Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

NSW 8929-4N

NSW 8929-4N - Yerranderie

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This Topographic Map is produced by the New South Wales Government.
This map is supplied in digital in PDF format, which means it can be printed at home or sent to a professional printer for a 100% scale reproduction.

At this scale, 4cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately about 12.5km by 12.5km, with a contour interval of 10m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Locations within this Map

Armours Range Armours Ridge Axehead Mountain Axe Head Mountain Ames Gully Alastor Hill Mount Armour Arabanoo Canyon Arabanoo Creek Arabanoo Peak Amble Easy Ridge Alastor Gully Badbury Creek Badbury Gully Badbury Knoll Banshea Barnard Grotto Falls Barraliers Creek Mount Barrallier Barralliers Crown Barralliers Falls Barralljers Crown Barrier Falls Bartlett Head Bartletts Head Big Helion Big Hellion Mountain Mount Billy Billys Creek Billys Creek Caves Billys Point Billys Ridge Blues Point Black Snake Gully Blacksnake Black Snake Black Snake Bend Blue Bush Point Blue Bush Range Blue Bush Ridge Bluebush Hill Boyd Range Broken Point Brothers Falls Brumby Gully Brumby Mountain Brumby Ridge Bugle Range Bulga Cone Bulga Denis Canyon Bulga Gully Bulga Range Bulga Ridge Mount Bulgin Bull Creek Cache Bend Cambage Spire Carkeneller Creek Carkeneller Ridge Cathedral Rocks Cavern Cascade Falls Cedar Creek Chiddy Creek Chiddy Obelisk Christys Creek Christys Gorge Church Creek Church Creek Caves Church Hill Colboyd Gully Mount Colboyd Colboyd Ridge Colong Point Colong Saddle Colong Swamp Coventry Head Cronus Falls Denis Creek Denis Ridge Despond Creek Mount Despond Despond Ridge Devastation Gully Mount Feld Fireflat Creek Freemans Swamp Funnel Web Falls Galatea Gully Gander Head Ghosts Mountain Ghosts Ridge Gold Mine Spur Goondel Falls Mount Goondel Mount Great Groaner Great Stony Mountain Green Wattle Gap Grog Shop Bend Hanrahans Creek Hatchers Gully Hatchers Hollow Hayters Gully Hayters Spur Hell Hound Hill Hellions Gully Hidden Beauty Falls Hidden Falls Higgin Falls Hobnail Gully Hobnail Hill Hodges Swamp Hopeless Falls Mount Hopeless Horseshoe Creek Horseshoe Ridge Horseshoe Wall Hub Creek Hub Mountain Mount Hyperion Mount Ibbai Illusive Gully Irrae Gowar Irrae Gowar Creek Irrae Orana Gully Irrae Gowar Ridge Joalah Creek Joalah Mountain Johnston Falls Chiddys Obelisk Christys Creek East Branch Colong Caves Reserve Denis Range East Christys Creek Fireflat Gully Mount Frank Pallin Gambage Spire Green Wattle Break Grog Shop The Hub Gully Joalah Valley Creek Kiaramba Creek Kiaramba Spring Kowmung Gap Kowmung Mountain Kowmung National Forest Kowmung State Forest Kowmung River Kyra Gully Mount Lannigan Lannigans Range Lannigans Ridge Lannigans Spur Le Tonsure Mount Tonsure Little Helion Little Hellion Hill Log Falls Long Gully Loombah Creek Loombah Plateau Loombah Gowar Loombah Walls Lost Rock Lower Bedcliff Falls Manga Creek Mangar Creek Many Points Gully Many Points Ridge Mount Marrup Mathesons Creek Megalith Ridge Merlin Middle Christys Creek Mount Milo Misery Creek Mount Misery Misery Ridge Mistake Spur Moola Point Mount Moona Loombah Moonshine Creek Moonshine Hill Mootik Walls Muggerah Gowar Murdoch Point Murdochs Spur Murruin Range Mount Nereus Nereus Spur Oblique Falls Orange Bluff Orange Bluff Ridge Packhorse Mountain Mount Pallin Pindari Gap Pindari Gully Pippens Gully Quigs Creek Redcliff Creek Redcliff Falls Redcliff Ridge Reillys Creek Rileys Creek Rockslide Creek Rodwell Creek Rodwell Gully Rodwell Head Roots Ridge Rudders Rift Mount Savage Shadford Gully Shadforth Gully Shamash Gully Shelf Falls Sombre Dome Sorrow Spur Spinebender Creek The Spring Range Spring Ridge Squatting Rock Gap Still Creek Stonehag Hill Stony Skillion Creek Storm Stallion Point Sullen Tor Sunrise Bluffs Sunset Bluff Swamp Head Mountain Tagla Crags Mount Taroo Mount Tarro Tartarus The Grog Shop The Oaks Landing Ground Tiamat Brook Tiamat Hill Tonalli Gap Tonalli Mountain Upper Redcliff Falls Wallarra Heights Mount Wallarra Mount Wallarra East Mount Wallarra West Wallarra Range Wallarra Ridge Wallarra Rivulet Waterfall Creek Watergully Wedgetail Bluff Wedgetail Bluffs West Christy CreekPart Wheengee Whungee Creek Wheengee Whungee Falls Mount Wheengee Whungee Willa Gowar Willa Gowar Creek Wooglemai Creek Wooglemai Falls Woolpack Head Yalpur Gully Dicksonia Bluffs Dicksonia Spur Yerranderie Mount Yuburra Zucchetti Head Bullhead Buttress Bullhead Creek Bullhead Mountain Bullhead Range Bullhead Ridge Bull Island Bull Island Creek Bull Island Peak Bull Ridge Donnellys Creek Donnellys Ridge Doris Creek Doris Falls Mount Doris Mount Doubletop Doyles Peak Doyles Steeps Bungin Gap Bungin Gully Mount Bungin Byrnes Gap Mclean Reserve Nurra Reserve Mares Waterholes Creek Elizabeth Scott Reserve Karamba Ridge Kiaramba Ridge