Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

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Cape Kwoi To Buka Island Including Green Islands
PNG 397 - Cape Kwoi To Buka Island Including Green Islands

Please note that all charts are nominally folded in half for storage and handling as per the marine industries standard.
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The full Australia Hydrographic Office index of products is available at the Australia Chart, ENC and Publication Index.

This official Nautical Chart is produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office, and corrected fortnightly to 'Notice to Marines' by Cairns Charts & Maps. This ensures it remains compliance with Safety of Navigation requirements. This marine chart, or 'sea map', is primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commercial shipping through Australian, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Island waters.

Nautical charts depict the seabed, or bathymetry, using a variety of colours to shade the depth regions. Darker blues indicate shallower water, while light blues and white indicate deeper water. A chart will also show continuous contour lines (at varying intervals depending on the scale of the chart), 'spot depths' across the whole area, as well as different symbols indicating wrecks, shallow rocks and dangers, as well as details on lights, light houses, tides and currents.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts is the definitive reference.

Locations within this Map

Zungen Point Tongue Point Zungen Spitze Zoller Islands Yotchibol Trade Post Yotchibol Mount Yeno Yellot River Yanya River Yanam River Yalom Wusing Wulwut River Wongawonga Plantation Winalin Plantation Wide Bay West Point Weitin River Uatin River Wawas Cape Waum Cape Waun Wat Wat Plantation Watwat Watok River Waterea Rock Booby Rock Boody Rock Watarea Rock Wataria Island Wetarea Rock Warenvula Plantation Warangoi River Warengoi River Warangoi Plantation Warangoi Warangoi Bay Warabu River Marambu River Waitavalo River Henry Reid River Waitavalo Plantation Wairiki Plantation Wairiki Number 3 Wairiki Number 2 Wairiki Number 1 Wairiki Mission Wailbalo River Wagin Bay Mejin Bay Wogin Bay Vunamulmulum Creek Vunakokor Mount Varzin Vunakjau Plantation Vunaimalum Plantation Vunagiau Creek Vunabaur Vunabanbin Plantation Vunabal Plantation Viveren Verron Range Velingi Number 2 Creek Varzin Valilig Mission Urai Undor Plantation Undor Umamitki River Umamethi River Mount Uleton Ulaulatava Ulatawa Plantation Ulam Tutara Creek Turtle Bay Cape Turner South Point Turner Point Tunu River Tun River Tungol Mission Tovaliting Creek Tore River Topaio River Tongolan Plantation Tomukauer Creek Tombonok Creek Toma Tol Plantation Tolama Creek Tola Island Toktokmi River Tokai Tohatsi Togoro Tobutia Creek Tobera Plantation Toau Island Blosseville Island Dowau Tawau Island Toaul Island Towau Tingenavadu Timono Timomo Tigmi River Teruatap Telatu Tawanlik Cape Tavariogo Creek Tavalavalov Mission Taulil Taui Number 2 Tatongal Taron Tarbe Tarawog Plantation Taraban Creek Tapsanwara Tapsadawata Tapengal Tapapai Creek Tanwoa Island Katitj Island Tanoara Island Tangilai River Tangani Tangal Creek Tangat Creek Tangat River Tanamalit Tanaheran Tanagole Bay Tangole Bay Tamul River Tamut River Tamiu River Tambung River Tamanairik Tamai River Talilis Plantation Takup Creek Takubar Takua Creek Takairam Taiof Island Toiokh Island Taintop Taimtop Tagul Tagitagi Number 2 Tagitagi Number 1 Tabuna Taboona Plantation Surf Bay Sum Sum River Sum Sum Plantation Sum Sum Bay Port Sulphur Suir River Suir Cove Irish Cove Suhin Sperber Point Carteret Point South Channel South Branch Mogigi River Mogigi River South Branch South Branch Soraken Harbour Sonoma Mission Sol River Sohano Island Sohana Island Sohano Cape Sogelon Sirot Island Cerot Tsirot Sirof Sinungum Creek Mount Sinewit Mount Sinevit Simbum Silur Mission Silat River Sigule River Sigute River Sigon Mission Siblong River Siblong Plantation Siar Number 2 Siar Number 1 Cape Siar Cape Siara Cape Siur Siar Siaken Setwi Lampun Mesetwei Senga River Asrogi River Sau Plantation Sau Island Sale Island Sarime River Saragas Plantation Saposa Islands Saposa Island Saposa Island Group Sapom River Sandma Plantation Samu Creek Sampun Sal Island Sale Salapem Sai River Number 2 Sai River Number 1 Saint Georges Channel Cape Saint George Kap Sankt Georg Leinsilo Cape Dunganon Cape Rungnoun Rumrum River Rugen Harbour South Plantation Rugen Harbour Put Put Bay Put Put Harbour Rondahl Harbour Rokus Riet Rhunagi Raunsepna Ratavul Rarma Creek Rapmarina River Rapitok Number 4 Rapitok Number 3 Rapitok Number 2 Ran River Rangulit Randulit Ranoulit Ramale Ramalei Mission Ram Ralubang Ralabang Ralman Ralabang Plantation Rak River Pak River Tugel River Tugul River Rainau Rabagi Queen Carola Harbour Carola Harbour Cape Putputun Put Put Plantation Puto Putnumba River Pulpul Bilanpun Pukenmi Pukau Point Powell River Pororan Island Middle Pororon Poriwon Pomansilipun Poman Polok River Pokonian Plantation Pipirak Plantation Pinipel Plantation Pinipel Island Green Island Pinepil Atoll Pinipir Pinnepil Pidimon River Petat Island Petat Petats Island Pendi Pellavarua Plantation Paparatawa Mission Panarat Plantation Paklak Creek Pachem Island Owen Point Ovil Creek Cape Orford Cape Oho Cape Obo North Point North East Point North Channel North Branch Mogigi River Mogigi River North Branch North Branch Nopusak Nissan Island IIS Ile Nissan Nissan Nissau Sir Charles Hardy Ningin Island Leigh Island Nimbil Creek Nganalaka School New Britain Trench Bougainville-New Britain Trench New Britain-Solomon Trench Nengmutka River Wawoi River Natunana Channel Cape Natat Natar Nasko Naruut River Cape Narum Nambling Mount Namarung Nagam River Myuna Plantation Murvong River Mururu Creek Murim Creek Mumus Creek Mu Mou Creek Morukon Morei River Cape Monggil Cape Monggu Mongabu Creek Mondrabet Mogigi River Mocklon Islands Mimias River Nimias River Cape Mimias Mimias Milim Middle Channel Mevelo River Mavlo River Mevlo River Metlik Plantation Merai River Merai Men River Men Menebonbon Melkong River Meiap Creek Mavin River Mau River Mau Nau River Matsungan Island Matzungan Mat River Matong Matkumlagir Natkumlagia Matchin Bay Matatai Matanatar Plantation Matamata Mission Matala Plantation Maskikilir Marupa Mission Marunga Marmar Maramar Marawa Marau River Iambu River Marau Plantation Marau Island Maranagi Marambu Maramba Plantation Mapiri Manwaris Creek Mansung Creek Manimet River Manguna Plantation Mango River Mangiliming Creek Mandandum River Mambaur Creek Malumlik River Maliom Malasang Malassang Melasang Malasait Malaset Malakuna Malaguna Malagan River Malagam Malabunga High School Malabunga Makurutabu Plantation Makurapau Maipo River Madehas Island Lumulu Creek Lukus Creek Loumtas Rock Lontas Island Lontas Rock Mount Lonumail Long Londip Plantation Lonahan Lonahun Livuan Plantation Likiliki Bay Lihon Number 3 Lihon Number 2 Lihon Number 1 Liaga Creek Lenai Lemkong River Lemingi Lemanmanu Lemanmanu Mission Cape Lemankoa Lemankoa Lawanai Cove English Cove Lavinia Bay Lavinia Cove Laussamanni Rocks Lanissamanni Rock Laussamanni Rock Latau Island Lat Lassim Bay Breton Harbour Port Praslin Lanisso Bay Lamisso Bay Lauinio Bay Langwarangaga Spur Cape Langranis Langaragi Creek Lamoran Lamerien Lambur Lambom Island Ile aux Marteaux Lambon Island Lumbom Island Wallis Island Lambom Lambon Lamassa Island Cocoa-Nut Island Coconut Island Lamassa Hamlets Lamassa Bay Carateret Harbor Carteret Harbour Lamassa LMG Lamassa Mission Lakut River Lakunda Plantation Lak Lak Bay Watering Bay Lakit Range Lakiri Lakirri Likirri Manipur Cape Labonot Kwoi Peak Peak Kwoy Pik Quoy Cape Kwoi Kwoy Quoy Kusup Creek Kurrajong Plantation Kunua Konua Sarime Kumparum Kulon Kulis Kulaun Plantation Cape Kotopan Cape Kautopan Cape Kautupan Kotokodo Creek Korpun Bovanpun Korapun Korai Koningiya Ridge Kongi Komgi Kolai River Kolai Plantation Kokopo Kokopo District Koakoarivi Island Klamoulul River Kirai Creek Plantation King River King Plantation King Bay King Kig King 2 King Mission Kilalum Kiep Plantation Kiap Plantation Kiep Ketskets Getsgets Keravat Corrective Institution Kavavar River Kavanas River Kavavas River Kavali Kaupki River Kaukum Kaubademki Katakatai Kasepka Creek Karu Karong Karias Plantation Kapasaliao King 1 Kanungiya Ridge Kanungiva River Kangavu Creek Cape Kampis Kamilir Creek Kambubu River Kambotorosch Harbour Kambotorosh Harbour Cape Kamborer Kambilal Kambapupu Plantation Kambaire Creek Kamandan Plantation Kamakamar Kalu River Kalip Kalingere Point Kalimarungwum Ridge Kalampun Kalai Plantation Kailai Kalai Kalia Plantation Kajepkapun Plantation Kait River Kait Mission Kait Kainagunan Kagit River Kabuvwang River Kabitoros Plantation Kabanga River Kabanga Bay Kabanga Kabaman Kaboman Kaboman Mission Jau River Sau River Jaulu River Jalu River Jammer Bay Yame Island Jame Island Yame Iwai Iwai Hamlets Ivivitki Creek Ivere Mount Isimurigarok Mount Isimurigarik Irri Creek Iro Island Ip River Iniska River Ingei Creek Induna Plantation Induna Island Iduna Island Muller Island Mutlar Mutlar Island Ilugi Creek Cape Iltopan Cape Jetupan Iltis Point Cape Palliser Ili Ikongo Spring Igumbe Creek Ieta Ieta Mission Hutjena Hunter Point Hon Island Mik Mik Han Island Hoiya Hilder Group Hetau Island Hitau North Island Henry Reid Bay Hatsigan Island Fatsigan Island Cape Hatsia Hapan Hagan Cape Hapag Uatunglong Cape Hanpan Cape Henpan North Cape Hanpan Hanahan Hanahan Mission Hanahan Number 1 Cape Halmaramba Gununur Plantation Guma Guat Island Green Islands Caymanes Groene Eilanden Groene Eylanden Groene Islands Grune Islands Los Caymanes Nissan Islands Sir Charles Hardy Islands Gower Harbour Gilingil Point Cape Gilingil Gilingil Plantation Gil-Gil Plantation Gilingil Bay Mount Gilaut Gilalum Plantation Gilagila Plantation Gereu River Genga River Gazelle Peninsula Gazelle Halbinsel Gaulim Gar River Gar Ganai Cape Gambagafai Galovit Galavit Galivit Gagan River Gagah River Gagan Eber Bay East Point East Owen Point East Baien Baien Dung Creek Mount Doboron Dawadawai Plantation Danir Creek Mount Dangai Mount Damgai Damnorei River Damnore River Danmore River Daino River Daniu River Dadul Cubertaun Plantation Crater Point Cortilison Plantation Koritilison Plantation Condor Point Garnot Point Cape Comoran Clifton Plantation Bungerr Point Bundan River Cape Bunbun Cape Bugban Cape Bugdon Cape Bundun Bulus River Bulung Plantation Bulayang Buleyang Buka Passage Buka Island BUA Bouka Lord Anson's Island Lord Ansons Island Winchelsea's Island Winchelseas Island Buka Brown Island Brokom River Boutkes Knoll Cape Bougainville Cape Meatlik Cape Metlik Bokongtata Bolongtata Cape Bogan Cape Borgan Bitapukpuk Bitapaka Hospital Bitagalip Bita-Ere Mission Mount Biririnia Birar Bira Bion Island Bilur Bilimon River Biliang River Bewit River Berurumea Ridge Beriota Bera River Bei Point Beikut Bekut Mount Bei Bei Barahun Island Borahun Banamia Point Balil Balamoat Creek Balada Bakum Bakop Baining River Baining Mountains Bailu Plantation Awungi Arumbum Arrakus Creek Cape Archway Arasum Creek Mount Arasum Aparam River Amun Hamon Amereinum Creek Alkasam Alas Islands Alas Rocks Aiya Creek Aiawan River Adler Bay Atlas Island Ramasaka Lontis Iltopan Hagis Hanahan Bay Hahalis Cape Suhin Cape Tanabom Cape Totabu Nova River Cape Kori Cape Hatupoona Chabai Kurur Manus Island Gog Island Potua River Buka Airport AYBK Nissan Island Airport AYIA Aeroport de l'Ile Nissan Karoola Airport KXR Tol Airport TLO Gonalia GOE CPI Manguna Airport AYNG MFO Kanua KTK Sibai Gohi Tsinon-Sodano Gogoher Puputun Karoola Pororan Gazelle Gazelle District North Bougainville Warena Kapasalio