Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

QLD 9541

QLD 9541
QLD 9541

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This Topographic Map is produced by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM), part of the Queensland Government.
This product is continously updated with the latest information available. New editions are generally published in Oct/Nov each year, however minor updates are constantly being included.
DNRM maps are produced automatically by computers, with minimal human oversight; so some duplication of information and occasional minor cartographic inconsistencies can be found.
The PDF version of this can be printed at home or sent to a professional printer for a 100% scale reproduction.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Locations within this Map

Tabragalba Dagworth Nindooinbah Wilkie Alloha Kerry Brook Tarlington Orana Hocknell Norrodale Mugumu The Beeches Willowie Ladybrook Cedar Glen Mount Numinbah Glenroy Zelbarry Valley Guineas Farm Linnwood Rioqamore The Farm Braeside Mallaba Hillhaven Range View Ophir Glen Burrellea Khunghurloo Horses Head Rinadeena Centurion Park Wybalena Waverley Park Coral Grove Canungra Burringbar Fernvale Gold Coast Murwillumbah Tumbulgum Tyalgum Uki Allis Gorge Allis Glen Back Creek Bald Mountain Baldy Creek Baldy Gully Mount Balfour Balfour Balfour Hill The Bar Bar Mountain Bar Point Bar Saddle Bartlets Creek Bean Tree Crossing Berwick Best of All Lookout Biby Hill Big Baldy Big Baldy Mountain Bilambil Creek Bilambil Heights Bilambil Public School Bilbroughs Lookout Bilinga Hill Bilumbil Creek Boat Harbour Black Scrub Flora Reserve Black Scrub Blindmouth Creek Black Hand Mountain Boololagung Hill Mount Boololagung Border Ranges National Park Mount Boyung Thuga Bradys Creek Bray Park Bray Park Public School Brays Creek Brays Creek Public School Breakfast Creek Breakfast Creek Picnic Area Breakfast Creek Reserve Brindle Creek Brummies Lookout Brunswick River Cabbage Tree Creek Campbell Hill Carool Mount Carool Carool Public School Cedar Creek Chillingham Chillingham Public School Chinamans Hill Chowan Chowan Creek Mount Chowan Clifford Island Clothiers Creek Cobaki Cobaki Creek Cockatoo Hill Cockscomb Point Colagang Hill Collins Creek Collins Creek Public School Mount Cominan Commissioners Creek Condong Condong Creek Condong Public School Condong Range Coolamon Creek Couchy Creek Mount Cougal Cougal Crabbes Creek Crabbes Creek Public School Crookes Valley Crystal Creek Crystal Creek Public School Cudgera Creek Dunbible Dunbible Creek Dunbible Railway Station Dungay Dungay Creek Dungay Public School Durigan Lookout Mount Durigan Duroby Creek Eungella Eviron Farrants Hill Fernvale Public School Finchs Creek Five Ways Forest Top Fosters Gully Fowlers Creek Glengarrie Glen Warning Gold Gully Gooninbar Green Pigeon Green Pigeon Mountain Green Pigeon Public School Halls Creek Crossing Hanging Rock Happy Valley Hidden Creek Hindmarsh Island Mount Hobwee Hopkins Creek Hopping Dicks Creek Horseshoe Falls Mount Hutley Hutley Range Inner Pocket Ironbark Tree Reserve Jacksons Creek Johnsons Creek Johnsons Knob Mount Campbell Chillingham Bridge Cockscomb Ridge Mount Colagang Dalguigan Swamp The Gap Gold Creek Grass Tree Camp Helmet Range Isakeson Ridge Mount Ivy Jerrys Creek Kielvale Kings Gully Knox Park Korrumbyn Creek Kunghur Kunghur Creek Mount Kunghur Kunghurloo Creek Kynnumboon Kyogle View Limpinwood Limpinwood Nature Reserve Limpinwood Public School Lions Lookout Little Baldy Mountain Little Brindle Creek Little Dulguigan Creek Lofts Pinnacle Lynchs Creek Lynchs Creek Public School Macdonald Ridge Mcconnells Creek Mcconnells Gully Mcpherson Range Main Arm Main Arm of Brunswick River Main Top Main Trust Canal Main Trust Drain Mangrove Island Mann Spur Marshalls Creek Mays Hill Mebbin National Forest Mebbin Rock Mebbin State Forest Mejean Creek Mount Merino Middle Arm of Brunswick River Middle Arm Tweed River Middle Pocket Midginbil Midginbil Public School Mount Misery Mooball Mooball Lagoon Mooball National Forest Mooball Public School Mooball Railway Station Mooball State Forest Moolamba Hill Mount Moolamba Mount Morris Mount Boyung Thugai Mount Burrell Mount Warning Mount Warning National Park Mount Warning State Park Mount Mumdjin Murwillumbah Creek Murwillumbah East Public School Murwillumbah High School Murwillumbah Post Office Murwillumbah Public School Murwillumbah Railway Station Murwillumbah Technical College Nicholsons Creek Nightcap National Forest Night Cap National Forest Nobby Creek Nobbys Creek Nobbys Creek Public School North Arm Brunswich River North Arm Tweed River North Pumpenbill Creek North Pumpenbil Creek North Tumbulgum Nullum Mount Nullum Number Four Crossing Numinbah Numinbah Creek Numinbah Gap Numinbah Nature Reserve Oxley River Paddys Lookout Paddys Mountain Palmer Creek Palm Lea Palmvale Pat Smiths Creek Pauls Grass Perch Creek Peters Point Piggabeen Piggabeen Creek Piggabeen Public School Pine Log Creek Pinnacle Hill Pipeclay Creek Point Lookout Mount Point Lookout Pretty Creek Pretty Gully Pumpenbil Creek Pumpenbill Creek Pumpenbil Public School Rankins Spur Rawson Island Razorback Razorback Mountain Razorback Range Razorback Ridge The Razor Back Reads Lookout Red Cutting Reedy Swamp Reserve Creek Reserve Creek Public School Ritchies Creek Rock Humpy Rocky Cutting Rolands Creek Rous River Rush Brook The Saddle Schusters Lookout Selva Falls Serong Spur Shah Mohamad Saddle Sharps Crossing Sheepstation Creek Sheepstation Creek Flora Reserve Sheppards Camp The Sisters Sleeping Lion Smiths Creek Snake Creek Somerville Mount Summerville South Arm South Arm Tweed River South Branch Hopping Dick Creek South Pumpenbil Creek South Pumpenbill Creek Sphinx Lookout Springbrook Mountain Stokers Railway Station Stokers Siding Stokers Siding Platform Stokers Siding Public School Stony Creek Sunday Creek Swanson Falls Taylors Creek Terragon Mount Terragon The Basins The Pocket The Pocket Public School Mount Thillinman Thomson Creek Thomson Gully Three Tops Mount Throakban Mount Thunberrigan Toenail Point The Toenail Tomewin Mount Tomewin Toolona Mount Toolona Toolond Trust Canal Tumbulgum Public School Tweed Range Tweed Valley Lookout Tyalgum Creek Tyalgum Flat Tyalgum Public School Tyalgum Ridge Tyalgum Showground Tygalgah Mount Uki Uki Oval Uki Public School Uki Sports Oval Ulcandahi Island Upper Bilambil Upper Burringbar Upper Burringbar Public School Upper Burringbar Railway Station Upper Crystal Creek Upper Dungay Upper Duroby Upper Main Arm Upper Main Arm Public School Upper Tyalgum Creek Urliup Wallaby Vale Mount Wanungara Wardrop Valley Warning Hattons Bluff Warrazambil Warrazambil Creek Wiangaree State Forest Wiangarie State Forest Wilsons Creek Wobul Creek Wollumbin Creek Mount Wollumbin Wollumbin State Forest Wooded Bluff Woodgee Hill Worendo Creek Mount Worendo Mount Wupawn Wyberba Mount Wyberba Yelgun Yellow Gully Dinseys Creek Dinseys Rock Zara Dixie Lookout Doon Doon Doon Doon Creek Doughboy Creek Dulguigan Dulguigan Creek Dulguigan Plain Dum Dum Doon Doon Public School Mount Dum Dum Bungalora Outlook Burrell Burrigan Mount Burrigan Point Burrigan Burringbar State Forest Burringbar Creek Burringbar Gap Burringbar Lagoon Burringbar Public School Burringbar Railway Station Burringbar Range Byrrill Byrrill Creek Byrrill Ridge Amaroo Flora Reserve Blackbutt Lookout Central Hill Chinamans Creek Clarrie Hall Dam Clothiers Creek Public School Collins Creek Falls Evans Falls Fawcetts Basin Fitzhenry Park Fowler Fitzhenry Memorial Park Frogs Hollow Hughans Hump Johansen Creek Mckenzies Rock Murwillumbah Cemetery Murwillumbah General Cemetery Murwillumbah Showground Newell Park South Murwillumbah South Murwillumbah Public School The Rock Woodlands Creek Nunderi Forty Spur Flora Reserve Quambatook Creek Rowlands Creek Windley Park Prindable Park Keys Park Bullamakanka Park Budd Park James Henry Williams Park Hartman Park Buckley Park Willward Park Charles Harold Lundberg Memorial Park Queens Park Amwil Park Dallis Park Tumbulgum Sportsground Quinn Family Park Tom O'Connors Reserve Norco Park Gerald Parker Park Crams Farm Reserve Bluey Hill Park Hogans Park Pelican Point Lookout Warning Beacon Inner Pocket Nature Reserve Boydsville Barrie Smith Hockey Fields Charnocks Crossing Countryside Estate Eviron Rock Golden Links Estate Greenhills Hartigans Hill Reservoir Lucas Park Nicholl Park Oakbank Sacred Park Stan Sercombe Park East Peak Mount Talganda Colgon West Peak Mount Nungulba Mount Tenduragan Wollumbin Wollumbin School Bilambil Bobs Lookout Mount Bithongabel Mount Teemangum Mayal Creek Worendo Cudgenbil Waterhole Mount Wagawn Pumpenbil Cobaki Lakes Bungalora Stotts Island Mebbin North Arm Duroby Nullum State Forest Mount Somerville Border Ranges Crooks Valley Springbrook Byangum Skinner Lowes Wharf George Graham Crossing Graham Creek Adder Creek Advancetown Lake Albert River Left Branch Albert River Right Branch Alcheringa Creek Alcheringa Falls Mount Alexander Araucaria Lookout Armitage Creek Bahnamboola Falls Ballunjui Cascades Ballunjui Falls Bally Mountain Barrabareen Creek Bat Cave Beechmont Beechmont Range Beereenbano Lookout Bell Bird Creek Bell Bird Lookout Bellaringa Lookout Belliss Creek Biby Big Ben Creek Bijungoolahra Falls Bijungoroo Cave Bijungwing Cascades Bilbrough Falls Bilbrough Lookout Mount Bilinga Bilingooroo Cave Bilingooroo Falls Billahra Creek Bimboolba Lookout Birnam Range Bishop Bithongabel Bithongabel Falls Black Canyon Black Shoot Gully Blackfellow Cave Blackfellow Falls Blue Creek Bohgaban Falls Bonogin Creek Boobegan Creek Booboora Falls Boojerahla Falls Boojerahla Lookout Boojerooma Falls Boolamoola Lookout Boololagung Boomahla Cliffs Botan Creek Bower Bird Creek Boy-Ull Creek Boyds Butte Boyung Thugai Break Creek Bridal Veil Falls Bridge Creek Buchanans Fort Bundoomba Creek Bunyip Falls Burleigh Head Burleigh Head National Park Burleigh Lake Burns Creek Burraboomba Falls Burrajum Creek Burrajum Falls Burrawang Lookout Caboolya Falls Cainbable Creek Camp Creek Canungra Creek East Branch Canungra Creek West Branch Canungra Range Canyon Lookout Castle Crag Cave Creek Chakoonya Lookout Chalahn Falls Charraboomba Creek Charraboomba Rock Chigigunya Falls Chiminya Creek Chiminya Falls Christmas Creek North Branch Christmas Creek South Branch Chungaragool Cave Cominan Cominan Lookout Cooginbano Lookout Coolbunbin Creek Coomera Falls Coomera Gorge Mount Cougal East Peak Mount Cougal West Peak Crane Creek Currumbin Creek Currumbin Point Currumbin Rock Joonbeelba Falls Cypress Gardens Dacelo Lookout Daniels Creek Darraboola Creek Darragumai Falls Darrayabroo Lookout Daves Creek Devils Elbow Dragoon Bird Creek Duck Creek Dunlops Drain Dwandarra Falls Echo Falls Echo Point Ee-Jung Creek Eerigingboola Falls Kurraragin Elabana Falls Elephant Rock Emerald Falls England Creek Fairview Mountain Fern Tree Gully Ferntree Flat Rock Flat Rock Creek Florida Gardens Flying Fox Creek Fountain Falls Mount Gannon Gap Creek Garden of Eden Garragoolba Lookout Giants Garden Giants Stairway Gilston Gogindara Falls Goodings Corner Goomagoroo Cave Goomoolahra Lookout Goondaree Falls Goongoomoonee Cave Gooramala Creek Goorawa Falls Goorinya Cascades Gooroolba Falls Gorman Gorooburra Lookout Guraigumai Rock Gurrgungulli Falls Gwahlahla Creek Gwahlahla Falls Gwongarragong Falls Gwongondoolba Falls Gwongoorool Pool Gwongorbulli Falls Gwongorenda Falls Gwongurai Falls Hairpin Bend Hanging Garden Hell Hole Hillview Hobwee Creek Horseshoe Bluff House Creek Hunters Lookout Illinbah Clearing Ingleside Isle of Capri Jimbolongerri Cascades Jinbroken Range Joalah Lookout Joolbahla Creek Joolbahla Falls Jooyamoolya Cave Junimbabah Lookout Kadjagong Falls Kadjagooma Falls Kagoonya Falls Kalgamahla Falls Karoolgarool Creek Karrilya Falls Karrinbano Falls Keelaburra Creek Kerry Kerry Creek Killarney Falls Kingakinga Creek Koala Park Kong Gong Rock Konumboola Falls Koolanbilba Cave Koolanbilba Lookout Kooloonbano Lookout Koongalala Point Kuralboo Creek Kurraragin Valley Kweebani Cave Laheys Creek Laheys Lookout Lamington Falls Lamington Glen Lamington National Park Lamington Plateau Larapinta Falls Latimers Crossing Lightning Cascades Lightning Creek Little Bally Mountain Little Clagiraba Creek Little Nerang Creek Little Nerang Creek East Branch Little Nerang Creek West Branch Little Nerang Dam Little Tallebudgera Creek Little Widgee Mountain Karreeba Falls Lukes Bluff Macrozamia Grove Mount Mahomet Main Drain Creek Mallawa Maybury Creek McPherson Range Meebunnba Lookout Merino Lookout Mermaid Beach Miami Lake Milleribah Lookout Millerigong Falls Mimigoginya Cave Minjayla Falls Mirror Falls Moana Moffat Crossing Molongolee Cave Moolamba Moolgoolong Cascades Moonjooroora Creek Moonjooroora Lookout Moonlight Crag Mooyumbin Creek Morans Creek Morans Falls Mount Cougal Creek Mudgeeraba Mudgeeraba Creek Mudgeeraba Gully Mundora Creek Nagarigoon Falls Nahnangboola Falls Mount Nathan Neerigomindalala Falls Neglected Mountain Neubani Rocks Ngarri-Dhum Falls Nimmel Range Mount Nimmel Nitz Crossing Nixon Creek Nixons Crossing Nobby Beach Noowongbill Lookout Noringalala Creek Noringalala Falls Noringalala Lookout North Nobby Nugurun Falls Numinbah Lookout Numinbah Forest Reserve Nungulba Nyahjung Rock Nyamulli Lookout Nyoongai Lookout Oaky Creek Orchid Bower Oyster Creek Pages Pinnacle Palm Falls Paradise Island Pat Bluf Pats Bluff Pelican Lake Petsch Creek Piccabeen Creek Picnic Creek Picnic Rock Pigeon Creek Piggabeen Crossing Place Pine Creek Pine Lake Poojabinya Falls Poondahra Falls Poonyahra Falls Price Creek Purling Brook Purling Brook Falls Purragulli Creek Pyramid Creek Pyramid Rock Raining Cliff Tinninaba Falls Mount Razorback Reads Falls Red Rock Cutting Red Rock Falls Reedy Creek Rialto Ridgetop Rifle Bird Creek Rio Vista Roberts Mount Roberts Rocky Creek Rudder Lookout Running Creek North Branch Running Creek South Branch Rush Creek Rush Creek Falls Salmons Saddle Saltwater Creek Sarabah Sarabah Range Ships Stern Silver Falls Sorrento South Nobby Nicoll Scrub National Park Spring Creek Stairway Falls Stephens Swamp Stockyard Creek Stockyard Creek Falls Surprise Rock Mount Tabragalba Tallai Range Tallaringa Lookout Tallebudgera Tallebudgera Creek Tallebudgera Creek Dam Tallebudgera Mountain Tamarramai Falls Tenduragan The Canyon The Pinnacle The Summit The West Canungra Falls Mount Thillinmam Throakban Thunder Cascades Thunder Falls Tonys Creek Toolona Cascades Toolona Creek Toolona Falls Toolona Gorge Toolona Lookout Toombinya Falls Triple Falls Tristania Creek Tugun Heights Tullawallal Lookout Tullerigumai Falls Turtle Rock Twin Falls Ungurungbano Falls Upper Hairpin Bend Wagawn Wajinya Falls Wallaby Creek Wangerriburra Lookout Wanungara Falls Wanungara Lookout Warples Hill Warumblebah Lookout Waterfall Creek Wedge Bluff Lookout West Burleigh Western Cliff Mount Westray White Caves Widgee Creek Mount Widgee Wild Cattle Creek Wingboola Falls Witheren Mount Witheren Woggunba Valley Wojigumai Creek Wongaree Falls Woodgee Worongary Creek Wullo-Eerie Wunburra Range Mount Wunburra Yabbraboola Falls Yaborogura Lookout Yalbaroo Yalnungala Falls Yanbacoochie Falls Yangahla Lookout Yargabullang Lookout Yargorui Cave Yarrabilgong Creek Yathgalingong Falls Yerralahla Pool Yilgahn Falls Girung Island Miami Keys Currumbin Hill Conservation Park Fleays Conservation Park Rosins Lookout Conservation Park Sarabah National Park Springbrook National Park Tallebudgera Creek Conservation Park Tomewin Conservation Park O'Reillys Plateau Cavell Creek Guragunbah Burleigh Knoll Conservation Park Fleays Wildlife Park Conservation Park Kurrawa Beach Surfers Paradise Beach Broadbeach Miami Beach Burleigh Beach Tallebudgera Beach Pacific Beach Palm Beach Currumbin Beach Tugun Beach Austinville Forest Reserve 1 Austinville Forest Reserve 2 Austinville Forest Reserve 3 Clagiraba Forest Reserve Springbrook Forest Reserve Bunyip Brook Numinbah State Forest Cainbable Biby Creek Annabel Creek Canungra Conservation Park Binna Burra Darlington Ferny Glen Flying Fox Illinbah Lamington Mount Gipps O'Reilly Southern Lamington Bujera Advancetown Austinville Benowa Bonogin Broadbeach Waters Bundall Burleigh Heads Burleigh Waters Carrara Clear Island Waters Currumbin Currumbin Valley Currumbin Waters Elanora Highland Park Lower Beechmont Mermaid Waters Merrimac Miami Natural Bridge Neranwood Numinbah Valley Robina Surfers Paradise Tallai Tallebudgera Valley Tugun Varsity Lakes Worongary Tabragalba Station City of Gold Coast Nerang River Nindoimba Station Nerang Creek North Burleigh Mount Wilkereen Darlington Range Little Burleigh Upper Mudgeeraba Burleigh Tallebugera Creek Tollebuggera River Big Burleigh Tony Creek Upper Nerang Salmonds Saddle Coolangatta Mount Woodgee Blue Creek Falls Egg Rock McConnell Falls Terranora Broadwater Pyramid Rock Creek Pine Canyon Fairview Plantations Upper Tallebudgera Dog Bay Birds Bay Bingham Bay Right Branch Albert River Left Branch Albert River Hardys Falls Canyon Hostel Canyon Creek Bilboro Falls Kennedy Lookout Rudders Lookout Ladder Down Cliff Bilboroughs Lookout Gorge Falls MacPherson Range Stotts Creek Stotts Channel McLeods Creek Brooks Farm Pipe Clay Creek Dung Creek Hopping Dick Creek Hillview Farm Doughboy Mountain Elm Pine Oak Bank Pumpenbill Karrumbyn Creek Stoker Rollands Creek Tom OConnors Reserve Pelican Creek The Point The Bar Mountain Graveyard Creek Blue Knob Blue Nob