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Cruising Guide to Indonesia

Cruising Guide to Indonesia
Cruising Guide to Indonesia

With 18,000 isles covering some two million square miles of pristine tropical water and a rich and vibrant local culture there truly can be no comparison. Cruising Guide to Indonesia covers everything the prudent navigator needs to safely ply the Indonesian waters and enjoy the largest and best island nation in the world.

The second edition of this great title includes:

  • New chapters covering the Triton Bay, Saumlaki, Kai, Anambas, and Natuna areas.
  • Extensive updates and additions to all of our previous 25 chapters.
  • Detailed charts including approaches, waypoints and GPS coordinates.
  • Dangers, chart errors, missing islands, reefs and rocks.
  • Formalities, Immigration, Customs, Harbor Master and National Park regulations.
  • Regional weather patterns, local anomalies and currents.
  • Shore side facilities, restaurants, beach bars, supermarkets, provisioning and fueling.
  • Cultural excursions, waterfalls, wildlife, diving, hiking, climbing, day tripping, etc…
  • Comprehensive coverage: 304 pages thick with more than 400 anchorages.

Sailing in Indonesia is definitely on the rise and more and more yachts are visiting every year. The Indonesian government is pushing hard for development in the marine sector and new facilities are being built and funded as demand increases. Government regulations are changing for the better and the old large scale corruption seems to have been eradicated and sailors are taking note. Instead of hurriedly passing through the country yachts are now beginning to linger and some are even choosing to stay year around. As this part of Asia continues to develop rapidly we advise all sailors planning to sail in Indonesia to contact Cruising Guide Indonesia in order to be well-informed on the current hurdles and difficulties you might encounter while sailing through Indonesia.

Locations within this Map

North Banda Papatua Savu Seram South Banda South Makassar Sunda Weber Aru Bali Bone Celebes Dreadnought Enggano Flores Geelvinck Gorontalo Halmahera Makassar Manokwari Mentawai Nias Nicobar-Simeulue Mabaduam