Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

NSW 8732-N

NSW 8732-N - Burrendong

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This Topographic Map is produced by the New South Wales Government.
This map is supplied in digital in PDF format, which means it can be printed at home or sent to a professional printer for a 100% scale reproduction.

At this scale, 2cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately about 25km by 25km, with a contour interval of 10m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Locations within this Map

Taranah Willunga Noogee Carinya Uungula Loch Lomond Burra Murra Movile Springvale Binnawee Brookfield Marapana Bulbudgeree Eulabah Bimbajong Westmore Yamba Narbethong Strathallyn Caloola Elouera Caima Pine View Fairview Glencoe Burn Brae Gleneski Burrandong Devonshire Tallawangra Westmount Grace Hill Yarraford Hillgrove Yarraluen Leaning Oak East Lynne Springbrook Riverside Tarcoola Melboona Belbowrie Beragoo Grattai Station Ridge Crest Werona Avondale Byambi Glenfoyle Shipley Glen Bonada Creek Dandaloo Downs Amyville Allambi Iona Norwood Stockyard Tara Glengarry Marylands Pinaroo Avisford Glen Heather Maitland Bar Lockhaven Mumbil Annies Hill Annies Mount Mount Alma Baa Budjeree Back Creek Avisford Public School Mount Anderson Barnby Creek Barren Jack Bartletts Gorge Bartletts Gully Battle Flat Battle Flat Creek Battle Flat Gully Beraga Creek Beragoo or Grattai Creek Big Hill Big Oakey Creek Big Oaky Creek Big Scrubby Gully Billy Mchughes Gully Billys Mountain Blundens Crossing Black Spring Creek Black Soil Gully Black Mountain Black Halls Creek Black Gully Blackalls or Dog Trap Creek Bimbajong Creek Bourkes Bourkes Creek Box Hill Bruces Creek Carneys Gully Carrs Gully Canning Canning Sugarloaf The Circle Circular Gully Cobbler Hill Cobblers Creek Cobblers Hills Collingwood Cooees Mountain Copper Gully Crooked Creek Crowirs Hill Cudgegong River Park Dead Cat Gully Dead Horse Gully Deep Creek Devils Hole Creek Dungarbin Gully Dyballs Gully Eagle Beagle Creek Eaglehawk Hill Mount Edwards Erudgere Farmers Flat Fern Gully Fine Gold Dam Flour Bag Gully Galwadgerie Gully Gap Gully Gigmalerie Creek Gigmalerie Beach Goat Island Goat Island Creek Golden Gully Gorunguwa Grattai Grattai Creek Grattai Gap Greens Gully Gulf Creek Gundowda Creek Gunnel Creek Guroba Hampden Hill Hargraves Harrys Creek Heinzs Gully Highland Home Creek Hollingsworth Creek Horseshoe Bend Ilgingerry Creek Kabbibada Gully Kangaroo Ground Kangaroo Gully Kerr Circular Creek Cobblers Gully Commisioners Flat The Commonwealth Range Cookeys Flat Crowirs Cudgegong River National Park Deep Gorge Deep Gully Devils Hole Eagle Hawk Eastern Branch Flour Bag Galwadgerie Creek Gap Creek Gowdawada Creek Harrys Gully Hollingsworth Springs Creek Hollis Spring Creek Lakes Gully Landys Creek Landys Gully Lapstone Hill Laveracks Leaning Oak Creek Lickinghole Creek The Lickinghole Lion Island Lions Island Little Oaky Creek Little Redbank Creek Little Redbank Gully Little Scrubby Gully Head of Little Stockyard Creek Long Creek Long Gully Long Tom Long Tom Ridge Mchughes Gully Maxwell Creek Maxwell Gully Measured Flat Merinda Merinda Creek Merinda Brothers Merinda or Goat Island Creek Merinda or Leaning Oak Creek Meroo River Meroo Creek Millenbong Millenbong Gully Millenbong Mountain Millenbong Pinnacle Moon Top Mudgee Rivers Public School Mumbil Public School Mumbil Railway Station Mumbil Sugarloaf The Nickenhole Northern Branch of Uungula Creek Oakey Hill Oakey Creek Little Oakey Creek Oakey Creek Oaky Creek Oaky Gully Oaky Hill Oaky or Narragal or Cuga Burga Creek Omigal Hill Mount Omigal Osrey Osrey Flat Oumul Oumul Hill Oxleys Creek Oxleys Peak Paddys Creek Paddys Hole Piambong or Black Halls Creek Pine Hill Pine Spring Pine Spring Creek Pinnacle Gully The Pinnacle Poggy Creek Potato Ground Potato Ground Gully Pound Creek Poverty Point Ration Gully Redbank Creek Red Hill Red Hill Creek Reedy Creek Reedy Flat Round Hill Sallys Dream Hill Saltwater Creek Sawpit Creek Saw Pit Creek Sawpit Gully Saw Pit Gully Schons Scotchmans Gully Settlers Gully Shawns Creek Shays Creek Sheas Creek Smiths Crossing Snake Creek Snake Gully Spring Creek Spring Gully Staircase Staircase Creek Star Mountain Star Ridge Steep Creek Stockyard Creek Stockyard or Orung Battonah Creek Stockyard or Sheas Creek Sugarloaf Sugarloaf Gully Sugarloaf Hill The Sugarloaf Suttor Swamp Flat Tabletop Hill The Table Top Tallawangra Creek Tallawondura Creek Tangourouiplaur The Black Creek The Gulf The Swamp Thompsons Gully Three Hills Tom Long Creek Tom Long Gully Top Diggings Ungula or Dinnery Creek Uungula Creek Uungula or Dunney Creek Wallarwaugh Creek Wallawanda Creek Wallawar Creek Wallerwaugh Gully Walters Wandabadbury Wandabadury Hill Warderie Gully Warners Gully Warramagullon Creek Waterloo Wear Welcome Jack Werouera Werouera Mountain White Pinch Worlds End Wuuluman Wuuluman Creek Wuuluman Flat The Wuuluman Range Wylinga Gully Yarrabin Yarrabin or Shawns Creek Yarragal Yarragal Ridge Yarraman Creek Dickerton Creek Dickerton Ridge Dicks Creek Dicks Hill Diggers Creek Bulls Gully Bulls Pound Bulls Pound Gully Dog Trap Creek Dog Trap Gully Dicks Lookout Diggers or Little Stockyard Creek Dreel or Poggy Creek Dripstone Public School Burran Burran Burran Burran Caves Burran Burran Hill Burrandong Hill Burrel Creek Burrendong Burrendong Arboretum Burrendong Dam Burrendong Dam National Park Burrendong Hill Lake Burrendong Burrendong Park Burrendong State Recreation Area Head of Merinda Creek The Wallaby Rocks Yarragal Range The Brothers Tangourouipla Wandabadury Lake Burrendong State Park Gold Corner OSSORY FLAT Twelve Mile Piambong Fromes Creek Round Mountain Dinney Creek Dreel Creek Yarrabin Creek McDonalds Creek Burril Creek Hillgrave Cudgegong River Mudgee River Dripstone Oumel Grathal Station Lake Burrandong Macquario River Black Willow Creek Goorangore Creek