Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

NSW 8530-N

NSW 8530-N - Gooloogong

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This Topographic Map is produced by the New South Wales Government.
This map is supplied in digital in PDF format, which means it can be printed at home or sent to a professional printer for a 100% scale reproduction.

At this scale, 2cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately about 25km by 25km, with a contour interval of 10m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Locations within this Map

Devlin Nanima Clarendon Innisfail Prarie Home Wilverlyn Lancefield Choubra Woodbine Springfield Gleenwood Sylvania Rendevous Driftwater Warrawee Garrawilli Norton Sugarloaf Currawong East Lynn Fairfield Dundee Kaloola Noola Blairgowrie Dunromin Pinetree Greenslopes Richlands Hillview Tullyvea Pineview Glenpark Binnalong Happy Valley Glenleigh Careena Fineview Lancewood Mylandra Park Moyne Farm Loch Lomond Toft The Treasury Bodella Groote Park Kangarooby Kanowna Dalkeith Wandoo Oaklands Deloraine Coorong Park Noonbah Umaria Clavering Westfield Pinnicle Glenelg Wattle Villa Heinemo Gooloogong Bald Hill Bald Hill Creek Bald Hills Creek Bandon Bangaroo Barabigal Barwigie Barwigie Hills Birangan Binda Braulin Clear Hills Flat Rock Hill Forbes Forming Creek Geradon Gooloogong Post Office Gooloogong Public School Goonigal Goonigal Creek Grawlin Grawlin Plain Hill Sixty Hunter Creek Jump Up Creek Kangarooby Creek Kangarooby Mountain Kapunda Creek The Flat Rock Hill Geradan Siding Goolagong Public School Granlin Granlin Plain Hill 60 Hunter Gully Creek Jump Up Gully Kangaroobby State Forest Mares Waterhole Maudry Maudry State Forest Mortray Mortray Hill Mulyandry Mulyandry Creek Mulyandry State Forest Mylandra Creek Nanami Nanami Railway Station Nanami Sugarloaf Native Dog Creek North Gooloogong Old Mans Springs Oma Creek Public School Ooma Creek Ooma Ooma North Public School Weddin Creek Peaks Creek Pipe Clay Creek Priddles Reserve Red Cliff Mountain Redcliff Red Creek Red or Erasa Creek Rocky Hill Spring Creek Stump Hole Creek The Sugarloaf The Bald Hill The Mulyandry State Forest Thurungle Two Mile Creek Wallah Wallah Warraderry Warraderry Creek Warraderry National Forest Warraderry Range Warraderry State Forest Warroomby Creek Warroombey Mountain Warroombey Range Warrumba Creek Warrumba Mountain Warrumba Range Warrumbah Mountain Waterhole Point Wenz Wheoga Woondamaroo or Diggers Creek Diggers Creek Cootamundra Racecourse Washpool Dam Graulin Plain Grawlin Plains Back Creek Warroomby Mountain Vi Adams Park Cootamundra Apex Park Mandagery Creek Horseshoe Lagoon Rocky Peak Goonigaldeerigang Creek Namani Sugarloaf Erasa Creek Boyd Creek Belubula River Spring Station Creek Waroomby Mountain Barabigal Mountain Priddles Tank Hunter Gully