Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

NSW 9232-3S

NSW 9232-3S - Wallsend

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This Topographic Map is produced by the New South Wales Government.
This map is supplied in digital in PDF format, which means it can be printed at home or sent to a professional printer for a 100% scale reproduction.

At this scale, 4cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately about 12.5km by 12.5km, with a contour interval of 10m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Locations within this Map

Killingworth Minmi Seahampton Argenton Armstrong Park Awaba Bay Awabakal Field Studies Centre Awabakal Nature Reserve Attunga Park Albert Reserve Arthur Park Argenton Public School Anzac Park Allen Park Alder Park Adamstown Public School Adamstown Railway Station Adamstown Station Adamstown South Public School Adamstown Adamstown Heights Adamstown Heights Infants School Adamstown Park Adamstown Post Office Bahloo Reserve Bangalay Reserve Barnsley Barnsley Public School Belair Public School Bennetts Green Bathurst Blackbutt Reserve Blackbutt Lookout Blackbutt Reserve Lookout Blackalls Park Blackalls Public School Birmingham Gardens Infants School Birmingham Gardens Public School Birmingham Place Birmingham Gardens Biraban Public School Boggy Hole Creek Bolton Point Public School Boolaroo Boolaroo Post Office Boolaroo Public School Boolaroo Wharf Booragul Booragul High School Booragul Public School Booragul Railway Station Booth Park Branch of Winding Creek Braye Park Broadmeadow Broadmeadow High School Broadmeadow Junior High School Broadmeadow Post Office Broadmeadow Racecourse Broadmeadow Railway Station Broadmeadow Station Bromley Park Brookstown Brush Creek Cameron Park Public School Cardiff Cardiff Heights Cardiff High School Cardiff Public School Cardiff Park Cardiff Railway Station Carramar Park Centenary Lookout Charlestown Charlestown Cemetery Charlestown Park Charlestown Post Office Charlestown Public School Cocked Hat Creek Cocked Hat Hill Cockle Bay Cockle Creek Cockle Creek Railway Station Cook Park Coronation Park Dangar Park Dark Creek Edgeworth Edgeworth Public School Edgeworth Heights Public School Edwards Park Eleebana Eleebana Head Eleebana Oval Eleebana Public School Elermore Vale Elermore Vale Park Elermore Vale Public School Estelville Fairley Fassifern Fassifern Public School Fassifern Railway Station Federal Park Fennell Bay Fennell Bay Public School Five Islands Flaggy Creek Flaggy Creek Reserve Fletcher Park Frazer Gully Garden Suburb Garden Suburb Public School Garden Suburb Recreation Ground Gateshead Gateshead Public School Gateshead High School Georgetown Glendale Glendale High School Glendale Public School Glenrock Lagoon Glenrock State Conservation Area Glover Park Great Sugarloaf Gregson Park Hamilton Hamilton Post Office Hamilton Public School Hamilton Railway Station Heaton Heaton Park Heaton Public School Highfields Hillsborough Hillsborough Public School Hillsborough Sports Centre Hill View Playground Holmesville Islington Islington Park Islington Post Office Islington Public School Jerrawa Reserve Jesmond Jesmond High School Jesmond Park Jesmond Post Office Jesmond Public School Johnsons Creek Kahibah Kahibah Public School Kahibah Sportsground Cardiff Station Christo Road School Coalbrook Cockle Creek Station Conlan Swamp Conlon Swamp Cross Roads Elte Creek Estellville Fassifern Station Fennels Bay Fennell Bay Wharf The Five Islands George Town Glendale Technical College Great Sugar Loaf Grovetown Hamilton Station Village of Hanbury Jesmond Secondary Public School Jonestown Jubilee Road Public School Kahibah Station Kindyerra Park The Knob Kooroora Bay Kotara Kotara Heights Kotara High School Kotara Park Kotara Public School Kotara Railway Station Kotara Station Kullaiba Reserve Kurkullbah Reserve Lake Macquarie Park Lambton Lambton High School Lambton Park Lambton Post Office Learmonth Park Little Red Head Little Redhead Point L.T. Creek Lugar Park Macclure Reserve Mcclure Reserve Maneela Park Marmong Creek Marmong Park Marmong Point Maryland Maryland Creek Mayfield Mayfield Park Mayfield Post Office Merewether Heights Merewether Heights Public School Merewether High School Merewether Public School Minmi Cemetery Minmi Creek Mount Hutton Mount Hutton Public School Mount Sugarloaf Mount Sugarloaf Fauna and Flora Reserve Mount Sugarloaf Reserve Mullington Reserve Munibung Hill Munibung Munibung Creek Murabarnbah Park Murdering Gully Myamblah Crescent Oval Myers Park Nakillingah Park Newcastle College of Advanced Education Newcastle District Park Newcastle Racecourse Newcastle Showground Newcastle Technical College Newcastle Technical High School New Lambton New Lambton Heights New Lambton Park New Lambton Heights Infants School New Lambton Post Office New Lambton Public School Nine Ways Northcott Park North Creek Northville O'Donnelltown Palmers Creek Pioneer Progress Reserve Plattsburg Park Plattsburg Public School Platts Crannel Ponte Point Princeton Avenue Reserve Rankin Park Redhead Lagoon Redhead Railway Station Regent Park Rhonnda Rhondda Riawena Park Richard Allen Park Richardson Park Richley Recreation Reserve Rock Point Rocky Point Rudd Park Ryhope Salty Creek Public School Sandy Creek Scrubby Creek Seaham Seahamton Shortland Shortland Public School Slatey Creek Slatery Creek Smith Park Snake or South Creek South Cardiff Park South Creek Speers Point Speers Point Public School Speers Point Wharf Speers Point Park Spit Island Stevenson Park Stony Creek Styx Creek Sugarloaf Summit Point Tathra Reserve Taylor Memorial Reserve Teralba Teralba Public School Teralba Railway Station Tingira Heights Tingira Knob Tulkaba Park Tulootaba Reserve Twin Creeks Reserve Ulinga Park The University of Newcastle Vincent Mount Vincent Wakefield Wakefield Public School Wallarah Ovals Wallsend Wallsend Cemetery Wallsend General Cemetery Wallsend High School Wallsend Hospital School Wallsend Park Wallsend Post Office Wallsend Public School Wallsend West Warabrook Waratah Waratah Boys Primary School Waratah Girls Public School Waratah High School Waratah Park Waratah Post Office Waratah Public School Waratah Railway Station Waratah Reservoir Village of Waratah Warner Park Warner Reserve Warners Bay High School Warners Bay Warners Bay Post Office Warners Bay Public School Warners Bay Park Warners Bay Lions Park Wentworth Creek West Wallsend West Wallsend Cemetery West Wallsend High School West Wallsend Park West Wallsend Post Office West Wallsend Public School Whitebridge Whitebridge High School Whitebridge Station Windale Windale Public School Winding Creek Woodville Worimi School Wrightson Reserve Diega Creek Diega Flat Young Wallsend District Park Dudley Dudley Beach Dudley Public School Bunyah Park Burkes Creek Burnt Creek Bunya Bunya Park Feighan Park Hancock Park Newcastle Showground and Exhibition Centre Pambalang Reserve Cardiff South Lakelands Macquarie Hills Hamilton North Mayfield East Mayfield North Mayfield West North Lambton Waratah West Callaghan Eric St John Reserve Kotara South Tingira Heights Nature Reserve Lisle Carr Oval Biddabah Public School Blackalls Park Public School Heywood Wilkinson Park Raspberry Gully Reserve Back Creek Frank Watkins Park Woodrising Tickhole Creek H W Knight Park Soldiers Memorial Park Hugo Reserve Blacktown Kahibah Memorial Park Mulbring Cameron Park Gregory Park Johnston Park Lambton Ker-Rai Creek Little Flaggy Creek Stobbart Creek Blue Gum Hills Regional Park Gibbs Brothers Park Warners Creek Tulkaba Creek Trickle Under Creek Tin Hare Creek Bulls Creek Hawkins Creek Fossil Wing Creek Fairy Dell Creek Dicks Creek Cross Creek Coffee Pot Creek Preschool Patch-Windale Public School Crawchie Creek Blue Wren Creek Bowinbah Creek Boatman Creek Ko-inbah Creek Young Wallsend Creek MacNamara Creek Kennedy Creek Five Islands School Kenibea Bushland Reserve Campbell Reserve St John Oval Dempsey Island Sugarloaf Range Sugar Loaves Wickham Boolaroo Racecourse Mount Myall Toronto