Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SJ54-04

St Arnaud
GA SJ54-04 - St Arnaud

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Roselyn The Gums Bryngoleu Loddon Gums Snake Gully Nallinnes Whinmere The Shack More Brockton View Point Alkira Possit Park Grandview Driazel Fairfields Rodlher Somerset Gladfield Park Cottesloe Emilbron Drumrossie Wolleebee Hawthorn Inverhaven Home Grange Killarney Sefton Park Linday Coorminta Stockdale Little Rlaning Mynara Edwards Wayside Oaklands Ardazel The Ranch Woodlands Dunbar Tarramoor Banocre Gillumba Harrington Pine Grove Dalkara Plains Longview Rexworth Foxler Benmar Baroona Korella Ellerslie Acacia Durham Downs Challambra Homecraft Homecroft Tranalla Wangarra Stanhope Oolam Park Broadlands Moongana Winkara Donabeal Carron Carnya Nardoo-Vale Robertville Mosedale Sharandale Break-O-Day Brackenback Shady Acres Walden Burnbank Innaminka Lagoona Mount Pleasant Stud Fairview Lynora Long Plains Lawler Trelawney Willera Glendale Durabin May Park Kent Stud Nyora Burrajong Warreg Val Pine Cowar Park Longnewton Serpentine Park Yawong Aughnacloy The Gables Mount View Guildford Kia-Ora Woodburn Play Fair Bromley Park Aquadale Elmswood Albert Park Kimbolton Laurel View Wood Side Knapdale Ponderosa Gideong Whispering Gums Cosley Yarrayne Allendale Erin Dale Guthrie Stud Rich Avon Kanimbla Skahanaugh Wywurk Marnoo Wyband Birswood Glan-Yr-Avon Meadow Bank Avon Park Loddon Vale Yoorala Hillview Rhyd Taloc Carinya Nethernook Glenalbyn Grange Greenmeadows Lindenau Hunthawong Banavie Avoca Forest Stud Walladale Seven Oaks Dundonald Elimilta Claradale Birrama Burrum Glen Innes The Synotts Mill Farm Memsie Kookburra Wits End Auvergne Morella Yackerboon Gellbrook Laurel Bank Aralon Dorset River Hills Summer Villa Gwenap Coral Downs Carrs Plains Studoll Oakville Kellalae Invernay Avondale Dunuegan Clover Valley Airview Rothwell Cairn Comrie Crasmere Alexandra Park Kintyre Cabinga Poseidon Bryn Avon Elston Stud Dalyenon The Wattles Beaucot Dunromin Hornill Swinton Vale Woorilla Stratford Holcombe Park Coolavin Gourdie Sheepland Park Dalkeith Duntroon Wildwood View Hills Bonnie Banks Bretton Swinton Glynlyn Rosedale Glenvale Dadswells Bridge Werendo Erindale Mount Merni Blairgowrie Timber-Top St Leonards Park Wimmera Park Alma Stud Inverlaul Tullaroop Carram Dale Blue Hills Whitehall Dalmore Fairfield Coolinda Kirkella Vinelea The Oaks Clearview Linwood Grange Richmond Park Glenore Booloola Trevenson Park Granard Park Norwood Spring Park Charlton Boort Bridgewater Donald Dunolly Inglewood Korong Vale Minyip Rupanyup St Arnaud Wedderburn Wycheproof Bealiba Watchem A J Mitchell Park Ally Slopers Gully Mackenzie Creek Ankers Causeway Archdale Areegra Areegra Fire Station Areegra Primary School Areegra Telephone Exchange Armenian Gully Arnold Arnold Primary School Arnold Public Hall Arnold Recreation Reserve Ashers Bridge Ashens Cemetery Ashens North Channel Association Gully Attwood Gully Austerberrys Bridge Avoca River Avon Creek Avon River Avon Weir Bakery Hill Balancing Rock Bald Hills Bangerang Bangerang Fire Station Bangerang Public Hall Bangerang Telephone Exchange Bannasher Creek Banyena Banyena Channel Banyena Primary School Banyena Public Hall Banyena Telephone Exchange Banyenong Baringhup Baringhup Fire Station Baringhup Primary School Baringhup School Hall Baringhup West Fire Station Baringhup West School Barkly Barkly Primary School Barkly Public Hall Barkly Telephone Exchange Barlows Flat Barnes Gully Barp Barrakee Barraport Barraport Fire Station Barraport Recreation Reserve Barrys Rock Batcocks Scour Batyo Catyo Inlet Batyo Catyo Inlet Channel Bayena Public Hall Bayena Telephone Exchange Bealiba Creek Bealiba Fire Station Bealiba Primary School Bealiba Public Hall Bealiba Range Bealiba Recreation Reserve Bealiba Reservoir Bealiba Telephone Exchange Bearleys Bridge Beazleys Bridge Fire Station Beazleys Bridge Public Hall Beazleys Bridge Telephone Exchange Beeac Beggary Gully Beggary Hills Bells Gully Bells Swamp Berlin Flat Berrimal Berrimal Fire Station Bet Bet Bet Bet Bridge Bet Bet Telephone Exchange Betley Bridge Betley Recreation Reserve Beyal Big Timber Gully Billy Goat Creek Billy Goat Gully Birchip Airfield Black Creek Black Jack Gully Black Ranges Black Rock Blind Creek Blind Creek Bridge Fernihurst Weir Bobsem Hill Bocca Flat Bolangum Bolangum Creek Boola Boloke Boolite Boolite Fire Station Boolite Primary School Boolite Public Hall Boort Fire Station Boort Hospital Boort Police Station Boort Primary School Boort Secondary College Boort-Quambatook Railway Borung Borung Channel Borung Highway Borung Public Hall Borung Telephone Exchange Borung-Boort Railway Boundary Gully Bowenvale Fire Station Bowenvale Public Hall Bradford Creek Brass Button Gully Brenanah Brenanah Creek Brewery Hole Brian Gully Bridgewater Fire Station Bridgewater Police Station Bridgewater Primary School Bridgewater Public Hall Bridgewater Recreation Reserve Bridgewater Telephone Exchange Briggs Creek Brim Creek Brim East Primary School Brim East Recreation Reserve Broom Hill Homebush Creek Browns Gully Buckrabanyule Buckrabanyule Fire Station Buckrabanyule Primary School Buckrabanyule Public Hall Buckrabanyule Telephone Exchange Bull Frog Gully Bullabul Creek Bunguluke Bunyip Creek Burkinshaw Swamp Burnt Creek Carmanoc Creek Burnt Creek No. 1 Burnt Creek No. 2 Burrum Burrum Burrum Primary School Butchers Gully Butchers Lagoon Cairn Curran Sailing Club Calders Gully Callawadda Callawadda Fire Station Callawadda Primary School Callawadda Public Hall Callawadda Telephone Exchange Cambells Bridge Camel Rock Strathfillan Creek Campbells Bridge Public Hall Capron Gully Carapooee Carapooee Creek Carapooee Fire Station Carapooee T Carapooee Telephone Exchange Carapooee West Carmanuel Creek Carter Dam Castleman Bridge Cater Hill Catto Paddock Cemetery Gully Central Goldfields Shire Chalets Hill Channel 1/12 Channel 1/2 Channel 1/4 Channel 1/5 Channel 10/1 Channel 17/1 Channel 2/12 Channel 2/2 Channel 2/3 Channel 3/3 Channel No. 12 Channel No. 2 Channel No. 3 Channel No. 4 Channel No. 5 Channel No. 5/2 Channel No. 5/3 Channel No. 6/3 Chapel Gully Charlies Gully Charlton Channel Charlton East Charlton Fire Station Charlton Golf Course Charlton Police Station Charlton Primary School Charlton Secondary College Charlton West Charlton-Wycheproof Channel Cherry Tree Creek Chinamans Flat Creek Chinamens Hill Chisholms Flat Christmas Flat Clelland Gully Clifford Bridge Cochrans Creek Commissioners Gully Companys Bridge Concongella Creek Coondoer Bridge Coonooer Bridge Fire Station Coonooer Bridge Telephone Exchange Coonooer East Coonooer West Coorong Swamp Cope Cope Cope Cope Fire Station Cope Cope Telephone Exchange Corack Corack East Corack East Fire Station Corack East Public Hall Coromby Coromby Fire Station Coromby Public Hall Count Bismark Creswicks Bridge Creswicks Well Crevice Gully Cup Gully Dadswells Bridge Fire Station Dadswells Bridge Hall Dadswells Bridge Primary School Dadswells Bridge Public Hall Dadswells Bridge Telephone Exchange Daly Gully Dalyenong Dalyenong State Forest Darkbonee Darkbonee Channel Darlington Bridge Daws Bridge Dead Log Creek Deboobetic Deep Creek Deledio Reserve Denmark Gully Derby Derby Gully Devils Gully Dicksons Crossing Doboobetic Donald Fire Station Donald High School Donald Hospital Donald Main Channel Donald Police Station Donald Primary School Donald Showground Donald West Dooleys Bridge Driscolls Dam Duck Swamp Duffy Gully Duke Extended Duke United Dunmunkle Dunmunkle Creek Dunmunkle Telephone Exchange Dunolly Fire Station Dunolly Hospital Dunolly Police Station Dunolly Post Office Dunolly Primary School Dunolly Public Hall Dunolly Racecourse Dunolly Recreation Reserve Dunolly Tarnagulla State Forest Durham Ox Durham Ox Public Hall Dwyers Bridge Eaglehawk Gully East Laen Channel Eastville Primary School Eddington Eddington Bridge Eddington Primary School Eddington Public Hall Elliotts Bridge Emu Emu Creek Green Hill Creek Emu Public Hall Farmers Gully Faulkners Creek Fauxs Bridge Fentons Creek Fentons Creek Fire Station Fentons Creek Public Hall Feriby Creek Fernihurst Primary School Fitzpatricks Pit Five Mile Dam Foleys Creek Forbes Bridge Forbes Creek Forest Lagoon Fortunate Gully Four Mile Creek Franklin Chaplin Reserve Freemans Bridge Freemantle Bridge Freemantles Bridge Frenchman Gully Frenchmans Dam Frenchmans Gully Friends Creek Friends Scour Gambetta Dip Gampola Gannons Weir German Gully Giffords Bridge Gilmore Gully Gladstone Gladstone Gully Glasgow Hill Glenalbyn Glenloth Glenloth East Public Hall Glenorchy Glenorchy Fire Station Glenorchy Golf Club Glenorchy Primary School Glenorchy Public Hall Glenorchy Telephone Exchange Glenorchy Weir Glossodia Hill Glover Gully Glynwylln Glynwylln Bridge Glynwylln State Forest Golden Gully Golden Gully Historic Goldfield Goldsborough Goodes Bridge Gooroc Fire Station Gooseberry Hill Gowar Gowar East Bridge Gowar East Telephone Exchange Grand Duke Grays Hill Gre Gre Gre Gre Channel Gre Gre Village Fire Station Gre Gre Village Public Hall Green Gully Green Hill Green Hills State Forest Green Valley Ranges Greenings Bridge Greens Bridge Greens Creek Greens Creek Telephone Exchange Griffith Hill Gropers Gully Grumblers Gully Guthries Bridge Gypsy Creek Hamiltons Crossing Hard Hill Hard Hills Havelock State Forest Wattle Creek Hielenmans Gully Hines Creek Hollands Lake Hollaways Hill Homecroft Telephone Exchange Hoopers Bridge Hope Creek Malakoff Creek Hughes Dam Humbug Gully Hunbug Hills Hunters Gully Hyslops Bridge Inglewood Fire Station Inglewood Gully Inglewood Hospital Inglewood Police Station Inglewood Primary School Inglewood Recreation Reserve Inglewood School Forest Inglewood Town Hall Inglewood-Charlton Railway Irishtown Bridge Iron Bark Gully Ironbark Gully Ironbark Gully Workings Italian Gully Jackson Jacksons Gully James Boyle Hall Janiember East Janiember West Jardine Park Jardines Creek Jarklan Jarklin Jarklin Fire Station Jarklin Public Hall Jeffcott Jeffcott Fire Station Jeffcott Public Hall Jefferys Channel Jendes Channel Jeruk John Bull Creek John Flynn Memorial Monument Kangderaar Kangderaar Creek Kangderaar Creek North Branch Kangderaar Creek West Branch Kara Kara Kara Kara National Park Kellalac Main Channel Kelshs Lagoon Kennedys Crossing Kerrs Bridge Kingower Kingower Creek Kingower Range Kings Dam Kingston Mine Kinypanial Kinypanyal Creek Kirkella Creek Kooreh Kooreh Fire Station Kooreh Public Hall Kooroc Kooyoora National Park Kooyoora Rock Korong Korong Creek Korong Vale Fire Station Korong Vale Mechanics Institute Hall Korong Vale Police Station Korong Vale Primary School Korong Vale Recreation Reserve Koyuga Kurraca Kurting Kurting Hall Laanecoorie Laanecoorie Fire Station Laanecoorie Post Office Laanecoorie Primary School Laanecoorie Public Hall Laanecoorie Reservoir Laanecoorie Telephone Exchange Laen Laen East Fire Station Laen Primary School Lake Batyo Catyo Lake Batyo Catyo Recreation Reserve Lake Boort Lake Buloke Lake Kimbolton Reedy Lake Lake Lyndger Lake Marmal Lake Marmel Telephone Exchange Lake Nurrumbeet Taylors Lake Outlet Channel Lake Terrappee Lake Yando Lallat Lallat Channel Lallat Plains Primary School Landsborough Hill Langham Flat Large Rock Lateral No. 1 Ledcourt Levers Gully Lewis Swamp Lexel Creek Linleys Bridge Litchfield Litchfield Fire Station Litchfield Telephone Exchange Little Bull Dog Gully Smoky Creek Little Lake Boort Little Lake Buloke Little Mount Llanelly Llanelly Telephone Exchange Loddon Loddon River Loddon Shire Loddon Weir Logan Long Gully Long Gully Workings Long Rock Long Slab Lord Nelson Park Complex Lubeck Lubeck Channel Lubeck Fire Station Lubeck Memorial Hall Lubeck North Channel Lubeck Primary School Lubeck Telephone Exchange Mackenzie Gully Magpie Creek Magpie Gully Main Flat Major Mitchell Monument Malakoff Malakoff Bushland Reserve Marma Marmal Marmal Branch Channel No. 2 Marmal Bushland Reserve Marmal Channel Marmal East Channel Marmal Public Hall Marnoo East Primary School Marnoo Fire Station Marnoo North Channel Marnoo Park Marnoo Police Station Marnoo Primary School Marnoo Public Hall Marnoo Telephone Exchange Maryborough Gully Massey McAdams Vineyard McCallisters Bridge McDonalds Gully McGees Creek McIntyre Range McKenzies Bridge Melvilles Caves Melville Caves Picnic Ground Middle Creek Milkmaid Flat Minyip Channel Minyip Fire Station Minyip Hospital Minyip Police Station Minyip Primary School Minyip Public Hall Minyip South Channel Moliagul Moliagul Creek Moliagul Public Hall Moliagul Recreation Ground Moliagul Telephone Exchange Monster Gully Moolerr Moonambel Hall Moonambel Primary School Moonambel Telephone Exchange Moonambel Tennis Reserve Morl Morl Creek Mormon Gully Morrl Morrl Morrl Morrl State Forest Morrows Silt Trap Morton Plains Mosquito Gully Mount Bealiba Mount Bolangum Sunday Morning Hills Mount Brenanah Landing Strip Mount Deboobetic Mount Drummond The Granites Mount Egbert Education Reserve Mount Gowar Mount Hawkins Mount Ugly Mount Jeffcott Mount Jeffcott Public Hall Mount Jeffcott Telephone Exchange Mount Kerang Mount Kerang Range Mount Kooyoora Mount Kooyoora Leisure Retreat Mount Kooyoora Range Mount Korong Mount Korong Scenic Reserve Mount Moliagul Mount Wycheproof Mountain Creek Mountain Creek Vineyard Mountain Creek Winery Moyreisk Muddy Waterholes Creek Mullins Bridge Murderers Hill Murphys Creek Murphys Creek Recreation Reserve Mutton Swamp Myrong Beach Mysia Mysia Cemetery Mysia Fire Station Nardo Creek Narraport Narraport Fire Station Narraport Recreation Reserve Narrewillock Narrewillock Fire Station Native Youth Creek Natte Yallock Fire Station Natte Yallock Primary School Natte Yallock Public Hall Natteyallock Navarre Navarre Community Hall Navarre Community Park Navarre Fire Station Navarre Hill Navarre Primary School Navarre Recreation Reserve Navarre Telephone Exchange Neereman New Chum Gully Newbridge Fire Station Newbridge Primary School Newbridge Public Hall Newbridge Recreation Reserve Newbridge Telephone Exchange No. 1 Gully North Duke North Western Highway Northern Grampians Shire Nuggetty Creek Nuggety Gully Reservoir Nullan Nursery Flat O'Briens Dam O'Possum Historic Goldfield Oaks Hill Old Lead Reservoir Old St Arnaud East School Orchid Garden Orchid Terrace Orville Creek Oxleys Bridge Paddys Gully Painswick Paper Gully Paradise Creek Paradise Public Hall Parkers Bridge Part Gully Patchy Flat Diggings Peep O'Day Gully Peeping Toms Gully Workings Penningtons Bridge Pooles Gully Possum Gully Possum Hills Goldfields Possum Point Potato Diggings Historic Goldfield Potter Hill Potters Crossing Potters Hill Poverty Mine Monument Powlett Powlett Plains Powlett Plains Hall Powlett-Salisbury Fire Station Psalm Singing Gully Quacks Gully Quartz Hill Queens Gully Racecourse Creek Rathscar Ravens Hill Red Gate Crossing Red Streak Gully Redbank Winks Creek Redbank Fire Station Redbank Primary School Redbank Public Hall Redbank Reservoir Redbank Telephone Exchange Redbank Winery Reedy Creek Reedy Creek Bridge Reservoir Creek Rheola Fire Station Rheola Hall Rheola Hill Rheola Range Rheola Telephone Exchange Riachella Rich Avon East Rich Avon East Channel Rich Avon Fire Station Rich Avon Recreation Reserve Rich Avon South Channel Rich Avon West Richardson Creek Richardson River Richardson River Channel Riley Gully Roberts Gully Robertsons Channel Robinsons Bridge Robinsons Gully Rocklands Outlet Channel Rocky Waterholes Creek Rose Hill Rubys Bridge Rumbolds Crossing Rupanyup Channel Rupanyup East Rupanyup Fire Station Rupanyup Hospital Rupanyup Police Station Rupanyup Post Office Rupanyup Primary School Rupanyup Public Hall Rupanyup South Channel Ryans Creek Sailors Gully Saint Johns Patch Salathials Pit Salisbury West Sandy Creek Sangus Creek Saw Pit Gully Schicer Gully Schumann Gully Seal Rock Sebastopol Hill Serpentine Creek Serpentine Fire Station Serpentine Post Office Serpentine Public Hall Serpentine Telephone Exchange Serpentine Weir Shanahan Park Sheep Hills Sheep Hills Fire Station Sheep Hills Primary School Sheep Hills Public Hall Sheep Hills Telephone Exchange Sheepwash Creek Sheoak Hill Silverdale Gully Simpsons Creek Simson Dam Six Mile Creek Skerrers Hill Skinners Flat Reservoir Slatey Creek Fire Station Slaty Creek Bridge Slaughteryard Gully Smith Gully Snows Gully Sorrells Crossing Southern Caves Southern Lookout Souths Bridge Sparks Gully Spencers Gully Spiller Hill Sporting Flat Spring Creek Spring Hill St Arnaud Creek St Arnaud Fire Station St Arnaud High School St Arnaud Hospital St Arnaud Magistrates Court St Arnaud Police Station St Arnaud Post Office St Arnaud Primary School St Arnaud Railway Station St Arnaud Reservoir St Arnaud Secondary College St Arnaud Telephone Exchange St Arnaud Town Hall St Arnaud Water Supply Stapletons Bridge No. 1 Stapletons Bridge No. 2 Station Creek Stawell-Horsham Railway Stevensons Gully Stockham Bridge Stockyard Gully Stricta Hill Stuart Mill Community Hall Stuart Mill Fire Station Stuart Mill Recreation Reserve Sullivans Gully Summerfield Winery Surface Gully Sutherland Swanwater Swanwater West Channel Swede Creek Swifts Gully Swiper Gully Taltarni Winery Tambourine Gully Tarnagulla Tarnagulla Fire Station Tarnagulla Police Station Tarnagulla Primary School Tarnagulla Public Reserve Tarpaulin Creek Tchuterr Teddington Reservoir Teddywaddy Teddywaddy West Old School Telford Bridge Terrappee Terrappee Cemetery Terrappee Channel Terrappee East Channel Terrappee Swamp Thalia The Bunyip The Granites Scenic Reserve The Green Hill The Gulf The Rocking Stone The Shoots Thompsons Gully Three Mile Hut Diggings Timor Creek Timor Primary School Tims Gully Tin Pot Hill Tipperary Gully Tipperary Workings Tottington Trasks Bridge Traynors Lagoon Fire Station Traynors Lagoon Public Hall Traynors Lagoon Telephone Exchange Tuckers Gully Twelve Mile Creek Tyler Flat Tyrrell Marsh Uncle Toms Gully Venables Creek Virgin Gully Waanyarra Waanyarra Creek Wal Wal Wal Wal Public Hall Walkers Lake Wallaloo Wallaloo Creek Wallaloo East Wallaloo Park Wareek Bridge Wareek Fire Station Wareek Primary School Wareek Public Hall Warmur Warmur Fire Station Warneckes Bridge Warngar Warra Warra Warrak Fire Station Warrak Public Hall Warrak Telephone Exchange Warranook Warranook Channel Warrenmang Winery Watchem Fire Station Watchem Primary School Watchem Public Hall Watchem Recreation Reserve Watchem Telephone Exchange Wattle Valley Wedderburn Fire Station Wedderburn High School Wedderburn Junction Wedderburn Police Station Wedderburne Post Office Wedderburn Primary School Wedderburn Public Hall Wehla Wehla Creek Welcome Stranger Monument Wellington Gully Western Creek Wet Gully Wet Gully Workings White Hill White Patch White Rock White Swan Mine Wild Duck Dam Wilkur Wilkur South Hall Wilkur South Recreation Reserve Wilkur South Fire Station Wilkur South Primary School Willaring Bridge Wimmera Highway Wingfields Bridge Winjallock Bridge Winjallok Wirchilleba Wiseman Hill Witchipool Woolshed Pit Woolshed Swamp Wooroonook Wooroonook Fire Station Wooroonook Lakes Wooroonook Telephone Exchange Woosang Woosang Fire Station Woosang Public Hall Woosang Recreational Reserve Wycheproof Fire Station Wycheproof High School Wycheproof Hospital Wycheproof P-12 College Wycheproof Police Station Wycheproof Post Office Wycheproof Primary School Wycheproof Recreation Reserve Wycheproof Shire Hall Wycheproof South Fire Station Wychitella Wychitella Channel Wychitella Fire Station Wychitella Flora & Fauna Reserve Yando Fire Station Yando Public Hall Yankee Gully Yarram Gully Yarrowalla Yawong Low Water Bridge Yeungroon Yeungroon Creek Yeungroon Fire Station Yeungroon Public Hall Yeungroon Telephone Exchange Yorath Gully Yorkshire Yowang Hill Ninety Mile Desert Canary Island South Gladfield Wilkur South Bungeluke Minmindie Tyrrells Marsh Yando Kinypanial Creek Nyamville Chirrup Teddywaddi Wooroonooke Fernihurst Lake Wooroonook Bears Lagoon Buloke Janiembar East Yeungroon East Kinypanial South Korongvale Dooboobetic Laen East Richmond Plains Laen North Fiery Flat OPossum Historic Goldfield Nine Mile Serpentine Lake Cope Cope Gooroc Coonooer Bridge Goonooer Yawang Hill Kurraca West Burrereo Mount Brenanah Swanwater West Kurting Station Avon Plains Slaty Creek Gowar East Campbells Creek Traynors Lagoon Gre Gre North Bullabul Bridgewater-on-Loddon Mitchells Hill Saint Arnaud Kingowar Banyena Station Banyena Siding Saint Arnaud Creek Marma Swamp Burkes Flat Rheola OBriens Dam Raluana Carapooee Station Arnold West Ashens Beazleys Bridge Wallaoo Newbridge Kanya Rostron Maffescionis Siding Laurie Cochranes Creek Waanyarra Rush Stuart Mill Paradise Swedes Creek Eastville Laancoorie Reservoir Bet Bet Creek Bromley Stapletons Bridge Number Two Callawadda South Dunluce Mount Hooghly Betley Tullaroop Creek Redbank Creek Stapletons Bridge Number One Campbells Bridge Tulkara Wisemans Hill Mount Cole Creek Wimmera River Cowleys Siding Natte Yallock Timor West Havelock Moonambel Wareek Timor Wimmera Creek Bowenvale Simson