Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

TAS 7914

TAS 7914 - Pieman

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This Topographic Map is produced by the Department of Primary Industries, part of the Tasmanian Government.

These maps are an important resource for Government, industry, and the public. They are used for environmental and emergency management, farm planning and mineral exploration. They are also popular for recreational users such as bushwalkers, mountain bike and horse riders.

The PDF version of this can be printed at home or sent to a professional printer for a 100% scale reproduction.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Locations within this Map

Zeehan Adelaide Mine Creek Agnew Creek Ahearne Creek Ahrberg Hill Alfred River Almora Creek Amber Creek Amelia Hill Amy Creek Argent Dam Argent River Argent Tunnel Dreadnought Hill Duck Creek Duffer Creek Dundas Dundas River Dunkley Creek East Trail Creek Eden Creek Eden Siding Austral Austral Creek Austral Siding Avon Creek Aylett Creek Badger Plains Badger River Baker Creek Barnes Creek Barnett Creek Bather Creek Battys Bend Bealey Creek Berkery Creek Bernafai Ridge Bernafai Ridge Conservation Area Berry Creek Betts Creek Big Ben Creek Big Duffer Creek Big Rocky Creek Biscuit Creek Black Hill Blackguards Hill Bluestone Creek Bobs Gut Bookers Creek Bounds Creek Bowry Creek Bracken Creek Breakneck Creek Bridge Creek Brooklyn Creek Brookside Creek Brothers Creek Brown Plains Brown Plains Creek Bullocks Head Cannonball Bay Carbine Hill Carpenter Creek Castles Creek Castray River Cataract Creek Chevron Creek Chromite Creek Climie Creek Club Foot Creek Colebrook Creek Colebrook Hill Colemans Creek Comet Creek Commonwealth Hill Comstock Comstock Creek Concert Creek Confidence Saddle Conliffe Creek Contact Creek Contiguous Creek Corinna Corinna Creek Coundon Creek Crimson Creek Crotty Ridge Crotty Ridge Regional Reserve Cruncher Creek Cumberland Creek Cumberland Falls Cumberland Hill Cumberland Lake Cuni Creek Dawes Gut Deadman Creek Delville Creek Delville Saddle Destination Creek Doctors Creek Dolcoath Creek Donaldson Landing Donaldson River Donnelly Creek Donnellys Crossing Donnellys Lookout Doodie Creek Eight Mile Creek Eileen Joyce Reserve Elizabeth Ridge Ernies Hill Eureka Creek Ewart Creek Exe Creek Falconer Creek Farrell Rivulet Federation Mine Creek Fen Creek Fernfields Creek Finlay Creek Fitzroy Falls Fogarty Creek Ford Creek Foster Creek Fowler Creek Frazer Creek Frazer Falls Frenchman Creek Granite Creek Granville Harbour Great Northern Creek Grieve Siding Gap Creek Gap Peak Godkin Spur Gold Creek Goodall Creek Gormanston Creek Gould Creek Gourlays Creek Graham Creek Guthrie Creek Hades Ridge Hall Rivulet Hangmans Creek Harman Falls Harman River Healy Creek Heazlewood River Heemskirk Falls Heemskirk River Henty Glacial Erratics State Re ... Henty Moraine Higgins Creek Hill Creek Holland Creek Humphries Creek Huskisson Bridge Huskisson River Interview Pinnacle Interview River Isaacson Creek Jansen Creek Jarman Creek John Lynch Creek Johnson Creek Josephine Creek Judith Creek Kapi Creek Keegan Creek Keel Ridge Keenan Creek Kelly Creek Kershaw Creek King Creek King Hill Kosminski Hill Kynance Creek Ladlee Creek Lake Pieman Lather Creek Lefroy Ridge Leslie Station Creek Limestone Creek Little Castray River Little Henty River Little Hunter Creek Little Wilson River Loftus Hills Memorial Reserve Lone Hill Creek Long Plains Longback Longback Creek Loughnan Creek Lovers Corner Lovers Falls Lucy Creek Luke Creek Lynch Hill Main Rivulet Mametz Ridge Manganese Hill Mariposa Creek McArthur Creek McGuinness Gut McIvor Hill McKimmie Creek McLean Creek McLean Falls Melba Creek Melba Flats Melba Siding Meredith Range Meredith Range Regional Reserve Merton Creek Merton Hill Middle Crossing Middleton Creek Minors Creek Misery Hill Misty Valley Montagu Creek Montana Creek Montana Flats Montana Hill Montezuma Creek Montezuma Falls Moor Creek Moores Pimple Mount Agnew Mount Donaldson Mount Dundas Mount Dundas Regional Reserve Mount Heemskirk Mount Heemskirk Regional Reserve Mount Lindsay Mount Livingstone Mount Meredith Mount Ramsay Mount Razorback Mount Stewart Mount Sunday Mount Youngbuck Mount Zeehan Munro Creek Nancy Creek Nevada Creek News Creek Nichols Creek Nike Creek Nine Mile Creek Nolan Creek None Such Creek North East Dundas Tramway North Heemskirk Spur Northridge Creek Obsidian Creek Oceana Oceana Siding Oonah Hill Ophir Creek Osmiridium Creek Owen Meredith River Packers Creek Palmer Creek Paradise Creek Paradise River Paradox Creek Parsons Hood Parting Creek Parting Creek Lake Parting Creek Regional Reserve Pea Soup Creek Penzance Creek Pine Hill Piney Creek Porphyry Creek Post Office Creek Powell Siding Professor Creek Professor Range Pryde Creek Pulpit Rock Pyramid Creek Queen Hill Rawlinson Falls Rayna Rayna Flats Reece Dam Renison Bell Renison Bell Conservation Area Renison Bell Creek Renison Bell Hill Riley Creek Riley Knob Ring River Ringville Robbie Creek Roberts Creek Rocky Creek Rocky Hood Creek Rocky River Rosebery Golf Course Ross Creek Sailor Creek Salmons Creek Sandstone Creek Savage Creek Savage River Scotts Creek Serpentine Hill Serpentine Ridge Severn Creek Shampoo Creek Shell Creek Silver Bell Siding Silver Lead Creek Sligo Creek Smoko Creek South Comet Creek South East Creek South Gap Creek Spray Ridge St Clair Creek St Clair Falls St Dizier Creek Stanley River Stanley River Bridge Star Creek Stebbins Hill Stewart Creek Stichtite Creek Stingray Bay Stingray Beach Stonehenge Creek Stringer Creek Success Creek Sunday Creek Surprise Creek Svengali Falls Sweeney Creek Tandy Creek Tasman River Three Mile Creek Tikkawoppa Plateau Tillite Creek Timbs Creek Tin Creek Tipperary Creek Tobin Creek Tom Creek Townsends Creek Trail Creek Trial Harbour Trial Harbour State Reserve Trinder Creek Truscott Creek Tuckers Creek Tulloch Creek Tunnelrace Creek Twelve Mile Creek Upper Heemskirk Falls Wakefield Creek Walsh Creek Watsons Creek Webbs Creek Webster Hill Websterite Hill West Coast West Plain Westcott Hill Western Hills Western Rivulet Westerway Creek Whaleback Lookout Whaleback Ridge Wheel Bay White Creek White Pine Creek White Spur White Spur Creek Whyte River Williamsford Wilson Bridge Wilson River Wilsons Point Wombat Flat Woodland Creek Yanns Reach Yellow Creek Yellow Creek State Reserve Yellowband Plain Zeehan Golf Course Zeehan Rivulet Argent Reservoir Argent River Bridge Badger River Bridge Badger River Forest Reserve Croydon Island Donnellys Hill Dundas Rivulet Bridge Emu Bay Line Ewart Creek Bridge Farrell Rivulet Bridge Firewood Siding Five Mile Grays Creek Guthrie Creek Bridge Heemskirk River Bridge Hells Gates Henty Glacial Moraine State Reserve Huskisson River Forest Reserve John Lynch Forest Reserve Lake Pieman Forest Reserve Leading Spur Leslie Station Creek Bridge Little Duffer Creek Little Henty River Bridge Little Plain Malua Creek McCaveston Creek Middleton Creek Bridge Mine Road Bridge Mount Merton Nelsons Point North Camp Hill Pieman Power Station Piney Creek Bridge Pyramid Creek Bridge Red Lead Mine Remine Ring River Bridge Savage River Bridge South Camp Hill Sydney Tom Creek Tasman River Bridge Wilson Creek Woods Dam Zeehan Airstrip Zeehan Rivulet Bridge Longback Range Main Creek Pine Creek Yellowband Creek Mount Livingston Meredith River Marionoak River Donollys Lookout Trial Boat Harbour Dundas Rivulet Farrel Rivulet Powells Siding Firewood Eden Greive Siding Grieves Siding Professor Mountain Henty Glacial Erratics State Reserve Fowlers Siding Fowlers