Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SJ54-12

GA SJ54-12 - Colac

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Barwidgee Lochlea Denholm Green Poligolet Ettrick Goonderoo Mount Gow Golf Hill Boonerah Hexham Park Larra Narong Tourac Stony Point Carno Merrang Little Corangamite Coomete Wingeel Barunah Plains Woolongoon Wooriwyrite The Gums West Cloven Hills Leigh Estate Wiwin Cloverside Ellingerrin Kort Kort Nong Milangil Bushy Park Eddington Meningoort Stonyhurst Ballangeich West Ballangeich Newminster The Ranch Glenormiston House Mount Hesse Mountside Rivernook Dalvui Danedite Mingawalla Murdeduke Turkeith Maes-Y-Porth Fernlea Park Marida Yallock Wiridgil Hills Mooleric Injemira Riverview Carrakoorte Tilinda Boomerang Roseneath Riverstation Wormbete Pine Hill Dwarroon Wangoom The Lake Tara Spring Bank Corytella Merlynne Yan Yan Gurt Sherwood Park Anniedale Park Clifton Shipley Canberra Glenbrae Strathallan Lara Vale Loreign Banoon Heather Lea Veroni Howmains Whetstone Fernside Bunker Hill Braeside Seaview Park Iona Ocean View Deepdale Strathample Camperdown Cobden Colac Beeac Allansford Apollo Bay Birregurra Lorne Mortlake Noorat Port Campbell Terang Timboon Winchelsea Forrest Peterborough Simpson Skenes Creek Marengo 3YB Radio Station Abecketts Creek Acquila Creek Addis Bay Aire Aire Crossing Aire Falls Aire River Aire Valley Plantation Aitken Gully Albert Newcombe Playground Allambee Beek Falls Allansford Primary School Allansford Fire Station Allansford Police Station Allen Dam Alvie Alvie Consolidated School Alvie Telephone Exchange Amiets Amphitheatre Falls Anderson Creek Andersons Creek Antares Rock Anzac Memorial Park Apollo Bay Fire Station Apollo Bay Hospital Apollo Bay P-12 College Apollo Bay Police Station Apollo Bay Post Office Arkins Creek Arkins Creek East Branch Arkins Creek West Branch Arness Artillery Rocks Askew Falls Asplins Creek Atkin Creek Atkin Gully Atkinsons Creek Attrill Dam Ayresford Bridge Ayrford Public Hall Bakers Oven Rock Bald Hill Ballangeich Cemetery Ballistellos Bridge Bambra Burrum Burrum River Barongarook Barongarook Creek Barongarook Creek West Branch Barongarook Primary School Barongarook Public Hall Barramunga Gellibrand Creek Barramunga Public Hall Barton Corner Barunah Park Hall Barunah Plains North Fire Station Barwon Downs Barwon Downs Fire Station Barwon Downs Primary School Barwon River Barwon River East Branch Barwon River West Branch Barwongemoong Bateman Ridge Bay of Islands Bay of Islands Coastal Park Bay of Martyrs Beauchamp Falls Beauty Gully Beauty Spot Scenic Reserve Beauty Valley Ferntree Gorge Beeac Fire Station Beeac Hospital Beeac Police Station Beeac Primary School Beech Creek Beech Forest Beech Forest Police Station Beech Forest Primary School Beech Forest Shire Offices Bells Bridge Belmont High School Camp Biddles Beach Big Grasstree Plain Bill Gillett Pavilion Bimbi Park Camp Site Birmingham Trig Birregurra Creek Birregurra Hospital Birregurra Police Station Birregurra Primary School Birregurra Telephone Exchange Black Bridge Barrage Black Glen Creek Black Swamp Blackwood Creek Blair Blanket Bay Blanket Bay Creek Blind Creek Boggaley Creek Boggy Creek Boggy Creek Bridge Bookaar Fire Station Bookaar Primary School Bookaar Telephone Exchange Bookar Boonah Boonah Plantation Boorcan Boorcan Fire Station Boorcan Public Hall Bostocks Creek Bostock Creek Primary School Bostocks Creek Fire Station Bostocks Creek Public Hall Boundary Creek Bowker Point Bowman Spur Brickmakers Creek Island Arch Briely Hospital Brierly Basin Broken Head Browns Creek Brown Hill Brucknell Brucknell Creek Brucknell Scout Camp Brucknell-Ayrford Fire Station Brunswick Falls Bryan O'Lynn Bridge Bryant Creek Bryants Drain Buckleys Creek Bullanbul Bullanbul Creek Bungador Fire Station Bungador Telephone Exchange Burnip Creek Burtons Lookout Butchers Lake Point Buttress Calder Ridge Calder River Calder River Scenic Reserve Callahan Creek Callahan Creek North Branch Callahan Creek South Branch Calvert Lough Camp Creek Camp Hill Camperdown Primary School Camperdown High School Camperdown Fire Station Camperdown Hospital Camperdown Magistrates Court Camperdown Police Station Camperdown Post Office Camperdown Telephone Exchange Cannans Spur Cape Marengo Cape Otway Cape Otway Lighthouse Cape Patton Cape Patton Lookout Cape Volney Carisbrook Creek Carisbrook Falls Carlisle River Carlisle River Fire Station Carlisle River Primary School Carlisle River Public Hall Carlisle River Telephone Exchange Carmichael Creek Carpendeit Carpendeit Fire Station Carpendeit Primary School Carpendeit Public Hall Carsons Drain Castle Cove Cat Reef Cemetery Lake Chapple Creek Chapple Creek North Branch Chapple Creek South Branch Chapple Vale Public Hall Charleys Creek Cherry Tree Creek Childers Cove Chocolyn Fire Station Chocolyn Primary School Chocolyn Public Hall Ciancio Creek Clancy Hill Claude Lee Reserve Clearwater Creek Clifton Beach Clissold Primary School Cobden Bush Nursing Hospital Cobden Fire Station Cobden Police Station Cobden Primary School Cobden Public Hall Cobden Shire Offices Cobden Technical School Cobden Telephone Exchange Cobrico Cobrico Fire Station Cobrico Primary School Cobrico Public Hall Cobrico Telephone Exchange Cockeralls Cockerill Hill Colac City Civic Centre Colac District Hospital Colac East Primary School Colac Fire Station Colac High School Camp Education Centre Colac Hospital Colac Magistrates Court Colac Municipal Airfield Colac Otway Shire Colac Police Station Colac Post Office Colac Primary School Colac Quarry Colac Secondary College Hearn Street Campus Colac Secondary College Murray Street Campus Colac Shire Hall Colac South West Primary School Colanda Training Centre Colac Technical School Colac Telephone Exchange Colac West Primary School Coles Creek Colongulac Congram Creek Congram Falls Connewarren Connewarren Bridge Cooramook Cooramook Public Hall Cooregurt Swamp Cooriejong Cooriemungle Mungle Creek Cooriemungle Prison Camp Cooriemungle Telephone Exchange Cora Lynn Creek Cora Lynn Falls Coradjil Corangamite Corangamite Shire Corooke Fire Station Corooke Public Hall Cororooke Corriejong Coulahans Bridge Cowleys Creek Craigieburn Culvert Crayfish Bay Cressy Cressy Fire Station Cressy Hall Cressy Police Station Cressy Primary School Cressy-Geelong Railway Crinoline Creek Crofts Bay Cross Roads Crowes Crown of Thorns Crowsnest Lookout Cudgee Fire Station Cudgee Primary School Cudgee Telephone Exchange Culraven Cumberland Falls Cumberland River Cumberland River Reserve Cumberland Station Cundare Cundare Barrage Cundare Pool Curdie Curdies Inlet Curdies River Curtis Clearing Dalvui Racecourse Dalvui Trotting and Recreation Reserve Danger Creek Darlington Darlington West Dawsons Hill Dean Creek Deans Marsh Deans Marsh Creek Deans Marsh Primary School Deep Creek Den Creek Deppeler Creek Devil Elbow Devils Elbow Devils Kitchen Dewings Creek Diamond Hill Digneys Bridge Dinosaur Cove Dividing Creek Dixie Primary School Dixie Public Hall Dog Trap Bay Doroq Douglas Creek Dreeite Dreelite Fire Station Merri Rivulet Duck Creek Duck Hole Plain Duverney Fire Station Dykes Hill E J King Park E S Hill Eagle Nest Eagle Nest Rock Eastern Creek Eberwaldt Falls Ecklin Ecklin Fire Station Ecklin Primary School Ecklin Public Hall Ecklin South Primary School Ecklin Swamp Elingamite Elingamite Creek Elingamite North Primary School Elingamite Primary School Ellerslie Ellerslie Fire Station Ellerslie Hall Ellerslie Primary School Elliminyt Elliminyt Primary School River Elliott Emslie Erskine Falls Erskine River Eurack Public Hall Evans Lookout Mount Gnarogein Ewen Hill Reservoir Falls Creek Farrell Creek Fentons Creek Fergusons Hill Fern Gully Five Mile Creek Flannagan Creek Flaxmans Hill Floating Island Lagoon Flynns Hill Ford River Ford River East Branch Ford River West Branch Forrest Fire Station Forrest Police Station Forrest Primary School Forrest Public Hall Framlingham Aboriginal Settlement Framlingham East Framlingham Fire Station Framlingham Primary School Framlingham Public Hall Framlingham West Frenchmans Swamp Freshwater Creek Furguson Hill Gail Clearing Galliebarinda Falls Garvey Creek Garvoc Garvoc Primary School River Geary Gellibrand Gellibrand Fire Station Gellibrand Primary School Gellibrand Public Hall Gellibrand River Gellibrand Telephone Exchange Gentle Annie Berry Gardens Gentle Annie Lookout Gerangamete Gerangamete Fire Station Gerangamete Swamp Gerangamete Primary School Gibson Beach Gibson Steps Glasgow Falls Glenaire Beach Glenfyne Glenfyne Fire Station Glenfyne Public Hall Glenormiston Glenormiston Agricultural College Glenormiston Primary School Glenormiston South Primary School Gnotuk Primary School Gnotuk Public Hall Godfreys Creek Gosling Creek Gosling Falls Goulters Lookout Gows Hill Grasmere Fire Station Grasmere Post Office Grasmere Public Hall Grassmere Grassmere North Grassmere Primary School Grassy Creek Grey River Grey River Scenic Reserve Groves Hill Guerards Hill Gum Gully Creek Haines Ridge Hall Bridge Hall Hill Hall Ridge Hallett Hill Halls Bridge Hansons Plain Hayley Point Hazel Creek Henderson Creek Henderson Falls Henry No.1 Mill Henty Reef Herrings Point Hesse Hexham Recreation Reserve Heytesbury Heytesbury Fire Station Heytesbury Telephone Exchange Hidden Falls Hitchcock Gully Holy Water Creek Hopetoun Falls Hopkins Falls Hopkins Lookout Hopkins Point Hopkins River Hordern Vale Hordern Vale Public Hall Louise Falls Howards Plain Hugh Murray Reserve Iden Bridge Irrewarra Irrewarra Fire Station Irrewarra Primary School Irrewarra Telephone Exchange Irrewillipe Irrewillipe East Primary School Irrewillipe Fire Station Irrewillipe Recreation Reserve Irving Creek J M Irvine Memorial Sports Reserve Jack Fletcher Flora Reserve Jamieson River Jancourt Jancourt East Primary School Jancourt East Telephone Exchange Jancourt Fire Station Jancourt Flora and Fauna Reserve Jancourt Primary School Jancourt Telephone Exchange Jebbs Pool Johanna Johanna Beach Johanna Falls Johanna River John W Gardner Reserve Jones Creek Joseph Paatsch Reserve Junction Creek Kaanglang Kalimna Creek Kariah Kariah Telephone Exchange Karngun Kawarren Fire Station Kawarren Primary School Keilambete Keilambete Lake Kennedy Creek Kennedys Creek Kennedys Creek Fire Station Kennedys Creek Public Hall Kennedys Creek Telephone Exchange Kennett River Kennett River Right Branch Kennett River Left Branch Kennett Spur Kents Ford Bridge Killeen Bridge Kilnoorat King Bridge King Creek Knowledge Creek Koala Reserve Kolora Kolora Fire Station Kolora Public Hall Konnendhar Lagoon Koort Koort Nong Krambruk Kurdeez Lime Works Kyles Falls La Trobe La Trobe Creek Laang Laang Bushland Reserve Laang Fire Station Laang Primary School Laang Public Hall Laang Speedway Lake Ayrey Lake Beeac Lake Bookar Lake Bulkil Narra Lake Bullenmerri Lake Burn Lake Calder Lake Cobrico Lake Colac Lake Colongulac Lake Connewarren Lake Coradgill Lake Coragulac Lake Corangamite Lake Costin Lake Craven Lake Gundare Lake Elingamite Lake Elizabeth Lake Kee Lia Lake Gnalinegurk Lake Gnarpurt Lake Gnotuk Lake Hordern Lake Kariah Lake Koreetnung Martins Lake Lake Milangil Lake Mumblin Lake Murdeduke Lake Ondit Lake Punpundal Lake Purdiguluc Lake Purrumbete Lake Rosine Lake Round Lake Struan Lake Tatutong Lake Terang Lake Terang Goodwitch Lake Terangpom Lake Wangoom Lake Weeranganuk Lake Weering Lake Werowrap Langdale Pike Lardner Creek Lardner Creek East Branch Lardner Creek West Branch Larpent Fire Station Larpent Primary School Larpent Public Hall Larpent Telephone Exchange Larralea Lavers Hill Otway Fire Station Lavers Hill P-12 College Lavers Hill Public Hall Lawrys Hill Leahys Creek Leech Creek Lemonade Creek Leslie Manor Fire Station Leslie Manor Hall Leslie Manor Telephone Exchange Limestone Creek Lion Headland Little Aire Creek Little Aire Falls Little Corriemungle Creek Little Cooriemungle Grasstree Plain Little Erskine River Little Henty Reef Little Lardners Creek Little Sheoak River Little Stony Creek Loch Ard Gorge Logans Beach Whale Nursery London Bridge Lorne Community Hospital Lorne Fire Station Lorne Forest Park Lorne Hospital Lorne Magistrates Court Lorne Police Station Lorne-Aireys Inlet P-12 College Lorne Campus Lough Calvert Louttit Bay Porcupine Creek Lovers Nook Lower Kalimna Falls Lyalls Creek Lyall Creek Bridge Lynn Creek Mackie Creek Madden Hill Mag Creek Mahoney Culvert Maits Rest Scenic Reserve Manifolds Creek Margaret Falls Mariners Lookout Marriner Ridge Marriners Falls Martello Tower Mary Bradshaw Avenue Massacre Bay Massacre Hill Matthews Creek Maudes Point McCormacs Trig McCunnies McDevitt McDonalds Creek McIntee Corner McKinnons Bridge McNaughtons Bridge Melba Falls Melba Gully Melba Gully Park Melba Gully State Park Mepunga Mepunga East Primary School Mepunga Fire Station Mepunga Telephone Exchange Meredith Park Three Mile Creek Middle Spur Milanesia Beach Milanesia Creek Milford Creek Mirnee Mirror Pool Monash Gully Monday Creek Monomeath Falls Moomowroong Moonlight Beach Moonlight Head Moorbanool Moorehouse Bridge Morris Point Mortlake Common Mortlake Fire Station Mortlake Hospital Mortlake Secondary College Mortlake Police Station Mortlake Post Office Mortlake Primary School Mortlake Public Hall Mosquito Creek Mount Acland Mount Chapple Mount Cowley Mount Defiance Mount Defiance Lookout Mount Emu Creek Mount Gellibrand Mount Koang Mount Kurtweeton Mount Leura Mount Mackenzie Mount Meningorot Mount Meuron Mount Murray Mount Myrtoon Mount Nicols Mount Noorat Mount Pleasant Mount Porndon Mount Porndon Tower Mount Rebecca Mount Sabine Mount Shadwell Mount St George Mount Sugarloaf Mount Terang Mount Warrnambool Mount Wiridgil Mounts Bay Muddy Saddle Mumblin Telephone Exchange Murnane Murnane Bay Murree Creek Murroon Mutton Bird Island Nalangil Nalangil Fire Station Serpentine Creek Naringal Naringal East Telephone Exchange Naringul Fire Station Naringul Primary School Naringul Public Hall Naroghid Naroghid Public Hall Narrawaturk Natte Murrang Nayler Corner Nettle Creek Nettle Pass Newcombe Spur Newfold Bay Newling Newlingrook Nicholson Bridge Nicol Bridge Nirranda Nirranda East Primary School Nirranda Primary School Nirranda Public Hall Nirranda South Fire Station Nirranda South Primary School Nirranda South Recreation Reserve No. 1 Spur No. 9 Ridge Noonday Creek Noorat Fire Station Noorat Post Office Noorat Primary School Noorat Telephone Exchange Norton Park Nullawarre Nullawarre Primary School Nullawarre Fire Station Nullawarre North Primary School Nullawarre Public Hall Olangolah Olangolah Creek Olangolah Weir Old Mill Site Oliver Hill Ombersley Ondit Onion Bay Orchard Creek Otra Creek Otway Otway National Park Otway Ranges Otway Reef Paaratte Panmure Panmure Bridge Panmure Fire Station Panmure Post Office Panmure Primary School Panmure Public Hall Panmure Telephone Exchange Parkers Hill Parker River Parker Spur Payters Hill Pebble Point Pejark Drain Pejark Marsh Pelican Point Pennyroyal Falls Pennyroyal Primary School Pennyroyal Public Hall Peter Harris Bridge Peterborough Fire Station Petticoat Creek Phantom Falls Picarra Picnic Hills Pine Ridge Hill Pipe Clay Lake Pirron Yallock Yalloak Creek Pirron Yallock Primary School Pirron Yallock Public Hall Pirron Yaloak Point Bunbury Point Flinders Point Franklin Point Grey Point Hawdon Point Hesse Point Lewis Reginald Point Point Ritchie Ronald Point Point Sturt Poliah South Pomborneit Pomborneit Fire Station Pomborneit Hall Site Pomborneit North Primary School Pomborneit North Public Hall Pomborneit Primary School Pomborneit Telephone Exchange Poorneet Port Campbell Bay Port Campbell Creek Port Campbell Discovery Walk Port Campbell Fire Station Port Campbell National Park Port Campbell Police Station Port Campbell Telephone Exchange Timboon Creek Poynton Creek Prince Olav Creek Princeton Princetown Beach Princetown Fire Station Princetown Post Office Pulpit Creek Purnim Purnim Fire Station Purnim Primary School Purnim Public Hall Purnim Telephone Exchange Purrumbete North Purrumbete South Purrumbete South Hall Purrumbete South Primary School Quamby Quamby North Rainbow Falls Ralph Illidge Sanctuary Red Hill Red Hill Public Hall Red Rock Red Rock Lookout and Memorial Redford Bridge Redwater Creek Reedy Creek Retreat Creek Rickett Clearing Riley Ridge Rivernook Beach Roadknight Creek Robertsons Hill Rocky Cove Ross Creek Ross Plain Rottedge Creek Rotten Point Running Creek Rusty Creek Rutledge Creek Ryan Den Sabine Falls Saddlecloth Plain Salt Creek Salt Lake Saltwater Creek Sampson Ford Sanderson and Grant Mill Sanderson Mill Sanderson Mill No. 2 Sandstone Creek Sandy Corner Sandy Creek Sausage Gully Scaw Fell Schomburg Rock Scoborio Reserve Scotts Creek Scotts Creek Fire Station Scotts Creek Public Hall Scotts Creek Telephone Exchange Wormbete Creek Seal Point Seaview Seaview 74 Seaview Creek Seaview Ridge Sentinel Rock Separation Creek Seymour Creek Shepherds Creek Shelford Primary School Shelford West Shelly Beach Sheoak Creek Sheoak Falls Sherbrooke Creek Shirley Jackson Bridge Shrapnel Gully Silk Hill Simpson Fire Station Simpson Post Office Simpson Primary School Simpson Public Hall Simpson Telephone Exchange Skenes Falls Skinners Creek Skull Creek Skuse Bridge Slippery Point Small Creek Smiths Clearing Smythes Creek Snowy Ridge Spiers Bridge Spiers Hill Splitter Creek Splitter Falls Spring Creek Spring Gully Squirrel Creek Squirrels Pond St George River Stafford Creek Stanhope Bay Station Beach Station Creek Staughtons Hill Stoneyford Fire Station Stoneyford Public Hall Winnidad Creek Stony Creek Stony Falls Stony Rises Storm Point Straw Falls Struan Sturgess Point Sugarloaf Creek Sugarloaf Hill Sunday Creek Survey Gorge Sutherlands Beach Swallow Cave Swan Marsh Swan Marsh Fire Station Swan Marsh Primary School Swan Marsh Public Hall Swell Point T W Spur Taaraak Talindert Primary School Tallangatta Tandarook Tandarook Primary School Tandarook South Primary School Tank Hill Reservoir Tanybryn Tanybryn Falls Teddy Lookout Ten Mile Creek Ter Hill Terang & Terang/Dixie Fire Station Terang Primary School Terang High School Terang Hospital Terang Police Station Terang Post Office Terang Telephone Exchange Tesbury Fire Station Tesbury Primary School The Arch The Backwater The Barge The Basins The Blowhole The Brothers The Bump The Canyon The Cap The Cove The Deep Sea The Fork Paddocks The Gable The Grasstree Plain The Green Hill The Grotto The Haystack The Pulpit The Sanctuary The Sisters The Sisters Fire Station The Sisters Public Hall The Spit The Twelve Apostles Thomas Lake Thorburns Bridge Thunder Cave Timboon Fire Station Timboon Hospital Timboon P-12 School Timboon Police Station Timboon Public Hall Timmins Creek Tirrengowa Drain Tomahawk Creek Toms Hill Toorak Triplet Falls Tuesday Creek Turkeeth Turtons Pass Tussocky Swamp Two Mile Bay Union Creek Upper Chapple Falls Upper Cumberland Falls Upper Kalimna Falls Upper Parker River Falls Urquharts Falls Vaughan Island Vesle Creek View Hill Viviennes Lookout Vogel Von Mueller Creek Waarre Wait A While Creek Wallaby Creek Walsh Creek Wangerrip Wangerrip Falls Wangoom Fire Station Wangoom Primary School Wangoom Public Hall Wanliss Falls Warncoort Fire Station Warracbarunah Warrambine Creek Warrion Warrion Fire Station Warrion Hill Warrion Public Hall Warrnambool City Warrnambool Technical School Warrumyea Bridge Watch Hill Waterlilly Pond Webster Hill Websters Hill Websters Hill Plantation Wednesday Creek Weeaproinah Weering Weering Public Hall Weering-Eurack Fire Station Weerite Fire Station Weerite Primary School Weerite Public Hall Wensley Bray Coal Mine West Barwon Reservoir West Gellibrand Dam Whalebone Creek Whiskey Creek Whiskey Creek Bridge Whoorel Wickson Spur Wild Dog Cove Wild Dog Creek Wild Dog Falls Wilgul South Winchelsea Fire Station Winchelsea Higher Elementary School Winchelsea Hospital Winchelsea Police Station Winchelsea Post Office Winchelsea Primary School Winchelsea South Wingeel Fire Station Wingeel Swamp Wiridjil Wiridjil Recreation Reserve Woady Yaloak Diversion Channel Woady Yaloak River Won Wondah Falls Wonga Flora and Fauna Reserve Wongarra Wongarra Telephone Exchange Wooriwyrite Fire Station Wormbete Creek East Branch Wormbete Creek West Branch Wreck Beach Wright Bridge Wurdee Boluc Inlet Channel Wye River Wye River Falls Wyelangta Yahoo Creek Yaloak Creek Yaloak Swamp Yan Yan Gurt Creek Yannathan Falls Yaugher Yeo Yeo Fire Station Yeo Public Hall Yeodene Yeodene Fire Station Yeodene Plantation Yeodene Primary School Yeodene Public Hall Yeth-Youang Youles Creek Young Creek Yuulong Yuulong Public Hall Hexham Kuruc-A-Ruc Teatree Creek Duverney Shelford Gnarkeet Ponds Creek Gnarkeet Chain of Ponds Foxhow Lake Martin Wingeel Station Wirwin Barpinba Eeyuc North Cundare Round Lake Leslie Manor Mia Mia Creek Glenormiston North Horseshoe Lake Lake Cundare Eurack Mount Hess Lake Colongulak Korangamite North Ballangeich Ballangeich North Glenormiston South Lake Keilambete Gnotuk Maes-y-porth Framlingham Ashmore Weerite Wool Wool Drysdale Creek Bryan OLynn Bridge Naroghio Lake Bullen Merri Coragulac Armytage Dixie Ricketts Marsh Cobrico Swamp Warncoort Bushfield Stoneyford Brucknells Creek Cudgee Creek Cudgee Mumblin Elingamite North Pirron Yalloak Larpent Arundel Tulloh Station Ecklin South Coram Station Pennyroyal Ayrford Mepunga East Brucknell South Birnam Barwon Kawarren Gerangamete Station Buttress Point Curdie Vale Lovat Flaxman Hill Heytesbury Lower Newfield Banool Wimba Otway Range Curdie Inlet Curdie River Curdies Creek Dinmont Chapple Vale Ferguson Buchanan Ditchley Wye Devondale Pettitts Siding Kincaid Siding Kincaird Siding Pile Siding Stalker Otway Shire Princetown Point Ronald Cape Paton Lower Gellibrand Johaana Kambruk Krambruck East Branch Barham River Barham River Wattle Hill River Ayr