Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

GA SK55-03

Flinders Island Special
GA SK55-03 - Flinders Island Special

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This Topographic Map is produced by Geoscience Australia; Australia's national geospatial organisation.
GA topographic maps (many of which are produced in partnership with the Army) are generally older than those maps produced by the State Governments over the same area. This makes GA maps particularly useful for identifying historic features, such as old mines and diggings.
Geoscience Australia maps generally considered to be more pleasing in design and compilation then the more modern State Government productions.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 2.5km on the ground (4cm = 10km). A standard map will cover 150km from east to west and 110km from north to south, with a contour interval of 50m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Please note the date of the map, as this will impact the currency of information, particularly regarding infrastructure, roads, etc.

Locations within this Map

Sheiling The Quoin Wingaroo Hillcrest Brunah Marapana Tarwarry Wandoo Selly Kydra Nangetty Yirriluka Killara Grandview Carinya Kyeema Fairhaven Kentdale Woodlands Summerset Cooinda Lyndale Saladial Laurel Park Carlingford Pickford Hill Guningbar Booligal Mullengudgery Park The Ranch Leventhorpe Valley Recklyn Marritta Killarney Richmond Park Burra Downs Mowanjum Braefield Bimbadeen Sunrise Namaboola Kenoda Ramalete Thule Benwerrin Nalinga Bowfield Kanyana Oakdene Barclay Avondale Butley Glenara Hollandia Girraween Wallanippi Mileara Valley Dorretta Sapphire Samphire Cottage Cape Portland Red Hills West Wyambi Estate Rushy Lagoon Waterhouse Boobyalla Estate Kurani Boobyalla Downs Lakes Entrance Bar Lona Fernleigh Ainslie Dorset Downs Dunlin Gunnston Copmanhurst Leedway Heather Brae Carisbrook Icena Lyndhurst Jetemby Marengo Barooga Palawan Mallawa Clovelly Deepwater Toddys Plain Yulti Wirra Umtali Koreen Bridwood Melaleuka Park Ponderosa Gladstone Whitemark Tomahawk Cape Barren Island Aberfoyle Hill Adams Beach Adams Cut Adelaide Bay Ah Kaw Creek Alhambra Creek Allens Point Allports Beach Amber Hill Anderson Bay Anderson Island Anderson Islands Ann Islet Anvil Rock Apple Orchard Point Arbothnots Lagoon Armstrong Channel Doris Hill Double Corner Double Peak Double Rock Double Sandy Point Conservation ... Doughboy Island Dover Island Dover Point Dover River Drain Lagoon Dry Gut Creek Dryden Creek Duck Island Duckhole Dugards Creek Dyas Bay Dyas Creek E Shape Lagoon Eagles Nest Earwig Lagoon East Bank East Bluff East Cove East Creek East Hill East Kangaroo Island East Kangaroo Island Nature Res ... East River East River Bluff East Sandy Point East Sugarloaf Eastmans Beach Echo Creek Echo Dam Eclipse Rock Eddystone Eddystone Point Eddystone Point Lighthouse Eddystone Point Lighthouse Hist ... Eddystone Rock Edens Creek Edens Reef Edina Flat Arthur Bay Arthurs Creek Babel Island Back Bay Badger Corner Badger Corner Conservation Area Badger Hill Badger Island Baileys Lagoon Banks Strait Barbers Beach Barclay Hill Barilla Point Barnbougle Beach Barrett Rock Barretts Hill Bass Pyramid Bass Pyramid Nature Reserve Bates Bay Battery Bay Battery Bay Hills Battery Creek Battery Island Bayleys Hill Baynes Island Baynes Island Nature Reserve Beach Bay Beagle Island Beagle Point Beagle Rock Beagle Spit Bell Creek Bells Bridge Bells Flat Bennetts Lagoon Bens Creek Bet Shoal Big Black Reef Big Grassy Hill Big Green Island Big Green Island Nature Reserve Big Gulch Big Hill Big Hill Creek Big Hollow Big Reedy Lagoon Big River Big River Cove Big Rock Big Silver Big Stony Hill Big Valley Creek Big Waterhouse Lake Billy Bend Billy Goat Reefs Bird Island Bird Rock Bishops Creek Black Duck Lagoon Black Point Black Reef Black Rock Point Black Rocks Blackmans Lagoon Blackmans Lookout Blizzards Landing Blue Hills Blue Rocks Bluebell Creek Blueys Lagoon Blyth Bay Blyth Point Boat Harbour Boat Harbour Beach Boat Harbour Creek Bob Smiths Gully Bonser Creek Boobyalla Boobyalla Beach Boobyalla Conservation Area Boobyalla Inlet Boobyalla Plains Boobyalla River Bootjack Flats Bottlerock Beach Boulder Point Boundary Dam Bowens Sugarloaf Bowlers Lagoon Bowmans Creek Boxen Island Boyes Rock Brearleys Beach Bridport Bridport Golf Course Bridport Wildflower Reserve Briggs Islet Briggs Islet Conservation Area Broad Creek Brodies Brodies Lagoon Brooks Creek Brougham Sugarloaf Brougham Sugarloaf Conservation ... Browns Bridge Browns Cove Buckpitt Gulch Buffalos Beach Bulger Hills Bull Point Bullock Hill Bun Beetons Point Bungs Bay Bungs Point Burgess Bay Burts Hill Bushys Lagoon Butchers Peak Cabbage Rock Cabbage Tree Cove Cambridgeshire Reef Cameron Inlet Cameron Regional Reserve Campbell Creek Campbells Point Canns Hill Cape Barren Cape Frankland Cape Naturaliste Cape Portland Conservation Area Cape Sir John Carnacs Flat Castle Rock Castle Rock Point Cat Bay Cat Island Cat Island Conservation Area Cave Beach Centre Creek Centre Hill Chalky Island Chalky Island Conservation Area Chapmans Lagoon Chappell Islands Chappell Islands Nature Reserve Charley Browns Gully Charmouth Hill Chew Tobacco Creek Christmas Beach Cinderella Hill Cito Rocks Clarence Dam Clarke Island Clarke Island Nature Reserve Clears Lagoon Clewers Lagoon Clifton Creek Coarse Gold Creek Cobler Creek Cobler Rocks Cockle Bank Cod Bay Cone Point Cooma Cooties Reef Costers Gully Counsels Peak Cove Point Cow Creek Cow Point Craggy Island Craggy Rock Cray Creek Crayfish Point Cronleys Creek Croppies Bay Croppies Beach Croppies Point Croppies Rock Croquet Lawn Beach Crows Beach Crystal Lagoon Cube Rock Cuckoo Creek Curves Lagoons Cyathea Creek Cybele Creek Cygnet Island Dark Hollow Darling Range Darling Range Conservation Area Darlings Creek Dead Mans Gulch Deadmans Rock Deal Island Deal Island Conservation Area Deep Bay Deep Bight Deep Creek Deepwater Creek Devils Chimney Diamond Gully Dick Davey Shoal Dip Point Dog Scrub Donalds Lagoon Edina Sugarloaf Egg Beach Egg Beach Conservation Area Elbow Bay Emita Emita Nature Recreation Area Empress Hills Empress Plain Ena Shoal Endeavour Reef Endurance Bluff Enterprise Creek Entrance Rock Erith Island Eucalyptus Rock Everetts Cove Fairst Gully Fannings Creek Fannys Bay Fannys Bay Conservation Area Far Gully Farsund Spit Fergusons Creek Fergusons Lagoon Fern Hill Fifty Foot Rock First Saltpan First Sugarloaf Fisher Island Fisher Reef Flag Hill Flat Islet Flat Rock Flat Rocks Reef Flinders Council Flinders Island Flinders Island Airport Flinders Island Golf Course Floyds Creek Fly By Night Creek Foam Point Foochow Beach Foochow Conservation Area Foochow Inlet Fordington Fore Ness Forester Rock Forsyth Island Forsyth Island Conservation Area Foster Inlet Foster Islands Foster Islands Nature Reserve Fosters Marshes Fotheringate Bay Fotheringate Beach Fotheringate Creek Fothers Hill Fowlhouse Marsh Francis Point Frankland Rock Franklin Sound Freds Beach Front Bay Granite Point Granite Point Conservation Area Great Dog Hill Great Dog Island Great Musselroe Bay Great Musselroe River Conservat ... Great Northern Plain Green Hill Green Lagoon Greyhound Rock Furneaux Group Furneaux Lookout G V H Point Galloway Creek Gambles Creek Garden Cove Garden Point Garfield Creek George Rocks George Rocks Nature Reserve Gibton Creek Gilpins Lagoon Gin Bottle Lagoon Gincase Creek Gladys Point Goftons Beach Goose Island Goose Island Lighthouse Gossys Reef Groves Creek Gull Island Gull Island Conservation Area Gull Rock Gumhill Creek Guncarriage Hill Gunters Bay H J H Point Half Mile Rock Half Tide Rock Halfmoon Bend Halfmoon Lagoon Halfway Lagoon Hamilton Road Hammonds Lagoon Hardens Ravine Hardluck Creek Hardwickes Creek Hardwickes Hill Hardwickes Lagoon Harleys Point Harry Rock Harts Point Hat Rock Haulands Gap Hawksnest Hays Creek Hays Hill Hays Lagoon Herbies Landing Hibbertia Hill Hogans Hill Hogans Lagoon Holloway Point Holloways Holloways Bridge Holloways Lagoon Holts Point Home Beach Home Hill Horse Head Point Horseshoe Bay Hoskyn Peak House Bay Hugos Lagoon Hut Bay Iles Lagoon Inner Sister Island Isabella Island Isabella Island Nature Reserve Jacks Lagoon Jacksons Cove Jacksons Cove Conservation Area James Point Jamiesons Bay Jamiesons Point Jerusalem Plains Jetty Bay Jewells Creek Jewells Flat Joes Creek Johnson Creek Judgment Rocks Junction Creek Kangaroo Bay Kenneth Point Kennetts Creek Kennetts Gully Kent Bay Kent Group Kent Group National Park Kent Rock Ketch Rock Key Island Key Island Bay Kidney Lagoon Killiecrankie Killiecrankie Bay Killiecrankie Creek Killiecrankie Nature Recreation ... Kilt Shoal King Johnny Flats Knut Bush Creek Koh-I-Noor Rock Lackrana Lackrana Conservation Area Lades Beach Lady Barron Ladys Bay Lagoons Point Lake Creek Lambs Creek Lanoma Point Larc Beach Lark Creek Lascars Hill Lascars Point Laughtons Beach Lee River Leeka Lemons Beach Lemons Creek Leprena Rocks Leventhorpe Creek Liapootah Creek Lighthouse Point Lighthouse Point Conservation Area Lillies Bay Lime Pit Road Conservation Area Limestone Bay Lipstick Rock Little Anderson Island Little Badger Island Little Black Reef Little Boobyalla River Conserva ... Little Chalky Island Little Creek Little Dog Island Little Dog Island Game Reserve Little Dog Reef Little Goose Island Little Green Island Little Green Island Conservatio ... Little Gulch Little Island Little Key Island Little Mount Little Mount Horror Little Musselroe Bay Little Musselroe River Little Nelsons Lagoon Little Night Island Little River Little Sentinel Little Silver Little Swan Island Little Swan Island Nature Reserve Little Thirsty Lagoon Little Waterhouse Island Little Waterhouse Island Nature ... Little Waterhouse Lake Loccota Logan Lagoon Logan Lagoon Conservation Area Logan Lagoon State Reserve Long Beach Long Island Long Island Passage Long Point Long Point Beach Long Toms Nose Looking Glass Point Lookout Head Lookout Rise Lookout Rock Lovetts Hill Low Islets Low Islets Nature Reserve Low Point Low Point Conservation Area Lucks Hill Lucy Point Lughrata Lughrata Holes Lulworth Lyme Regis Mabel Creek Mack Rocks MacLaines Bay MacLaines Creek MacLean Island Maitland Bay Majuba Hill Malms Rock Mannalargenna Cave Mansells Gully Marks Point Maroon Rock Marriott Reef Marsh Creek Marshall Bay Marshall Beach Marshall Rock Martins Rise Mattingleys Beach Matts Marsh Mayfield Flat McGregor Lagoon McKerrows Marsh Memana Mermaids Beach Mermaids Pool Mexican Hill Mid Woody Middle Bank Middle Inlet Middle Pasco Islands Middle Patriarch Mile Island Mile Island Conservation Area Millers Beach Millers Beach Conservation Area Mines Creek Modder River Monarch Dam Monarch Flats Moonlight Bay Morgans Hill Moriarty Bank Moriarty Bay Moriarty Point Moriarty Rocks Moriarty Rocks Nature Reserve Mount Belstead Mount Blyth Mount Boyes Mount Cameron Mount Cameron Creek Mount Cameron Race Mount Capuchin Mount Chappell Mount Chappell Island Mount Hauland Mount Keary Mount Kerferd Mount Killiecrankie Mount Leventhorpe Mount Mullett Mount Munro Mount Razorback Mount Tanner Mount Tanner Nature Recreation Area Mount William Mount William Creek Mount William Marshes Mount William National Park Mountain Marsh Muddy Lagoon Mulligans Hill Mulligans Hill Conservation Area Munro Bay Murdochs Beach Murphys Beach Murray Pass Mussel Rock Musselroe Bay Musselroe Bay Conservation Area Musselroe Point Myrmidon Bay Myrmidon Rock Nalinga Creek Napper Rock Narooma Park Native Lass Creek Native Lass Dam Native Lass Lagoon Nautilus Bay Nautilus Cove Neds Point Neds Reef Nelsons Drain Nelsons Lagoon Nettle Gully New Lagoon Newhaven Creek Nicks Point Night Island Night Island Conservation Area Ninth Island Ninth Island Conservation Area No Duck Lagoon Nobbys Rock Noland Bay Norfolk Point Norgate Rock North Beach North Chain Lagoon North East Isle North East River North East River Game Reserve North East Rock North Hill North Pasco Island North Patriarch North Patriarch Lagoon North Rock Officers Creek Ogilvies Bridge Ogilvies Flat Old Jetty Beach Old Mans Head Old Township Cove One Tree Hill One Tree Point Outer Sister Island Oxberry Creek Oxberry Plains Oyster Rocks Oyster Rocks Conservation Area Palana Palana Beach Palana Beach Nature Recreation ... Papanui Rock Parrys Bay Parrys Rock Pasco Group Passage Island Passage Point Patriarch Inlet Patriarch River Patriarchs Conservation Area Pats River Pea Jacket Hill Peacock Bay Peacock Creek Peaks Of Flinders Pelican Island Petal Point Petrifaction Bay Petticoat Bay Petticoat Ridge Phillpot Peak Phils Hill Piano Point Picketts Creek Pickford Creek Picnic Corner Picnic Point Picnic Rocks Pier Point Pig and Whistle Creek Pig and Whistle Lagoon Pigs Head Point Pillar Rock Pillingers Peak Pine Scrub Pineys Lagoon Pinnacle Rock Pipers Head Planter Beach Point Reid Porky Boat Harbour Port Davies Possum Rock Possums Lagoon Pot Boil Pot Boil Creek Pot Boil Point Preservation Island Preservation Island Conservatio ... Prickly Bottom Prickly Bottom Beach Prime Seal Island Pulpit Rock Puncheon Island Puncheon Point Purdon Bay Pykes Creek Quakers Plain Quakers Ranges Quoin Hill Ram Island Ranga Ransom Creek Ransons Beach Rebecca Bay Red Bluff Red Creek Red Rocks Reddins Creek Reedy Lagoon Reedy Lagoon Private Nature Res ... Reef Island Reef Island Conservation Area Reeves Creek Regatta View Point Reids Peak Rews Hill Rices River Riddles Bay Riddles Point Ringarooma Bay Ringarooma Tier River Point Robin Hill Rochfort Rock Rock Creek Rocky Head Rivulet Rookery Point Rooks River Ross Point Roydon Island Ruby Creek Rum Island Safe Passage Salamander Rock Samphire Island Samphire River Sanderson Rocks Sandford Bay Sandy Creek Sandy Lagoon Sapphire Creek Sarah Blanche Point Sassafras Gully Sawyers Bay Scotts Lagoon Scrubby Creek Sea Lion Narrows Seal Point Sealers Cove Second Saltpan Second Sugarloaf Sellars Lagoon Sellars Lagoon Game Reserve Sellars Point Semaphore Hill Sentinel Island Settlement Beach Settlement Point Sextus Creek Shag Lagoon Shag Lagoon Conservation Area Shag Reef Shag Rock Shag Rocks Shallamar Creek Shallamar Flat Shantys Lagoon Shark Cove Sharp Hill She Oak Point She Oak Scrub Sheepwash Creek Sheoak Hill Shevo Bay Silver Lake Single Tree Plain Single Tree Plain Conservation Area Singletons Lagoon Sister Islands Conservation Area Sisters Passage Sitting Goose Rock Six Mile Hill Sleepy Beach Slip Creek Sloping Point Snake Lagoon Snaky Hollow South Bay South Bluff South Chain Lagoon South Croppies Point South Cybele Creek South East Beach South Head South Pasco Island South Patriarch South Pats River South West Isle South West Peak South West Point Southern Cross Reef Speck Beach Spences Reefs Spike Bay Spike Island Spit Point Spoonbill Lagoon Squally Cove St Albans Bay Stackys Bight Stanley Hill Stanley Point Stans Lagoon Star Of Hope Creek Steep Hill Stern Choppers Sticks Lagoon Stone Chimney Creek Stony Creek Stony Head Stony Lagoon Store Point Storehouse Island Storehouse Island Conservation Area Strzelecki Strzelecki National Park Strzelecki Peaks Stumpys Bay Stumpys Rock Summer Camp Conservation Area Survey Hill Swan Island Swan Island Lighthouse Swanage Swimming Beach Swires Patch Sydney Cove Historic Site Syndicate Lagoon Talina River Tam O'Shanter Bay Tam O'Shanter Creek Tam O'Shanter Creek Conservatio ... Tamar Creek Tanners Bay Tar Point Target Hill Tasman Sea Tebrakunna Bay Telegraph Bay Telegraph Creek Tennis Ball Rock Tent Marsh Tenth Island Nature Reserve The Billabong The Chimneys The Dock The Dutchman The Dutchman Conservation Area The Elbow The Funnel The Paps The Patriarchs The Swashway Thirsty Lagoon Thirsty Point Thomas Creek Thompsons Lagoon Three Mile Hill Thunder and Lightning Bay Tin Kettle Island Tinkers Gut Tobacco Hill Tomahawk Beach Tomahawk Island Tomahawk Point Tomahawk River Tommy Rews Point Toms Bay Toms Lagoon Tongue Point Tree Point Tregaron Lagoons Trousers Point Trousers Point Beach Tucker Hill Tuckers Point Tucks Point Turtle Creek Twelve Hour Point Unavale Creek Unicorn Point Upper Marshes Vansittart Island Vansittart Shoals Vicarys Creek Victoria Rocks Vinegar Hill Waites Lagoon Wakitipu Rock Walkers Lookout Wallabi Cove Wallys Point Walters Lagoon Warrego Rock Washy Rock Waterhouse Beach Waterhouse Conservation Area Waterhouse Island Waterhouse Island Conservation ... Waterhouse Passage Waterhouse Point Watering Beach Watermark Rock Wattle Scrub Wedgetail Peak West Bay West Beach West Bluff West Cove West End Beach West Hill West Rock West Sandy Point West Tomahawk Beach Westgate Lagoon Whale Rock Wheatley Rock White Beach White Lagoon White Rocks Whitemark Beach Whiterock Tier Whitewash Lagoon Whittling Office Bay Wilsons Lagoon Wingaroo Conservation Area Wingaroo Nature Reserve Winter Cove Wireless Hill Withers Hill Wolff Bay Wombat Point Woolshed Point Wright Rock Wright Rock Nature Reserve Wybalenna Wybalenna Island Wybalenna Island Conservation Area Wyuna Rocks Yellow Beaches Youngs Creek Apple Orchard Arcadia Mine Big Valley Creek Bridge Black Hole Blackwood Log Bend Blue Bell Mine Bluff Beach Boat Cove Bullfrog Rock Cemetery Lagoon Channel Beach Chappell Point Charmouth Chimneys Lagoon Christmas Village Corfe Castle Darlings Marsh Deal Island Lighthouse Dyas Corner East Boat Harbour East Tomahawk Filumena Filumena Creek Five Mile Five Mile Lagoons Float Gully G V H Rocks Goose Island Conservation Area Granite Rocks Green Island Green Point Hardluck Mine Horse Marshes Jack Smiths Boat Harbour Lanka Mine Lemons Boat Harbour Leventhorpe Gully Little Badger Corner Little Hill Little Lagoon Lucky Woman Reef Manganna Boat Harbour Martial Call Reef Mother-in-laws Leap Munro Airfield Musselroe Lagoon Musselroe Marsh Native Lass Plain Niggers Flat Nil Desperandum Reef Opossum Boat Harbour Port Elbrook Portland Hill Pyramid Island Ransom Gully Redbill Point Round Marsh Sand Patch Sand Spit Sawpit Creek Sharks Mouth Sharmans Bend Single White Rock Sloping Rock Snug Cove St Albans Summer Camp The Bluff The Nut The Spit Tidal Creek Tim Lynch Hole Tregaron Trousers Bay Tubal Cain Reef West Boat Harbour North East Island Judgement Rocks South West Island Wright Island Endeavor Reef East Sister Island North Sister Island The Sisters Sisters Craggy Islet West Sister Island South Sister Island North Point Bligh Point Palana Beach Nature Recreation Area Killiecrankie Nature Recreation Area Sentinel Islet Cape Franland Reedy Lagoon Private Nature Reserve North Pascoe Island Pascoe Islands Pascoe Islets Middle Pascoe Island Middle Pasco Island Mid Pascoe Island Babel Islet Bable Island South Pascoe Island Sellar Point Wybalena Island Hummock Island Chalky Islet East Kangaroo Island Nature Reserve Kangaroo Island Kangaroo Islet Green Islet Little Green Island Conservation Area Dog Island East Anderson Island Franklin Inlet Punchcon Point Woody Island West Anderson Island Ned Point Mount Munroe Harley Point Mount Kerford Armstrong Passage Preservation Island Conservation Area Lookout Heads Waterhouse Island Conservation Area Great Mussel Roe River Little Waterhouse Island Nature Reserve Ninth Islet Croppie Point Ringarooma River Great Musselroe River Conservation Area West Sandy Cape West Double Sandy Point East Sandy Cape East Double Sandy Point Andersons Bay Little Boobyalla River Conservation Area Double Sandy Point Conservation Little Forester River Black Rock Tam OShanter Creek Conservation Area Eddystone Point Lighthouse Historic Site Tam OShanter Bay Little Piper River Brid River Great Forester River Tucker Creek