Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

NSW 8930-3S

NSW 8930-3S - Kanangra

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This Topographic Map is produced by the New South Wales Government.
This map is supplied in digital in PDF format, which means it can be printed at home or sent to a professional printer for a 100% scale reproduction.

At this scale, 4cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately about 12.5km by 12.5km, with a contour interval of 10m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Locations within this Map

Mount Amarina Baldy Bill Baldy Harry Barbara Bluff Belarah Swamp Ben Lomond Ben Lomond Range Ben Lomond Ridge Mount Berry Big Misty Big Thurat Blue Scrub Creek Black Banksia Falls Mount Bolworra Bourne Soak Box Creek Box Creek Falls Boyd Boyd Creek Boyd Hill Boyd Hill Brook Boyd Hill Swamp Boyd Mountain Boyd Mountain Swamp Boyd Plateau Boyd River The Boyd Mount Brennan Brennan Spur Brennan Top Brown Dog Ridge Budthingeroo Budthingeroo Creek Mount Budthingeroo Budthingeroo Range Budthingeroo Ravine Budthingeroo Ridge Buhimmeluh Rock Mount Bullagowar Bullagowar Buttresses Bullagowar Gully Bullagowar Ridge Camp Knoll Carrabeanga Brook Carrabeanga Falls Carrabeanga Steeps Carra Gully Mount Carra Mernoo Carra Top Cloud Gully Mount Cloudmaker Compagnoni Pass Coolangatta Cottage Rock Crafts Ridge Crafts Wall Crescent Spur Cunynghame Hill Cyclops Cyclops Gully Mount Cyclops Cyclops Pit Danae Brook Danae Falls Mount Danae Danae Ridge Danae Steeps Davies Canyon Deep Gully Dungalla Heights Echo Head Emperor Creek Mount Emperor Emperor Spur Mount Empress Errie Spur Errie Gully Ferny Flat Ferny Flat Creek Ferny Spring Fifth Top Fifth Top Spur First Ascent Creek First Top Mountain Flower Garden Creek Fourth Top Fourth Top Ridge Gabes Gap Gabes Gully Gabes Ridge Gangerang Gangerang Plateau Gangerang Range Gangerang Reach Gap Camp Gully Gap Gully Gentles Lookout Gillespies Lookout Gingra Creek Gingra Range Gogy Gully Gogy Ridge Golden Terrace Mount Goowong Green Hillock Green Wattle Gullallie Creek Gullallie Spur Gunama Steeps Mount Guouogang Guouogang Ridge Mount High and Mighty Hollanders River Mount Hughes Hughes Ridge Hughes Spur Ianthe Gully Ianthe Top Inner Ti Willa Walls Irraeorana Top Jenolan Jenolan Creek Jenolan Creek Pit Jensens Swamps Mount Jingery Johnsons Point Kanangra-Boyd National Park Kanangra Brook Kanangra Brook Falls Kanangra Creek Kanangra Falls Kanangra Gorge Mount Kanangra Kanangra Range Kanangra Tops Kanangra Walls Karoo Gully Karrung Top Canterbury District Memorial Hospital School Mount Carra Clifes of Seriffphos Crescent Ridge Mount Cunynghame Dungalla Falls East Gullaillie Creek Emperor Pin Empress Creek Fifth Top Ridge First Top Gabes Creek Gap Camp Creek Gentles Sheerdown Guouogang Buttress The High and Mighty High Gangerang Hughes Top Mount Ianthe Irish Town Mount Irraeorana Jensers Swamps Mount Jingerry Kanangra Brook Waterfall Kanangra Grand Gorge Kanangra Main Range Kanangra Spires Kanangra River Mount Karrung Kilpatrick Causeway King Pin King Pin Creek King Pin Gully Mount King Pin Mount Kittani Kittani Ridge Kittani Rill Kittani Rim Kittani Top Konangaroo Clearing Konangaroo Creek Konangaroo Gully Mount Konangaroo Konangaroo River Konangaroo State Forest Kooriecone Range Kooriecone Ridge Kooriecone Spur Kooriecone Stub The Kooriecone Kooriecone Top Kooriekirra Creek Kooriekirra Top Kowong Gully Mount Krungle Bungle Kullieatha Peak Lannigans Flat Sydney Secondary College Leichhardt Campus Lightning Creek Little Dingo Creek Little Dingo Swamp Little Gingra Creek Little Morong Bog Little Morong Creek Luthers Creek Luthers Swamp Margaret Falls Marooba Gully Marooba Hill Marooba Karoo Creek Mount Marooba Karoo Mount Marooba Marrilman Gully Marrilman Heath Mount Maxwell Maxwell Top Micks Gully Middle Gullallie Spur Misty Brook Misty Gully Moko Creek Mount Moko Moko Range Moko Ridge Moorilla Creek Moorilla Deck Moorilla Lookout Mount Moorilla Mount Moorilla Maloo Moorilla Range Morella Range Morong Creek Morong Head Gully Part Morong Hill Morong Mountain Morong Swamps Mukku Dhingery Pit Mukku Dhingery Hill Mount Mukku Dringery Mumbedah Hill Mount Mumbedah Mumbedah Swamps Murrarang Head Murrarang Top Myles Canyon Myles Chasm Myles Gorge Nioka Range Nioka Ridge Noora Moorang Top Nooroo Gully North Dingo Creek North Thurat Range Mount Nurla Morella Mount Nurla-Morella Nurla Morella Ridge Outer Ti Willa Walls Pages Pinnacle Mount Paralyser Paralyser Pit Paralyser Steeps Mount Pindari Pindari Top Plateau Pooken Hole Quartz Saddle Gully Queen Pin Queen Pin Creek Queen Pin Gully Queen Pin Mount Rack Rack Knoll Rankin Gully Rip Rip Knoll Roar Roar Knoll Rocky Top Creek Rocky Top Rocky Top Swamp Roly Whalans Swamp Rumble Rumble Gully Rumble Knoll Sally Camp Creek Sally Camp Saddle Sandy Creek Ridge Sandy Gully Range Sawtooth Scrubby Top Second Top Seriphos Cliffs Seriphos Pit Seymour Top Sixth Top Sixth Top Ridge Sixth Top Spur South Dingo Creek South Ti-Willa-Mountain Spire Head The Spires Stockyard Spur Stormbreaker Gully Mount Stormbreaker The Straight Mount Strongleg Strongleg Ridge Surprise Creek Surprise Ridge Third Top Third Top Spur Thunder Bend Thunder Creek Thurat Thurat Broad Thurat Broad Ridge Thurat Creek Thurat Falls Mount Thurat Thurat Ridge Thurat Rift Creek Thurat Rivulet Thurat Spires Thurat Tops Thurat Walls Ti-Willa Buttress Ti Willa Gorge Ti-Willa Canyon Ti Willa Creek Ti-Willa Creek Ti Willa Hill Ti-Willa Mountain Ti Willa Plateau Ti-Willa Plateau Ti Willa Ridge Ti Willa Too Hill Mount Ti-Willa-Too Ti Willa Top Wallarra Falls Watch Your Step Watch Your Step Spur West Gullallie Creek Westmoreland Whalania Chasm Whalania Creek Whalania Deep Whalania Falls Whalania Gorge Whalania Heights Mount Whalan Wheengee Whungee Swamp Wheengee Whungee Swamps Willa Creek Yaluwirri Creek Dingo Creek Yellow Pup Point Dingo Swamp Dinner Gully Dione Dell Dione Falls Dione Top Bullit Bullit Gully Dex Creek Dorrielawry Spur Dingo Swamp North Dingo Swamps South Mount Dione Dorrie Lawry Pass Burra Gunama Hill Mount Burra-Gunama Burra Gunama Ridge Brougham Hall Brougham School Kanangra Kanangra Pass Kalang Falls Karamba Ridge Kiaramba Ridge