Nautical Chart / Marine Chart

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Fangalawa Bay To Cape Matanalem
PNG 543 - Fangalawa Bay To Cape Matanalem

Please note that all charts are nominally folded in half for storage and handling as per the marine industries standard.
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The full Australia Hydrographic Office index of products is available at the Australia Chart, ENC and Publication Index.

This official Nautical Chart is produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office, and corrected fortnightly to 'Notice to Marines' by Cairns Charts & Maps. This ensures it remains compliance with Safety of Navigation requirements. This marine chart, or 'sea map', is primarily produced to support the safe navigation of commercial shipping through Australian, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Island waters.

Nautical charts depict the seabed, or bathymetry, using a variety of colours to shade the depth regions. Darker blues indicate shallower water, while light blues and white indicate deeper water. A chart will also show continuous contour lines (at varying intervals depending on the scale of the chart), 'spot depths' across the whole area, as well as different symbols indicating wrecks, shallow rocks and dangers, as well as details on lights, light houses, tides and currents.

For extensive detail on the symbology of nautical charts, the Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts is the definitive reference.

Locations within this Map

Zamauling Plantation Ysabel Passage Ysabel Pass Wutei Plantation Wunik Plantation Woi River Woi West Harbour Wassanga Plantation Wassanga Wanup Plantation Wadei Island Butei Island Vutte Utu High School Utokol Island Utukul Utokol Usienlik Island Usseinlik Usien Island Nausen Siegel Island Upuos Island Upuos Unusa Island Unusta Unusa Ungat Ungan Plantation Ungan Island Ungalik Island Ungalik Ungalabu Plantation Ungalabu Island Ungalabu Harbour Ungalabu Ungakum Umbukul Ulul-Nono Plantation Nono Plantation Ulul Plantation Ugutbucht Bay Ugutbutch Bay Ubua Bay Tutuila Tuson Island Tus Island Tungelo Island Tungak Higher School Tukuliotongo Number 2 Tukuliotongo Number 1 Tugiliotonga Tukuliotongo Tsoi-Poto Mission Tsoi-Lik Island Tsoi Buka Island Tsoi-vuka Tsoilik Tsoilaunung Plantation Bopagang Plantation Tsoilaunung Island Tsoe Launung Tsoi-launung Tsoi-Boto Island Tsoi-boto Tsalui Point Tsalui Island Tsaliui Plantation Tome River Tome Tomi Tirpitz Range Tirpitz Mountains Tiopotuk Toipotok Tiopotok Plantation Tigak Three Islands Harbour Tesin Mission Teimot River Taskul Taskul Government Station Tapak Tagalop Island Tagalop Tabut Sunglik River Sumuna Plantation Sumuna Mount Suilou Bati Lelaua Bati Suilaua Mount Stosch Mount Suilaua Stosch-Berg Suilana Suilaua Mountain Suilava Mountain Suilik Cape Sueusat Cape Siwusat Steffen Strait Staffen Strasze Steffen Strasze Steffen-Strasse Spring Point Sosson Island Sosson Sontamatia Island Silver Sound Mowe Silimona River Sicacui Plantation Sikakui Plantation Sicacui Harbour Senta Passage Senta Pass Selapiu Plantation Selapiu Island Mausolee Mausoleum Island Selapio Tsalampiu Schneider Island Schnieder Island Schangenstein Island Saula Cape Sass Cape Sas Kap Sass Cape Sali Cape Salli Sali Ribnitz Island Ribnitz Harbour Ranmelek Mission Ranmalen Ral Island Put-Put Mission Putput Mission Butbut Putput Puas Mission Puas PUA Povalval Poovalval Potpotingan Potikungia Pochol Island Planet Channel Piliwa Phoenix Harbour Pauk Pativingi Pativini Patipai Patio Plantation Patio Point Plantation Patio Island Patimaian Patiawai Plantation Patiagaga Paterina Patirina Cape Pasausau Pasan Paruai Pantegom Pangeifua Mission Pangeifua Panemeko Plantation Panamioko Plantation Panemecho Panemeko Panavungel Mission Panapau Plantation Panapai School Panapai Plantation Panapai Panangai Panamanei Panamafei Palos Bay Palmu Palmen Harbour Painamai Pabliang Ong Island Onaurie Head Omo Olmalag Nuslik Island Nusuk Island Nuslik Nuselawa Plantation Nuselawa Island Nusalaua Nusei Island Nusawung Nusaum Island Nusome Island Nusantaumatai Nusandaul Island Nusamoa Island Nusalomon Island Nasalomon Nusalemon Island Nusalik Island Nusakelo Island Nusakeld Island Nusankelo Island Nusa Island Nusailas Island Nusailas Nusa Channel Nubils Island Nub Island Cape Nuan North Entrance North East Passage North East Entrance North-East Pass North Cape Cape Byron Nord-Kap Nonowaul Island Nanavaul Nanawaul Island Nonawaul Nonowaul Nonopai Nono Nongbolo Nokuntwriwo Island Noipuos Noipuous Noigurung Point Noigurang Point Nissel Passage Nissel Pass Nguregenkui Point Nguregeukui Point Ngavelus Ngavallis New Hanover Labongai Lavongai Neu-Hannover Nesgo Nasko Nemto Plantation Nemto Island Neitab Island Naitap Island Ne-ital Neitap Island Neitab Neissu River Naisong River Neirtri Island Neipau Plantation Neingang Neinga Neingi Neila Island Neikonomon Nekonomon Neikapatuk Neankis Mission Natong Nokon Narimlaua Nago Island Mowa Plantation Mosuang Island Mossuang Mosuang Mosson Reef Mossom Reef Mosse River Moro River Moritz Rock Mon Plantation Mongol Mipang Mission Min River Min Metewolo Plantation Metevelio Plantation Metewoi Bay Metavoi Bay Meteboa Bay Metevoi Bay Metewoi Mete Woi Plantation Metevoi Metevoi Plantation Metesalan Meteselan Meterankan Meteran Metemulai Metamoli Metemin Metamin Metemana Bay Metamana Bay Metemana Metamana Metekavil Metakabil Metekabil Plantation Metakabil Plantation Metekabil Bay Metakabil Bay Metekavil Bay Meteissong Plantation Meteeissong Plantation Meteissong Bay Medessong Bay Medessong Harbour Meteeissong Bay Meteissong Harbour Meteinge Plantation Meteinge Bay Meteinge Harbour Meteiai Metiai Metanas Harbour Metanus Harbour Max Rock Cape Mau Matauret Head Mataureit Head Mataureit Point Matavret Head Mataniu Mantania Matanui Cape Matanalem Queen Charlotte's Foreland Queen Charlottes Foreland Matanalaua River Darnmata River Matanalau River Matanalaua Plantation Matalik Island Matailanga Matailanga Plantation Cape Mataba Masi Mascot Channel Mascotte Channel Cape Masala Marsaula River Marsua River Marim River Marien Bay Manne Island Mane Island Manei Island Namanne Manne Channel Mane Channel Manirum Plantation Manirum Harbour Manirum Meterankasing Mangai School Mangai Bay Mongai Bay Mangai Mongai Mamion Malapai Plantation Malapai Melape Plantation Mait Plantation Mait Island Mail Mait Channel Maiom Maiom Mission Magam Lungatan Plantation Lumis River Lukus Island Lukuskanai Lukuskane Island Lukus Luburua Plantation Luburua Luan Bay Lossuk River Lossuk Bay Katu Losuk Bay Losuk Lossuk Lokono Livitua The Little Stone Lisseno Number 2 Island Lissinung 2 Island Lisseno Number 1 Island Lisseno 1 Islet Lisseno Island Lisseno Islet Lissinung Island Linigot Plantation Limonak Island Natia Limellon Island Liklik Mission Lesiliba Mission Lemusmus Plantation Lemusmus Number 2 Lemusmus 2 Lemusmus Number 1 Lemusmus 1 Lemus Island Lemakot Plantation Lemakot Mission Lemakot Lemacot Plantation Leion Lebrechtshof Plantation Lamungan Lebrechtschof Plantation Leamon Island Lavongararum Lavongai Plantation Lavongai Mission Lavongai Harbour Lavongai Bay Lobunga Harbour Lobungai Harbor Lavalai Head Lavalai Bay Lawolai Harbour Lavalai Lauan Bay Lavan Bay Lauan Latangai Island Angriffs Island Doi Island Lapai Lapia Lamet District Taskul Sub District Lamatau Harbour Lakuramau Plantation Lakuramau Lakurafanga Plantation Lakurafanga Bay Lakurefange Bay Lakurufange Bay Lakurafanga Lakarol Lai Bay Kung Plantation Kung Island Kung Kulungei Kulingai Kulungat Kulpetau Kullik Island Konelik Island Kunglik Kunlip Island Kulinus Passage Kulaunus Channel Kulinus Island Kulanus Island Kulaunus Island Kulenus Kulibang Kulibung Kulaunus Kulangit Konmavul Konematalik Konematelik Kollepina Plantation Kolopina Plantation Kollepina Harbour Kollepine Harbour Kollopine Harbour Kiton Island Kiton Mount Kiding Kawulikiau Island Kawulekao Kawulekau Island Kawulikiau Kaweteng Head Kavetang Point Kawetang Head Kawang Island Mount Kavillamas Kavieng Harbour Nasa Harbour Kavieng KVG Kaewieng Kawieng ka wei en kabien kawyng Kaut Plantation Kaut Harbour Kaut Bay Kaut Kauilikau Katu Plantation Kaselock Plantation Kaselok Plantation Lumungan Plantation Kaselock Mission Kaselock Kaselok Karia Number 2 Karia Karia Two Karia Bay Karri Bay Karia 1 Kapsu Point Kapsu Plantation Kapsu Bay Kapsu Road Kapsu Cape Kanun Kanu Point Kanun Point Kalounapok Mission Kalawurima Island Goat Island Kalaveng Kabotteron Island Kabatheron Island Kabatteron Island Kableman Kabitong Island Kabitang Island Kawutong Kabien Number 2 Kabien Kabien 2 Kawin Tunschui Kabien Number 1 Kabien 1 Cape Jeschke Cape Jesehke Hansenide Colony Habiuk River The Great Stone Goat Island Plantation Biwa Plantation Globig Island Globio Island Ginebei Island Gazelle Channel Gazelle Kanal Fischer Harbour Fangalawa Plantation Fangalawa Bay Fangalawa-Bucht Fangelava Bay Fangelawa Bay Fangelawa-Bucht Fangewa Bay Fangalawa Expedition Harbour Enuk Plantation Enuk Islands Enuk Cape Entrance Enge River Enang Island Enalik Island Elsong River Elamin River Eickstedt Passage Eickstedt Pass Edmago Island Einfahrts Island Entrance Island East Islands Dyaul Plantation Dyaul Island Diaul Djaul Jaul Island Jav Island Sandwich Island Dunung Plantation Dunung Island Duming Dunung Denge Shoal Denge Point Delolaweil Plantation Mount Deimling Mount Diemling Dantenge River Chamisso Channel Byron Strait Buteilung River Buteilung Buteilong Butei But But Bay Putput Bay Bulbong River Budnenga River Budega River Buat Point Buas River Broken Point Bouman Plantation Bowman Plantation Cape Botiangin Cape Batsch Cape Boliangin Bolpua Bclupa Boif Bobsie Bingbingseng Plantation Bingbingseng Island Bingbingsen Island Beueteng River Beno Harbour Benge Point Benge Plantation Begi Plantation Bendemann Harbour Mount Bendemann Bendemann Mountain Beliwaia Belewaia Belliwea Belliwia Belifu School Belifu Number 2 Belifu 2 Belifu Number 1 Belifu Belifu 1 Beagle Point Beagel Point Baungung River Baungnung River Baungung Harbour Banung Baongung Harbour Bauangung Harbour Baungnung Harbour Boots-Hafen Wasser Harbour Water Bay Baungung Baungnung Baue Baudisson Plantation Baudissin Plantation Baudisson Island Baudissen Island Baudissin Island Binnigem Binnigen Island Bat-Tam Island Bati Tam Island Bati Tom Island Bati-tap Island Bangatang Plantation Bangatang Island Bangatan Neuwerk Bangatang Balus Plantation Balus Balgai Bay Bagail Bay Balgai Bagail Balgail Balang Island Victoria Baikeb Number 2 Baikeb 2 Baikeb Number 1 Baikeb Baikeb 1 Baia Plantation Bagatere Head Bagaterre Head Bagatere Harbour Bachatere Bagatene Harbour Bagaterre Harbour Bakhatere Harbour Holz Harbor Bagatere Bagetene Avelus Autang Plantation Au Island Au Atle Anelaua Island Ene Ameisen Island Alton Island Alexander Passage Alexandra Pass Albatross Channel West Reef Echuca Patch East Reef Nu Anass River Victoria Point Serpent Rock Konokorr Palawee Matamei Panewall Tuaram Opalla Mausoleumberg Perisben Anelik Patitaun Poskanai Ustsar Treehouse Village Resort Kavieng Airport AYKV Kamiraba Airport KJU TSK Mipang