Topographic / Ordnance Survey Map


TAS TR08 - Channel

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This Topographic Map is produced by the Department of Primary Industries, part of the Tasmanian Government.

These maps are an important resource for Government, industry, and the public. They are used for environmental and emergency management, farm planning and mineral exploration. They are also popular for recreational users such as bushwalkers, mountain bike and horse riders.

The PDF version of this can be printed at home or sent to a professional printer for a 100% scale reproduction.

At this scale, 2cm on this map represents 1km on the ground. A standard map (which is square) covers an area of approximately about 25km by 25km, with a contour interval of 10m. This map contains natural and constructed features including road and rail infrastructure, vegetation, hydrography, contours, localities and some administrative boundaries.

Locations within this Map

Bently Lorraine Wattle Bank Ninnamoora Woodstock Park Sunny Banks Glendale Bellavista Truro Waterlea Beaupre Farm Greenacres Blackmans Bay Cygnet Franklin Howden Huonville Kettering Margate Opossum Bay Ranelagh Snug South Arm Woodbridge Garden Island Sands Dennes Point Abels Bay Abels Bay Conservation Area Adams Bay Agnes Creek Agnes Rivulet Aikens Point Albert Creek Alexanders Bay Allens Rivulet Apex Park Apollo Bay Arnolds Creek Arnolds Hill Driftwood Point Drip Beach Dripstone Point Dru Point Dru Point Park Duckpond Echo Sugarloaf Echo Sugarloaf State Reserve Bains Lagoons Balfes Hill Barnes Bay Barren Spur Barretta Barretts Bay Barretts Creek Basin Hill Bates Creek Beaupre Point Berry Hill Betsey Island Betsey Island Nature Reserve Betsey Reef Big Bills Point Big Hummock Big Lagoon Big Lookout Big Scrub Creek Birchs Bay Birchs Bay Creek Birchs Point Black Jack Ridge Black Jack Rocks Black Rock Point Blackmans Bay Beach Blackstone Beach Blatherwick Rise Bleachs Bluff Bligh Point Bligh Point Conservation Area Blue Gate Creek Bluetts Hill Bones Hill Bottom Lagoon Boulder Point Brittains Creek Brooks Bay Bruny Island Neck Game Reserve Bull Bay Bull Bay Point Burnetts Hill Burtons Reserve Burying Point Buxtons Hill California Bay Calverts Beach Calverts Lagoon Calverts Lagoon Conservation Area Cannells Hill Cape de la Sortie Cape de la Sortie Conservation Area Cape Deliverance Cape Direction Cape Lagoons Cape Queen Elizabeth Cataract Falls Catos Bay Catos Creek Catos Hill Chalky Point Channel Rock Chevertons Point Chicks Perch Choppings Hill Chuckle Head Chuckle Head Conservation Area Church Hill Clarks Hill Clearwater Rivulet Clennett Hills Coads Hill Coalbrook Creek Cockatoo Hill Cockleshell Beach Collins Springs Hill Coningham Coningham Beach Coningham Nature Recreation Area Copper Alley Bay Coulsons Hill Cradoc Cradoc Hill Cranes Rock Cray Point Crooked Tree Point Cygnet Golf Course Cygnet Point Dales Creek Dalys Hill D'Arcys Lagoon Davis Beach Deadmans Point Dears Ridge Deep Bay Deep Bay Creek Deep Bay Point Delaneys Beach Dennes Hill Dennes Hill Nature Reserve D'Entrecasteaux Channel D'Entrecasteaux Monument Histor ... Desolation Bay Desolation Creek Desolation Point Devereux Hill Devils Royals Dillons Creek Dillons Hill Direens Spur Egg Islands Egg Islands Conservation Area Eggs and Bacon Bay Eggs and Bacon Reef Electrona Elizabeths Point Enshaws Gully Eva Gully Falls Hill Fancy Bay Fancy Point Fannys Creek Farewell Hill Fishermans Haul Fitzpatricks Hill Fleurtys Creek Fleurtys Point Flights Creek Flowerpot Flowerpot Point Flowerpot Reserve Flowerpot Rock Flynns Creek Fogarty Creek Ford Bay Forsters Rivulet Fort Beach Fort Direction Fort Hill Freddys Creek Fossil Cove Conservation Area Granny Gibbons Bay Graveyard Creek Great Bay Great Bay Conservation Area Green Island Green Island Nature Reserve Green Patch Point Green Point Grey Mountain Grey Mountain Dam Galleries Creek Galleries Hill Garden Island Garden Island Bay Garden Island Creek Garden Island Creek Conservatio ... Gardners Bay Gardners Creek Gaylors Sugarloaf Ghost Gully Gibbs Lagoon Glaziers Bay Glen Bridge Gluepot Goat Bluff Golden Valley Creek Gordon Gordons Knob Gourlays Bay Grosse Creek Grosse Mount Hagues Gully Halfmoon Bay Harris Creek Harts Hill Harveys Hill Heeneys Bluff Helliwells Point Herlihys Bay Herons Point Herringback Hickmans Hill Hideaway Bay Holloways Creek Hope Beach Hounds Tooth Huntingfield Huon Lawn Cemetery Huon Valley Golf Course Huonville Bridge Hurst Point Iron Pot Iron Pot State Reserve Ironstone Creek Isthmus Bay Jetty Beach Jims Hill Johns Point Kangaroo Bay Kangaroo Point Kaoota Kellaways Creek Kellys Point Kerrs Sugarloaf Kettering Point Kiernans Falls Killala Bay Killora Killora Bay Kingborough Council Kinghorne Point Kings Hill Kirkby Creek Knotts Hill Kruses Creek Lagoon Hill Langdons Hill Langdons Point Langfords Beach Langfords Point Larges Hill Lawrence Creek Legacy Beach Lennonville Light Lennonville Point Linnells Creek Little Betsey Island Little Coningham Beach Little Fancy Bay Little Hell Little Lagoon Little Lookout Little Oyster Cove Little Oyster Cove Creek Little Peppermint Bay Lodge Bay Lodge Hill Long Bay Shoal Lookout Bay Loongana Park Lower Snug Lowes Hill Lucas Point Lucas Point Conservation Area Lymington Magazine Gully Magpie Hill Mahers Creek Majors Hill Man O'War Jack Margate Plain Margate Rivulet Marks Point Marks Point Conservation Area Mars Bluff Martins Point Masons Creek McCrackens Creek McDowall Rivulet McKay Rivulet Melville Creek Merchants Hill Middleton Middleton Beach Miles Beach Miles Creek Minnie Point Missionary Bay Missionary Creek Missionary Hills Mitchelmore Creek Moorina Bay Morrison Hill Mosquito Point Mother Hayles Beach Mount Cygnet Mount Esperance Mount Louis Mount Mary Mount Royal Mount Windsor Mountain Creek Mountain Creek Conservation Area Mountain River Mundys Hills Musketts Corner Musks Beach Nebraska Beach Neck Beach Nicholls Creek Nicholls Falls Nicholls Rivulet Nierinna Nierinna Creek Norlin Creek North Bruny North West Bay North West Bay Conservation Area North West Bay Golf Course North West Bay River O'Briens Hill Olbrichs Hill One Tree Point Oyster Cove Oyster Cove Point Oyster Cove Rivulet Paradise Hill Parsons Creek Passage Point Patricks Bight Peartree Bay Pebble Beach Peggys Beach Pelverata Pelverata Creek Pelverata Falls Peppermint Bay Perch Bay Perrins Ridge Petcheys Bay Peter Murrell Conservation Area Peter Murrell Reserves Peter Murrell State Reserve Piersons Park Piersons Point Piersons Point Light Pig and Whistle Hill Pigeon Holes Platypus Creek Police Point Pollards Creek Porpoise Head Port Cygnet Port Cygnet Conservation Area Pot Bay Poverty Gully Poverty Point Powder Jetty Powells Pinnacle Purcells Bay Quarantine Bay Quarantine Point Quarantine Station State Reserve Randalls Bay Randalls Bay Conservation Area Range Hill Rat Bay Red Hill Red Reef Red Reef Conservation Area Richards Beach Richardsons Creek Rimons Creek Roberts Bluff Roberts Hill Roberts Point Robinsons Hill Robleys Point Rocky Bay Rocky Bay Creek Rookwood Creek Rosebanks Beach Sadgrove Point Saltwater Creek Sam Smiths Hill Sandreef Bay Sandreef Point Sandrock Bay Sandrock Point Schemers Creek Sculthorpes Creek Seacroft Bay Shag Point Sheep Hill Shelter Cove Sheppards Hill Sherburd Park Sherwood Hill Sherwood Hill Conservation Area Shorts Hill Silver Hill Silver Water Park Simmonds Bay Simmonds Point Simmonds Point Conservation Area Simpsons Point Skinners Creek Slide Creek Slippery Creek Smoothys Point Snake Bay Snake Bay Conservation Area Snake Creek Snake Island Snaky Creek Snug Bay Snug Beach Snug Creek Snug Falls Snug Falls Nature Recreation Area Snug Plains Snug Point Snug River Snug Tiers Snug Tiers Nature Recreation Area Soldiers Point Soldiers Rocks South Arm Beach South Arm Conservation Area South Arm Nature Recreation Area South Arm Neck Southbridge Speculator Point Spider Creek Square Hill Stallards Point Steeles Creek Stiffys Creek Stinkpot Bay Stockyard Point Storm Bay Sunken Rock Bay Supplices Creek Sykes Cove Tarpot Bay The Chimneys The Dungeon The Sheppards Thomas Hill Thomson Creek Three Hut Point Tinderbox Tinderbox Bay Tinderbox Beach Tinderbox Hills Tinderbox Marine Nature Reserve Tinderbox Nature Reserve Tobys Hill Top Lagoon Top Slip Point Tramway Hill Tramway Hill Reserve Trial Bay Truganini Light Trumpeter Bay Trumpeter Point Umbrella Point Underwoods Hill Upper Woodstock Variety Bay Variety Point Victoria Creek Vinegar Hill Wallers Hill Waltons Inlet Waterview Hill Wattle Grove Wellings Dam Wellings Hill Whaleboat Rock Wheatleys Bay Wheatleys Bay Conservation Area White Bluff Wilcox Creek Wilmot Bridge Wilson Hill Wilson Park Winnie Rocks Winters Hill Wolfes Creek Woodbridge Hill Woodbridge Hill Conservation Area Woodbridge Saddle Woodcutters Point Woodstock Woodstock Hill Yellow Bluff Yellow Point Youngs Hill Barretts Beach Bell Chamber Blue Gum Hill Bridal Veil Fall Catos Creek Bridge Channel Highway Bridge Channel Highway Stock Underpass Chicks Perch Forest Reserve Clarks Rivulet Bridge Coningham Rock Shelters Constance Rivulet Copper Alley Crystal Downs Deep Bay Creek Bridge Eggs and Bacon Beach Fairyland Fannys Creek Bridge Fleurtys Creek Bridge Flights Creek Bridge Foresters Rivulet Bridge Garden Island Creek Bridge Gardeners Bay Bridge Golden Valley Golden Valley Creek Bridge Ironstone Creek Bridge Kellaways Creek Bridge Lennon Main Road Stock Underpass Little Oyster Cove Creek Bridge Margate Rivulet Bridge Mountain River Bridge Nicholls Rivulet Bridge North West Bay River Bridge Oakleigh Oxleys Lookout Police Point Trig Queen Bay Queens Beach Saltwater Creek Bridge Scenic Hill Snug Creek Bridge Snug River Bridge Speaks Bay The Pinnacle Blackman Bay River Derwent Derwent Derwent River Kelly Point Pierson Point Betsy Island Betsys Island Franklin Island Willaumez Island Clarke Rivulet Clark Rivulet Sandfly Rivulet Blythe Point The Egg Islands Mount Grey Fleurty Creek Fluerty Creek Great Oyster Cove Man OWar Jack The Yellow Bluff Peppermint Bay Rivulet Trumpter Bay North Bruny Island Birch Bay Gardner Creek Gardener Creek Surges Bay Point Beaupre Point Beaupres Glendevie Point Cygnet South Deep Bay Garden Island Creek Conservation Area Cape Frederick Henry DEntrecasteaux Monument Historic Site