Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

TAS 8014

TAS 8014 - Sophia

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This Topographic Map is produced by the Department of Primary Industries, part of the Tasmanian Government.

These maps are an important resource for Government, industry, and the public. They are used for environmental and emergency management, farm planning and mineral exploration. They are also popular for recreational users such as bushwalkers, mountain bike and horse riders.

The PDF version of this can be printed at home or sent to a professional printer for a 100% scale reproduction.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Locations within this Map

Waldheim Rosebery Tullah Achilles River African Marsh Alexandra Hills Alexandra Pass Animal Creek Anio Creek Anthony Dam Anthony Levee Anthony River Arnold Peak Dove Lake Dove River Conservation Area Eagle Hill Artillery Knob Artists Pool Back Peak Backwater Creek Baker Creek Ballroom Forest Barite Creek Barites Creek Barker Creek Barn Bluff Basin Lake Bastyan Dam Belvoir Lookout Benson Peak Bifros Creek Black Bluff Nature Recreation Area Black Bluff Range Black Bog Creek Bluff Cirque Bluff River Bobadil Creek Bobadil Plain Boco Creek Boco Inlet Boco Siding Bonds Hill Bonds Plains Bonds Range Bookers Creek Boulder Hill Branigan Falls Brewery Creek Brewery Knob Brougham Inlet Brougham River Bruce Creek Bulgobac Bulgobac Hill Bulgobac River Burns Peak Burns Pinnacles Butlers Beach Buttress Hill Camel Marsh Canning Peak Carruthers Creek Carter Tarn Castle Mountain Cattley Creek Cattley Plain Caverneers Creek Central Creek Chalmers Creek Chamberlain Creek Chasm Creek Chester Bridge Chester Dam Chester Inlet Chester Rivulet Chrisp Creek Christmas Creek Clark Creek Commonwealth Creek Conliffe Creek Connells Lookout Copper Knob Courtney Hill Cradle Cirque Cradle Mountain Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair N ... Cradle Plateau Cradle Valley Crater Creek Crater Falls Crater Lake Crater Peak Curran Creek Dalmeny Creek Devils Ravine Dobson Creek Dome Creek Dome Hill Eldon Bluff Eldon Peak Eldon Range Eldon River Etchells Creek Fagus Creek Fall River Farm Creek Farm Inlet Farquhar Lookout Farrell Farrell Creek Farrell Shore Feral Creek First Of May Plain Five Duck Tarn Fleece Creek Flynns Tarn Foam Creek Fooks Creek Fourways Frog Flats Fossil Hill Granite Tor Granite Tor Conservation Area Grasstree Creek Grassy Lake Fury Divide Fury Flats Fury Gorge Fury River Fysh Creek George Creek Glacier Rock Glacier Valley Gooseneck Hill Hamilton Moraine Hanging Rock Hansons Peak Harris Creek Hartnett Rivulet Hatfield Plain Hatfield River Hatfield Siding Hay Creek Heap Of Rocks Henry Bay Henry Creek Henty Canal Henty Dam Hidden Lake High Dome High Tor Hollway Rivulet Honeymoon Islands Hounslow Heath Huetts Bay Huntley Lookout Inglis Creek Innes Falls Ives Creek James Creek Johnston Creek Jones Creek Josephine Creek Julia Creek Julia Peak Karlsons Knob Kathleens Pool Kitchen Creek Knole Plain Knyvet Falls Koonya Creek Lake Adam Lake Agnew Lake Andrews Lake Apollos Lake Barnabas Lake Beatrice Lake Beatrice Conservation Area Lake Carruthers Lake Curran Lake Dora Lake Dorothy Lake Ellen Lake Ewart Lake Gaye Lake Hanson Lake Henty Lake Herbert Lake Holmes Lake Huntley Lake James Lake Johnston Lake Johnston Nature Reserve Lake Julia Lake Langdon Lake Lea Lake Lilla Lake Louise Lake MacKintosh Lake Magdala Lake Malcolm Lake Margaret Lake Mark Lake Martha Lake Mary Lake Matthew Lake McRae Lake Monica Lake Murchison Lake Myra Lake Newton Lake Patrick Lake Paul Lake Peter Lake Philip Lake Plimsoll Lake Polycarp Lake Rodway Lake Rolleston Lake Rosebery Lake Sandra Lake Scott Lake Selina Lake Spicer Lake Tyndall Lake Westwood Lake Wilks Lake Will Lake Windermere Langdon Creek Langdon Dam Langdon River Learys Corner Leonards Tarn Leslie Creek Lilla Creek Lindon Tarns Liol Creek Little Farrell Little Horn Little Plateau Little Sister Lukes Knob Lukes Knob Regional Reserve Lunch Creek Mackintosh Bridge MacKintosh Creek MacKintosh Dam MacKintosh Gorge Macs Mountain Margaret Dam Marigold Creek Marigold Valley Marionoak River Marions Lookout Marsden Creek Maxfield Tarn McKimmie Creek Michael Tarn Middlesex Middlesex Plains Monds Ridge Moory Mount Mount Achilles Mount Beecroft Mount Black Mount Block Mount Campbell Mount Cattley Mount Charter Mount Cripps Mount Cyril Mount Emmett Mount Farrell Mount Farrell Regional Reserve Mount Geikie Mount Hamilton Mount Inglis Mount Julia Mount Kate Mount Kershaw Mount Murchison Mount Murchison Regional Reserve Mount Nereus Mount Pearse Mount Pelion West Mount Proteus Mount Read Mount Remus Mount Romulus Mount Sale Mount Sedgwick Mount Selina Mount Swallow Mount Thetis Mount Tyndall Mountain Creek Moxon Peak Moxon Saddle Moyle Rock Munro Creek Murchison Bridge Murchison Dam Murchison Gorge Murchison River Murrays Plain Natone Creek Nectar Lakes Netherby Creek Netherby Plain Newton Creek Newton Dam Newton Peak Niche Lake Nightmare Gully North End Creek Octopus Marsh Olivia Plain Paddys Nut Painter Plain Pandani Creek Pandani Grove Pearsefield Pelion Creek Pencil Pine Pencil Pine Bluff Pencil Pine Cascades Pencil Pine Creek Pencil Pine Falls Perrins Bluff Perrys Peak Pickford Tarn Pieman Bridge Pine Forest Moor Plateau Creek Poets Hill Primrose Prospect Mountain Quailes Hill Quarry Bay Quartzite Tor Queens Head Quinn Creek Racecourse Plain Razorback Falls Recondite Knob Red Hills Red Hills Creek Return Ridge Reynolds Falls Reynolds Falls Nature Recreatio ... Rifle Creek Riggs Pass River Forth Robbie Burns Creek Robert Creek Rocky Mountain Rocky Sugarloaf Roderick Creek Rodway Creek Romney Marsh Romulus Pup Ronny Creek Rosebery Creek Rosebery Regional Reserve Rosebery Station Saddle Creek Saddle Lake Salisbury Creek Sawmill Creek Schist Creek Scotts Creek Shaded Creek Shaded Lake Shrouded Lake Silver Falls Skyline Knoll Slip Creek Smithies Peak Smiths Creek Snake Gully Snake Hill Snake Island Snaky Creek Soldiers Creek Solo Tarn Sophia Peak Sophia River Sophia Tunnel South Farrell South Hatfield Southwell Peak Southwell River Speeler Creek Speeler Plains Spotswood Creek Sterling Inlet Sterling River Sterling Saddle Sticht Range Stitt Falls Stitt River Strongs Creek Stylolite Creek Sumer Spur Sunshine Creek Surprise Creek Surrey Hills Suttons Creek Suttons Forest Suttons Tarn Swallow Bay Swallow Creek Symphony Lake Talune Creek Tam O'Shanter Lake Ten Mile Creek The Amphitheatre The Bastion The Chin The Sharks Fin Thrush Forest Tipperary Creek Tomahawk Falls Tramway Creek Truganini Point Tullibardine Creek Tullibardine Dam Tumbledown Falls Tumbling Creek Tunnel End Twisted Lakes Tyndall Creek Tyndall Range Tyndall Regional Reserve Unconformity Ridge Upper May Plain Vale Of Belvoir Vale River Varnished Gum Hill Victoria Peak Walford Peak Wallace River Waterfall Valley Wee Georgie Lookout Weindorfers Forest Weindorfers Tower Westcott Hill White Hawk Creek White Spur White Spur Canal White Spur Dam White Spur Lake Whitecliff Hills Whitham Bluff Whitham Falls Williamsford Wombat Peak Wombat Pool Yawning Gully Animal Creek Bridge Australia Day Hill Bald Hill Bald Hills Bastyan Power Station Black Bog Black Bog Hill Black Bullock Hill Boco Creek Forest Reserve Bonds Sugarloaf Bulgobac River Bridge Bullock Hill Burns Peak Forest Reserve Camp Creek Central Creek Bridge Chester Siding Coldstream Rivulet Connells Creek Cradle Mountain Tour Road Bridge Cradle View Plain Dantes Inferno Fall Plain Farm Creek Bridge Farrell Tramway Fergusson Creek Fookes Creek Bridge Fosseys Clearing Frypan Creek Fysh Creek Bridge Grahams Knob Green Bluff Ground Glass Plain Hatfield River Bridge Hatfield River Forest Reserve Hercules Mine Iris Plain Iris River Bridge John Lynch Forest Reserve Lake Bull Lilla Creek Bridge Long Plateau Mackintosh Forest Reserve MacKintosh Power Station Maryland Montgomery Moutonnees Mount Brooker Mount Hartnett Mount Kershaw Forest Reserve Mount Misery Mount Sumer Murchison Highway Bridge Murchison River Bridge New Access Tier Observation Spur Pencil Pine Creek Bridge Profile Lake Pub Hill Que River Bridge Que River Mine Rifle Range Plain Rodway Peak Ronny Creek Bridge Sawmill Creek Forest Reserve Smithies Creek Smithies Range Smithies Tomb Soldiers Creek Bridge Station Creek Sterling River Bridge Stitt River Bridge Stony Creek Sunshine Plain The Dump Tramway Creek Bridge Twin Creeks Upper Iris River Bridge Vale of Belvoir Conservation Area Vale River Gorge Vinegar Hill Ward Pinnacle Watson Creek White Grass Plain Moorey Mountain Moory Mountain Bond Peak Mayday Mountain Belvoir River Vale of Belvoir River Reynolds Falls Nature Recreation Area Ramsay River Que River Coldstream River Bulgobac Creek Lake Hansen Mount Chester Farrell Junction Stirling River Mackintosh River Ring River Cradle Mountain-Lake Saint Clair National Park Anthony Creek Canning River Canning Creek Tam OShanter Lake