Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

NSW 9231-4N

NSW 9231-4N - Swansea

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This Topographic Map is produced by the New South Wales Government.
This map is supplied in digital in PDF format, which means it can be printed at home or sent to a professional printer for a 100% scale reproduction.

At this scale, 4cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately about 12.5km by 12.5km, with a contour interval of 10m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Locations within this Map

Awaba Bonnells Bay Brightwaters Mirrabooka Rathmines Silverwater Sunshine Wangi Wangi Windermere Park Yarrawonga Park B.B.C. Miller Park Arcadia Vale Arcadia Vale Public School Awaba Railway Station Awaba Lake Awaba Public School Andersons Point Ambrose Reserve Allambie Park Allambee Gardens Allambee Park Aeropelican Airport Balmoral Balmoral Place Bardens Bay Barton Fields The Bay Belmont Belmont Bay Belmont Cemetery Belmont High School Belmont Lagoon Belmont North Public School Belmont Park Belmont Post Office Belmont Public School Belmont Technical College Belmont Wharf Bennett Park Boat Channel Bluff Point Blacksmiths Point Blacksmiths Public School Blacksmiths Wharf Blacksmiths Blacksmiths Beach Black Neds Bay Black Jacks Point Blackalls Park Blackalls Park Railway Station Blackalls Bolton Jetty Bolton Point Bolton Point Park Bonnells Bay Park Bonnells Bay Public School Boughton Point Cahill Oval Cane Point Cardiff Point Cary Bay Casuarina Point Reserve Catalina Park Caves Beach Caves Beach Public School The Caves Central Lookout Coal Point Coal Point Public School Cold Tea Canal Coon Island Coon Island Point Coorumbung Crokers Creek Crooked Creek Croudace Croudace Bay Cullen Park Edmunds Bay Eraring Eraring Bay Lake Eraring Eraring Public School Fig Tree Point Fishing Point Fishing Station Point Floraville Floraville Public School Frenchmans Rock Freshwater Creek Fullers Creek Galgabbah Gully Galgabba Point Galgabree Creek Goat Island Goonda Point Green Point Halton Park Hams Beach Hartley Point Hungary Point Jewells Jewells Public School Jewells Swamp Johnys Point Kahibah Carey Bay Catalina Memorial Park Cold Tea Creek Crockers Gully Eastern Lakes Airstrip Edden Park Erraring Bay Galgabbah Creek Green Island Heads Beach Kilaben Bay Kilaben Creek Kindaimanna Reserve The Lagoon Lake Entrance Lake Head Lake Petite Lake View Laughlin Reserve Liles Oval Little Lake Little Pelican Lords Creek Lake Macquarie Marks Point Marks Point Lookout Marks Point Public School Mats Point Mawson Miller Field Mills Creek Mills Gully Mirra View Moala Park Moola Park Moon Island Morisset Morisset East Morisset Peninsula Point Morisset Morrisset Point Morrisset Mudd Creek Muddy Lake Myuna Bay Narela Park National Fitness Camp Nine Mile Beach North Head Pantaloon Bay Parbury Park Pearl Beach Pebbly Beach Pelican Flat Pelican Flat Public School Pelican Inlet Pelican Island Pipers Point Plains Gully St Johns Memorial Park Pourmalong Creek Princes Bay Pulbah Island Pulbah Island Nature Reserve Quarry Beach Quarries Head The Quarries Quinn Park Rathmines Public School Redhead Redhead Beach Redhead Point Redhead Public School Regatta Walk Reids Mistake Reids Mistake Head Scarborough Scarborough Point Secret Bay Shepherds Creek Sheppards Creek Shingle Splitters Point Silverwater Wharf Skye Point Spectacle Island Spoon Rocks Stingaree Point Stinky Point Stockdale Point Stockyard Creek Stony Creek Styles Point Sugar Bay Sunshine Baths Reserve Sunshine Park Sunshine Reserve Sunshine Wharf Swan Bay Swansea Swansea Channel Swansea High School Swansea Post Office Swansea Public School Swansea Public School Site Sylvan Park Thomas H. Halton Park Threlkeld Reserve Toronto West Toronto Toronto Bay Toronto Public School Toronto High School Toronto Post Office Toronto Railway Station Toronto Wharf Two Mile Pourmalong Creek Valentine Valentine Public School Village Bay Wal Drane Court Wangi Wangi Beach Wangi Creek Wangi Park Wangi Point Wharf Wangi Wangi Bay Wangi Wangi Beach Wangi Wangi Park Wangi Wangi Point Wangi Wangi Public School Waring Hill Waterside Reserve Westlakes Public School Whiteheads Lagoon Point Wolstoncroft Wommara Yangan Reserve Yarul Reserver Dewey Point Dobell House Dobell Memorial Park Dobinson Reserve Dora Creek Dora Dora Creek Public School Dora Creek Railway Station Duck Hole Lagoon Dewey Bay Dobell Park Duck Hole Creek Burragallana Reserve Buttaba Balcolyn Balgonnia Belmont North Belmont South Brightwaters No. 1 and Brightwaters No. 2 Bulgonia Channel Street Park South Belmont Talbot Park Humphreys Reserve Morisset Park Swansea Heads Pelican Rathmines Park Belmont Rotary Park South Belmont Park Toby Park Toronto Sports Ground Webb Park Wippi Reserve Lenaghan Park Belmont Lions Park Marks Oval Nesca Nesca Oval Nesca Recreation Area Edward Gain Park Fishery Point Frank Finnan Soccer Ground Goffet Park Gurranba Reserve Hillshot Park Hollis Slipway Boat Harbour Birriban Park Aitchison Reserve Scott Point O'Connor Park Collard Reserve Raffertys Beach Roy Byrnes Reserve Margarets Bay Reids Reserve Boatrowers Reserve Byrnes Reserve Owens Walkway Postmistress Creek Hely Creek Wallarah National Park Eddie Charlton Reserve Burma Track Swamp Mahogany Creek Sawmill Creek Puntei Creek Allambee Creek James L Boyd Reserve Murrays Beach Catalina Bay Biraban Creek Yallawali Creek Muraban Creek Kiunuri Creek Osmond Reserve OConnor Park Sandy Creek Figtree Point Jewells Station Jewells Siding Frazer Creek Devils Elbow Redhead South Station Redhead Station Readhead Point Red Head Mount Waring Black Jack Point Muddy Creek Salt Water Creek Pelican Islet Wangi Wangi Creek Arcadia Pelican Point Rocky Point Kahiba The Blacksmith Lake Macquarie Shire Moon Islet Galgabba Creek Blains Gully Petite Lake Sunnyside