Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

TAS 8211

TAS 8211 - Huon

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This Topographic Map is produced by the Department of Primary Industries, part of the Tasmanian Government.

These maps are an important resource for Government, industry, and the public. They are used for environmental and emergency management, farm planning and mineral exploration. They are also popular for recreational users such as bushwalkers, mountain bike and horse riders.

The PDF version of this can be printed at home or sent to a professional printer for a 100% scale reproduction.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Locations within this Map

Geeveston Glen Huon Port Huon Abrotanella Rise Adamsons Falls Adamsons Peak Agate Creek Agnetes Garden Alexanders Spur Alexandra Shelf Anderson Bluff Arndell Falls Doodys Hill Dover Golf Course Dover Rivulet Echo Island Eddy Creek Arthur Tarn Arve Falls Arve Ford Arve Plains Arve River Ashlin Hill Bald Saddle Bald Top Baldy Ridge Barn Back Bates Creek Beattie Cave Bee Tree Hill Bermuda Hill Bernard Spur Bewsher Saddle Big Lagoon Beach Billy Creek Birds Plain Blackfish Creek Blackslate Creek Blackus Creek Blakes Opening Blanche Rock Blandfordia Ridge Blue Gum Hill Blue Gum Saddle Blue Hill Bobs Knobs Bovril Creek Brabazon Point Bracken Ridge Bradys Hill Bream Bay Bullock Point Burgess Bluff Burgess Creek Burned Top Burns Hill Burying Ground Point Cairns Bay Cairns Bay Conservation Area Camels Back Castle Forbes Bay Castle Forbes Rivulet Chale Bay Clarks Rivulet Clearwater Creek Coal Hill Codeine Creek Conways Ridge Cook Creek Cottons Creek Cow and Calf Cracroft Gorge Craggs Creek Creekton Falls Creekton Rivulet Crest Range Crib Hill Crookes Rivulet Crowthers Bay Crystal Creek Damper Cave Damper Creek Dawsons Creek Dawsons Spur Dawsons Steps Deephole Bay Denison Hill D'Entrecasteaux River Devils Backbone Dickensons Creek Dickensons Falls Donnellys Creek Elliott Beach Elusive Bluff Emily Tarn Erebus Esperance Narrows Esperance Narrows Conservation Area Esperance Peak Esperance Plain Esperance River Exit Cave Fairy Falls Farmhouse Creek Fitzpatricks Hill Fletchers Eddy Fletchers Plain Fleurtys Rivulet Flowergarden Hill Flowerpot Hill Foaming Creek Fools Ridge Fourfoot Plain Francistown Frog Flat Graves Point Green Top Griggs Creek Griggs Creek Conservation Area Fryingpan Creek Gallagher Plateau Garths Point Geeveston Golf Course George III Monument Historic Site George Third Rock Gibraltar Glassworm Tarn Glaziers Bay Gleichenia Bottom Gleichenia Creek Glendevie Glovers Bluff Glovers Plain Hadfields Creek Halfway Creek Hallams Plain Harrisons Creek Harrisons Opening Hartz Creek Hartz Lake Hartz Mountains Hartz Mountains National Park Hartz Pass Hartz Peak Harveys Creek Harveytown Hastings Hastings Bay Hastings Bay Conservation Area Hastings Caves Hastings Caves State Reserve Hawson Bank Haymans Creek Hays Hill Heriots Point Hewardia Ridge Hogs Back Hogsback Plain Honeywood Hill Hope Tarn Hopetoun Beach Hopetoun Plantation Hospital Bay Hospital Bay Conservation Area Hot Springs Creek Hudsons Point Huon Lawn Cemetery Huon Valley Council Hustling Creek Hynes Hill Ida Bay Ida Bay Caves Ida Bay Railway Ida Bay State Reserve Isabella Creek Jacksons Creek Jagers Bay James Bay Jarveys Bay Johns Creek Judbury Conservation Area Judds Hill Kameruka Moraine Keoghs Creek Keoghs Falls Keoghs Pimple Kermandie Kermandie Divide Kermandie Falls Kermandie Plain Kermandie River Killala Bay King Billy Saddle King George V Cave Kingfish Beach Kings Creek Knife Mountain Kroanna Creek Ladies Tarn Lake Burgess Lake Esperance Lake Mountain Lake Osborne Lake Ovoid Lake Perry Lake Picton Lake Riveaux Lake Sydney Lancaster Lead Lanes Hill Leaning Tea Tree Saddle Leithbridge Hill Lidgerwood Basin Lidgerwood Creek Lighthouse Rock Lightwood Creek Limestone Creek Little Denison River Little Flights Bay Little Hippo Lobster Lake Long Saddle Loop Hill Looranah Creek Lower Hartz Falls Lower Wattle Grove Lulworth Spur Lune Plain Lune River Lune Sugarloaf Major Honners Bay Malani Creek Mansfields Hill Manuka Creek Manuka Flat Many Falls Creek Marble Hill Martyns Point Maxwell Ridge McKays Spur McLeods Hill McPartlans Bluff Memorial Park Mesa Mesa Creek Mini Martin Moonlight Creek Moonlight Flats Moonlight Ridge Moores Bridge Moores Garden Mount Alexandra Mount Bisdee Mount Bobs Mount Chapman Mount Frederick Mount Hopetoun Mount La Perouse Mount Picton Mount Riveaux Mount Snowy Mount Victoria Cross Mount Weld Mount Wylly Muddy Bay Mystery Creek Mystery Creek Cave Narrows Road Nature Reserve Needwonee Creek New River Lagoon Newdegate Cave North Creek North Lake O'Hallorans Creek One Gum Creek Ooze Lake Owens Creek Pandani Knob Pattersons Creek Peak Rivulet Pear Hill Pebbly Beach Pelican Island Pelican Island Conservation Area Petcheys Bay Peuniak Cave Phillips Hill Picton River Pigsty Ponds Pillings Bay Pine Lake Pine Tree Saddle Pineapple Flat Piners Eddy Precipitous Bluff Prices Creek Pungalannar Pool Quetzalcoatl Conduit Rabbit Island Raminea Raminea Plains Razor Saddle Red Rag Scarp Reflection Creek Reservoir Lakes Reuben Falls Rileys Creek Rileys Creek Reservoir Ring Tail Hill Riseley Bay Riveaux Creek Riveaux Rapids Roaring Beach Roberts Bay Roberts River Rutherfords Creek Rymer Creek Salisbury River Salmonds Creek Salters Creek Sand Hill Sassafras Hill Satellite Lake Sawyers Hills Scotts Divide Scotts Rivulet Secomb Scarp Selfs Rivulet Settlement Creek She Oak Hills Shields Creek Shingle Hill Shingle Hill Creek Shipwrights Point Shoot Hill Slacks Point Smiths Creek South Cracroft River South Creek South Franklin South Picton Range Southport Southport Bluff Southport Island Southport Lagoon Southport Lagoon Camping Ground Southport Lagoon Conservation Area Southport Narrows Southport Rivulet Spion Kop Square Tarn Steanes Tarn Storm Hill Strathblane Strathblane Plain Strike Ridge Summers Creek Sunny Hills Surges Bay Surges Creek Surges Point Surrender Creek Swallows Nest Lakes Swearing Bobs Plain Swing Gate Creek Table Top Tahune Tahune Bridge Tahune Picnic Ground Taylors Ridge Teatree Creek Teatree Spur Tentfly Creek The Boomerang The Cockscomb The Hippo The Tongue Ti Tree Hill Tomalah Creek Toms Bottom Tongatabu Triangle Creek Trooper Point Trout Lake Truggara Creek Tylers Hill Upper Hartz Falls Vanishing Falls Wallaby Flat Walpole Walpoles Creek Waratah Lookout Warra Creek Waterloo Waterloo Bay Watsons Creek Wattle Grove Welcome Moraine Weld Plains Weld Ridge West Creek West Narrows Whale Point Whale Point Hill Willamette Creek Willies Saddle Wilsmicro Spur Winking Creek Wobbly Creek Wolf Hole Woolleys Hill Yoyo Spur Arve Loop Forest Reserve Arve Valley Bermuda Big Creek Black Creek Bog Hill Boney Hill Bowra Creek Bradley-Chesterman Cave Burn Creek Bust Me Gall Castle Forbes Bay Rivulet Bridge Catamaran Cirque Clarks Creek Cracroft Junction Cracroft Valley Creekton Rivulet Bridge Crown Hill Cutting Camp Denison D'Entrecasteaux Cirque Dover Rivulet Bridge Esperance Narrows East Nature R ... Esperance Narrows West Nature R ... Esperance River Bridge Esperance River Forest Reserve Fleurtys Bay Glen Huon Main Road Bridge Green Hill Hastings Caves Tour Road Bridge Higgins Creek Bridge Hill Four Hill One Hill Three Hill Two Hopetoun Hopetoun Forest Reserve Hot Springs Creek Bridge Jackson Creek Bridge Ken Hill Kermandie River Bridge La Perouse Valley Lune Cirque Lune Gorge Medial Moraine Paperbark Camp Peppermint Hill Picton Forest Plain Ridge Rileys Creek Bridge Rookwood Settlement Creek Bridge Shields Creek Bridge Smiths Rocky Eminence South Weld Forest Reserve Southport Rivulet Bridge Surges Creek Bridge Tahune Forest Reserve Teatree Hill The Springs Triangle Gully Weld Range Wheelbarrow Bay Judds Creek Judbury Weld River Flights Bay One Tree Point Esperance Narrows West Nature Reserve Esperance Narrows East Nature Reserve Hythe Echo Islet The Deep Hole Deep Hole South Port South Port Islet