Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SJ55-08

GA SJ55-08 - Mallacoota

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Fairhaven Lake View Korbethong Glen Arte Mc Kenzie River Manorina Marlo Downs Croughcroneen The Slips Cann River Delegate Eden Mallacoota Marlo Gipsy Point Cabbage Tree Creek Bemm River Wonboyn Lake Allan Allan Brook Back Creek Aslings Beach Alex Hut Creek Alex Hut Gully Alan Brook Bald Hill Bald Hills Bay Cliff Beermuna Bellbird Creek Bellbird Creek Nature Reserve Ben Boyd National Park Bendock River Bendoc River Benjamin Flat Benns Creek Bens Creek Big Flat Creek Bills Creek Blue Waterholes Creek Black Swamp Creek Black Head Black Forest Creek Black Bobs Creek Blackbird Creek Black-Allan Line Bittangabee Bay Bittangabee Creek Bimmil Lookout Bimmel Creek Bimmil Bimmil Hill Bondi Bondi Creek Bondi Gulf Bondi State Forest Boundary Creek Boundary Gully Bourkes Creek Boyd Boyd East Boyds Tower Boydtown Boyd Town Boydtown Beach Boyd Town Beach Boydtown Creek Boyd Town Creek Brandy Creek Brandy Creek Beach Brierly Point Point Brierley Broadwater Browning Hills Brownlie Bruces Creek Bruces Creek State Forest Bruces Hill Buckle Mount Buckle Bullara Bull Buck Flat Mount Calabash Calle Calle Bay Camerons Creek Camerons Ridge Camping Ground Creek Cape Howe Captains Creek Carlyle Cattle Bay Centipede Creek Chinamans Creek Church Creek Cochranes Creek Cochranes Flat Cocora Beach Cocora Lagoon Cocora Point Conference Point Craigie Craigie Bog Creek Curalo Lagoon Currawulla Beach Davidsons Creek Davidson Whaling Station Historic Site Daylight Creek Deep Creek Delegate Cemetery Delegate Memorial Park Delegate Post Office Delegate Public School Delegate Recreation Reserve Denn Creek Eagles Claw Nature Reserve East Boyd Bay East Boyd State Forest East Boyd Town Eden Marine High School Eden Public School Eden Wharf Egan Peaks Nature Reserve Endeavour Moor Fairweather Creek Falkner Creek Figurehead Gully Fisheries Beach Fisheries Creek Fisheries Flat Five Mile Creek Flat Rock Creek Freshwater Creek Gees Creek Genoa Genoa River George Bass Park Germans Creek Glen Beattie Creek Goat Creek Golden Gully Gooyan Green Cape Green Cape Lighthouse Green Creek Greenglade Green Lake Gulgin Gulgin Flat Gunns Gully Halls Creek Haycock Hill Hayden Haydens Bog Creek Haydens Springs Creek Heathy Gap Creek Hill Sixty Hobbs Flat Creek Honeysuckle Point Hopping Joe Creek Howe Howe Range Ila Creek Imlay Imlay Creek Mount Imlay Impressa Moor Indigo Creek Irondoon Range Jane Spiers Beach Jews Head Jillycanyan Ridge Kellys Gully Kellys Mountain Kessers Creek Camerons Hill Camping Ground Gully Captains Swamp Mount Carlyle Coast Range Cocora Curalo Lake Currawulla Currawullo Delegete Figure Head Swamp Fishery Creek The Gulf Haydens Bog Haydens Springs Kiah Kiah Inlet Killarney Swamp The Killarney Swamps Kissers Flat Creek Lawson Lawson Creek Leading Hill Legges Beach Lennards Island Leos Creek Letts Creek Letts Mountain Linden Greek Little Bog Creek The Little Bog Little Creek Long Swamp Creek Little Plains River Little RiverNorth Arm Little River South Arm Little Watergums Creek Log Culvert Creek Lookout Point Lower Towamba Ludwigs Creek Ludwigs Swamp Ly-Ee Moon Cemetery Ly-Ee Moon Graveyard Mcdonalds Creek Mangaema Creek Maramingo Creek Maxwell Swamp Maxwells Swamp Merrica River Mewstone Rock Middle Creek Middle Mountain Mila Mitchells Creek Mountain Gum Creek Mount Imlay National Park Mount Imlay State Park Moutrys Point Mowarry Mowarry Point Mowtrees Head Munganno Munganno Point Murray Creek Murrays Creek Murrumbulga Point Murrumbulga Recreation Reserve Mustering Ground Creek Myrrial River Nadgee Nadgee Beach Nadgee Lake Nadgee Moor Mount Nadgee Nadgee Nature Reserve The Nadgee Nature Reserve Nadgee Point Nadgee Range Nadgee River Nadgee State Forest Nagha Mount Nagha Naghi State Forest Nalbaugh Nalbaugh National Park Nalbaugh State Forest Nalbaugh State Park Narrabarba Narrabarba Creek Neenah Neenah Creek Neenah Gorge Nethercote Newtons Beach Northcote Point North Head Nullica Nullica Bay Nullica Flora Reserve Nullica Hill Nullica River Nullica State Forest Nungatta Nungatta Creek Nungatta Mountain Nungatta National Park Nungatta Peak Nungatta State Forest Old Battery Creek Old Bondi Creek Old Hut Creek Old Road Creek Oman Point Outskirt Creek Paddys Flat Paddys Flat Creek Paddys Gully Paddys Point Palestine Creek Palmer Peisley Park Pericoe Pericoe Creek Pheasants Peak Pipeclay Gap Pipeclay Spring Poole Mount Poole Pooles Creek Pooles Gully Powers Corner Pump Creek Quandoa Quandoa Point Quarantine Bay Queensborough River Quinburra Quinburra Big Bog Rankin Hill Razorback Range Red Point Reedy Creek Reef Creek Ricksons Creek Riverview Creek Rixons Beach Rixons Bower Rock Flat Rock Flat Creek Rockton Rockton Falls Rocky Creek Rocky Water Hole Rocky Waterholes Creek Round Hill Round Hill Lookout Royds Creek Ryans Creek Saddle Flaps Salt Lake Saltwater Creek Sandy Creek Sandy Waterhole Creek Scotts Flat Scrubby Creek Seahorse Shoals Serpentine Creek Serpentine Gully Shadrachs Creek Sheep Station Creek Shelleys Creek Sidling Creek Sidling Gully Sidlings Swamp Skelton Skelton Hill Snob Creek Snug Cove Springs Creek Stanley Creek Stanleys Creek Station Gully Stevens Creek Stoney Creek Stony Creek Sturt Sturt Cemetery Village of Sturt Substitute Surveyors Creek Surveyors Gully Table Creek Table Hills Table Ridge Target Rock Taskers Flat Taskers Creek Taskers Flat Creek Ten Chain Creek Ten Chain Gully Tennyson Tennyson Creek Tennyson Creek Flora Reserve Mount Tennyson Three Mile Creek Timbillica Timbillica Creek Timbillica Hill Timbillica River Timbillica State Forest Tombola Creek Tombola Flat Tooraloo Point Torarago Torarago Point Towamba Towamba Cemetery Towamba Public School Towamba River Towamba State Forest Towamba Village Of Tumbledown Mountain Twofold Bay Two Mile Creek Upper Kiah Velts Creek Velts Gully Victoria Mount Victoria Waalimma Mount Waalimma Waalimma Range Weddenjerry Lake Walimma Wallagaraugh Wallagaraugh River Walla Walla Creek Wangarabell Creek Watergums Creek Wauka Weatherhead Creek Wellings Park West Boyd Town Whale Beach Whale Spit Whelans Swamp White Gum Creek White Gum Flat White Rock White Rock Falls White Rock Mountain White Rock River Whites Spring Creek Wild Bullock Creek Wild Horse Gully Wirra Birra Creek Wog Wog Wog Wog Creek Wog Wog Mountain Wog Wog River Wollondibby Wombat Creek Womboyn Wonboyn Wonboyn Beach Wonboyn Hill Wonboyn River Woodburn Creek Woolshed Creek Worang Point Worange Yallumgo Cove Yambulla Yambulla Creek Yambulla Mountain Yambulla Peak Yambulla State Forest Yankee Creek Yard Creek Dinner Gully Bull Creek Bull Flat Creek Disaster Bay Duguids Bog Duguids Ridge Dinner Creek Dormittys River Duguids Range Bundooro Bungo Bungo Beach Bunyip Hole Burnt Hut Creek Burragate Jacksons Bog Eden Breakwater Nalbaugh Falls Watergums Creek Flora Reserve Kebby Park Narrabarba Hill Pericoe Flora Reserve Yambulla Flora Reserve Waalimma Mountain Flora Reserve Sidlings Swamp Flora Reserve Narrabarba Hill Flora Reserve Maxwells Flora Reserve Mount Poole Flora Reserve Craigie State Forest Reedy Creek Flora Reserve Nalbaugh Flora Reserve Lang Creek Donald Langs Creek Beauty Point Bungo Point Bilgalera Point The Eagles Claw Mirare Point Mungora Edrom Bondi Forest Wonboyn North Haydens Delegate Station Creek Terrace Point Ben Boyd Dam Ben Boyd Reservoir Cold Water Creek Bellbird Eden Marine Technology High School Hegartys Bay Leather Jacket Bay Hemingway Creek Nungatta South Ace of Clubs Creek Adas Crossing Ada River Alfred National Park Allans Creek Allans Head Tubbut Amboyne Creek Amboyne Crossing Archies Hill Glen Arte River B A Creek Baawang Baboon Creek Baker Bight Bald Mount Band Stand Bank Stand Banksia Bluff Camp Barga Camp Creek Basalt Creek Basalt Hill Bastion Rocks Point Bee Tree Hill Beehive Creek Beehive Creek Falls Beggs Creek McKenzie Creek Bemm Bemm River Fire Station Bemm River Primary School Bemm River Reserve Bemm State Forest Ben-Kurnai Coastal Reserve Bendoc Community Hall Bendoc Fire Station Bendoc Police Station Bendoc Primary School Bendoc Telephone Exchange Bendock Benedore River Bennetts Knob Betka Betka Beach Betka River Betka Swamp Beware Reef Bidwell Bidwell Creek Big Bog Big Murrumbidgee Creek Big River Big Tree Camp Creek No. 1 Peak Billy Buster Creek Black Creek Black Hole Black Jack Gully Black Snake Creek Blackwatch Creek Blackfellows Gully Blackwood Creek Bloomer Creek Blue Bell Creek Blue Hole Bluenose Creek Bobs Bay Boggy Creek Granite Creek Bola Mine Bonang Bonang Hall Tellicura River Bonang River North Branch Bonang River South Branch Bonanza Gully Bonong Fire Station Bonong Telephone Exchange Little Flat Rock Creek Boris Creek Boulder Creek Boulder Flat Bowen Creek Bralak Branch Creek Bream Point Bridges Backwater Bridles Backwater Brightlight Saddle Picnic Area Brindat Brodribb Diversion Channel Brodribb Flora & Fauna Reserve Brodribb Public Hall Brodribb River Brodribb River North Branch Brodribb River Recreation Area Brodribb River South Branch Brown Mountain Brown Mountain Creek Brown Point Browns Creek Brumby Creek Bucklands Jetty Buldah River The Buldah Gap Bull Ring Bull Run Gap Bungywarr Bungywater Creek Cabannandra Cabbage Tree Hall Cabbage Tree Lagoon Cabbage Tree Palms Reserve Cabbage Tree Primary School Campshot Point Cann Mountain Cann River West Branch Cann River Cemetery Cann River East Branch Cann River Fire Station Cann River P-12 College Cann River Police Station Cann River Post Office Cann River Primary School Cann River Public Hall Cann Swamp Creek Cann Valley State Forest Conran Point Cape Horn Cape Horn Bay Cape Horn Creek Cape Howe Wilderness Zone Captains Point Shingle Hut Creek Cataract Creek Cattle Creek Cattleyard Saddle Cayley Creek Cemetery Bight Centre Shot Chandlers Creek Charlies Creek Chinamen Creek Clinton Rocks Clinton Rocks Creek Cloke Rock Club Terrace Club Terrace Primary School Club Terrace Public Hall Cobb Hill Cobblers Creek Cobon Cobon Creek Coleman Inlet Combienbar Combienbar Primary School Coombienbar River Concordia Gully Creek Conran Creek Cooaggalah Cooaggalan Hill Coolwater Creek Cooper Creek Coopracambra Coopracambra State Park Copper Ore Creek Cottonwood Range Coulls Point Cowrie Bay Grabhole Creek Crawfords Creek Croajingolong Croajingolong National Park Crows Foot Creek Curley Creek Curlip Cut Tail Hill Dahl Bank Daves Creek Davids Creek Davies Camp Davis Creek Dead Bull Creek Dead Calf Creek Dead End Heights Scenic Lookout Dead Finish Dead Horse Creek Delegete River Delegete River East Branch Delegate River Fire Station Delegete River West Branch Dellicknora Roaring Camp Creek Dennikers Creek Denny Cains Hill Derndang Develings Gulch Develings Inlet Devilings Inlet Dick Turpin Gully Dinahs Creek Dinahs Divide Dingo Creek Dock Inlet Doctors Gully Creek Donalds Knob Dorran Bight Double Creek Double Creek Arm Murrungen River Drummer Creek Drummer State Forest Dry Creek Duffields Creek Dyers Creek Dynamite Creek Dysentery Creek Eaglehawk Creek Eaglehawk Gully Little River East Cape Eight Foot Bank Ellery Camp Ellery Creek Ellery Saddle Elusive Lake Emu Creek Errinundra Errinundra River Errinundra River East Branch Errinundra River West Branch Errinundra-Bonang State Forest Euchre Creek Falls Creek Far Creek Farmers Creek Fat Cow Creek Ferntree Creek Fiddlers Green Creek Fiddlers Green Creek North Branch First Creek First Island Fisheries Point Flat Rocks Flynns Creek Forlorn Hope Ridge Fourteen Mile Creek Franks Tank Freddys Creek Frenchs Narrows Gabo Gabo Harbour Gabo Island Gales Hill Genda Creek Genoa Creek Genoa Falls Genoa Peak Genoa Primary School Genoa Public Hall Genoa River Jetty Georges Creek Gibbs Creek Glue Pot Creek Goanna Bay Goanna Creek Goat Island Goldhole Creek Good Hope Creek Goodwin Sands Goolengook Goolengook River Goongerah Goongerah Creek Goongerah Primary School Goongerah Public Hall Gunmark Creek Gunmark Range Gunmark Rocks Goonmirk Rocks Scenic Reserve Governors Bend Granite Mountain Granite Peak Grantons Bridge Grassy Flat Creek Gravelly Creek Gravelly Point Graveyard Creek Greens Creek Green Gully Growlers Creek Gulf Creek Hairy Man Creek Seek Creek Harrison Creek Harrison Hole Harrisons Channel Harrisons Hole Haydens Creek Hell Hole Creek Hensleighs Creek High Peak Home Creek Honeymoon Island Honeysuckle Range Horse Gap Creek Horse Island Howe Bight Howe Creek Howe Flat Howe Hill Hutchinsons Creek Hydes Creek Ino Creek Iron Prince Ironbark Creek Irvines Rocks Isman Inlet Jack River Jacksons Beach Jacksons Creek Jensens Creek Jilwain Jims Creek Jim Crow Creek Jimms Creek Jimmy Point Jirrah John Bull Light Johnson Bridge Joiners Channel Jones Creek Joys Creek Jungle Creek Raymond Creek Jungle Hill Kangaroo Point Kanuka Creek Kanuka Creek Scenic Reserve Karbeethong Jetty Karlo Karlo Creek Kates Creek Kellys Creek Kingfish Creek Kingfisher Point Kirkenong Koola Kooragan Kowat Kuark Kuark Gap Lake Barracuta Lake Corringle Game Reserve Lake Curlip Lake Curlip State Game Reserve Lake Furnell Lake Wat Wat Lake Wau Wauka Lawson Point Leeser Bight Leeser Bluff Lillypilly Creek Lind National Park Link Camp Creek Little Ada Creek Little Arte River Little Bidwell Creek Little Bola Creek Little Boulder Creek Little Cabbage Tree Creek Little Goolengook River Mount Little Drummer Little Murrumbidgee Creek Little Pyramid Creek Little Ram Head Little Rame Head Little Snowy Little Tiger Snake Creek Little Yalmy River Locks Creek Lock Gully Look Up Creek Log Bridge Creek Lomond Hill Long Reef Loomat Lower Bendoc Primary School Ludrick Point Lyrebird Point Mallacoota Airstrip Mallacoota Fire Station Mallacoota Inlet Mallacoota Inlet Bottom Lake Mallacoota Inlet Top Lake Mallacoota P-12 College Mallacoota Police Station Mallacoota Primary School Mangan Lake Maramingo Maramingo Creek East Branch Maramingo Creek West Branch Maramingo Hill Marlo Fire Station Marlo Post Office Marlo Primary School Marlo Racecourse & Recreation Reserve Marlo Telephone Exchange Marriott Creek Martins Creek Maxwell Point Maxwells Mine McDonalds Gully McKenzie Bight McKenzie River McKenzie River Rainforest Walk McLaughlan Creek McMillan Mine Mealing Hill Middle Mountain Range Mille Inlet Millionaire Creek Monarch Gully Creek Monaro Highway Monkeytop Morris Peak Mosquito Creek Mots Beach Mount Arnold Mount Bendock Mount Tower Bowen Mount Cann Mount Canterbury Mount Cavell Mount Coopracambra Mount Delegete Mount Denmarsh Mount Drummer Mount Ellery Mount Everard Mount Future Mount Jack Mount Jersey Mount Jersey West Mount Kaye Mount King Mount Koolabbra Mount Kuark Mount Little Bill Mount Merragunegin Mount Murrungowar Mount Petterson Mount Puggaree Mount Raymond Mount Reed Rich Hill Mount Richardson Bowen Rosendale Mount Mount Tanglefoot Mount Tower Mount Tumberluck Mount Wakefield Mount Whittakers Mountain Creek Mud Lake Muddy Inlet Mueller River Mullet Creek Murmuring Creek Murrungowar Murrungowar Gravel Pit Murrungowar State Forest Musket Creek Mutchs Creek Needle Rocks Nelsons Creek Nelson Creek Nerran Nevilles Falls New Country Creek New Zealand Star Bank Newtons Creek Nixon Creek No. 4 Peak Noonga Noorinbee Noorinbee Fire Tower Noorinbee North Noorinbee Primary School Nungal O'Mearas Creek O'Mearas Lagoon Old Bonang Highway Old Spot Mill Site Olive Branch Creek Orbost East Paddock Flat Creek Painters Camp Creek Palm Creek Palmer Bank Parker Creek Peach Tree Creek Peachtree Creek Camping Ground Pearl Point Pelican Point Petrel Point Pheasant Creek Pigs Crossing Pikes Hill Pinch Swamp Creek Pine Creek Pint Pot Pipe Clay Creek Pipeclay Creek Pipeclay Point Pittosporum Creek Poddys Creek Point Hicks Point Hicks Lighthouse Point Ricardo Point To Point Bight Postman Spur Poultons Creek Purgagoolah Pyramid Creek Pyramid Hill Quambie Point Quarry Beach Quart Pot Creek Quincy Rocks Rabbit Island Ralstons Creek Rame Head Red Bluff Red River Reed Bed Creek Reed Creek Reedy-Thurra Divide Refuge Cove Rendezvous Creek Result Creek Ricardo Beach Rich Knob Rich River Riddles Creek Robert Camp Creek Robertson Bight Robertsons Bight Rocky Hill Rocky River Rooty Break Creek Roses Creek Round Top Running Creek Sailor Boy Gap Sailors Graves Saint Georges Creek Saint Johns Creek Saint Patricks River Saint Patricks River East Branch Saint Patricks River West Branch Salmon Beach Salmon Rocks Sandy Patch Point Sandpatch Point Sandy Point Sandy Point Picnic Ground Sandy Waterhole Creek East Branch Sandy Waterhole Creek West Branch Sassafras Creek Sawpit Creek Scanlons Creek Scragg Creek Scrubby Flat Creek Scudder Creek Seal Cove Seal Creek Second Island Secret Beach Shady Gully Shady Creek Shady Creek Bushland Reserve Shag Creek Thirteen Mile Creek Shipwreck Creek Shipwreck Creek Camping Area Siberia Sixteen Mile Creek Slaty Creek Smellie Creek Smellys Creek Smellys Inlet Smoky Creek Snake Creek Snake Gully Creek Snapper Point Snowy River Snowy River Backwater Sod Creek Soda Creek Sou' West Arm South West Arm Splitters Creek Spotted Dog Creek Spotted Dog Mine Spring Creek Stagg Creek Staggs Creek Station Creek Steep Creek Steves Creek Stingray Point Stockyard Creek Stony Peak Storeys Creek Strawberry Gully Creek Sturgess Knob Sumners Creek Sun Creek Sunday Creek Surprise Creek Survey Camp Creek Swamp Creek Swampy Creek Swan Lake Swede Creek Swimming Point Sword Creek Sword Grass Creek Sydd Creek Sydenham Inlet Tabbara Tamboon Tamboon Hill Tamboon Inlet Tasman Sea Tea Tree Creek Ti Tree Flat Tea Tree Point Teal Creek Telegraph Point Ten Mile Creek The Big Bight The Blue Hole The Mahoganys The Narrows The Pinnacle The Skerries The Trickle Three Sisters Thurra Thurra River Thurra River East Branch Thurra River West Branch Thurra Swamp Tiger Snake Creek Timbarra Spur Tingaringy Tingaringy National Park Tobins Creek Tommy Roundhead Hill Tonghi Tonghi Creek Tonghi Jungle Tonghi State Forest Tonghi Swamp Tonghi Swamp Creek Toonyarak Tooti Creek Top Shot Totem Point Tower Hill Towzer Creek Trapyard Creek Trapyard Hill Treacys Lookout Tubbut Tubbut Primary School Tubbut Public Hall Tucker Creek Tullaburga Island Twelve Mile Creek Victoria Star Mine Waldron Mountain Wallaby Creek Wallace Inlet Walton Camp Creek Wangarabell Waratah Creek Waratah Flat Waratah Lookout Warbisco Creek Warm Corner Creek Wat Wat Watchmakers Gully Waterhole Creek Wattle Swamp Creek Wau Wauka Wau Wauka West Weealong Creek Weeragua Whaleback Rock Whitegum Creek Wibenduck Wiebens Hill Wild Cow Creek William Hunter Flora Reserve Wilson Creek Wingan Wingan Inlet Wingan Inlet National Park Wingan Point Wingan Research Plot Wingan River Wingan River East Branch Wingan River West Branch Wingan Swamp Winnot Creek Winyar Wire Grass Creek Wombat Hill Wooyoot Wrong Creek Wurrin Yandown Creek Yarak Yeerung Gorge Yerung River Yerung River East Branch Yerung River West Branch Yoke Up Creek Young Creek Young Creek Picnic Area Young Creek Reservoir Egan Peaks Burragate Peak Killarney Vale Bullara Island Maharatta Creek Mount Robinson Amboyne Creek Worange Point Worango Yallumgao Cove Delegate River Craigie Bog Weecon Cove East Boyd Cocoln Point Menlo Park Quondoa Point Wenonah Platts Myruial River Mungora Point Mount Wog Wog Bonang River Kiah River Munganoo Point Glen Craigie Mount Delegate Woodlands Myuna Bendoc Sawpit Gully Mowwarry Point Bonang West Mount Bowen Buldah Bitangabee Creek Coopracambra Mountain Walimma Mountain Wangrabelle Wangrabell Combiebar Mount Kay Malinns Burtons Combienbar River Wau Wauka Lake Sardine Creek Cunawurrae Barracoota Lake Club Rerrace Mallacoota Lake Mallagoota Inlet Karbeethong Arte River Tullaberga Island Tullaburnga Island Bastion Point Upper Bemm River Bell Bird Tarbucks Everard Hill Sand Patch Point Lake Curlin Lake Galip Tamboon River Tamboon South Lake Corringle Toolaway River Ram Head Cape Conran Cape Everard