Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map

TAS 8214

TAS 8214 - Meander

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This Topographic Map is produced by the Department of Primary Industries, part of the Tasmanian Government.

These maps are an important resource for Government, industry, and the public. They are used for environmental and emergency management, farm planning and mineral exploration. They are also popular for recreational users such as bushwalkers, mountain bike and horse riders.

The PDF version of this can be printed at home or sent to a professional printer for a 100% scale reproduction.

At this scale, 1cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately 54km by 54km, with a contour interval of 20m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Locations within this Map

Brooklyn Mt Pleasant Pleasant View Cheverton Wattle Bank Benellen Rich Inges Roxford Quamby Home Blackwood Vale Glenvista Meander Vale Summer Hill Eldon Rosedale Cliston Carbury Farm Lenna Macleay Mountain View Summer Hall Rosslyn Chester Sommerville Green Hills Drumreagh Greenmount Pleasant Vale Bonerbank Thornby Beresford Violet Banks Brookville Danville Mayfield Barunah Strathfield Fairville Ivylawn Quamby Sillwood Middle Plains Woodlands Calstock Retreat Parkvale St. Bees Red Hills Rupertswood Armidale Glenwood Forest Holm Glen Ress Ellura Quamby View Chatswood Glen Osma Sheene Exton House Leith Westfield Elgin Rose Bay Koorana Fairbank Aviemore Hazlebrae Belle-Vue West Leigh Berkley Fern Bank Sunney Banks Bramblewick Farm Black Hills Talina Willow Vale Allen Vale Melton Vale Glenburn Harwood Tier View Ruell Downs Berry Dale Gala Fermer Coraville Glenalan Rosaville Mount View Moreton Baneon Dairy Plains Bankton Blackwood Park Cluan Firhill Fairlea Valmont Kilburn Oaks Farm Kesma Vale Vron Mountleigh Kinvarra Oakdale Adelph House Stratheden Brookdene Pleasant Park Ponderosa Glenfield Stella Glen Little Mount Gaters Fairview Springburn Rockmount Hermitage The Montrose Inglewood Forest Farm Sunny Side Iveridge Mc Raes Hills Kopanica Lochiel Stonyfield Bluegong Canara Farm Creekton Palmerston Saundridge Glenvale Woodside Flat Top Bracknell Deloraine Westbury Doctors Point Miena Flintstone Hagley Adams Peak Alanvale Bay Allison Marshes Allsops Drain Archers Sugarloaf Armytage Rivulet Double Lagoon Downie Plains Drys Bluff Duck Point Duck Point Bay Dud Bay Duncansons Rivulet Dunning Rivulet Earleys Shore East Rocky Lagoon Echo Bridge Eden Rivulet Arthurs Lake Arthurs Levee Augusta Dam Augusta Levee Augusta Spillway Axfords Hill Back Creek Barren Plains Barretts Bridge Bastion Bluff Bastion Creek Bates Creek Battery Face Becketts Bay Becketts Creek Beefeater Hill Beehives Point Bengeo Bernacchi Bernes Paddocks Bertrams Island Billopp Bluff Billopp Creek Billy Quinns Gap Bishopsbourne Bishopsbourne Station Black Hills Creek Black Jack Hill Blackwood Creek Block Creek Block Marsh Bloomfield Creek Bluff Creek Bluff Marshes Bogan Gap Boggy Marsh Creek Boggy Marsh Sugarloaf Bonneys Creek Boundary Bay Bowerbank Roundabout Bowmans Creek Bradys Lookout Branching Marshes Brandum Brandum Bay Brandum Creek Brazendale Island Breona Breona Tier Breton Rivulet Brownie Bay Bruisers Lagoon Brumbys Creek Buchanan Creek Buffalo Creek Bull Lagoons Bullock Holes Bridge Bullock Holes Creek Burburys Creek Burburys Shore Burles Creek Burneys Island Burnies Creek Camerons Lagoon Camerons Opening Canal Bay Carrick Carter Lakes Carter Levee Cathcart Bluff Central Plateau Chalkeys Creek Chasm Falls Chester Rivulet Chittys Creek Christmas Bay Cider Park Bay Cider Park Creek Clarks Point Island Clarks Timber Cleft Rock Cleft Rock Falls Cluan Tiers Coalmine Creek Cobblers Creek Cobblers Hill Cormorant Point Cowpaddock Bay Cowpaddock Creek Cramps Cramps Bay Cramps Sugarloaf Creely Bay Cricket Pitch Shore Cubits Sugarloaf Cummings Head Dairy Creek Dampers Creek Dawson Hill Deep Creek Deep Lake Dell Creek Dells Bluff Deloraine Racecourse Deloraine Recreation Ground Den Tier Denmans Creek Devils Den Doctors Creek Dogger Bank Elephant Rock Elizabeth Bay Ellis Plains Elmers Creek Exton Fairy Glade State Reserve Fergus Bluff Fern Ridge First Bar Lake First Lagoon Fishermans Ditch Flemings Bay Flexmore Creek Flinty Rock Formosa Creek Four Bays Francombes Creek Fossey Mountains Grandpas Creek Grassy Bay Grassy Promenade Great Lake Great Lake Conservation Area Garcias Creek Gardners Ridge Gibsons Sugarloaf Gin Point Glenore Glovers Flat Golden Valley Grub Lake Gum Top Gunns Lake Gunns Marsh Haddens Bay Hagley Station Halfmoon Bay Halfmoon Creek Haulage Hill Havelock Falls Hawk Island Headlam Hill Helen Island Hoggs Lane Siding Homestead Hill Honor Falls Howells Bank Howells Creek Howells Neck Howells Neck Island Howes Lagoon Bay Humphreys Bridge Huntsman Rivulet Huntsman Saddle Hydro Bay Hydro Creek Ibbotts Rivulet Iguana Creek Jackeys Creek Jackeys Creek Private Nature Re ... Jackeys Marsh Jacobs Creek Jenkins Island Johnstones Peak Jonah Bay Jones Bay Jones Rivulet Jones Rivulet Conservation Area Jordans Creek Kangaroo Island Kentish Hill Kermodes Rivulet Lake Agnes Lake Booth Lake Botsford Lake Chipman Lake Dudley Lake Fergus Lake Kay Lake Paget Lake Run Creek Lawrence Creek Lawrence Plain Lawsons Corner Leith Knoll Leiths Creek Lemana Liawenee Liawenee Canal Liawenee Conservation Area Liawenee Moor Liffey Liffey Bluff Liffey Falls Liffey Falls State Reserve Liffey River Lily Ponds Little Lake Little Lake Bay Little Pine Gully Little Pine Lagoon Little Split Rock Lobster Falls Lonely Lake Long Ridge Lords Hill Creek Mackersey Head MacLanachans Island MacLanachans Point Island Magnetic Hills Magog McDowall Hill McIntyres Hole McRaes Hills Meander Meander Crag Meander Dam Meander Falls Meander Picnic Ground Meander Valley Council Mickeys Creek Middle Brandum Miena Dam Montana Montana Falls Mother Cummings Peak Mother Cummings Rivulet Mother Lords Plains Mount Blackwood Mount Patrick Mountain Vale Hill Muddy Bay Muddy Creek Murderers Hill Murfetts Creek Murphys Creek Myrtle Creek Myrtle Hole Native Hop Hill Needles Needles Ridge Neil Island Oaks O'Connors Corner One Tree Point Osmaston Oven Creek Pages Creek Passage Point Pats Saddle Paulys Hills Pearns Sugarloaf Pensioners Bush Phantom Bay Pig Creek Pine Hills Pine Lake Pine Rocks Pine Tree Rivulet Ploughed Rocks Marsh Poachers Creek Poatina Poatina Creek Poatina Golf Course Porters Bridge Projection Bluff Pumicestone Bridge Pumicestone Hill Pumicestone Ridge Pump House Bay Quamby Bluff Quamby Brook Quinns Creek Rainbow Point Rainbow Point Conservation Area Rats Castle Red Hill Reynolds Island Reynolds Neck Ritters Crag River Ouse Road Shore Rocky Point Rocky Point Conservation Area Roddas Hill Rollys Hill Rubicon River Sales Lake Sales Rivulet Salt Tin Creek Sandbanks Bay Sandbanks Creek Sandbanks Tier Sandlake Bay Scotch Bobs Creek Seals Shore Second Bar Lake Second Lagoon Senators Rock Sevenpound Bay Shannon Lagoon Shepherds Hill Shoobridge Island Shower Cave Falls Skittleball Hill Skittleball Plains South Brandum Spear Hill Split Rock Split Rock Creek Staggs Creek Starvegut Hill Stinking Springs Stockers Creek Stockers Plains Stone Hut Stone Hut Hill Stony Creek Stony Plain Swamp Gum Rivulet Swan Bay Tabletop Hill Tailers Shore Tasmania Tea Hills Telephone Bay Telephone Creek The Chump The Clumps The Eyebrows Third Lagoon Thompsons Hill Thomsons Lake Thomsons Rivulet Three Sisters Tods Tods Corner Tods Creek Top Marsh Tumble Tor Tumbledown Creek Untouchables Shore Upper Liffey Falls Wares Marshes Warners Creek Warners Falls Warners Sugarloaf Westbury Recreation Ground Westbury Showground Westbury Station Westbury Village Green Western Creek Western Shore Westons Rivulet Westons Weir Whisky Jims Hill Whitehorse Creek Whitehorse Hill Whitehorse Shore Whitemore Whitemore Creek Whitemore Station Wiiteena Creek Wild Dog Plains Wild Dog Tier Willow Run Hill Windmill Top Woodlands Creek Woodside Rivulet Worcester Bay Adams Marsh Alveston Ashley Back Marsh Bagmans Ford Barren Hill Beresfords Lane Overpass Birralee Road Overpass Black Jack Hill Forest Reserve Blakes Plains Brandum Creek Bridge Carters Lagoon Dampers Creek Bridge Doctors Creek Bridge Drys Bluff Forest Reserve Emu Plain Emu Plain Road Overpass Exton Station Glovers Flats Hagley Station Lane Overpass Halfmoon Creek Bridge Hoggs Lane Jackeys Creek Forest Reserve Jacks Creek Jones Creek Knights Corner Lake Highway Bridge Liaweenie Creek Bridge Liffey Forest Reserve Liffey Plantation Liffey River Bridge Lobster Rivulet Forest Reserve Long Marsh Long Plain Long Ridge Forest Reserve Long Swamp Meander Forest Reserve Mickeys Creek Bridge Middle Plain Missing Link Mole Creek Main Road Bridge Mountain Plain Murfetts Creek Bridge Native Plain Old Bass Highway Deviation Overpass Old Mans Head Ouse River Bridge Pine Tree Rivulet Bridge Quamby Bluff Forest Reserve Quamby Brook Bridge Rocky Hill Stockers Bottom Stony Creek Bridge Tent Creek The Banks The Battery The Gates The Haulage Tinkers Bog Tower Hill Wheetmans Island Whitemore Creek Bridge Wrest Point Lobster Rivulet Lemana Junction Magog Range Dairy Rivulet Dale Brook Cluan Tier Jackeys Creek Private Nature Reserve Warner Creek Warner Sugarloaf Dry Bluff Garcia Creek Great Western Mountains Great Western Tiers Lake Thompson Pine Rivulet Western Tiers Pine Island Brady Lookout Arthur Lakes State of Tasmania Van Diemens Land