamp Scotts Swamp Scrubby Lake Seven Mile Channel Seven Mile Dam Sheepwash Creek Silver Lake Slatey Creek Public Hall Sleators Channel Sleeps Channel Smiths Channel South Channel South Jung Head Line South Lillimur Fire Station Spinifex St Helens Plains Primary School St Helens Plains Telephone Exchange St Marys Dam St Marys Lake Station Creek Stony Point Symes Reserve Taipan Walls Tallageira Tarranginnie Tarranginnie Swamp Tarranyurk Tarranyurk Channel Tarranyurk Fire Station Tarranyurk Post Office Tarranyurk Telephone Exchange Tarranyurk West Channel Tatlocks Bridge Taylors Lake Hall Telfers Swamp Telopea Downs Fire Station Telopea Downs Public Hall Telopea Downs Telephone Exchange The Cliffs The Reserve Thompson Creek Tooan Toolondo Toolondo Fire Station Toonambool Tooroot Swamp Toscana Olives Troopers Creek Tullyvea Tullyvea East Channel Tullyvea South Channel Turandurey Twelve Mile Channel Two Mile Creek Ullswater Ullswater Fire Station Ullswater Public Hall Umbers Channel Vectis Vectis East Vectis East Channel Vectis Fire Station Vectis Hill Verandah Swamp Victorian Crops Research Institute Victory Swamp Wail Wail State Forest Wallup Wallup Telephone Exchange Wally Allens Swamp Walmer Channel Warracknabeal Aerodrome Warracknabeal Fire Station Warracknabeal Golf Course Warracknabeal Hospital Warracknabeal Magistrates Court Warracknabeal Police Station Warracknabeal Post Office Warracknabeal Primary School Warracknabeal Rifle Club Warracknabeal Secondary College Warracknabeal Town Hall Warraquil Warrup Swamp Wartook Wartook Reservoir Channel Warung Watchegatcheca Waurn Swamp Werrigar West Karkarok Channel West Wail State Forest West Wimmera Shire White Lake White Swamp White Tank Channel Whitton Swamp Channel Willenabrina Willenabrina Fire Station Willenabrina Primary School Willenabrina Public Hall Willenabrina Telephone Exchange Wimmera Base Hospital Wimmera Forest Nursery Wimmera River Outfall Winiam Winiam Fire Station Winiam Telephone Exchange Winiam Uniting Public Hall Winter Lake Wonwondah Wonwondah Channel Wonwondah Fire Station Wonwondah North Primary School Wonwondah Public Hall Wonwondah Recreation Reserve Woolshed Swamp Woorak Telephone Exchange Woraigworm Wyn Wyn Primary School Yallamatta Swamp Yanac Yanac-A-Yanac Creek Yanac Fire Station Yanac Primary School Yanac-A-Yanac Swamp Yanac Telephone Exchange Yanac-A-Yanac Yanipy Yarrackigarra Swamp Yarrangook Yarriambiak Creek Yarrock Yearinga Yellangip Youngvale Telephone Exchange Galaquil Rumbelara Plains Dalmalee Baker Duck Swamp Angip Lorquon West Lignum Swamp Lorquon Station Detpa Station Wimmera River Allanby Peppers Plain Peppers Plains Yanac Swamp Yanac Creek Yanac South Yanac-a-Yanac Batchica Siding Ni Ni Well Glenlee Boyeo Woorak West Aubrey Cat Swamp Ni Ni East Lake Whitton Mellis Balrootan North Tarraginnie Kiata East Ailsa Mount Elgin Dart Dart Pink Lake Winiam East Kewell North Lillimur South Miram South Blackheath Garup Dry Lake Jerro Dahlen Siding Marma Swamp Wimmera Shire Connan Swamp Remlaw Siding Yarriambiack Creek Mount William Creek McWilliam Creek Carpolac Station Mackenzie River Neuarpurr Neuarparr Lower Norton Creek Saint Marys Lake Lake Taylor Dopewarra Green Lakes Tooan East McKenzie Creek Helens Plains Saint Helens Plains Ozenkadnook Lake Clarke Wonwondah East Wonwondah North Lah-arum Nurrabeil Wonwondah South Jallumba Connangorach Mockinya Wombelano