Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

TAS 8013

TAS 8013 - Franklin

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This Topographic Map is produced by the Department of Primary Industries, part of the Tasmanian Government.

These maps are an important resource for Government, industry, and the public. They are used for environmental and emergency management, farm planning and mineral exploration. They are also popular for recreational users such as bushwalkers, mountain bike and horse riders.

The PDF version of this can be printed at home or sent to a professional printer for a 100% scale reproduction.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Locations within this Map

Queenstown Baxter Rivulet Abel Peak Acheron River Adam Range Adelaide River Agglomerate Hill Allans Creek Alma River Andrew Divide Andrew River Double Barrel Creek Eagle Creek East Darwin Cirque East Jukes Peak East Jukes Spur East Queen River Artichoke Valley Artist Hill Askance Creek Bacon Creek Bagota Falls Balaclava River Banshee Creek Barbara Creek Barbers Pole Barnes Rivulet Barron Pass Bests Rivulet Big Pebbly Beach Bills Creek Bird River Black Forest Blushrock Falls Bradshaw Bridge Briggs Bluff Brisbanes Bay Brook Of Inveraestra Brook Of Investra Bubs Hill Bull Rivulet Burrows Creek Calder Ferry Calder Pass Camp Hill Canyon Creek Cape Horn Spur Carbonate Creek Cardia Cave Cardigan Flats Cardigan River Cataract Tier Cemetery Creek Central Peak Chamouni Valley Charcoal Burners Bluff Charlies Creek Christina Brook Christmas Rock Clark Cirque Clark River Clayton Creek Cliff Spur Clytemnestra Collingwood Plain Collingwood Range Collingwood River Comstock Valley Conglomerate Creek Conglomerate Peak Cool Creek Cooneys Creek Coruscades Counsel Pass Cracroft Hills Crotty Crotty Conservation Area Crotty Dam Crotty River Crown Hill Crown Spur Dacrydium Creek Dalys Rivulet Dante Rivulet Dardus Creek Darwin x Darwin Crater Darwin Dam Darwin Plateau Daverns Cavern Davies Hill Deception Range Del Creek Deliverance Reach Detention Corner Diamond Creek Diamond Hill Diorite Creek Donaghys Hill Eldon River Eleanor Ferry Elliot Range Engineer Range Enkidu Gorge Eva Creek Expectation Reach Farm Cove Game Reserve First Gorge Fish Creek Five Duck Tarn Flannigans Creek Flannigans Flat Flat Bluff Flat Island Flat Top Hill Forester Creek Fouscha Creek Franklin Cave Franklin Hills Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers Nat ... Frenchmans Cap Great Ravine Garfield Cirque Garfield River Gaylard Rapids Gilgamesh Gorge Glen Calder Glover Creek Glow Worm Forest Goodwins Creek Goodwins Peak Gordon Lagoon Gordon River Gormanston Goulds Sugarloaf Governor River Grubbys Point Guilfoyle Creek Gum Ridge Guy Fawkes Creek Harpers Hill Harveys Creek Hawkins Blaze Hazel Creek Horseshoe Bend Horsetail Falls Howard Plains Humbaba Gorge Idaho Creek Inception Reach Inkerman River Intercolonial Spur Interlude Creek Irenabyss Iron Blow Jane River Jetty Lake John Butters Power Station Joyce Creek Jukes Range Junction Peak Karlsons Gap Kathleen Sound Kelly Basin Kelly Hill Keratophyre Knob Lachlan Valley Lake Adam Lake Beatrice Lake Burbury Lake Cecily Lake Fidler Lake Gertrude Lake Gwendolen Lake Jukes Cirque Lake Magdalen Lake Margaret Lake Marilyn Lake Millicent Lake Morrison Lake Nancy Lake Sophie Lake Tahune Lake Vera Lake Whitham Langdon River Last Hill Lennox Creek Leslie Creek Lightning Plains Limekiln Reach Linda Linda Creek Lions Head Little Eagle Creek Little Eldons Little Owen Little Sugarloaf Livingston Cut Livingston Gorge Livingston Rivulet Loddon Plains Loddon River Long Marsh Looker River Lower Lake Jukes Lucan River Lugra Cave Lyell Comstock Creek Lynch Creek Lynchford Main Jukes Cirque Mannigans Inlet Marble Bluff Mary Creek Mary Creek Plain Maud Creek McCall Crossing McCusick Creek Mica Creek Milligan Falls Miners Ridge Moore Creek Mount Alma Mount Darwin Mount Emma Mount Fincham Mount Huxley Mount Jukes Mount Llewellyn Mount Lyell Mount Lyne Mount Madge Mount Mary Mount Maud Mount McCall Mount McCutcheon Mount Mullens Mount Norway Mount Owen Mount Owen Creek Mount Propsting Mount Seal Mount Sedgwick Mount Sorell Mount Strahan Mousehole Myrtle Creek Nasty Notch Nelson Creek Nelson Falls Nelson River Nelson Valley Ness Creek New Year Valley Newall Creek Newall Spur Newland Cascades Nicholls River Nicoles Needle Nora River North Col North Owen Peak Norway Creek Norway Range O'Boyles Sugarloaf Oriel Rock Owen Spur Patons River Payaleena Cave Peak Creek Penghana Hill Philosophers Ridge Philps Creek Philps Lead Philps Peak Pickaxe Ridge Picnic Point Pig Trough Pigeon House Hill Pigtrough Creek Pillinger Pine Knob Pine Landing Pine Point Plain of the Mists Preston Street Reserve Prince Rivulet Princess Creek Princess River Princess River Conservation Area Proina Cave Proprietary Peak Propsting Gorge Pudding Bowl Gorge Punt Hill Purgatory Creek Purgatory Gap Pyramid Mountain Pyramid Peak Que River Queen River Queenstown Aerodrome Queenstown Golf Course Queenstown Regional Reserve Rafters Basin Raglan Creek Raglan Range Razorback Spur Redan Hill Reservoir Creek Ridge Creek River Peak North River Peak South Roaring Meg Creek Rock Island Bend Rocky Hill Rose Creek Royle Creek Rumney Creek Scarlett Creek Scorpion Creek Scotchfire Creek Sea Reach Sedgwick Bluff Serenity Reach Sharlands Peak Shower Cliff Slate Spur Smelter Creek Snake Creek Snake Peak Snake Spur South Darwin Cirque South Darwin Peak South Eldon River South Jukes Peak South Jukes Spur South Loddon River South Queenstown Specimen Creek Spence River St Leger Point Staff Hill Stannard Flats Stonehaven Creek Sulphide Creek Sumpters Peak Surveyor Range Swan Creek Ten Mile Hill The Belfry The Biscuit The Cauldron The Churn The Crankle The Masterpiece The Sanctum The Witch Thirkells Creek Thomas Currie Rivulet Thunderush Thureau Hills Timms Eddy Tinkers Rock Tofft River Tonys Creek Township Creek Transcendence Reach Traveller Creek Tuan Gabby Flats Tunnel Cirque Upper Lake Jukes Valley Creek Vera Creek Vera Gorge Victoria Pass Wards Bluff Warnes Lookout Waterfall Creek Wattle Camp Creek West Coast Council West Coast Range West Coast Range Regional Reserve West Jukes Peak West Queen River Western Plains Whip Spur Whipsnake Creek White Hill Plain White Needle Whites Creek Wright River Wrights Bay Yellow Knob Yellow Knob Spur Yolande River Zig Zag Hill Banausic Gorge Big Gravelly Beach Bills Creek Bridge Brown Mountain Cardigan River Bridge Collingwood River Bridge Conglomerate Creek Bridge Crown Mine Frenchmans Cap National Park Gracile Falls Horseshoe Beach King River Picnic Ground Linda Creek Bridge Linda Falls Long Reach Middle Dump Mount Counsel Mount Lyell Mine Mount Owen Creek Bridge Nelson Creek Bridge Nelson River Bridge Nugents Bay Pearl Creek Bridge Princess Falls Queen River Bridge Raglan Creek Bridge Rock Slide Scarlett Creek Bridge Snake Creek Bridge The Dock The Lawn The Oversanctum Vale Of Mists Danube Creek Comstock Creek Pyramid Hill Coal Hill Lynchford Siding Bubbs Hill Raglan River Scarlet Creek Rinadeena Newell Creek Currie River Mount Hardy Artists Hill Mount Maude Allen Creek Canyon River The Gap Sharland Peak Middle Loddon River Mount Sorrell Frenchman Cap Mount Emmer Kelby Basin Deception Peak Farm Cove Lightening Plain Lightening Plains Craycroft Range Mount Elliott Spence Creek Spion Kop Barnes Creek Acheron Rivulet Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers Nature Reserve Able Peak Algonkian Rivulet Sorell River Sorrell River Elliott Range Goodwin Peak Mount Discovery Marble Cliffs Forester Rivulet Princess Rivulet